Follow Friday – Poppy Dress

19 Sep

Today’s post features photos of a younger Isobel in our garden. Have a great weekend!

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

markleggett  One of my co-workers looks sad. Good.

what if god was one of us & he rode his bike to work & he carried a thermos of chicken soup for lunch & he said BALLS when he dropped things.

robfee  Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before xanex, how did we end up in Des Moines?

Cheeseboy22  Apparently my 6yo old son went to school with a Spiderman costume under his clothes. The students of McKinley Elementary were safe today.

michaeljnelson  I trust that M. Night Shyamalan, Moon Unit Zappa and Cuba Gooding Jr. will have a child together named Good Night Moon Shyamalan.

kerihw  *from deep inside a black hole, pulses of energy are detected by the dish array. they are transmitting a message* DID U GET MY TXT LUV MUM X

biorhythmist Try my new diet where you eat whatever you want, then hold a baby goat.

louisvirtel  Every time something bad happens to Avril Lavigne, Kristen Stewart is one step closer to an Oscar-winning biopic role.

kerihw  for any americans confused about the great british bake off, this is like our monster trucks

dubouchet  I am probably not a cactus! (my therapist told me to write some phrases that I can say to myself to reinforce self-esteem)

morninggloria  my signature dance move is saying “i hate dancing!” while I do the Sarcastic Robot

rstevens  I need more coffee ports in order to distribute it more evenly throughout the body

CohenDS  As a child, he was bitten by a radioactive man. Then… slowly… He turned into a man. He is… MANMAN

cmdeb  In a debate between McCain and Rand, I choose herpes.

UncleDynamite  If you’ve never seen them, the law says you have to refer to them as alleged nipples.

Molly_Kats  When I don’t know what’s going I just start screaming.

mylittlebecky One favorite thing about babies is when they look politely impressed with their own farts.

amandaha  5 second rule: eat the chocolate chip you drop fast or else you will think it is a little poop.

nedwards  *staring down at the corpse of Frankenstein’s monster* “Perhaps man is the real monster” *voice from back of peasant mob* “not all men!”

UncleDynamite  You have no idea how grateful dogs are that their spacecraft crash-landed on a planet populated almost entirely by dog poop baggers.

jennyvsjenny  also whoever named it enterovirus d68 instead of d69 really missed an opportunity there

donni  The plural of footloose is feetleese

BeTheBoy Did you ever know that you’re my hero? P.S. – I was being sarcastic.

LisaMcIntire  “ugh skip the story and get to the money shot” — me reading food blogs

Molly_Kats  Does my mom count as a stalker

josephesque  Oh, ignore Chuck. He’s just going through his terrible 36s.

AstroKatie  Sometimes when everything is terrible I think at least I’m not a Boltzmann brain popping into existence in the primordial quark-gluon plasma

Teowulf  What do we want? TIME TRAVEL When do we want it? FIVE YEARS AGO!

Cheeseboy22  They had me at the “Honey Bunches of” but lost me at the “oats.”

madball911  If I had to work as hard as my AC the last few weeks, I’d be dead.

wordlust  My parents made me into an abusive monster, and I turned out fine.

Smug_Lemur  “At least you have each other,” I say to the two halves of an Oreo before devouring them, bitterly.

robdelaney  Thank god my toenails aren’t as long as they were in my dream last night! But my wife really is on Catalina Island with my karate teacher :(

LIFECOACHERS Be a beacon of positivity in the workplace so your co-workers can have someone on which to focus all their hatred.

Smug_Lemur  Him: What is this Twitter thing all about? Me: Kinda like this *types BOOBS on a calculator app*

trumpetcake  I am a master of “Human Origami.” I work the streets. I get the crowd hyped. “M’am, watch as I fold your baby into a swan.”


han_nahj  Today’s outfit choice is 100% influenced by how similar it is to sweatpants.

isplotchy  Based on my recent experience, the Greek philosopher Socrates is not only alive, but also actively searching for his name on Twitter.

FlyoverJoel  You don’t have to go out there and be a role model today, but let’s try not being a life lesson.

danforthfrance  I’ve been feeding my cat food that promises “intense beauty” and YOU SHOULD SEE THIS BITCH TONIGHT HACHI MACHI

UncleDynamite  “Paleo” is a prefix meaning “you’ve run out of meaningful things to say or do.”

owlparliament  true love is mostly about finding someone to stay up late with you while you worry about money

jeb  You know what they say sunlight is the best disinfectant. Laughter is the best medicine. Welcome to Outside Joke Hospital. You will die here

UncleDynamite  At the pet store. By what criterion does one choose a parrot? Thigh gap?

vforrestal  The level of discourse I sometimes try to achieve with my cats has grown concerning, even to me.

shariv67  My home security system is just 15 motion-activated Big Mouth Billy Basses.

StatsBritain  The top 4 causes of depression in Britain: 1. No tea 2. Steven Moffat 3. Lack of sunlight 4. “3 episodes”

crylenol  it’s just so crazy to think that kids born in 14 will be turning 2000 this year

NicestHippo  Your job sends money to your bank and within 10 seconds it’s all gone because of bills. Direct deposit is essentially money Snapchat.

