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Snapshot 08.27.14

27 Aug

- Isobel has adapted to school beautifully. She had a far better week than I did. It’s challenging her and channeling her energy and I love thinking about all the fun things ahead of her. I’ve been walking her to school each morning while Elias is strapped into the baby carrier. I had planned on walking her home, too, but she considered this child abuse so we only walk one way. At first she didn’t understand that all the other kids she saw weren’t actually following her, but they were walking to school, too. “Mama, that girl who was following us is ahead of us now!” Yes, darling. We are going to the same place.  “It’s freaking me out.”

- Sometimes when I walk home I walk past kids forming games of soccer or basketball around me. It’s neat to watch the kids form teams and work together for a goal. This must have been what hunting in a pack was like. I wonder if wolves would like basketball.

- I’ve been working out on the elliptical again as my health allows. I usually do it after I walk Isobel to school so I still have Elias in the carrier. Instead of waking him up and trying to juggle fussy baby with getting my workout done, I just leave him in the carrier and he usually sleeps through it. He’s a big fan of the swing and the bouncy seat and movement in general. It’s sweaty but it’s such a good feeling when I’m done. I unlatch the carrier and put him down and feel so light I could fly away. I tweeted about how virtuous I was to workout with a baby strapped to me and one of my friends replied, “Big deal. It’s not like you climbed a turbolift shaft while singing Frere Jacques. While being tied to three children.” He’s right. Picard can take anything you do and do it better–while being tied to three children. And, as Anthony pointed out, they carefully edited that episode to cut out all the scenes where the littlest kid let go and just hung off Picard while shouting I’M TIIIIIIIIIIRED because that is exactly what would have happened. From now on I vow to work out with Elias and two cats tied on to me.

-  Awhile ago we were at Isobel’s cousin Jewel’s house hanging out with family when she became upset and started pouting. Anthony and I took turns trying to cheer her up but she was determined to have a pout. This went on for awhile. Eventually an aunt came up to her and said, “Jewel, is there anything that will make you feel better?” Jewel thought for a second and replied,”Yes.” The aunt sighed, “Well, honey, what is it? What will make you feel better?” Without hesitation she replied, “A ride on a unicorn.”

- That is Skippy in the photo above. His gray smudge is hard to even find anymore. He’s so big and grown up now, hardly anything at all like the scraggly kitten my Mom brought us.

- Isobel is obsessed with Pokemon and begged me and her father for a Pikachu backpack as soon as she realized that was an option. Her fancy Hello Kitty one that Grandma bought her (that was undoubtedly expensive) just won’t do anymore so we took to the internet to find her one. Of course she sees the plush backpack version and immediately falls in love, but that isn’t a backpack that will work for school. Anthony is a total sucker and buys it for her anyway. The funny thing is, I had that backpack, years and years ago, when Anthony and I attended raves. Anthony bought it for me (always a sucker!). Well, the backpack that I had was slightly different–it was plush and really nice, better than this one, and I have kicked myself about a thousand times for getting rid of it. I also had a ton of first gen Pokemon figurines, which I held onto for a long, long time before donating. I remember decorating my first apartment with them. I feel like a huge idiot now because I kept them in storage forever (I mean years) but then some how decided to get rid of them right before my kid was born(?!) Great job, me! I lugged them around several moves without having that pay off by giving them to my child who would enjoy them. Anyway. Here’s a cute photo of Isobel with her Pikachu backpack.

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Snapshot 08.20.14

20 Aug

- The past two months has been insane, starting with Anthony developing a bronchial infection that lasted two weeks. Then I got it. Then Anthony got gastroenteritis. Then Isobel caught it. Then I developed a bladder infection. Then I took medicine for the bladder infection that resulted in a severe allergic reaction. I’ve been in non-stop crisis mode and just scraping by on a day-t0-day basis. It’s overwhelming but now that my reaction is starting to calm down we’re trying to catch up with our goals so we can make progress. But we’ve really been through the ringer on the health front and I know we’ve been doing the best we can. Still, trying to let go of that guilt can be hard.

- Isobel started Kindergarten Monday. I keep thinking how grateful I am that I got to stay home with her for four of her five years. One of my best decisions, hands down. I am not one of those women who believe it’s automatically best to stay at home with the kids. Studies have shown that that’s just not the case. The thing that makes a difference is quality of care, and that can be given in the home or at a daycare. There are pros and cons to both. I’m just so grateful I got to stay with her because that’s what I truly wanted, and that’s where I thought my fragile health and skill set could be put to best use. It all seems to have gone by so fast, now that we are here, at the brink of her elementary school years. I would feel so cheated if I hadn’t spent the last four years devoted to her. Now it’s Elias’ turn.

- She adjusted to her new environment right away. I sat in her Kindergarten room with her and the other kids an parents and listened to her teacher give a short presentation on the reading program used in the classroom. Without missing a beat Isobel raised her hand and said, “Excuse me, but I can only read picture books at this age.”

- One of the books I’ve been reading to Isobel lately is a book about twin raccoon brothers called Double Trouble. The first time I read it to her she stopped me somewhere in the middle and said, “I am not Double Trouble. I am just one Trouble.” I was like “Damn skippy, little girl!”

- I was on so many different medications for my allergic reaction, and three of them were steroids. The thing about steroids is that they are also used to treat Crohn’s disease, so I had a surge of well being from the chemical boost. It was amazing. My energy felt back to where it was ten years ago, before I developed this disease. Anthony noticed right away. Steroids have a dark side with some dangerous side effects and it isn’t normally prescribed for prolonged use.  It was damn nice while that lasted.

- One of the things I learned about while reading child development books is that young children need everything spelled out for them, particularly the dicier issues, such as the subject of race. It’s not enough to just model good behavior, you have to explicitly spell out your beliefs or sadly, someone else will for you. I have brought it up from time to time, but since school is starting and Furgeson is on my mind so much, I broached the subject again. I grabbed photos of different family members and pointed out physical differences: hair color, eye color, skin color. I explained that we look different but are all the same on the inside. “Yes,” Isobel immediately agreed, “Because on the inside all of us are red.”

- Isobel is obsessed with playing Christmas. She found a roll of errant Christmas wrapping paper under my bed and has been wrapping up her toys and making cards to go with them. We went to an estate sale last week and she picked out a bunch of stockings and some fake holly as her special present, so now we have Christmas decorations in our living room. We’re starting earlier than the department stores this year.

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