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Snapshot 04.16.14

16 Apr

- This past weekend Anthony woke up at four in the morning, met up with some friends, and drove about an hour away to Patterson to compete in his second Tough Mudder competition. Last time they competed in Tahoe while there was still snow on the ground and the cold plus the altitude made it a very difficult (but, for those masochists, still very fun) race. This time they faced the heat of the Valley plus the steep rocky terrain of the foothills. Anthony had been preparing for this event for months, as soon as his recovery from surgery allowed, and he was well prepared. His team’s theme this time was Super Heroes so they all came decked out in shirts representing a hero. Anthony thought the Flash was particularly appropriate for this event, and since he’s one of Isobel’s favorites, she approved.

- While Anthony ran his obstacle-laden race, I ran mine at home: it was my first major attempt at solo-parenting and on top of it all Elias had picked up a first first cold (probably at the germy pediatrician’s office) and we spent a long night together. When Isobel woke up the next day I told her that we were going to spend some quality time watching movies because I was up by myself with the baby all night since Anthony needed sleep for the race. “You could have woken me, up, Mimi. I would have helped,” she said. This was all very sweet and heart-melting, but her version of “helping” when Elias cries is to scream-sing lullabies over and over so he can hear them over the sound of his cries.

- I’m trying to figure out something special to do for my mom for Mother’s Day that I can put together on our extremely tight budget. She has always been there for us but since the end of my pregnancy and after Elias’ birth she has just gone above and beyond, taking care of what she can and helping out in countless ways. She is one of the reasons I don’t want to ever move. I’m not sure what I’d do without her. I have an idea for something small I could make her but any gift I could make or buy would really fall short of what she’s given us. Both sets of our parents have supported us entirely and gone out of their way for us during this past awful year. Many of our friends can’t or don’t have great relationships with their parents, which makes me extra grateful for ours.

- I am so behind on everything. I probably owe you an email.

- Anthony is such a fantastic father he makes seahorses look bad. Even though I’m a 24-hour milk machine for the baby he does the majority of late night rocking and tending to our wakeful baby. I feel like our parenting is split evenly down the middle which I absolutely did not expect would be the case while I breastfed. In addition to this he’s been taking classes, going on interviews, researching companies, and oh yeah, training for that race. I’m still recovering my energy from the surgery and can hardly manage to cook dinner most nights. Although Elias only wakes up once or twice during the night, he’s usually up for a couple hours each time he does wake up. The more exhausted he is the more likely he is to talk in his sleep, and one night I heard Anthony say, “Does she have a ‘stache painted on her? She was wearing a small bat.” I really hope he was dreaming about Isobel, because I keep picturing her with a handlebar mustache and a Louisville slugger and laughing.

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Snapshot 04.09.14. Getting my groove back, Isobel’s birthday party, and exciting washer & dryer updates.

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How long can you wait to have a baby? I always wanted to be a mom, but I didn’t feel ready until I was nearly 30. An OBGYN told me at 25 I was running out of time. That was some bullshit advice, doctor. Via brittneyg

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So many 20-somethings will be dressed like this for Coachella.”

The Evolution of Hotter. Via VioletThunk

Hopped-up Punks with Uncontrollable Appetites. This looks pretty useful, actually. Via soypunk

She just stood there like this, eating my fucking porridge.” This is probably my new favorite twitter account. Via CrapTaxidermy

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Snapshot 04.09.14

8 Apr

- I’m trying to get my posting groove back. I’m slowly working up to feeling like myself again and this is part of that. I’m hoping that by next week (optimistic!) or the week after (realistic!) I’ll be back to more or less posting daily, even if it’s not my full blogging schedule. I miss my regular life. Anyone who’s been laid up for awhile, either due to illness, or birthing a human, or whathaveyou, can probably agree that doing anything, even doing everyday activities like chores are a welcome change to the mind-numbing boredom of laying in bed or sitting on the couch for extended periods of time. Since I was nearly on bed rest for the last month of my pregnancy I’ve had a long stretch of incapacitate and the fact that I was able to to the dishes and solo parent for a couple of hours yesterday felt like a monumental victory. It was difficult but oh so welcome to be a contributing member of the family again in a way that did not involve being a milk machine. And when I told Anthony I felt well enough to do the dishes there may have been a tear in his eye and I’m pretty sure he uttered something along the lines of “this is the best day of my life.”

