Snapshot 05.27.15

–This holiday weekend, after a terrible health day on Saturday, we celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary. This weekend was a long one due to Anthony having a rare day off for Memorial day weekend. This holiday weekend twelve years ago we got married. It’s been long enough now that I can say weddings were different back then. Pinterest didn’t exist (who can imagine planning an event without Pinterest now?), the Knot was brand new, and digital photography wasn’t common. We put a large chunk of our small budget toward photography, a decision I’ve never regretted for an instant, and it was all done on film with no retouching or fancy editing. In fact, my poor wedding photographers lugged around three cameras, each loaded with a different kind of film: color, black and white, and sepia. We paid them a lot of money but damn, they earned it. I hope the don’t have back problems.

–For our anniversary Anthony bought me a Star Trek mug because love means giving your wife a mug you know she’ll love when she already has so many mugs she cannot fully close the cupboard. I love it.

–Some of the Crohn’s symptoms that were kept in check by the steroids are starting to return, particularly the arthritis. Sometimes it’s so bad by the end of the day I can’t stand in the kitchen long enough to make dinner. The medicine that I’ll be injecting myself with every couple of weeks hasn’t arrived yet. I’m worried about how far my health will degrade before it gets here. I have an appointment with my Crohn’s specialist at the end of the week, so I’ll know more then.

–There are lots of things I’d rather the internet not know about me. My butt isn’t one of the them, I guess. Talking about my butt on the internet is a thing I guess I do now.

–Anthony tried registering his D&D table for the fair but was put on a wait list. It’s a bummer but also a sort of surprise. There are that many people registering to compete in table place settings at the fair? That’s awesome, but unexpected. I truly had no idea the category was so popular. Or popular, like, at all.

–Elias’ new favorite toy is a small bedraggled pot of mint, which he loves to carry around and also eat. It’s in pretty poor shape from being loved on so much, and several times I caught him sneaking it indoors when I’ve left the patio door open for him to wander. He likes to carry it around so much that on occasion Isobel calls him “Minty.”

–Elias spends a lot of his time carrying around an inflatable ball I bought him for summer. He can say “ball” and loves to throw it, toddle over to it as fast as his chubby legs can carry him, pick it up, and throw it again. One day we were in the garden and I think he must have spend forty-five minutes doing this, going from one end of our yard and back again, over and over. I play ball with him about four or five times a day. One time he threw the ball at Zorro and it reflected off his amble flank back to Elias, hitting him in the head, and knocking him over backwards. Fortunately, both were unhurt.

–This is Isobel’s last week of Kindergarten, and if my mood while I type this is any indication, there will be tears at her last-day-of-school picnic on Friday. A lot of tears.

–Isobel has been so kind sharing her water bottles with Elias lately. When I commended her on her sharing she replied, “I share because I don’t like his loudness.”

–She still wants a pet pig. She also wants a hamster. It’s going to be a long summer.

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Snapshot 05.20.15. Really deep thoughts.

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This young woman is going places.

What would a Commander Riker StarTrek spinoff have been like? I will never stop cry-laughing.

What I wish writing was like.

Cone of Shame Hack.

Today’s big thought.

This was my favourite part in mad max.

Taylor Swift is Ariel.

Stunning typo on my 3 year olds pants.

In case you were wondering what happened to the dinosaurs.




Holy shit. This has been a good week for apparent medical miracles. Via Robin

Mad Max Posters Improved With DailyMail Comments | The Poke. Via Paul

Iceland public TV airs 24 live hours of sheep-birthing as part of “slow television” broadcast. Via Ben Young Landis

Pantsuit up. I still prefer “Energized for Hillary,” (via Fashion It So) but this’ll do, especially if they release them in a rainbow of colors.

A list of 130 costume and period dramas (and where to find them). “Put a cravat on it.” Thanks, Lisa! And happy birthday, @MrsFridayNext!

Lazy Writing, Or, Rape Is Not A Plot Device. Thank you, Nina.

12 Sexy Things About Nerdy Guys. According to this I’m a nerdy man.

Quiverfull of Shit: a Guide to the Duggars’ Scary Brand of Christianity. I know so many wonderful, loving, intelligent Christians. They ain’t them.

Obama is making a highway to save the monarch butterflies’ epic migration. First bees and now butterflies. I love you, Obama.

Duggar dad’s political platform: Incest should be punishable by death. Via buup

I’ve reopened pre-orders for my Miyazaki print collection. Miyazaki is everything.