MommyMG  Just realized I mistyped my birth year as 1082. It was a good year for the Holy Roman Empire and side ponytails were wayyy in style.

andrewmorrisey  Another day involving pants, I see.

johnmoe  6yo dropped some butter. We reminded her of the old saying, “Drop some butter, pick it up, tomorrow you might see a duck.” She’s excited.

Matt_Dwyer  All meetings should end with, “And when we face death we will think of none of this.”


biorhythmist  Oof. I had too many dinners last night.

PopCulLibrn  Part of my dream last night featured cats making up much of the first row of The Price is Right.

JerryThomas  Sorry I was texting during your trust fall.

bossy_bootz  I feel most alive when I’m hungry and grocery shopping

whitneyarner  Shout out to going to bed!

donni  Why do anything ever when you could just lay down

theleanover  What’s the over/under on me knowing what over/under means?

norcross  poopin

hellolanemoore  being on twitter late at night is like hanging out at the dorm common space while everyone’s roommate is getting laid

man_spach  [on a date] Ok don’t let her know you’re really Mr. Potato Head.

Date: Didn’t you have a mustache?

Me: Um… *pulls mustache out of butt*

dubouchet  It took 30 years for me to be OK with liking the stuff I liked when I was 13.

markleggett  I use a period tracker app for poop. Why should women have all the fun?

markleggett  That which does not kill your personal brand makes it stronger.

TheDairylandDon  [phone ring] Hi. It’s your blind date. Just got here. I’d come to the door, but your first image of me should be with my rims still spinnin.

shinyinfo  Wolverine must be really good at opening up those bags of milk Canadians like to use.

markleggett  Who’s your favourite professional sports monster?

SpaghettiJesus  Have you ever gone to Popeyes, come home, gotten stoned, forgotten about the Popeyes, smelled it, thought you were hallucinating & found it?

ixSEANxi  GOTHAM CLIFFHANGER: will Selina survive stealing from the mob of course cause she has to later become Catwoman why did we make this show.

Lilacmess  I know that my cats really appreciate when I sing “Dance Magic Dance” to them.


wrobertswriter  When you get angry, count to 10. Punch at 5. They won’t be expecting that.

weinerdog4life  What’s the normal amount of hair to mail someone? I feel like this is a lot of hair I’m mailing to someone

LetoileSan  I deleted the U2 album last night and woke up to a physical copy under my pillow.

cloudypianos  You know you’re pretty special when my butt texts you ten times in a row.

GoodMistakes56  Whoever said the worst feeling is a broken heart has obviously never had the runs in the middle of a traffic jam.

MassageByTed  Like 1970s dads hiding stacks of Playboys in the toolshed, I have a secret stash of Cocoa Puffs that the children must never find.

Sarcasticsapien  Counselor: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Me: I assume I’ll still use a mirror. *10 years later* I do. I do still use a mirror.

UncleDynamite  Whenever Margaret Thatcher lost her place in a prepared speech, she’d placate audiences by saying, “Recalculating…recalculating…”

MagpieLibrarian  If your child is screaming and crying, definitely keep them in the library. It’s how they tell you that they’re having a great time.

BillCorbett  There are no free lunches? Bah! There’s plenty of ‘em if you like acorns and trash.

Yelix  Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is basically Doctor Who for cool people who aren’t dorks

UncleDynamite  Over time I have come to completely respect the potato-ness of Sen. John McCain.

mitdasein  I bet if you went back in time and tried to tell people about Obama, they’d be like “No way! A Japanese president?”

JBreverseme  holy crap u guys thanksgiving is almost here followed by christmas, new year’s valentine’s day debt menopause death

SolomonJake “What’s the greatest song of all time?” MY LIPS: *some bullshit* MY HEART (in a whisper): “Africa. God help me, it’s Africa by Toto.”

pizzasauceboss  My version of “trust falls” is sitting on a public toilet seat without putting down tp.

UncleDynamite  At Last Minute, Connery Stumps For Something Called ‘Shcottish Independensh’

Atrios  scotland referendum options should have been “Fuckety Bye” and “No”

shinyinfo  Garfield and Gonzo shaped me as a person. A lazy weird person.

aspaul  I can see the #DressNormal campaign being one of those ideas that Don Draper pitched while being completely trashed.

donni  Apathy is on the rise but nobody cares

Toaster_Pastry  Please forward that useless e-mail to my Useless E-Mail Account.

slackmistress  People are impressed with those who put their money where their mouth is but money is like 98% poop so who’s impressed now?!

LaurelKS  Things that don’t exist in horror universes:

WD 40


Common sense

louisvirtel  I’m not saying Bono thinks he’s Jesus, but he had us immaculately conceive his album.


tweet of the week

bombsfall  I thought “Steal like an artist” meant pirating the Adobe suite.

