Snapshot 01.07.15

–I’m tentatively celebrating that I’ve had a few more good days and afternoons in the past week. I’ve had a few terrible days, too, so bad that I feel right back where I started, but I’m focusing on the good days because I do believe I’m noticing a slight increase in them. I gave myself my second round of injections yesterday, this time in my legs, and it was worse than I could have imagined. It’s a tough place for me to pinch and shoot because my legs are thin and sinew-y and without the loose skin from pregnancies and and extra flesh my stomach happily provides. After four attempts I finally finished the first injection and by that time I was so hopped up on adrenaline I immediately threw up and nearly fainted. I got the next injection all done in one go but it was murder. But I did it and I’m done for another two weeks when I can inject in my stomach again. Many have asked if I could have someone else give me my injections, and yes, I can. Anthony’s aunt, a registered RN, and my doctor have both offered to step in and give them to me if I have trouble. And I’m sure Anthony would do it if I asked him. But I do not want that. I don’t want to have to rely on anyone but myself for this. I want to be able to do this. It’s important to me. It will just take time to learn and adjust.

–This summer has been so packed with activity that we are far more busy now than when Isobel was in school. My friend Jenn visited from SoCal, I had a sushi ladydate with Stef, Ellen, and Lindsay, and Isobel has been taking daily swimming lessons at a local City pool. She is just rocking those lessons, which is such a relief because last year she really struggled with putting her face in the water. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Some of my best memories of summer involve swimming, and I believe it’s a necessary skill in the Valley where we regularly endure triple-digit weather and many, many people have swimming pools. It’s a safety issue, sure, but it’s also a quality of life issue. Swimming is central to summer when you live in a desert valley.

–Luckily one of my great days this weekend was during a bridal shower my cousin Liz threw for our (soon-to-be) new cousin Chelsea. It had a tea-party theme and my cousin made everything herself from scratch. Just look at those gorgeous chocolate cherries. She really outdid herself. We played the game where we designed bridal dresses using crepe paper streamers, and since my model was Isobel the dress turned into a Wonder Woman costume, which she modeled by showing off her superhero moves. We almost ran out of time before we remembered we were supposed to include a bouquet, so we wrapped Pikachu in crepe paper and used him instead. We were invited to add marriage advice next to our names in the guest book, and as I took Isobel I asked for her advice to add next to her name that she’d carefully written next to mine. “Have babies.” she said, mater-of-factly.

–Last week we also received a huge surprise: our Tia Aura gave us a huge cornucopia of craft supplies, because she knows the way to our hearts. The kids were over the moon for them, and I was very excited to find that almost without exception they crayons, markers, paints, and pencils were washable. Bless you, Tia.

–After months of preparations (and more nights of solo parenting while sick than I care to remember) Anthony passed a certification test for work. He is so good at what he does and I am just so enormously proud of him and how hard he works for us.

–Last week was also hugely important as we as a nation took another step toward granting same-sex marriages and full personhood under the law. We still have a ways to go, as in some places it is still legal to discriminate. We celebrated by attending a Human Rights party and, since our marriage was dissolved by the ruling, I married a lamp with Angela. Good times. I’m going into Independence Day weekend feeling pretty proud of my country.

Follow Friday: Family Portraits.

Snapshot 06.23.15.

Father’s Day Mosaic.

Follow Friday: Green Akers.

The Special (Lego) Father’s Day Gift.

My BFF Stef thrifted these amazing vintage tumblers. I’d be jealous if I weren’t just going to go over to her house and drink out of them. PS It was Myasthenia Gravis awareness month, and although it sounds like a wicked-cool Harry Potter spell it’s actually a grave diagnosis. Raising awareness means in increase in funds and therefore, treatment, for those who suffer. Tell everyone you know what MG is.

Woman Gives Birth, Fights Off Bees, and Starts Wildfire in Northern California. One of the most bizarre things I’ve read in a long time. Thanks, Laura.

Has everyone tried their hand at the Scalia insult-generator? Because if not you are APPLESAUCE!

Just when you thought metro couldn’t get any worse, you encounter a shark man. Male sharks are the worst.

Keep combat veterans in mind this weekend.

