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Snapshot 11.19.14

19 Nov

–We went to a thrift store recently to look for a birthday present for our buddy Kingston. While there Elias, who was in the carrier, began to fuss. I started swaying back and forth to soothe him when I noticed the 1940s instrumental band music the store was playing. It occurred to me that Elias and I were slow dancing.

–I’d like to say I don’t start listening to my favorite Christmas album, Midwinter Graces, until around Halloween, but in all honesty I keep it around all year.

–Isobel has long had her own nicknames that she’s used for things, including me. She used to call me Miss Meems, but eventually settled on Mimi, which she’s called me for over a year. Occasionally she’ll call me Meepers, and recently we were at a family party when Isobel became stuck on the trampoline. We were inside chatting with family when a cousin popped his head inside and said to Anthony and I, “Your daughter is calling your. Um, I think.” I went outside and there she was, shouting “MEEPERS! MEEPERS! MEEEEEEEEEEEPERRRRRRRRRRS!”

–Isobel has decided Elias’ nickname is to be a riff on his middle name, Lars. She’s calling him LarLars so much that passerby are probably very confused about his name. We chose his middle name as it’s the Scandinavian riff on my Dad’s name–Larry. He often goes by Lar. When I am not using Elias’ full name I often call him Lai Lai. I’m not sure if this is true in all Hispanic families, but in Anthony’s it’s common to have a well-known family nickname. We didn’t plan it this way but we seem to be falling right in line with tradition.

–I love love love helping out in Isobel’s classroom. I love it. I love it so much.

–We’ve  been playing Windwaker as a family and we were going through a dungeon of some sort when Isobel said, “Why did someone leave their treasure in the middle of a dungeon?” Because they don’t trust the Hyrulian banking system, obviously.

–I was taking photos of the kids the other day when Isobel said, “Are you ready to make Facebook happy at you, Baby Elias?!” It was especially hilarious since this wasn’t something she learned from me. I have never been very active on FB except for more recently. Although I love social media, I’ve never been shy about expressing my distaste for Facebook in particular. Its shady practices and dubious algorithms it seems to me a hotbed for pointless drama. As Isobel frequently says, “I am allergic to barf,” except in my case I’m allergic to drama. I’ll state my opinions and stand up for what I believe in, sure, but nothing was ever achieved by slinging insults in the comments section on FB. Nothing good, anyway. I have a hard time navigating FB, and well, I’m a grumpy old fart. But recently I’ve been thinking about my participation on Instagram and how much I love it. I end up describing a lot of what I post there to my mother or sending it on to my sister. Eventually I decided that these things I’ve been sharing with friends I’ve never met face-to-face (but still valued friends to me nonetheless)I wanted to share with family, too. All of whom are on Facebook. So I’m more active there, but I’m still firm in my commitment to avoid drama.

–My Mom’s name is Dee, and why she never started a nut company called “Dee’s Nuts” I’ll never know.

Scrapbook: DIY Wasp from the Avengers Costume. Wasp is basically a superhero fairy, so, yeah, all Isobel wants in life.

Snapshot 11.13.14. What I’m up to.

Thrifty Costumes: DIY Pikachu. Shockingly cute (I’m so sorry).

Little Big Collection: Vintage & Handmade Bookends. These are a few of my favorite things.

Follow Friday: Waterpark. My love letter to the internet.

In Focus: Work Avoided Through Extensive List-Making. Sadly, this is sometimes me.

Have you seen the #feministPrincessBride hashtag? Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Here is a kitten playing ping-pong. This kitten is better than I am. Via jeffron_x

I’ve waited my whole life for this moment! It’s like a fairytale. Via zachevansss

A supercut of Skeletor’s best insults.

90s Kids, Rejoice!

Stephen Fry Reading You Have To Fucking Eat. I never thought I’d spend so much of my time and energy trying to get another human being to eat food. Thank you, Angela.

Too Many Cookies. SFW. Via

I googled “bear conversation” and was not disappointed. So I says to Mabel, I says… Via  

Brightens the day to discover that “superbitch” is in Merriam-Webster.Via  

The amazing Rosetta comet flickr gallery. Wow! Via  

Why don’t more scholars study Scientology? Those who do report legal hassles, late-night calls & more. Via publicroad

Poovey Farms Butter. Holy crap!

I looked up “homemade Elizabethan collar” and this is what YouTube told me to do.Via  

Not your average plastic surgeon. Not really your average anything. Via nevesytrof

Joel Hodgson Curating Another MST3K Turkey Day Streaming Marathon. SQUEEE! Via ShoutFactory

Can science fiction spur science innovation?

“Men are often boresome.” Via

I know how you feel, vending machine.

“Doctor Schrodinger? We have a problem.”

Slow-motion surfing. Mesmerizing and relaxing. Via my own personal link librarian, Ellen.

How to draw a perfect freehand circle. Isobel will totally get a kick out of this. (Also via Ellen).

Interview with Ted Travelstead. Ted is one of my most hilarious twitter friends. He makes a point of being funny without being mean. I love this. Here he is in this hilarious clip.

Californians try to pronounce the names of New York towns. I would not fare any better. Via Hokuboku

One-star Yelp reviews of National Parks. Really. Via TheGoodDeath

I like my men like I like my 2015 Diaries.

