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Snapshot 03.25.15

25 Mar

–Today is Elias’ one year birthday. Please join me in weep-clapping for my last baby ever. Hooray-sob! We are having a Double Birthday party for the kids this year since Isobel’s birthday is next week. Had Elias gone to term he would have been born on April 2nd, two days before Isobel’s fifth birthday on April 4th. As it is I’m glad there’s a bit of breathing room, and I’m even more glad that when we asked Isobel if we could celebrate Elias’ birthday at her party too she said, “Of course we can! He can have a Rainbow Dash party, too!”

–Elias is so close to walking. When he wants to be picked up he reaches up toward me and starts air-drumming imaginary bongos. Or he points. He just points as if to say, “You. You will pick me up and carry me around and do my bidding.” He’s learning to lean forward and kiss me and sometimes even remembers to close his mouth first. He puckers, clicks, whistles, and makes raspberries. He’s musical. He’s happy. He climbs on everything and gives me one thousand heart attacks a day. He is a delight.

–Again, things have been moving slowly on the everything-front. My energy and health is such that I eventually get all the important things done, but the key word is “eventually.” I might owe you an email, or a phone call, or a reply. Things that normally take only a day or so are taking me much, much longer. That’s just the way it is right now, with this body. I’d apologize but I am so tired of apologizing and explaining. I’m moving at glacial speeds, but I’ll get there. It’s not just the pain of the illness, or taking care of myself, it’s that I carry a deep fatigue, I’m soaked in exhaustion, and sometimes I can’t even will myself to move. It took me a really long time to realize I wasn’t lazy, I was very ill.

–Anthony and I have been together seventeen years as of March 24th. It’s amazing, but I think the more amazing thing is that we still like each other. A lot.

–It was no small feat but I managed to survive the wedding. The logistics of trying to plan a trip with all my medicines and health problems and a baby under one and a rambunctious kindergartner really tested my limits but I made it. Sadly the price to pay for attending an out of town wedding and dancing (!!!) to nearly three (!!!) songs was that I was completely out of commission for the next two days. No aquarium life list trip, no fancy restaurants, not even one trip to the beach. Disappointment welled up within me as we drove away from Monterey but I could barely get through breakfast. Sitting in the car was all I could muster, and I spent Monday on the couch as much as possible while my mom stopped by because she knew I would be, in her words, “crumpled.”

–We were gone only one night but the cats behaved as if they haven’t seen us in years. And it’s not as if they were alone–my mom stopped by to feed them. Ridiculous.

–There was some argument over which cheese was the best at the wedding. I’d like to definitively say it was the goat cheese.

–My favorite part of our trip was in between the wedding and the reception when it was just Anthony and I walking to our car. It was a beautiful walk, the path straddling the ocean and some undulating hills covered with plants. I took the more photos on that short walk than I did during the whole wedding put together.

–On the way home, we shared this exchange: Anthony: I think someone needs a diaper change! Me: We are driving by a dairy.

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Snapshot 03.18.15.

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Hi i’m ted cruz, definitely not three toddlers stacked no sir. #breaktheinternet

Book Giveaway: Dwarves in Space.

A true friend threatens to squirt you with lemon when you have the illness blues. Thanks, Stefanie. I needed that.

Uni-Christ. This photo was taken at the wedding and it’s one of the most beautiful photos in existence.

Important meeting.

What’s an IT librarian? Via  

Apparently someone keeps bringing their cat to the library to photocopy it.

Is Halloween getting too sexy for kids? Probably the other most beautiful photo in existence.

The planets aligned.

Latest smartwatch design.

International Space Station just won for best eclipse photo.

This tree has seen things. So many things. The void stretches before it, and still it watches.

What could possibly go wrong?

Panda bears don’t make very good goalies. This was about how my stint as a goalie turned out, too.

A tornado sucks in a bright rainbow. Isn’t this basically the plot of the Rainbow Brite movie…?

The best headline you’ll read today.

“People are basically skiing on dirt.

I think I’m onto something.

Jurassic Park script leaked.

University Catalog Cover Accidentally Becomes Perfect Metaphor for America.

Apparently I have never experienced Spring?

Garter and bacon as bookmarks. Unsurprising.

