Scrapbook: Blossom Hunt 2015

1 Apr

This year I was too ill to drive far out into the country for my annual Valley blossom photograph expedition, my version of the Japanese tradition of hanami, but just down the street from my home were a few ornamental cherry trees in full-on riotous pink bloom. More can be found in this album, if you are into that sort of thing.

Snapshot 04.01.15

31 Mar

–It’s April Fool’s! APRIL FOOL’S! It’s not April Fools. HAHAHAHAHA APRIL FOOL’S! It is April Fools. (I hate April Fool’s).

–This month is my five-year blogoversary! I should eventually focus on growing influencers content management brand. April Fool’s! I don’t even know what those words mean! I started this blog as a creative outlet with no real knowledge of what I was doing and here I am, five years later, still pick-axing my way through the blogging mines. And I love doing it. I wish was at a point where I was posting more regularly and that my energy could keep up with my brain, but I know I will get there. Thank you to every single person who has emailed, tweeted, and commented over these past five years. You have no idea what it means to me to know my voice is heard in the tide of the millions of voices that rush through the innertubes. There are so many things you could be doing with your time, and yet you came here. I am so glad to have you.

–My friend Bri, internet Fairy Godmother, sent Isobel another ten-ton box of her daughter’s outgrown clothes. We refer to the unboxing process as “Fashion Christmas.” After I got them all put away I walked in on Isobel pulling them all back out of the closet and trying them on, one by one. “I have to try out all my latest styles, Mama,” she explained.

–Isobel has her first loose tooth! Although in the past the thought of her teeth becoming loose and falling out seemed to absolutely terrify her, she is now excited by the prospect. Her teachers have talked up the tooth fairy and how magical and real she is, and of course we had to tell her good ol’ TF was actually just a fun and elaborate game we adults liked to play with kids, just like Santa. There were tears, not because TF wasn’t real, but because her teachers again told her something that wasn’t true. “Why would her teachers lie?” she reasoned. “It is not their job to lie! It is there job to tell the truth!” she fumed. Once we got over that hump and I told her the TF could be whomever she liked, she eagerly decided her TF would be Tinkerbell. Currently she is telling me about all the restrictions someone with a loose tooth has. “No crunchy food, Mama. And no smiling in photos.” Fortunately these rules only apply when she remembers them and isn’t hungry.

–Not to get all crazy, but I DID eat three whole meals one day last week. Three. All in one day. At the appropriate foodtime times. This hasn’t happened for me in weeks, maybe even months. I haven’t repeated this since, but it was a marvelous to feel like a norm, even briefly.

–Isobel and I have been doing a lot of sewing again, ever since I altered the dress I wore in my friends’ Melynda & Justin’s wedding. I actually took that dress to get altered by an actual seamstress in town but she refused saying the dress couldn’t be altered and that it would require detaching the skirt, would be expensive, and look terrible. In fact, with my Mom’s help, I was able to quickly and easily alter it for free, without detaching the skirt, and it looked great. I’m sidetracking here, but the point is, Isobel watched me alter the dress and whenever the sewing kit is out she wants to participate. She is actually pretty good and has been making clothes for her My Little Ponies. She really wants a sewing machine of her own because I told her there’s no way I’m letting her use mine until she’s older.

–Isobel adjusted so, so well to her baby brother. It was even a little bit freakish at how well she adjusted to his presence considering she went five years being the sole star of the Castillo show and enjoyed her constant one-on-one to two-on-one attention so heartily that other people would shake their heads and click their tongues when they knew another little baby was on the way. A few people congratulated me when the time came and she acclimated perfectly to Mr Wonderful’s soft, squishy presence, but I knew my daughter, and I know it had nothing to do with me. I can be foolish about a lot of things, but taking credit for the whims of my capricious child is not one of them. Lately, she has soured on her brother because he is mobile and hell-bent on getting into anything and everything she is playing with. He’s in her toys, he’s in her way, he’s in her Mom’s lap. Brothers are an irritant at least, and best to be avoided. But there are still the tender moments, where she cuddles him and kisses him and says he is the cutest thing ever. One time the family was driving home from an outing and I could hear her in the backseat, singing a lullaby sweetly to calm her fussy brother. It was a precious, heart-warming moment. Until I listened to the words. Essentially it went something like this, “You are a poop. Brothers are a poop. Go to sleep, poop.”

–Probably my favorite part about doing the Random Trek podcast (besides spending an hour or so talking Star Trek with another fan) is that Scott was super duper nice. Also when we went to schedule a time to record, it went like this:

  • Scott: I am free after such-and-such time, except for this day, which is our D&D day
  • Me: I am free all of those evenings except this other day, which is our D&D day

–I’m still reeling from the realization that Anthony and I have been together seventeen years. I’m still surprised I’ve managed to keep myself alive more than seventeen years. And speaking of our life span, we’ve essentially been together half our lives. You’d think that at this point we’d have gained some enlightened insights about relationships and could give stellar advice, but I still don’t think I’m qualified to do that. We’re still making it up and figuring it out as we go.

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