Snapshot 07.23.14

23 Jul

- We have had such an eventful week, I almost don’t know where to begin. How about with our trip to the ER?

- Anthony came home from work on Friday with some symptoms of what looked like food poisoning or the stomach flu. When things progressed rapidly I compared his symptoms to a checklist of symptoms for appendicitis, he had all of them and only seemed to be getting worse. A friend of mine just had an appendectomy only three weeks ago and the experience was fresh in my mind, so I really wanted to believe this wasn’t appendicitis, but we couldn’t take the chance because it is so dangerous. Even thought it was late and we gave them no warning, the Walton’s didn’t hesitate to take care of the kids while we drove to the hospital. The doctor there was kind and also very concerned it was appendicitis so Anthony after some blood work he had a CT scan. We waited and waited and all I could think about is how we were just here, in nearly the same position, not even a year ago for Anthony’s shoulder. That time ended in surgery and I was so afraid this time would, too. We were so relieved to find out that it wasn’t appendicitis but a severe case of gastroenteritis. We were also lucky to find out that he has an abnormality with his appendix that we wouldn’t have found out another way, and this could cause an actual case of appendicitis to be fatal. Now we know what to look for.

- Gastroenteritis is very similar to many of the symptoms I experience from Crohn’s on a daily basis, so I am very familiar with how to treat it. On the way home from the hospital I told Anthony that he was stepping in on my territory because I had Crohn’s disease before it was cool. He then thanked me, because I basically just told him that Crohn’s is cool now because he has it. It’s true–I’m certainly not doing Crohn’s any coolness favors.

- The next day we were all exhausted: me from worry and sleep deprivation, Anthony from sickness, and Isobel from a wild and crazy night playing with Kingston. While at the Walton’s Isobel asked Angela for a pair of shorts to wear under her too-short superhero costume. When Angela broke the news that Kingston didn’t have any pink shorts, Isobel sighed and said, “Well, I could take red then.” Unfortunately, all Kingston had were green or blue so she settled for some dark plaid board shorts. My Mom stopped by in the morning to help out with the kids so I could recover and ended up taking Isobel to a luncheon program at their church. Isobel wore her Easter dress from two years ago, which was kind of short, so naturally she paired it with… Kingston’s board shorts.

- You may have noticed Kingston has a large cast on one of his legs. He recently had surgery to correct a clubbed foot–a condition he was born with. Once that cast is off he is looking forward to running super fast and using his new skateboard like a big kid. In the meantime, we all signed it and our artist friend Dave decorated it with a Jolly Rodger and a ship from Star Wars.

- The fair is in town which means Isobel ate a giant ice cream for dinner and we took our traditional photo on top of the mushroom stool. I have taken a photo of her (and also Kingston) on top of that stool each year we’ve been to the fair, and the year they don’t put them out anymore is the year I cry in the middle of the tent exhibit. Grandma Juani bought Isobel an unlimited ride bracelet and she made the most of it while I wore Elias in the Ergo. We didn’t get into bed until almost midnight that night, and Isobel was so tired she literally fell asleep mid-sentence. One of the things we do every night before bed is talk about our favorite part of the previous day. Isobel got as far as “My favorite part of the day was going on rides and…” She just went silent. It was hilarious.

- Little Big reader Barbara generously offered me her ticket to Blogher since she will be unable to attend. I am blown over by her generosity, and although money’s tight, contemplated going just for the day with a friend since this year the conference is held in San Jose. That’s the closest it will probably ever be to me, and since there’s no way I can afford a ticket otherwise, it seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Unfortunately it is the same weekend as the Mommy & Me reading class I signed Isobel up for, as well as two parties we’d like to attend. I’d like to thank Barbara once again for thinking of be and having an incredibly generous spirit.

- As of yesterday, Isobel is now sick, too. So, fun times over here, that’s for sure.

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Recipe: Bacon, Pea & Leftovers Pizza

21 Jul

The beginning of last week started off nice and quiet. We’re on a two-week hiatus from swimming lessons (Isobel was promoted to Seahorse, the next level up, have I mentioned how proud I am?!), and we didn’t have any exciting plans until later on in the week. Little did we know at the time that these exciting plans would include a late-night trip to the ER, but that’s a story for tomorrow.

 Because the day had gotten off to a leisurely start I decided to take this opportunity to make Tracy’s pea & bacon pizza recipe. I had my eye on this recipe since she first posted it, and I thought it would be a great way to surprise Anthony with a treat when he got home from work. The dough recipe conveniently created two pizzas so I could make the pea and bacon version for us and a cheese and olive version for Isobel.

We actually deviated from both Isobel’s desires and Tracy’s recipe as it we had quite a few leftovers in the fridge that I needed to use up before they went bad, but we did reserve a fourth of one of the pizzas as a purely cheese-and-olive enterprise. If your day isn’t quite so leisurely you can still enjoy a delicious pizza by using store bought pizza dough.

Isobel loved helping me add the toppings. She was really proud she had helped make pizza for dinner. She didn’t realize that this was something you could actually make at home–she thought it was just something you could get at restaurants. She was impressed, I could tell. She also really loves olives. Her pizza would have had more olives on it if she hadn’t kept eating the olives directly out of the can. Girlfriend loves her some olives.



I followed the no-knead pizza dough recipe exactly, but I deviated quite a bit when it came to the toppings.


  • Sauce: Tracy’s recipe doesn’t use a traditional red sauce, but I had a fourth of a jar of tomato basil pasta sauce I needed to use up, so I used a scant smearing of that on the bacon and pea pizza and a more liberal coating for Isobel’s olive pizza.
  • Peas, I used frozen as I had a bag to use up, and I just put them on our pizza
  • Bacon, I used three strips per pizza
  • Green onions, Isobel is going through an anti-onion phase, I only out them on ours. I eyeballed it.
  • Cheese, I used three kinds: shredded mozzarella, fresh mozzarella balls I had leftover that I tore into chunks, and lots of Parmesan.
  • Mushrooms, I had a small handful of baby bella mushrooms that I let Isobel scatter over both pizzas. Half a cup, probably.
  • Basil, Tracy’s recipe calls for fresh mint, but I didn’t have any growing in my garden. My basil was going gangbusters, so I added six or so leaves to one of the pies.


- At least three hours before you want to eat, prepare the dough according to these instructions.

- Once the dough is ready to go, oil the baking sheets and preheat the oven to 500F.

- Stretch the dough out onto the oiled baking sheet and add the toppings listed above, adjusting for your tastes.

- Spray the exposed pizza crust with olive oil and bake for 18-20 minutes.

It was so, so good, and much easier than I thought it would be to put together. Dinner that night was mostly a quiet affair as we dug in, but at one point Isobel took a break from chewing to shout, “Mmm! Home pizza is my favorite pizza!”

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