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Follow Friday: Vintage Mugs

18 Jul

Today’s post features vintage mugs. Have a great weekend!

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

LisaMcIntire  Free idea: President Obaema

FlyoverJoel  My obituary will just be an out of office message.

donni Watch out for airbnbs run by bears. Just stayed at one that was definitely at the zoo

vforrestal  my writing process: write a half a page ? 2 hours on tumblr ? write 75 words ? 3 hours looking up animated gifs

nnschiller  “And did I cry?”

“no no no”


BeTheBoy  Not sure what’s stranger: the fact that someone shit in my driveway today or that I felt compelled to reassure my wife that it wasn’t me.

Bagyants  If you love something, let it go. From the creators of “If you’re tired, go for a run,” and “If you’re on fire, eat bees.”

mrpilkington  I was just. I mean this is true. I was just called. I am telling every grain of truth here. I was just called “matey.”

doug_organ  I’m learning to play the cacophone.

thejohnblog  Nothing makes me reconsider my stance on the death penalty like when a co-worker microwaves fish in the break room.

cloudypianos  I went to a poetry slam and forcefully threw all the poets on the floor.

TheThomason  Not crazy about the way asparagus makes my pee smell, but I love the way it makes my pee feel about itself.

TheBloggess  You know when you want to yell at someone on the internet for being an idiot, but then you don’t because they’re an idiot?

cloudypianos  If I watch any more British tv shows I’m going to have to start drinking Pimm’s, wearing weird hats and saying things like pernickety.

johnmoe  Through persuasion, Magician convinces audience then world that cards never existed. “IS THIS YOUR CARD?” They don’t understand. But it is.

johnmoe  Magician falls in love with volunteer. They marry, grow old, Magician dies. After funeral, a lone hand rises from dirt. “IS THIS YOUR CARD?”

adholden  Two most stressful things I’ve ever done: 1) defend my PhD 2) watch “Gravity”

LisaMcIntire  My friends have husbands and houses and children; I have yelling on the internet.

whitneyarner  did anyone get the license plate on that nap that hit me

tinatbh  pen pals with benefits

rachsyme  what if you told your dinner guests you were serving salmon and sent beautiful pics and everything and then you actually served catfish

annetdonahue  Goddamn it someone please name your podcast Do You Want Sighs With That

TheSweetestD_  Look thinner by peeking around the corner instead of going all the way into a room.

badbanana  On the bright side, it’s Friday Eve Eve Eve Eve.

MommyMG Hey, I only had to call poison control once today. Where’s that parenting medal I so clearly deserve?

kerihw  For any Americans confused by all the talk of a “cabinet reshuffle”, a cabinet is like a closet. Hope that helps.

markleggett Will I still understand “Deep Space Nine” if I haven’t seen the first eight? Ha Ha! Fuck yeah! I’m the best at tweeting! Fuck you, everyone!

shariv67  Having a panic attack because they changed the size and color of my anti-anxiety pills.

FuckTyping  You didn’t even know that you were signed up for the Fuck Typing Reward Points™ program. Reading this just earned you a free sausage.

annetdonahue  When Harry Met Sally is still my favourite JK Rowling book.

trumpetcake  I always check my scorpions for boots.

pmclellan  I’m live tweeting the World Cup game: kick, kick, writhing guy on ground, kick, two writhing guys on ground, offside.

NYTMinusContext  damnation turns out to be a job at Walmart

dubouchet  I wish I could do anything as nonchalantly as my cat eats a spider.

wolfpupy  hey murderers and killers, knock it off. stop killing and murdering all the time, that’s just my opinion though

brocahantas  All skin colors are equal. Except that weird lobster-raw-steak color of middle aged men on the beach. That’s just unacceptable.

palinode  I was chastised today by a gopher in the midst of an oncoming thunderstorm. I think it was expecting food when I pulled out my camera.

danforthfrance  You did it. Another day of great tweets. Get some rest.

Nickrob  Children are our future. They need crossbows.

DJRotaryRachel  I love when people want you to do free stuff “for the exposure.” As in “died from exposure.”

anneheathen  There should be some kind of fun exercise for people like me who hate sweating. Also being out of breath. Also going outdoors.

RowdyPrimate  I want to get a dog and name it “Bark Wahlberg”. Sometimes I’ll call him “Barky Bark”.

Jackclemens1  . @webmd what happens if you accidentally eat a moldy tortilla and maybe three of those ?

kibblesmith I make a mean chili, a hateful mulligatawny, and a frankly racist bisque.

biorhythmist  SHE SAID YES YOU GUYS!! So hard to find anyone that takes Discover nowadays.

Faux_Ma I’ve had two boob jobs. By boob jobs, I mean my two breastfed children.