Johnny Cash Sings Recipes.  Cooking with gas is like cooking with a burning ring of fire.

Baby goat loves to jump. Incredibly, this is exactly what it looks like when I play Goat Simulator.

Yo I just found the Ukrainian mob goon version of Harry Potter.


I never knew any of this about anne boleyn and it blew my dang mind. Wow, yes. I can’t even imagine. Worst boss ever. Via 

Three gorgeous photos of summer in Sweden.


“All your guns have gotten gay married.”

English Juggling and…WHAT?! (Yes, Necromancy.)

Music to lure pigeons by. For reals.

Put a ring on it.

This is what Marriage Equality looks like. Western civilization is crumbling.

“The next question goes t….Senator Cruz…Senator, please stop twirling for freedom, sir.”

Pet turtle shakin’ it to Shake It Off. (This is a Vine with music.) While that song doesn’t personally do anything for me, a turtle shakin’ its booty under a faucet has greatly increased my happiness.

Trying to sleep when it’s hot. Our window units in the living room don’t reach our bedroom. Cry.

Can’t get enough of this hedgehog. (Also a Vine, no music.) I sort of feel like I can die happy now. Via 

The Dr. Sylvia Earle Lego Set Is Finally Here. And It’s Glorious. We, um, er, Isobel needs this STAT.

Tsugargu Shamisen Girls rock out with traditional instrument. This is FAB.

Michael Bay style Bat vs. Crocodile warfare with bombs and lasers.

The 8th Amendment is no protection against the uncaring void. Enjoy Arby’s.

Mad Men meets McDonald’s.

A python tried to swallow a porcupine whole. It did not end well. This is basically what Crohn’s Disease feels like.

Why I’m Tired of Casual Sex. Anthony and I have been together since 1998, so I can only speculate on what things would be like if I had to go on dates. But I’m thinking I’d feel much the same way. Fantastic article.

There’s a bar in Chicago serving Scalia’s Tears.

Unoffensive Southern Flag.

General Lee got pimped.

This seems an apt time to remind folks that a woman was basically Spider-Man 20 years before Spider-Man.

If you don’t find this the cutest thing ever are you even human. I nearly sobbed.

You want to know where #PoopCulture leads us? Welcome to the abyss. Derek is a fount of knowledge.

American Warrior Princess. I can’t wait to share this with Isobel.

Just a simple photo of a red vase, right?

David Byrne, St. Vincent, Ad-Rock blow minds with Contemporary Color Show. Love love love.

For anyone who needs a quick pick-me-up: here is the hedgehog who lives in my mum & dad’s garden eating some cat food.

Jurassic World in 6 seconds. (Vine with audio, no music.)

The South lost the Civil War but won the narrative.


DIY Closet Divider Tutorial. This was an easy, DIY way to organize the one million baby clothes I had for Isobel.

Reuse Roundup: DIY Sticker Book. This was so fun, and she still uses it all the time.

Thrifted Maternity (& Isobel’s) Closet: Week 30. Isobel and I look fresh to death.

50 Thrifty Fun Things To Do: Nature Walk. A perennial favorite!

Reuse Roundup: Toy Cart Update. A vintage bar cart turned toy storage in our backyard.

Recipe: Happiness Soup. Perfect even in this awful weather.


Snapshot 06.23.15

Last weekstarted my injections and since then I’ve had some good days and bad. Due to a medication mix-up, I went about a week without the proper medication I needed to support the vaccination regimen. That was really awful. I also had a panic attack about the side effects of the medicine. Cimzia is an immunosuppressant, and while it should hopefully keep my body at bay from trying to harm itself, it also opens me up to a whole new world of dangers. If contract a virulent form of bacterial infection, or fungus, or virus, there’s a chance it could be fatal as my immune system would not be able to fight it. I am also highly allergic and sensitive to just about every antibiotic commonly given for everything. It’s hard for me to even think about it and type it here because the enormity of it all is still very panic-inducing. I’m trying to be vigilant against germs and to focus on how it’s my best chance for a higher quality of life, which I desperately need.

–Isobel continues to be a rock star in swimming lessons. I am so proud of her. My intention was to sign up for Mommy and Me lessons with Elias, but I am still not healthy enough. Fortunately we have cousins on both sides who are generous with their pool invitations, and Elias has shown absolutely none of the hesitation with getting his face–or any other body part–wet.