If you’re wondering why Marvel merch for kids doesn’t feature female heroes, it’s b/c we already have princesses. Via Amanda Nelson

The couple from the Woodstock album cover are still together, 46 years later.

“I already deeply regret saying we could do any pose you want.”

“Barry c’mere there are squirrels doing it in the tree!”

America and Ireland.

It’s jellyfish season, so this 2012 science is more valuable than ever!

Mad Max: Fury Road B-roll shows off stunts in real-time.

Some creative ideas for an earth flag. I like the first one. The last one looks like an emoticon to me.

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50 Thrifty Fun Things To Do: Nearly Free Coloring Pages. Never buy a coloring book again.

Thrift Store Gore: The Feeder (For People). The solution to the problem that doesn’t exist!

Thrifted Closet: Brown Dress, Orange Shirt. Post-maternity.

Recipe: Pasta with Peas and Prosciutto. Or not!

Snapshot 05.20.15

–I’m still struggling mightily with my health, which is why once again I’m late with this update. Earlier this week I officially took my last dose of steroids and although I’m terrified and depressed as hell my life will go back to the way it was, I’m relieved some of the side effects are over. There’s a lot I want to say about my health at this point, almost so much I just want to give up and not say anything. I feel like I’m constantly straddling that line between expressing myself and complaining too much. My life feels ridiculous. It’s ridiculous to do the bare minimum and be so tired you can’t stay awake. It’s ridiculous to be exhausted by simply sitting around. It’s ridiculous to never know if the day is going to turn around or if you should just accept that there’s no more life to be squeezed out of a day. It was better on steroids. The headaches, the insomnia, the nightly rage dreams were worth it, but they are a dangerous drug. There’s so much I want to say. I’m not sure I have the energy to say it.

–Isobel doesn’t always employ bedtime delay tactics, but when she does, they are a doozy. Last week she spent maybe twenty minutes crying because her great-great-grandparents are dead and she never got to meet them. Honey, I was only lucky enough to meet one of them. This happened while I was on solo bedtime parenting duty, of course.

–Last weekend I was well enough, just barely, to attend two birthday parties, one for my dear friend Melynda and the other for my nephew, who turned two. They consisted of me sitting around for the entire time, and it was exhausting, but I did it. Sunday I felt well enough to manage three sips of wine–something my combined pregnancy and Crohn’s-situation has denied me for over a year. I knew I’d be getting off the steroid soon and thought it was now or never. Those sips were glorious. From the whole 14-day run of steroids I think I had maybe three really good days and a couple of half-good days here and there.

–Next week is Isobel’s last week of Kindergarten. She’s changed so much in such a short time. We’re going to have the whole summer together and I’m going to try to keep some sort of loose schedule with workbooks, activities, and unstructured time so that she doesn’t fall behind and we stay busy. I’ve been calling it “Mimi School,” as she calls me Mimi and she’s thinking of me as her summer teacher. She has decided that while I put her through Mimi School she’s going to put Elias through “Isi School,” and she has already been having fun thinking of baby games and activities for him.

–One of the things I promised my mom for Mother’s Day was that I would finally get my act together in time and enter some photography in the fair. She’s bugged me about this for years but the deadline always snuck past me. After Isobel saw what was going on she announced that she wanted to enter stuff in the fair, too, so she could “win a ribbon.” Our fair has a Lego category where kids can submit anything they want made out of Lego, so she made a floating island store. Everyone who enters something in the fair gets a free ticket, so our goal is to get the whole family in for free. We were trying to think of what Anthony could submit and we decided he’d do a place setting treatment. If you aren’t familiar, you can set a dining table for four and your theme, tablecloth, dishes, floral arrangements–the whole shebang–will be judged as part of the Home Arts category. Anthony decided he’s going to set a D&D-themed dinner table. Obviously, I think he is going to “win the ribbon.”

–I lost our wireless mouse for about an hour and a half the other day. It was totally my fault. I needed a moment to type an email unfettered by baby hands so I gave Elias the mouse to examine. I became distracted and then when I needed the mouse again I realized it was gone. I looked all over for that dang thing, and besides it being annoying it was ridiculous. I could imagine the conversation I’d have with Anthony. He’d be like, “What happened to our wireless mouse?” And I’d be like, “LOL I gave it to a baby.” I did eventually find it in our (thankfully, empty) bathtub. Moral of the story: don’t give your mouse to a baby. I think there’s a fable about that.

