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Snapshot 03.04.15

4 Mar

–Things have been pretty quiet on Little Big as we are still recovering from our catastrophic hard drive failure. I am forever grateful Anthony went into this line of work because our data loss has been relatively minimal. It has taken quite a bit of time to piece together the programs and storage and data that, as a whole, comprise fully working computer. I’ve been able to get on here and there in between restores and patches but not long enough to complete any posts. This is going to make things easier for me to write in the longterm, though, because Anthony added a number of improvements. I can’t wait for this all to be done and to finally move on from here!

–I was sadly wrong about our beloved little red computer. The problem wasn’t fixable like I previously thought. This time Humpty Dumpty couldn’t be put back together again.

–I have not been completely honest with you. Or myself. I am really sick, you guys. The symptoms of my Crohn’s Disease have progressed to the point where I am in considerable daily pain, experience deep and constant fatigue, and am able to eat little more than hard boiled eggs, broth, and saltine crackers. I’m missing events with family and friends, and I’m not reliably able to interact with my kids the way I used to. The medicine I take is no longer controlling my symptoms and I have become a Crohn’s Disease with a person instead of a person with Crohn’s Disease. For months I’ve been telling myself this is just a rough patch, a flare, and that I am just about to get over it and have a normal (for me) life again. Last week I was able to get an emergency appointment with a GI specialist who has scheduled a colonoscopy for me at the soonest available date. It’s a testament to how far gone I am that I am so deeply grateful and even excited to have a camera shoved up my ass, but I truly am. This is the only way for me to get effective treatment. Most likely I’ll end up giving myself injections but I don’t care. Bring it. There’s no way the pain of giving myself an injection could possibly compare to the pain of the disease I’m living through.

–We inherited a playpen from a family member and I can count on one hand the times we’ve used it for Elias. It doesn’t go unused because Isobel frequently climbs in and uses it as a sanctuary to play with her toys in a brother-free environment.

–The biggest difference so far between caring for a boy and caring for a girl (besides the obvious genital cleaning) is that Elias wants to explore the world through headbutting. Windows, walls, cats, doors, other people’s heads… all is fair game in his need to be headbutt. Once Anthony was trying to nap on the couch when Elias crawled over and started headbutting him. Anthony says that with each headbutt impact he can’t help but think, “There goes and IQ point, there goes and IQ point, and there goes another IQ point.”

–Every so often I’ll become emboldened and try to add another generally Crohn’s-approved item to my diet, such as store-bought hummus. It normally tastes like sand compared to homemade or what we get at our favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, but I lack the energy to make some and when you’ve been subsisting on nothing but glorified water and paste crackers, it tastes pretty damn good.

–It’s been awhile since I’ve had a colonoscopy but apparently after my last one I called my doctor’s personal cell phone and left a message that just said, “I’m dying,” and hung up. I then proceeded to pass out for six hours while he tried to call me back to figure out what was going on. I have no memory of this.

–Facebook got a hold of my contacts and seems bound and determine to make my specialist, Dr F, and I Facebook friends. My friend Sunday has suggested I friend him and then send him a FB message that just says, “I’m dying.”

–Due to all the problems with my health, and some frustrating treatment by a different doctor’s office prior to my appointment with my GI, I was in a terrible mood. I  was, that is, until two therapy llamas escaped from the senior living facility they were visiting. Their merry chase and the subsequent twitter conversation that ensued turned my mood around. I was pleased to find out it did for others, too. Next time you need a boost I suggest you maybe watch this video of the escaped llamas running around to the theme of Yakkity Sax.

–Anthony downloaded the ST:TNG PADD app long ago and last week Elias discovered it. It is his new favorite thing, after headbutting. He also really enjoys doing this.

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Snapshot 02.24.15.

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Little Big Collection: Vintage Fashion.

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“I am going to kill you, Brendadirk Cramplescrunch.” Also.

Our house on the weekends. (Cats included)

In honor of the death of a beautiful and decent man, here are some tribute photos and messages in honor of Leonard Nimoy. Humanity was richer for having had him.