–Last weekend we celebrated the apex of the summer sun with a Solstice Party thrown by my favorite druid couple, Dave & Stef. We celebrated in a low-key way thanks to our various illnesses, but still found ways to keep the theme. I printed out Stonehenge coloring pages and challenged my assertion that you can find coloring pages on anything on the internet by also trying to find some suitable druid images to color. I somehow came across a coloring page of Hilary testifying about Benghazi (????) but couldn’t find druids wearing their druidic robes doing anything. So I settled with thesedruidimages. I was also secretly hoping to find coloring pages of the band Spinal Tap, whom our party was also a tribute to, but they didn’t exist, either. (I hope they do by next year.) I brought Anthony’s LOTR-inspired costume robe and Stef got Dave’s costume robe out and we took some great pictures. We even convinced Kingston and Isobel to take pictures in them, though instead of a walking staff Isobel wanted a picture with the sparkly purple cane Dave made for Stef. The crowning glory of the night was the stunning and delicious Stonehenge cake Valerie made.

–The other day the kids were particularly quiet while playing by themselves in the library, and when I went in to check on them I found Isobel using her Halloween bat stamp on Elias. “Look, I’m giving him tattoos!” she said, hopefully.

–Although I didn’t have much in the way of energy to prepare for Father’s Day, I tried my best to make it fun and relaxing for Anthony. The kids were excited to give him their present, which he loved, and I read him the questions about him I had Isobel answer (a la our Mother’s Day gift for the grandmothers). I let him rest and do D&D stuff while I did five million loads of laundry and cleaned Isobel’s room from top to bottom. He played with the kids, we talked to family, and had lunch at a new restaurant in town. Anthony ordered creme brulee for dessert because he knows it’s my favorite and we discovered that it’s probably Elias’ favorite food on this green Earth. Everyone behaved themselves and it was a great day.

–Isobel is still spending most of the summer dressed as Pikachu.

–I bought a secondhand copy of that Japanese decluttering book everyone’s raving about/scared of. Now that I (hopefully) will have some more energy available to me I’m ready to purge.

–Isobel’s constant requests for a pig or at least a hamster, mom, have been temporarily quelled by the virtual hamster she gets to care for in the educational app we bought her to keep her skills sharp over the summer. Our cat Jupiter is probably responsible for half the bird and small animal fatalities in the area, so bringing a hamster into the Murder House is just a really terrible idea.

Father’s Day 2015.

FF Green Akers.

The Special (Lego) Father’s Day Gift.

Snapshot 06.17.15.

Thrifted Easter Baskets.

Bless whoever is spray painting “black lives matter” on confederate monuments. Also.

I’ve just learned something about Thomas Kinkade The Painter of Light™ that I would like to share with you.

Does this offend you? Does this offend you? Does this offend youDoes this offend you? Does this offend you? They fixed Don Lemon for you.

This canon hit the skids toward the end.

My mind has been blown.

Don’t lie. This is the best album cover you’ve ever seen, right?

My new roommate sucks.

*grinds railing on a service dog*

5-year-old daughter drew Orko!

“Relentlessly Gay” was going to be the title of my mixtape.

When you leave the sunroof open and get a new cat. This is Squirrelly.


Wind tunnel testing.

Just like the old gypsy woman said!

Me, scrolling through Facebook.

Father’s Day Gradient, sunset.

“Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant: I declare him my enemy.”

Straight outta DC /Crazy motherfucker named B-dude /From a band called /VP’s with attitude

Goodnight Moon.

Using photoshop to get over your ex when they won’t go away in social media.

Just learned about james 5:1-6 and it owns.

You’re wearing a new circle-cut skirt and no one’s around at the bus stop/copy machine/elevator, so you twiiiirl.


“To ignore that is insulting to Fantastic Four? creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.”

When your mutual friend tries to set you up but it turns out neither of you are the other’s type.

Isobel’s Fairy House.

Best of 2013: Thrifted Living.

Isobel and Kingston’s 10-minute adult conversation.

Recipe: Chinese Chicken Salad.

In the Garden: Roses.


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