Follow Friday: D&D Tavern Food

30 Jan

Today’s post features photos from Anthony’s D&D-themed birthday party. Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

rstevens You don’t have to worry about charging an Apple Watch as long as you carry a big potato and some wires in your pocket

SongsOfKat  A kitty cat is my favorite portable white noise machine and hand-warmer.

brokenepiphany  Nothing says generation gap like a coworker complaining that The Lady is a Tramp is gross while you’re listening to Anaconda on headphones.

The_Samburglar  I often wonder how many strangers have tweeted about my socially awkward attempts at being a normal human.

usedwigs  If I could time travel I’d just scoot up an hour so I could eat my lunch sooner.

danjan13  Listen sheep, you don’t need to get vaccinated. I didn’t and I’m just fine. I died three years ago at 25, but as a dead guy I’m doing fine.

kjmeow  I am dressed like everyone’s favorite mom today, let me know if you need any paperwork signed or hand sanitizer

geekandahalf  Y’all shoulda seen how I body rolled into nae-nae’ing into the whip when “Say My Name” shuffled on just now at Whole Foods.

JustinMcElroy  @BillCorbett “feels” is for people afraid to talk about real emotions. “When the Millenium Falcon showed up I got aroused” How hard is that?

annetdonahue  Twitter? More like the Opinion Machine! Ha ha ha! Oh man. Anyway, officer, no I don’t know why you pulled me over.

introvertedwife  A female hand and a half sword is called a bitch sword.

vornietom  To stressed to be #blessed

annetdonahue  WHICH HARRY POTTER CHARACTER ARE YOU? I’m the attorney at Hogwarts who quietly handles all negligence lawsuits.

dampscribbler  10yo, as I tucked her in to bed: “You can’t stop me from reading, you know.”

boominonion  I’m saving my #FF for marriage.

JElvisWeinstein  My ultimate showbiz dream is to do a series of reverse mortgage commercials, so I still have about 25 years to “make it”.

MagpieLibrarian  Not getting vaccinated is how you let the world know that you don’t care about anyone but yourself.

shariv67  My granddad walked miles to school in the snow, uphill, both ways. My granddad was MC Escher.

waferbaby  My niece was disappointed I was using FaceTime and not Google Hangouts to chat, ‘cuz she wanted to give me lipstick and nail polish.

joshgondelman  I’m for an all-female Ghostbusters because they’ll be way less tempted to cross the streams.

trumpetcake  Dear Diary, I promise I’ll learn to spell if you stop spewing out of my rear end.

BillCorbett  Haha, you stupid sheeple are still getting vaccinated. [coughs up blood; ear falls off]

NicestHippo  I bet animals wish they had fingers like we do, so they could stop living in a beautiful state of nature & do data entry for minimum wage

joshgondelman  “Mmmm, eatin’ weather.” – me for some reason

andrewmorrisey  Oh well. At least I’m not a snake or that Smash Mouth guy.

joshgondelman  It’s some real nonsense that you never hear a symphony use whatever instrument makes that “BWAMP!” sound from “Poison.”

NathanielWagg  Turns out the real blizzard… Was in our hearts all along

MrsFridayNext  Does the Apple warrantee cover damage done by operating your phone with jam-covered fingers? Asking for a friend.

HelloCullen  Batman goes back in time and kills his parents to ensure he becomes Batman

loather  Idea: TV show called ART CRIMES and the main detective is ART CRIME

keplyq  and if I wanted to hear about how respecting other cultures is hurting a white man’s feelings I would just call my dad

kerihw  It is 2015. NASA is planning a mission to Mars. SQL Server still cannot tell you which column might be truncated in your insert statement.