Introducing Carrot. Just beautiful. Via sadiebyrrd

New species of hermaphrodite snail named in support of same-sex marriage. Via eshep

Warriors, Come Out and Play. My husband and friends swim through mud and jump over fire.

Thrift Store Score: Toy Camera. Still one of our favorite scores.

Follow Friday: Keep On Truckin’. Follow Friday featuring a collected of thrifted trucker hats.

Welcome to my SPAM folder. I make fun of my SPAM comments.

Scrapbook: Halloween Carnival. A tiny Isobel dressed as Kiki. A diminutive Kingston dressed as Max.

Scrapbook: Sweeping at the Library. That is one hardworking witch.

Little Big Links: Star Trek.

Snapshot 11.12.14

12 Nov

–I nearly broke John Jacob Chicken Timer Schmidt the other day, but don’t worry, turns out he’s just fine.

–The little girl who lives next door, of Jacob Marley’s Ghost fame, loves Baby Elias. She’s a good friend of Isobel’s and they play together several times a week. Recently we were all sitting on the lawn together enjoying a mild evening when she said to me, “I know! When he’s older we can call him Elias. But right now we’ll call him Baby Elias.”

–Difference between raising a son and a daughter so far: 1. you must wipe girls font to back, 2. Elias is larger.

–The kids were playing quietly in the living room one night while I was unloading the dishwasher. The next thing I know I see Isobel sitting next to Elias who has a large bucket on top of him. Isobel looks at me and quickly says, “It just fell on his head!”

–Isobel found a pink Santa hat she just had to have and it is the light of her life. She was Star Student in her class recently and listed her favorite activity as “decorating for every holiday.” We’ve been playing a lot of the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker recently and the Santa hat is beginning to look more and and more like Link’s cap. We’ve been calling her Pink Link.

–Helping out in Isobel’s class is a highlight of my week. I help out so much I’ve become the designated Cooking Mom, as I run a craft station and the Friday cooking station. It’s like having all the best parts of my job back again without the terrible admin or coworkers. I love it. Last week the station was all about tasting vegetables and so I got the pleasure of nattering on about vegetables for a few hours, which is one of my favorite things. I’d love helping out even if I wasn’t in charge of cooking, but it’s great that I can share something I already love with her class.

–Isobel totally manhandles the baby with love. He is going to get very good at wrestling very quickly I think.

–We missed a golden opportunity to dress our baby as the Hamburgler for Halloween.

Follow Friday: Waterpark. VIT = Very Important Tweets.

Thanksgivings & Bountiful Harvests. A Thanksgiving for all.

Snapshot 11.05.14. Drunk skeletons, Isobel renames the Fantastic Four, and garden rainbows.

50 Thrifty Fun Things To Do: Cheap Coloring Pages. Never waste a page again.

DIY Bow Tie. So, so easy!

Little Big Collection: Vintage Coasters. These are a few of my favorite things.

Follow Friday: This is Halloween. My love letter to the internet.

You too can have eyes as sexy as a Pokemon. I’m actually curious how well this works! Shhh, don’t tell Pikachu. Via laura_hudson

My friend Tom. Last year (left), as Picard, because of the chemo. This year: Riker, and recovered. Via leeflower

Mitch McConnell is the US Senator who most looks like he’s just been caught eating a toffee.

This box wasn’t empty. This cat’s sadness is inversely proportional to my happiness.

Do you want to make an Avengers ID card for your kid (or self, as I did for Anthony and I)? Here’s the one I made for Isobel. A few clicks and you can use it to add any photo you like!

900 classic arcade games to play on your browser. Goodbye, productivity. Via IArtLibraries

I think this sushi place is going to be huge based on its catchy slogan alone. Via bridger_w

And another cold case goes from red to black. Our national nightmare is over. Via DCpierson

Print out these free coloring pages for your kiddos to color for Thanksgiving. Speaking of free printables! I really love Make and Takes, and not just because I wrote for them.

Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial parody. This is genius, except he looks far too not-sweaty. I really, really hate these commercials. Via Angela, fellow hater.

Anthropologists Are On The Verge Of Figuring Out How You’re Supposed To Read Tumblr Comments. When you figure it out, let me know. Also, watch a video of a burrito unboxing. I think Clickhole might be my soulmate.

Whenever I see this sign, I think “Yes they can!” Inspirational vegetables. Via @Jobius

Japan’s Ezaki Glico aims to go worldwide with Pocky stick snacks. Sweet babby Picard Jesus, I hope so. (Almond Crush Pocky forever!)

Do you need more Bob Ross in your life? Enter your zip code here. Via InternetEh

Productivity Creepin': Library App Roundup. Apps for readers.

Yo Gabba Gabba Live FAQ: Your Questions and Answers. I can always tell when YGG is touring again because this series of posts always blows up in views. We had a great time and it was totally worth it!

Yo Gabba Gabba Live: Definitely Not A Mexican Band. My cousin was given free tickets to YGG. Her friend won them from a radio station and thought Yo Gabba Gabba was a Mexican band.

Updating Mah Twitters. Isobel gets a twitter account.

Thrifty Crafting: Soda Bottle Terrariums. Perfect for kids!

Productivity Creepin': Pimp My Desk. I outfit my desk with thrifted finds, photographs, and absurdities.

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