MassageByTed  it’s 11:30 pm do you know where your prescription refill is

J__Swift  My house is clean! Quick, someone come over! Aw, fuck, too late.

dubouchet  God knows what language I’d be speaking now if it weren’t for my BA in English.

morninggloria  “Um please educate yourselves.” (walks to desk, sits down) – me blowing my 1st graders’ minds with some much needed tough love truth bombs

MassageByTed  How often do you think Ira Flatow walks in the studio and shouts “Science Friday, bitches!”?

annetdonahue  I’m at a concert and I just placed someone under citizen’s arrest because I smelled marijuana police can you read this

KittyWittyBang  I think I might actually get FISH FACE tattooed on my knuckles cause I gots a real cute one.

willgoldstein  I know we at-home parents complain a lot about our kids online. You’d complain about your boss too if you knew he couldn’t read.

bombsfall  i’m looking at this chart of unprovoked shark attacks and i’m wondering how they sort those from the ones where folks have it coming

biorhythmist  More like promoted teats amirite hahaha things are not going well at home

PeachCoffin  My Sims are building their own graveyard and I didn’t even tell them to

mattchew81 There is no “us” in pizza

calluptome  Yeah man. I saw The Wiggles when they were nothing.

usedwigs  Eighteen dads were seriously injured in a melee when the Gap marked all light blue, relaxed fit jeans 50% Off.

WhirledRecord  The objective of golf is to hit the ball as few times as possible. A perfect score, 0, is achieved by completely avoiding golf.

mrpilkington  Tomorrow I plan to say the word “tote” no less than 153 times.

asterios  WORST WAYS TO ACT CASUAL: 1. Leaning against a tree while breathing into a paper bag 2. Shades, hands in pockets, uncontrollable sobbing

AvoidComments  You wouldn’t listen to someone named Bonerman26 in real life. Don’t read the comments.

slackmistress  The problem w/the Internet is it’s filled with people I want to punch in the face BUT ALSO people I want to kiss on the mouth. (No tongue.)

quantumptpie  How do murderers walk around knowing what they’ve done, when I call the barista the wrong name & I’m filled with psychic terror?

morninggloria  (sits back in chair, tenting fingers) (leans forward. room silent with anticipation) “Planet of the Vapes.” (room rises to feet, applauding)

heyjenray  I got an email that repeated the words #blog and #brand so many times that I just felt #blessed that #brands appreciate my #content.

Bigrrrrrrrred I’ll stop you right there Millenials: If it’s a new song & they’ve done it on Glee in the last 2 years, I don’t know how it goes.

vladchoc  Oh, sorry officer. I thought the sign said SLOP and that’s why you were near it. Haha, little pig humour. So, do you like your job?

markleggett  HOW TO TELL IF AN AVOCADO IS RIPE: Step 1 – Eat the entire avocado. Step 2 – Think back… Ask yourself: “Was that ripe? Did that taste ripe?”

JulieFroolie Well, now I’m not positive that EVERYBODY was kung fu fighting.

asterios  “See you later…alligator.” *hits secret detonator* *massive, evil alligator explodes*

peterhartlaub  Me: Are you tired?

6-year-old: No.

Me: Are you sure?

6-yo: If I was an iPad, I’d be at 98 percent.

morninggloria  Time to face the facts: I aged out of ever being as cool as Claudia Kishi at least a decade ago.

shanethevein  I’d call Twitter therapy but no one seems to be getting better.

kerihw  oh no a car alarm is going off i’d better immediately go outside and see what’s happening

UnvirtuousAbbey  That You would pour some sugar on us, O God, in the name of love. Amen.


Bagyants  You know how people say “You have to put yourself out there?” They’re lying. You don’t have to do anything. You can just stay home and nap.

SleazySli For an adult, I say “snail trail” way more than I should.

tarashoe  i can’t justify spending that much on a gym membership. i could cry just as well at home, in my own shower

daveshumka  I was so relieved it was a sex party, and we hadn’t just put our keys in a bowl for the purpose of eating them.

cloudypianos  So how many years do you wait to hear back from the places you’ve applied?

Journalgirl  I’m embarrassed to say that I let my Mario Kart thumb muscle get sooooo out of shape.

CNNyourmom  Your Mom Is Almost Extinct. Will We Miss This Horrifying Parasite When It’s Gone?

danforthfrance  What if Amy Sedaris joined The View and kinda freaked out mainstream America for like a year.

SleazySli  Sex is a lot like a Hoverboard because I don’t have a Hoverboard either.

Jedimasterbator  Phone sex operators are often called, ‘sexophonists’ by crank callers

apodixis  Don’t tell me I need “a taste of my own medicine”. I had one of my ribs removed and I still can’t manage to taste my own medicine.

apodixis  Nothing is more demoralizing than inspirational tweets.