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

Snapshot 09.10.14

17 Sep

– When I checked in last week I lamented the sad state of my sick family. The three of them passed a cold back and forth like a lively game of ping pong. I cared for each in their turn over a period of a month and never so much as sneezed. I thought maybe I had been inoculated through exposure when the sore throat started. I ended up with the worst case of all. I sound like the first actor to play Dumbledore, if he at first were to gargle on shards of glass. One night Anthony and I texted our whole conversation even though we were in the same room because I couldn’t even manage hoarse squeaks.  I feel like as a family we’ve been recovering from one ordeal or another since Anthony went in for surgery in December. It’s been at least one thing every month, if not two.  So, guess who’s getting flu shots this year? Everybody in this damn family, that’s who.

– Elias woke up for one of his fuss ‘n feeds last week and it took longer than usual to get him back down to sleep. In our family we cosleep, with Elias in our bed and Isobel in her toddler bed that sits at the foot of ours. She woke up during the in the scuffle and after Anthony got Elias back down to sleep she remained awake singing Let It Go softly for fifteen minutes until she drifted back to sleep, too.

– I am addicted to what Anthony refers to as “granny sweaters” – cozy, comfy things that are knitted or crocheted in neutral colors and often featuring large wooden buttons. Costco has a lovely, long-length button-less version right now and I’m all about it.

– Earlier this week Isobel asked me what day it was. Monday, I replied. “Oh good,” she said, “Monday is the day I listen to you!” It’s nice of her to give me one whole day out of the week, isn’t it?

– Isobel has her first school photos tomorrow and I’m filled with anticipation. Nearly all of my school photos are terrible. I hope she avoids my fate. Speaking of school, her brush with this virus resulted in her first school day absence. When the school robo-called me to inform me of absence procedures, the machine pronounced her name AYE-SO-BULL which is a totally new and creative way to butcher her name. Sorry, kid. There’s only so much you can do about robots.

– Elias is going to start crawling any minute now. He’s figured out how to maneuver his chubby, roly-poly baby self in circles and his latest feat is rolling.

– I’ve seen an episode of American Pickers but (although I tried) couldn’t work up any enthusiasm about it. I found it boring. While Netflix binging during my cold, however, I watched the first season of Auction Hunters and found it to be much more entertaining. First of all, it co-stars Allen Haff, whom I remember and loved from his Clean House days: “My mother is an antiques dealer. My father was a car salesman. And they had me: the ultimate weapon in buying storage units.” When he describes himself like this, how can you resist? Add to this the thrill of going through piles of junk in abandoned storage units and it makes for great sick-day watching. I’m kind of shocked at the amount of guns they find, actually, and most of them aren’t in a safe.

Little Big Collection: Vintage Dinner Plates. I have always wanted to have a collection of mismatched vintage dinner plates.

Follow Friday: Stefalynda Reunion. Friends reunite with a local coffee shot for a night of music and Very Important Tweets.

Scrapbook: Gangnam Style by the Pool. I just wanted to take photos on her last day of lessons. It turned into a dance party.

Snapshot 09.12.14. There is an important lesson about marshmallows here.

Thrift Store Gore: The Feeder (For People). As opposed to the hugely successful The Feeder (Not For People).

Little Big Collections: Wrapping Paper. Gorgeous handmade and vintage papers.

Follow Friday: Cozy. We aren’t anywhere near fall where I live. I’m just dreaming. Very Important Tweets.

26 DIY Halloween Tutorials. The season is upon us.

Oh, right, that’s my baby. Via Laurel

Yahweh, Age 5. God enjoys Lego (not surprised).

Book reccs for creatives. By my girl MagpieLibrarian (Also, check out her interview with a Ferguson librarian.)

Always good to have a frame of reference.

Pastafarian wears ‘religious headgear’ for driver’s license photo.

Listen up, Washington footballs!

Mail-order monkeys. Holy shit, this was real. Via Jeff Atwood

This loyal dog refuses to leave grave that has peanut butter on it.

Coffee makes the impossible possible.

Guy in Philosophy class needs to shut the fuck up. One in every class. Via Angela.

“I still regret not buying this mug at Goodwill.” The best Thrift Store Gore always results in regret.

Deadpool: Draw me like one of your French girls.

That sausage roll, tho.

Man changes name from ‘Jose’ to ‘Joe,’ gains job interviews. WTF is wrong with people?

Dog eats nearly 44 socks. (Don’t worry, he is okay).

Teen invents “Tampon Run” game to de-stigmatize periods. Rad.

Spent my day photoshopping pics of myself into stock photography. I want to do this.

Follow Friday: Giant Yardsale. My love letter to the internet, plus gorgeous photos of vintage goodness.

Thrift Store Score: Dollhouse/Treehouse. I still get emails about this one.

Scrapbook: Goodbye Summer. Life was so good.

Snapshot. That heirloom tomato salad, tho.

Scrapbook: Bag lady. Everything has value. Everything has worth.

Scrapbook: Bucket head. She looks so round and baby-like!

Follow Friday: Holding Hands. I loved meeting up with friends at the farmer’s market.

Thrift Store Gore: Buy Rite. That place is always packed with merch, customers, and gore.

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