This goat gif is my favorite thing right nowaside from this gif, of course. (Thanks for finding that for me, )

Press button. Receive cuttlefish. We were all getting tired of bacon grease all over our hands, anyway.

As a goat I want a web framework that scales like I do.

The greatest newspaper headline ever created. Anthony and I will always love the one about the secret Soviet plot of teaching cats to read, parachute out of planes, and assassinate the president. “A” is for “Attack,” Fluffy!

The Fall of Paint Pig.

Major solar storm with big geomagnetic jolt triggers brilliant displays of northern lights.

An artist paints over the US/Mexico border to make it appear as if it isn’t there.

It’s been a long week.

They spelled your name wrong at the Home Depot again.

A Princess Valentine I actually like.

Anyone who has made this should go to jail.

Going too fast!!

Presented without comment.

Humanity never changes.

Quote of the Day. I’m going to stitch this into a sampler for Angela.

When your grandmom secretly slips you money.

get money / eat cones. I am going to miss him so much.

FUN FACT: My daughter spells “computer” the way extremely drunk people say it. It makes sense.

My cat fell asleep in my salad.

I typed “dog spaghetti vine” into the internet and it knew what I wanted.

Impressed by Apple Watch’s elegant design!

If Hobbes was a snarky unicorn and Calvin was an awesome little girl.

There’s a book called “Pounded in the Butt By My Own Butt”, and if I have to know about it, so do you. There is a line from the synopsis that says this book contains sentient butt love. Sentient. Butt. Love. I can’t remember how I first found out about this, but reflexively I’d like to blame Angela.

An archive of snowflakes.

“Let her see your secrets, and your shames. Arm your daughter with information and experience. Give her power.” Via  

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Snapshot 03.28.12 – Blogoversary!

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Snapshot 03.18.15

18 Mar


— This weekend is going to be jam-packed: on Saturday, Anthony and I will be participating in our friends Justin & Melynda‘s wedding in coastal town Pacific Grove. The next day we’ll spend in Monterey with the kids and my inlaws who are coming along to turn our overnight trip into a mini-family vacation. I’m so relieved they will be there because I was having lots of anxiety about being separated from Elias overnight. Isobel is an old pro at spending the night at Grandma’s, but due to Easy E’s inability to sleep through the night he’s never done it before. (I couldn’t, in good conscious, put the grandparents through that.) By them coming along Anthony and I both get child-free time at the wedding and family time together on Sunday. I am so excited, but I’m also really nervous. I have been so ill lately (and even today, which is why it’s taken so long to get this post up) I am really not sure how I’m going to handle all this adventure and excitement. As Anthony always says to reassure me, I just need to focus on doing what I can and try to have the best time possible within my physical limitations.

Taking Isobel to the aquarium in Monterey has been a highlight of my parenting life. Taking Elias and Isobel there together is an item on my life list I hope to cross off this weekend.

–Elias is right on the cusp of walking, spending much time standing independently and taking a few halting steps before collapsing suddenly on his behind. He is never deterred by these setbacks, always smiling. He is the physical embodiment of the saying, “fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

–Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day, a holiday I traditionally do not care about. We’re not Irish, we’re not Catholic, I detest being around groups of drunk people, and you can kiss my Blarney stones if you think I’m down with drinking green beer. But there’s something about having kids that makes all holidays, even the ones that don’t make sense to you, fun. My mom loves taking Isobel to the dollar store because they can go crazy without doing a whole lot of damage to the wallet, and the last time she took her they came back with these shamrock head-boppers. She’d wear them and go around telling everyone that she was good luck–if you could rub her head. Then she’d run off at full speed, taking her luck with her unless you joined her in a merry chase around the kitchen. When the day finally came she happily dressed in green and wore the head-boppers to school. She grew bored of them by the end of the day, but Elias was surprisingly happy to wear them. Later we looked for four-leaf clovers among our vast collection of weeds and collected regular clovers to do a craft. We didn’t find any four-leaf clovers, but Isobel found a six-leaved on and she lost her mind with happiness.

–This month is my five-year blogging anniversary! I had no idea!! I’ll have to do something special for you guys to celebrate. Thanks for hanging in there with me all those years and during the though times now as I struggle to get my energy back.

