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Snapshot 08.20.14

20 Aug

- The past two months has been insane, starting with Anthony developing a bronchial infection that lasted two weeks. Then I got it. Then Anthony got gastroenteritis. Then Isobel caught it. Then I developed a bladder infection. Then I took medicine for the bladder infection that resulted in a severe allergic reaction. I’ve been in non-stop crisis mode and just scraping by on a day-t0-day basis. It’s overwhelming but now that my reaction is starting to calm down we’re trying to catch up with our goals so we can make progress. But we’ve really been through the ringer on the health front and I know we’ve been doing the best we can. Still, trying to let go of that guilt can be hard.

- Isobel started Kindergarten Monday. I keep thinking how grateful I am that I got to stay home with her for four of her five years. One of my best decisions, hands down. I am not one of those women who believe it’s automatically best to stay at home with the kids. Studies have shown that that’s just not the case. The thing that makes a difference is quality of care, and that can be given in the home or at a daycare. There are pros and cons to both. I’m just so grateful I got to stay with her because that’s what I truly wanted, and that’s where I thought my fragile health and skill set could be put to best use. It all seems to have gone by so fast, now that we are here, at the brink of her elementary school years. I would feel so cheated if I hadn’t spent the last four years devoted to her. Now it’s Elias’ turn.

- She adjusted to her new environment right away. I sat in her Kindergarten room with her and the other kids an parents and listened to her teacher give a short presentation on the reading program used in the classroom. Without missing a beat Isobel raised her hand and said, “Excuse me, but I can only read picture books at this age.”

- One of the books I’ve been reading to Isobel lately is a book about twin raccoon brothers called Double Trouble. The first time I read it to her she stopped me somewhere in the middle and said, “I am not Double Trouble. I am just one Trouble.” I was like “Damn skippy, little girl!”

- I was on so many different medications for my allergic reaction, and three of them were steroids. The thing about steroids is that they are also used to treat Crohn’s disease, so I had a surge of well being from the chemical boost. It was amazing. My energy felt back to where it was ten years ago, before I developed this disease. Anthony noticed right away. Steroids have a dark side with some dangerous side effects and it isn’t normally prescribed for prolonged use.  It was damn nice while that lasted.

- One of the things I learned about while reading child development books is that young children need everything spelled out for them, particularly the dicier issues, such as the subject of race. It’s not enough to just model good behavior, you have to explicitly spell out your beliefs or sadly, someone else will for you. I have brought it up from time to time, but since school is starting and Furgeson is on my mind so much, I broached the subject again. I grabbed photos of different family members and pointed out physical differences: hair color, eye color, skin color. I explained that we look different but are all the same on the inside. “Yes,” Isobel immediately agreed, “Because on the inside all of us are red.”

- Isobel is obsessed with playing Christmas. She found a roll of errant Christmas wrapping paper under my bed and has been wrapping up her toys and making cards to go with them. We went to an estate sale last week and she picked out a bunch of stockings and some fake holly as her special present, so now we have Christmas decorations in our living room. We’re starting earlier than the department stores this year.

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Snapshot 08.13.14. The craziness of the past week.

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If they gunned me down. Which photo would they use?

My other car is a TARDIS. Via

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Snapshot 8.29.12. Welcome to my special Oprah!

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Snapshot 08.13.14

13 Aug

- I’m still dealing with hives realness over here. I’m pretty sure they call it “hives” because it feels like you are being stung by a thousand bees. Yesterday and the day before the palms of my hands were covered in hive welts and my hands were swollen I couldn’t close my hands normally. I was too afraid to hold Elias for fear I’d drop him. My face was so swollen I looked like an unlucky recipient of Botox and collagen injections. I had a pretty severe reaction my doctor was afraid my airways would close, so they put me on a very aggressive regiment of steroids and antihistamine.  My doctor actually told me that if I took the higher dose (I was on a ranged dose) there was a possibility that I would hallucinate. Things have definitely been different and I’m glad my Mom or Anthony was around when I was high off my ass on Benedryl.

- Here are a few photos of hives realness.

- Poor Anthony. He really lost money on the in sickness and in health vow he took at our wedding.

- Speaking of health troubles, you need to check out my friend Stef’s blog, Kind of Broken. She’s living with severe health problems but still kicking ass on a daily basis.

- Isobel starts school on Monday. She’s been wearing her backpack everywhere to practice.

- I’ve head Choirgirl on heavy rotation recently and Isobel is teaching herself one of my favorite songs from the album, “Black Dove.” Every time she belts out the line “On the other side of the galaxy” my heart grows two sizes.

- Elias is the perfect age and size. I just want to carry him everywhere and snuggle him all day long. He’s trying to crawl already (?!) and is already nothing like the little squishy we brought home from the hospital a few weeks ago.

- There are so many heartbreaking, terrible things happening in the world right now. True horrors.  I feel so powerless about most of them, which makes me feel worse. I’m trying to combat this feeling by putting something good back into the universe. Nice words, kind deeds, help where it’s needed. Very intentional acts of kindness. Preventative medicine for the future.

Breaking News: Hives Realness. In which I kick my own ass.

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Snapshot 08.06.14. Just Pass Out and Go To Sleep.

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Baked potato, or turd wearing glasses? Thus the poturdo is born.

Hospital Comforts Patients With New Oyster Therapy Program. I would have appreciated this while I languished in the ER.

Don’t Judge Me, Netflix.

Lego releases female scientist kit, sells out immediately.  Isobel needs this for Christmas.

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Shop Mikasa Su Casa Summer Sale. That white eyelet top!

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Awful Library Books: Educated Cats. Has there ever been a period of time when we did not to this to cats?

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Isobel’s Thrifted Closet: Breezy skirt and summer shirt. Heart sunglasses are the ultimate accessory.

Snapshot 08.31.11. Interviews on being June Cleaver and a Viking.

Thrift Store Score: The Golden Ass. You’d be surprised how handy a donkey trophy can be.

Scrapbook: Spontaneous Dancing. Isobel and Kingston cut a rug at the farmer’s market.

Flip Book: Say Cheese. I take pictures of her, she pretends to take pictures of me.

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