SteveSuckington  “You can have sex with my sister over my dead body” “Umm, I appreciate the weird offer, but I’m just gonna do it in my car”

mallelis  late-night naps are the worst form of time travel in the world

RealAvocadoFact  “Protect the Earth, the only planet we know of that can grow avocados.” -@sondy

TheMichaelRock  I’m really looking forward to our retirement home rap battles, you guys.

hipstermermaid  My three favorite things are food, puns and food puns.

MmeLaCrooz  Accidentally put a fork in the microwave just now and nothing happened so maybe I’m already dead?

WhirledRecord  People always smile when you say “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse,” but they scream in terror when you actually do it.

tweet of the week

ecsuperhero  Thought the Meijer cashier and I agreed about weather change. Turns out I was talking about global warming and she was talking about end times.

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

Follow Friday: Reflection

11 Jul

All the photos in today’s post are reflections captured in either glass or water. Have a great weekend!

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

danforthfrance Do any national anthems include hand claps? That’d be a fun country.

Bagyants  Summary of what it’s like to be me: 1) I don’t know what I’m talking about 2) I don’t know what everyone else is talking about

mikerugnetta  Everybody stand back, I’m about to announce the subtext by using a hashtag. #socialmediaexpert

kerihw  Jennifer Lawrence, I would so tap that, am I right? Am I? Mum? Am I right? MUM! MUUUUUUUM! I’m not sure if I’m right can u help me pls.

keplyq I’m painting my house orange and purple today. My transformation is complete: I am the neighborhood witch.

joejwest I am creating a kid’s show called Apathetic Alan about a cat that can’t be bothered to solve mysteries.

bombsfall  “live every day like you were gonna explode” – Honolulu Shark

Naly_D  Brazil can still win if they catch the snitch

MrAaronAbrams  Hear that? That is the sound of ultimate suffering. My heart made that sound when the 6 fingered man killed my father. Brazil makes it now.

Unirregardless Sorry I called @RotoRooter after I ate some bad mushrooms; I was misled about the expertise of plumbers

burnstand  Swat is the past tense of sweat, ovs

burnstand  Ovs is a sweet abbrev of obviously, ovs

sweetlime  I just ate two donuts without stopping to take a photo. What’s wrong with me?

donni  Mainly I have a job so I can afford to commute to work

CzickenShack  If you need extra bodies for your next protest, all our toddlers have mastered techniques of passive resistance.

heyjenray  My favorite thing about fitbit is that it tells me how many calories I burn just by being alive.

NapoleonNappy1 Mom jorts so high she has to unbutton them to show cleavage

ApocalypseHow  Is there some way wr could get brand-new FEWER details about Monica Lewinsky?

sbellelauren congrats on not stealing any of the xanax your vet prescribed for your terrorized dog over the july 4th weekend

owlpacino  I’m going to ignore that auto-correct just changed “believe” to “Belieber” & we will never speak of it again.

MrsFridayNext  “My battery is like really low. I should stop texting.” [Tweets about it instead.] [Also keeps texting.]

himissjulie  One of my favorite things to do is ask my cats “Who’s a kitty??” hoping for the day one of them will answer, “You are, Julie. You are.”

rachelokokok  So You Think You Can Watch House Hunters International And Not End Up Hating Every Single Person On The Show?

DrMaldoror  Lord Jesus in Heaven, save me from the following: fire, famine, black mold, feline AIDS, plaque psoriasis, think-pieces, baby corn, Frozen.

MommyMG  The toddler is refusing to nap and instead calling for help from “Daddy? Allie? Elmo?”

000___000  i found the missing bees! they’re all chasing me around my backyard

ApocalypseHow  DID YOU KNOW? “Obama” is a Swahili word meaning “Sudden awkward silence at a gathering with in-laws.”

TheThomason  The subject line “Here’s your new Weekly Ad.” seems depressed. You doin’ okay, Target?

ghweldon  MUTANT CODENAME: Sir Mix-A-Lot MUTATION: Callipygian Affinity SECONDARY MUTATION: Non-Prevarication

LuckyStubbs I hope there’s still some burrito down my tits, I’m hungry

wordlust  Remember, we all have the power to be very annoying.

wordlust  I am an agent of Satan. Please contact me if you’d like to book Satan for a convention or seminar.

BrittneySabo  Cursed by a wizard to misspell one word in each tweet.

stockejock  ROFL: Rolling On The Floor Loathing

Soulsmithy  Celebrating the Fourth with my traditional holiday Netflix outage.

trumpetcake  ridin’ dirty y’all (eatin’ wings in my jeep)

MarilynLynch  Things Chad could short for: Chaderick/ Chadthony/ Chaderiah/ Chadekiel/ Chaddo/ Chadman/ Mack Chaddy

thejohnblog  It’s really awkward at WalMart right now. The screaming kid they have for the morning shift left and the afternoon kid isn’t here yet.