–This last weekend was Melynda’s bachelorette party and we celebrated with dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant and karaoke at the bar afterwards. Although the bar offered two songs by Toto, none of them were Africa, which proves we live in an unjust world because that was what I most wanted to sing. I ended up singing New Pollution with Melynda, so I didn’t have to flip over some tables and start a bar fight.

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Snapshot 03.11.15.

Little Big Collection: Vintage Poppies.

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The Anatomy of a Twitter Argument.

Ripples in the Milky Way may mean galaxy is 50% larger than assumed.

The cast and creator of Star Trek stand in front of the first Space Shuttle, Enterprise, in 1979.

Lobster in a bucket or MIGHTY SPACE CRUSTACEAN? I love you, space crustacean!

The case for ignoring your phone during real-life conversations. At least turn the damn notification volume off, for fuck’s sake.

Dog shows up to visit owner at hospital 20 blocks away. Via EmilyHenryWrite

God Shoots Himself While Cleaning Gun.

Cat Shepard.

Skipping school with my BFF.

This is the best photo ever taken of Terry Pratchett, and indeed one of the best photos ever taken of anybody. I cannot express my sorrow at losing one of the most sparkling, imaginative souls out there. Farewell, Terry Pratchett. You didn’t know me, but I was your friend, and I shall deeply miss you. (If you can, donate something in memory of Terry.)

The t-shirt that Terry Pratchett wore to conventions.

Hello Kitty Tea House opens in Kyoto.

Dear Diary, all the swears.

Here is a game about being a bird lawyer in 1848 Paris. Thank you, Ian

“Why isn’t there a white history month?” “Why isn’t there straight pride? “Why don’t people take meninism seriously?” That’s why.

Eyeliner 101. My goal every day of my life.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: stone cold fox. My god.

Pack your things, we’re moving.

Thanks, anonymous Australian child, for furnishing the next decade’s worth of photoshop memes. My new hero.

The cat makes this pic.

“Son, this rat is your father now.” Seems legit.

Of all the theories circulating the one that says he’s turned into a dog is among the most credible.

I’ve never seen the proletariat and the bourgeoisie more clearly illustrated in one instagram post.

“Remove aches and pains simply by transforming into a werewolf.”

Yep nothing is going on at NASA these days!!! Look at all the missions shown here.

I’m trying to guess what this could possibly be about. Bad Album Covers is a gem.

When you accidentally open the front camera.

Ferret gets himself stuck behind door. Via 

Feminist Kitten Stuff.

10 Awesome Lady-Centric Comics You Should Be Reading Right Now. via

How to roast canned tomatoes. Oh, thanks, Derrik!

Snoring hummingbird video. Via Corrin

Should Companies Discontinue Unpaid Intern Fights?

A new 600-million-year-old sponge fossil pushes back the start of evolution. Suck it, Creationist Museum.

“Rad American Women A-Z” Is The Perfect Feminist Primer For Kids.

Representation is important.

We’ve found it! This missing Jelly Belly flavor!

Porniest Apple Watch video.

Marketing at its finest. A sign commemorating the woodpecker-weasel park!


A 100-stop Star Trek concert tour is coming in 2016. I want to go to there! Via the generous and babe-a-licious, Anne.

Hummingbirds need help! Sponsor a banded bird to continue to fund research.We made a small donation in honor of Hummy, a hummingbird who made a nest and raised two chicks on our patio last year.

I’m all about candidates using social media but I’m pretty sure this will never not be weird.

This vest is wow.

Hopefully same thing but instead of a cake it’s my life.

Watch the original Star Trek Enterprise blast off at warp speed.

What Lorelai Gilmore taught me about Community and Weirdos. I really enjoyed this post even though I don’t watch Gilmore Girls. It’s often easier to choose not to interact with others outside your immediate circle, but I’ve found that my life is so much richer now that I have. This article talks about the “weirdos” in the series, but I’m thinking about people who aren’t necessarily “weird”, just really different from me.

Junot Diaz on whether using spanish alienates his readers.

The Buddhist monks who attempted to mummify themselves prior to death. So freaking bizarre.

Climate change is putting your morning coffee at risk.

omg such shibe /not wantings be here /no wow today /very paste smile on anyway.

1. Assess the cat situation. 2. Report to hyperdimensional supervisor.

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Snapshot 03.27.15.

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