Jake_Vig  Before you think you can shock me, keep in mind that I lived through acid washed jeans.

lila_engel  Newscaster talking about “5 layer dip” and I’m so sad for him not knowing about the other 2 layers

vornietom  SOME MADE UP NAMES: -Bleric -Fabitha -Slandrew -Tarp Tarp -Krayon -Repecca -Wace (pronounced Wah-che) -Fumblebum –Tevor

snazzmania  in case anyone doubts my persuasiveness my sister was afraid of wild forest lobsters until she was 16

MagpieLibrarian  Sex and the City is homophobic, transphobic, racist, and mostly about 4 vanilla norms pretending to be edgy.

Earpythepale I just changed my morning alarm to display “run you fool!!” Hopefully this will make me get up and run.

donni  Make no small plans. If you manufacture cookware, make no small pans. If you’re a ham thief, take no small hams. You get the idea

kevinseccia  Got 2 pounds of sliced ham, 3 rolls, a cucumber (?) and 5 random cans only to have the deli guy say he lived nearby and would open tomorrow.

mrbowers  Bonding over shared hatred is the path to TRUE friendship.

simoncholland  I hope Netflix is bracing for this storm.

VaguelyFunnyDan  It just feels like I was the most skilled lover at that mindful parenting workshop.

PrimeTrim i’m all about looking good and feeling good i’m a modern man with acid reflux

vornietom  New phone, who ‘dis? – Alexander Graham Bell

SoulYodeler  Need a drummer for my Whitesnake cover band. And a guitar player, also a bass guy. Probably a singer and some babes. I have a Camaro.

joshgondelman  I have been snacking like I’m planning to literally hibernate.

shinyinfo  I have a Joann’s coupon. I need to buy some red string for my TV conspiracy theory wall.

MassageByTed  I’m skeptical of all the people I encounter who report that the only they’ve been doing is chillin. It’s too convenient.

MassageByTed  The bus driver just got off the bus and, if I heard him correctly, announced that he was “gonna go drop a squat.”

vornietom  Love things that are fake good-for-you. You know, orange juice, granola bars, having health insurance…

DCpierson  I’ve seen people anticipating being nostalgic for the early 00’s. Guys, you can be nostalgic for anything at any time. It’s called “whiskey”

burritojustice  First prize: a free Chipotle burrito Second prize: two free Chipotle burritos

UncleDynamite  Talked a guy into naming his speedboat Chlamydia today by convincing him it was an orchid.

ATallOrder  My new unit of snow accumulation shall be the “corgi,” as in, “the snow is now two corgis deep.”

TySmithdrums  Telemarketers are the original pop-up ads.

sarcasmically  I wore a WP shirt out in public and someone asked me to fix their “Adobes”

muffpunch Last night I dreamed me & @exlibris were crocheting blankets with Oprah and Glen Danzig and this is what happens when you mix wine & NyQuil.

NightValeRadio  Please take precautions before a bad storm, such as crying or staring bleakly out the window obsessively thinking about worst case scenarios

InternetEh  I want my new twitter handle to be “Fuck Lord Of The Moon,” but it would be disrespectful to Abraham Lincoln, who earned the title.

ModernSauce  I can’t imagine having Twitter as a teenager considering how embarrassed I am by my tweets from last week.

nevesytrof  Guys, I’m incensed today. No, I mean I smell good.

Sigafoos  “Ooh,” I say, knowing that I am wretched enough to deserve the KFC Double Down Dog.

gingerhwilliams  When @robdelaney is RTing library signage you know that’s one sign patrons will actually read.

rayadverb  People of the Northeast: If this storm gets really bad, remember that all North Face products are edible.

kerihw “It’s a chicken and egg scenario and we just have to accept that we’re eggs. Or chickens. It doesn’t matter.” – Me, in a meeting, just now.

jerryRenek  I almost posted a picture of an icicle but I didn’t want to completely blow your minds.

OhNoSheTwitnt  Palin: I am seriously considering another presidential run and I have the full support of my children Pistol, Krang, Trog, Blort and Trank.

weinerdog4life  I have given my gun to a raccoon, the neighborhood critter war has shifted

kerihw  “If you want a vision of the future, imagine incorrect quotes being stamped on the internet forever” – Voltaire

TheCatWhisprer  SkyMall was my favorite thing to read between “please shut off all electronic devices” and “it is now safe to turn on electronic devices.”