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Snapshot 05.13.15. Quite a few people are going to need to be arrested.

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When ur cat tells you not to tweet that. Via

Nine Things To Say To Someone With A Chronic Illness. This is a brilliant post by Stefanie.


Did you know activist Inez Milholland rode in the 1913 Suffrage Parade on a MAJESTIC WHITE STEED? Goddess.

I went on a flight that had a chat room all passengers could use, after choosing a nickname. I chose “Pilot.” Kickin’ it with my p_gers.

My daughter wanted Black Widow. There are none. Made one. You are my hero.

My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3 AM Every Day. Now you can be garbage cat–a free browser game. Via (Also, another free browser game about hitting a child in the face with a pillow.)

My sister goes to a catholic school and the teachers made them do a dance to uptown funk but with religious lyrics. The full and entire argument for why we need separation between church and state.

Her: What kind of dog is she? Me: She’s a lab & dragon mix.

RPGs have made it so that I see a rare item vendor in this picture.

I know you’re a graphics company but you may want to reconsider this wording.

Two cats being interrupted by themselves from an alternate dog dimension.


Holy shit, this sci-fi camp for girls from low-income Brooklyn neighborhoods looks like an AMAZING project. Octavia Butler was one of my favorite authors of all time.


I like how NASA wraps everything in tinfoil. They’re pretty much the mom of space.

Hollywood, i DARE YOU to reboot this. I was ALL UP ON BSC when I was a kid.

“You cannot fake it. Faking is very tiring. I truly, truly enjoy what I do.” Everything I’ve ever heard about Martin makes me think he’s a just a fantastic guy.

BIRD LIBRARY. My new fave account.

tfw the most popular labradoodle in school is asking you to the prom.

This will never not be funny to me. I ship it.

PIKACHU RAMEN. I cannot let Isobel know of its existence unless I have access to an unlimited supply.

A motor protein linking a vesicle to a microtubule to help it travel to & from the plasma membrane inside of a cell. I can’t stop watching this.

To whoever translated this menu, I salute you.

Ugh, motherhood is HARD.

Tell me… DO YOU BLEED?

If the ‘Star Wars’ trailer was remade with crappy clip art. In this new trailer, Darth Vader is replaced by an illustrated jack-o-lantern in a helmet. R2-D2 becomes a trash can. And Chewbacca is now a bear armed with a bow and arrow. Via  

When you take off your bra after a long day.

Thinking of shredding your baby in this paper shredder? No so fast, buddy.


The Librarian Brain, book recommendation fueled by librarians. Interesting!

Guilt Cakes. I’ve posted a similar link to Kristin’s, my twitter wife’s, amazing goodbye cakes to her pages before, but LJ picked it up and also it’s worth sharing a million times.

Completely love the name of what I assume is the local supermarket chain’s own-brand version of Dr. Pepper. I love love love generic copycat soda names.

Beware of extremely tiny werewolves.

Completely Unusual Stock Photos. Who wants to laugh till they cry?

Four men using the urinals at once will summon me the piss lord.

“Please describe the worst plot you can imagine”.

“If you treat your sketchbook like a playground, it will turn into a treasure map.” We’ve already given Isobel a few sketchbooks of her own. I can’t wait until she really gets into them.

when you’re representing district 12 at the hunger games opening ceremony.

There’s a story behind every sign and I love to know the story behind this one. Not as great as the sign about the Cheez-it incident, but still great.

How To Accept Compliments And Handle Praise.

McCall’s releases cosplay sewing patterns.

Be careful when asking for things. Or be specific.


We have changed our band name according to this cake. sorry, kids. Also, Clint.

Amazing Wasp cosplay. Isobel loves dressing up so much that I wonder if she will be into cosplay when she’s older.

Hacktivism Gone Too Far? Anonymous Just Leaked The President’s Address.

This procedure can be repeated indefinitely as needed. Very helpful.


PROPERTIES OF A CAT: – Easy to compress – Will expand to fill the container – Will take the shape of the container.

Scrapbook: Girls’ Day Community Sale. Someone tried to sell Isobel a creepy clown poster.

Recipe: Sesame Peanut Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables. Great as a vegetarian dish, too.

Thrifty Giving: Spring Housewarming Gifts. Mid Cent Mod goodness and more.

Scrapbook: Summer Winter Backyard. I feel hugely pregnant again just looking at these photos.


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