- Speaking of chores and such, you may remember that the last couple months we’ve been dealing with a barely functioning (and sometimes, not at all functioning) washing machine and a decidedly broken dryer. Since each appliance was older than some of the friends we have, it was to be expected. While the loss of such vital machines is a pain at any time in life, it’s even more of a pain when you have a newborn and things get soiled often by various bodily fluids. About a week ago we finally relented, and although saying we are tight on cash is an understatement, we managed to find a nice refurbished washer and dryer at a reasonable price. They look great and work perfectly and I feel extra fancy that they are a matched set. Pretty nice! Anthony tried to gauge my interest in the fancy newer models with the laundromat-style windows and electronic settings and controls. I really must be an old woman at heart because I wanted a set that was as simple as possible, with dials and not a whole lot going on. It’s my personal belief that the more complicated the machine the more that’s likely to go wrong, and the more it will cost to fix it. I also didn’t want to bother with using a manual to figure out how to work my damn washer. If I couldn’t walk up to it and automatically figure out what to do to make it work, I was not interested. See also: I only know what about half the buttons on my microwave do.

- Isobel’s birthday was last Friday and thanks entirely to my in-laws we celebrated with a party last weekend. Financial situation aside, with everything else we have going on we couldn’t fathom putting a big party together for her, and if we were left to our own devices we probably would have just invited some family over for dinner and cake and ice cream. There are few things my in-laws love more than a big party, however, so they put one together for Isobel. I made an invite in photoshop, Anthony made an invite on FB, and they did the rest. She had a blast and we got to introduce baby Elias to all kinds of friends and family who have waited patiently to meet him.

- I’ve been harboring some intense guilt about spending less one-on-one time with Isobel so last Sunday we had a lady-date and we spent some time at the garden store and then a few hours having a picnic and playing outside, just the two of us. It was so much fun and it was another thing that made me feel like myself again. In addition to stocking up on poppy seeds for the flower bed we continued the tradition of buying ladybugs to release in our garden. It was just a great day. At one point while we were out, Isobel grabbed my hand, kissed it, and said, “I love you, Mama.”

 - My newest sponsor is my friend Noelee who sells fun and unique clothing in her shop called Noelee’s Small Closet. Her passion is Sweet Lolita clothing but you absolutely don’t have to be into that scene to love her clothes. I bought a ruffly pink skirt from her and wore it to my birthday party. I mix it with modern pieces or vintage I find while thrifting to make it my own, and it’s just a fun skirt to wear. Check out this sweet Alice in Wonderland print dress, this feminine sailor-inspired shirt, or this mint green babydoll dress

- I could not possibly love baby Elias more without inducing heart failure from Extreme Loves.

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Snapshot 04.02.14. My return to the land of the living.

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Tree house.” Via BristolGardens

If we manage to make a Squirrel Girl movie before you … make a Wonder Woman movie it’ll be hilarious.” Dear god, I hope so. Via drskyskull

Live in Japan? Your FB ads are better than ours. Via thenomodellady 

Big cats love toilet paper as much as their domestic cousins. Of course they do. Via helgagrace

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Behind the scenes at National Geographic. This has to happen a lot. Via NatashaChiam

Need a band name? Type nonsense into your iPhone text box and let autocorrect work its magic. Via SummerRay 

Color Me Good. The unofficial Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book. Via pnkrcklibrarian

Sniff. I have no idea who these people are, but this makes me all choked up. Via steenfox

Lion King Cast sings “Circle of Life” on Plane. Via Stefanie

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Snapshot 4.18.12. Wonder what I was up to…

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