Lilacmess  Cat pretends she wants to snuggle. You let cat into your lap. Cat instead drinks out of your water glass

elisabenson  Blizzard prep: One pound of cheese per person per day

LizHackett  I feel like I’m now finally old enough to be in my 20s and not fuck them up.

joshgondelman I’m not religious, but sometimes you show up at a place and there’s pizza, so…

himissjulie  tonight I watched wrestling and ate copious amounts of Rotel cheese dip, I feel so American I think I have eagles flying out of my heart

RealLucasNeff Autocorrect is some christian dude in Kansas who’s never heard of fucking, pussy, kale or love

davidsmithyman  Gandalf’s iCal must be like:

Monday: huge battle

Tuesday: huge battle

Wednesday: ride an eagle

morninggloria  If she were really miss universe, she’d gradually grow more chaotic until she was, by the end of her term, a weak void.

rstevens  In the event of a blizzard, it is important have food and water on hand and to have updated all your apps

jenyb4  Her: I love that sweater. What color would you call that? Me: dog hair

bobpowers1  #HowToMakeAnAmericanQuilt Leonard, if you’re following this hashtag, I’m your brother and I want a relationship with you and your sons.

JennyPentland  I told my kids my chocolate was poison so they wouldn’t touch it & then forget to tell them I was kidding before I ate it in front of them.

Sarcasticsapien  I didn’t technically say I’m giving up, I just said I’m thinking about getting a cat.

tarashoe  it’s got 1.5 bathrooms, a master worry room with walk-in worry hole, and an eat-in kitchen if you’re bored of eating soup in your worry room

burnstand  all that matters is that I have less paper on my desk at the end of the day than I did at the beginning

beingtheo  “I did not have sex with that football.” -T. Brady

slackmistress  Live every day like it’s your last: screaming, crying, cursing God.

edorney for a weird time, google “my hands smell like chicken noodle soup”

OneFunnyMummy  Chips are not only delicious, but if you crunch them loud enough you can’t hear your children anymore.

JohnFugelsang Nature abhors a vacuum, and so do indoor cats.

primawesome  “Bro check out that DILP.”

“Where? Wait what’s a DILP?”

“Dog I’d Like to Pet.”

primawesome  If I could have dinner with anyone alive or dead I would just have two dinners.

mattZillaaaa  I love how fresh & clean my bathroom smells after I’ve killed a spider with a full bottle of windex

juskewitch  I said something about a fried pickle and the Uber driver quietly remarked: “That’s a cucumber that’s been through hell.”

sucittaM  Before the “Are You Ready For Some Football!?” song, people used to get bombarded with unexpected football. The world was a scary place.

tweet of the week

biorhythmist  [runs in breathlessly] actually it’s pronounced TJIF

What is Follow Friday? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!


Thrifty Giving: Soup For You

27 Jan

This year, for Christmas, I took a different route for presents than I normally do. As always, short on time and money before the holidays, I decided to give everyone the gift of soup. I make a lot of soup, and I’m pretty good at it. That’s the great thing about soup: if you keep making it long enough, you are bound to improve. Soup seemed like the perfect solution for gifts: I could spend an hour or so whipping up these menu gift cards and wouldn’t have to cash in on time or money until after the holidays, when we have slightly more of both.

I included six options on paper, but the sixth option was a wild card, in case they wanted something particular that wasn’t on the list. I wanted to let them know I could make something special just for them while still keeping the gift one regular letter-sized page. (If you find it difficult to read you can click on the image and enlarge it in my flickr stream.)

Angela created the border for me, but since this was her Christmas present, too, I kindly asked her to forget she saw it.

I ended up giving this present to six or seven people on my friends list, all who appreciate good food and won’t say no to a home cooked meal.

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