How to make a 1UP Mushroom burger. Via Jett

Scientists Claim: Saturn’s Moon Titan Harbor Mysterious Kind of Life.

And the Absurd Height of Creepy Dysfunctionality Award goes to Love’s Baby Soft for this 1975 ad. Schmutzie’s roundup is great, and you need to see this one to beleive it. The woman looks like she’s had a lobotomy. Also we need to arrest Love’s.

I’m always pulling these out of babby’s mouth!

The girl who gets gifts from birds. Beautiful story.

This is probably the best illustration of the entire 19th century.

Anatomy of a Chihuahua.

How to wake babby.

Every bear’s dream.

YouTube allows content creators to tell dynamic stories like never before.

Emma Stone looks weird. Wemma Stone?

12 brickin’ delicious food-inspired Lego creations. Via Angela

The 1964 Miss USA, Bobbi Johnson, chose a career in computer programming over modeling.

Llama Map of the US.

Never forget where you came from.

For those days when some motherfuckers just won’t stop trying to ski on your tennis court.

On a happier note, this sneak peek at the Aquaman script (PRAWN OF JUSTICE!) is everything.

Owen’s a good guy, but no thanks.

Love makes our whouse a home.

“For the love of God, somebody please kill me!”

This is why we need net neutrality.

Updated Mythologies.

Best sportsball gif.

Stop talking about the GD dress.

Have you seen a tiny lizard strumming a leaf?

Spidey doesn’t work well outside a city.

Oh. My. God. Becky, look at this ass. It is so FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!

America got me like

What r u

We should all aspire to be this dog.

Newspaper editors, If you have any balls at all, your headline should simply be “Baked Alaska.”

Butter-flavored Kit Kats come to Japan.

A symphony for cats: Scientists create music that appeals to felines. And while we’re on the subject, Music for Plants.

Haters gonna hate, but, this baby weasel riding on the back of a woodpecker. Then, it gets even better.

Twitpic your future.

“I want their skin color to be taken for granted while they go on fantastical adventures.”

Amazing SF Storm Photos: Animated lightning, fire over SF, Sutro glory, lightning over Mission, incredible skies, four in one, Noe Valley, layers, fire in the sky, storm panorama, lightning over Bernal,

Parisians continue shopping as mass grave is excavated under their feet. Intriguing!

IMPORTANT PSA: Here is a baby goat wearing overalls.


button bar banner time machineScrapbook: Pacific Pinball Museum.

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Blogoversary! Three Years.

Snapshot 03.27.13.

Little Big Kitchen: Ten Ways To Eat Your Greens.

Poppies: A Home Remedy.

Scrapbook: The Streets of San Francisco.

Snapshot 02.24.15

25 Feb

–We had a bad scare at the beginning of the week: our computer suffered a hard drive failure and all seemed to be lost. Our little red laptop had seemingly given out on us last month (it turns out to be fine, too, though Anthony had taken it completely apart and it’s still in pieces at his work), and so losing the desktop meant we were computer-free for the first time in… almost ever. I started headlong into a panic spiral, as our entire lives are stored on the computer, and there’s only so much we can accomplish or save by phone. I thought we were going to have to send it back to Dell but Anthony came home from work with a mission. He took our computer apart and using an extra hard drive and some tools from work, ran a Level II Diagnostic or whatever and managed to get us up and running. It’s a miracle. He managed to save all the photos of my children and goats I love but have never met and he’ll forever be my hero.

–Also our toilet started leaking everywhere this weekend and he ended up fixing that Sunday evening as well. Double hero.

–I’m coming out of a pretty serious Crohn’s flare–at least, I hope I’m coming out of it–and I’ve been paying closer attention to my diet than I’ve had to in years. I get questions about this a lot so I might write a post sharing a bit about that. I was actually doing some research for more recipes for my stupid disease when I came upon a photo that looked strangely familiar. It was a photo I had sold to Getty! I was so excited I shouted to Anthony I had something very exciting to show him, which made him pretty nervous because I happened to be in the bathroom at the time. Technically I just made money off my own wretchedness, and I couldn’t have been more delighted.

–The other day, while my mom was out running chores with my dad, she noticed a homeless woman smiling at her. The woman pushed a bicycle loaded with possessions and had a dog on a leash. My mom had a bag of dog food in the car, and offered it to the woman, who smiled and said, “Thank you. I was your neighbor and used to babysit your children.” Then my mom could see the teenager she used to be among the hard-lived features of a 40 year old woman. It was shocking and sad, but I’m proud my mother did such a kind thing even before she knew who the woman was.

–At the advice of Angela, I downloaded the White Noise App and it has changed my life. The baby calms down so much easier with it and sometimes upon hearing it will fall asleep outright. Anthony only snores loudly when sick, and during our family bout with bronchitis I thought I would end up sleeping with every pillow over my head until I remembered the app. If your sleeping situation is less than ideal, this might be the best app purchase of your life. It was a dollar, maybe two, and worth every penny.

–I found my most precious possession from 1985 in our attic.

–Our closed captioning never ceases to entertain. It must be unfamiliar with the term “salary man” because it substituted “sorry” for “salary” with hilarious results. When Riker and his dad were talking to each other it translated it as “Unknown language” when it was clearly Japanese. And perhaps my favorite when was Wesley asked if anyone noticed if Worf seemed “out of forts lately” instead of “out of sorts.”

This video of Elias putting a tambourine around his waist and crawling around jingling will make your day.

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Snapshot 02.18.15.

Isobel’s DIY Pichu Toy.

Scrapbook: Unauthorized Baby.

Scrapbook: Vintage Ice Buckets.

Follow Friday: California Poppies.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Middle Name?? Please tell me it’s Honeydew.

Inappropriate pretzel. Hostile work environment.

Free D&D character name.

This has to be a metaphor for something but I haven’t been able to think of one.

Rolling post-apocalyptic Lego city.

They planet.

Found a new corner of eBay to trawl.

“You actually need housing to achieve sobriety and stability, not the other way around.”

Tiny cooking videos. Via  


What are they laughing at?!

There isn’t a Woman in the World who cannot be made to look More Beautiful.” Thrift store gore!

Made it into the office!

They are looking at trash like it’s a baby.

How to organize your cats.

An actual medical Tricorder.

listen if god hadn’t intended for us to eat lobster he wouldn’t have made them so utterly delicious looking.

What are they?

10 years of YouTube: Why video tutorials may be the website’s most valuable contribution.

50 Shades of Grey, but awesome.

Only the legend Gary could play guitar with a whip & elbow.

Heck of a deal.

I am grateful to live in a world where chicken sweaters are a thing.

Another great Thanks, Obama.

If you’ve been searching for the world’s creepiest monkey, you can probably stop now.

Kroger wins for best fake butter brand name.

Hey Pets, No more free ride, assholes! Thank you, Todd Lawson.

Should probably call Hellboy.

So much for global warming.



Working on my online dating bio.

Someone please just end civilization before this gets worse. A collection of terrible things.

Walmart CEO poses next to a graphic of an asshole just to make things clearer to everyone.

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while. Snow gifs are endlessly amusing. This cat one has been everywhere lately.

School by radio for Ebola-ravaged Sierra Leone. Via  

One-of-a-kind cell phone stand. Cutest cell phone stand.

Driverless cars are the future. They rise from subterranean hives. They thirst for human blood. They are the future.

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever been responsible for.


button bar banner time machine

Reader Question: How Did You And Anthony Meet?

Snapshot 02.27.13.

Little Big Kitchen: DIY Greek Yogurt Tips.

Scrapbook: Home Life.

Thrifty Giving: Silver & White.

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Scrapbook: Home Life.

Recipe: Tofu Mushroom Marsala.

Thrifted Valentine’s Day Decorations.

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