Patheticist  These colors don’t run, or bike, or do much at all really.

IamEnidColeslaw  T.G.I.F.A.T.I.N.P. = Thank God It’s Friday and Also That I’m Not Pregnant

bombsfall  America Fact: Abraham Lincoln was not a vampire hunter. He was a werewolf cuddler.

bombsfall  America Fact: Andrew Jackson was half man, half worst man.

absolutemeh  Partying like it’s 1776! Related: This powdered wig itches like a motherfucker!

JerryThomas  Okay, fine. But when is Codependence Day?

BillCorbett  To celebrate Independence Day I’m finding Englishmen and then walking angrily away from them!

WernerTwertzog  We hung our stockings last night, but Captain America did not leave us any handguns. Perhaps it is because we are foreigners. #4thofJuly

markleggett  If you let a man marry another man, what’s next? Another, another man marrying an even more another man? It’s a slippery slope.

weinerdog4life  Impress your girlfriends parents at dinner by pretending a carrot is a clarinet

markleggett  I’m what’s known as a “tastemaker”. My naked body makes a lot of interesting tastes.

bombsfall  I just had the weirdest dream that the Supreme Court was fucking up the country and several justices were actually robes filled with snakes.

weinerdog4life  A bald eagle can do whatever it wants, if it wants to live in your house fuck you it’s living in your house

Pandamoanimum  The arm bone’s connected to the wrist bone. The wrist bone’s connected to the hand bone. The hand bone’s connected to the iPhone.


sweden  When old people say ’a little bird told me’ I imagine they just discovered Twitter and believe that all people here are actual birds.

biorhythmist  Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven and landed on my 1996 Corolla? I have a $500 deductible, so…

wheatandsky  I just googled “smh”.

wokkax3  Please. “Hey, ma’am!” is my mother. I’m “hello, bitch!”

torrami  A group of women at a bar is called an OH MY GOD THIS IS MY SONG WOOOOOO

jormataccone  If you hate city infrastructure you’ll love Transformers 4.

hellolanemoore  no phone call from your mom is complete without her letting you know this is a phone call from your mom

kellyasterisk  My book light is both of my cats’ favourite toy; reading is challenging

bIoach  a third of what white ppl bbq goes to the dog and they kiss the dog in the mouth. whole family takes turns, even the baby

daveshumka  “I’m a big kid now” is the slogan of a pants-shitting organization.

GloriaFallon123  I’d be happy just being a single threat

SocialExtortion  What’s the best way to tell someone their kid looks like a foot?

AntiJokeChic walk in the club like whaddup I got a oh no oh god wrong building im so sorry continue with your funeral god bless

lemon_sharks Oh god Jurassic park is 21 years old the velociraptors can now order tequila shots everyone go home

ZachGalifinak  According to Astronomy, when you wish upon a star, you’re actually a few million years too late. That star is dead. Just like your dreams.

FuckTyping  Every hole is a glory hole on the Fourth of July.

JoleenDoreen  I had a friend once. He died in the great liar pants on fire of 2014.

Eagle_Vision  I learn something new every day. And then forget three other things forever.


manspeaker  If my son says “Can I share that with you?” What he actually means is “Give me that.”

ScorpionDong  I like going to the aquatic-themed bar for shots and goggles

badbanana  You can have my fireworks when you pry them from my cold dead fingers, which are right over there by the sidewalk.

badbanana  How dare your fireworks stand not have a giant inflatable gorilla wearing sunglasses.


9four9  I don’t know about you, but I grew up to be exactly what I wanted as a kid. Old enough to drink alcohol.

MassageByTed I’m super punk rock and so is my swear jar.

smedlee  “Do or do not. There is no ‘can’t even’” – teen Yoda

RaccoonLady_  Why is everybody mad at SCROTUS? Persinilly, I like SCROTUSES.

JessObsess  My dream job would probably be a Stay at Home Mom. But only if I didn’t have to get married or have any kids.

SleazySli  Home is where you fall down the stairs and die and your cat hoard eats your corpse because no one loves you. Or where the heart is. Whatevs.

curlycomedy  If you light a dud at this year’s 4th of July display here is a free joke: “More like fire-don’t-works.”

osno13  my monocle is attached to the end of my rattail

wordlust  It’s World UFO Day, so take the time to anal probe someone you love.

rstevens  Happy World UFO Day, or as I call it, Independence Day

BeTheBoy  The couple behind me keeps saying “you ain’t shittin’” to each other. They are either very honest or constipated. Possibly both.

BeTheBoy  It all falls apart for @slackmistress and I over a Whitesnake dispute. Here I go again, on my own.

robfee  A two minute riding lawnmower commercial could come on during the World Cup and I literally would not notice the difference.

tweet of the week

owlparliament  How do I tap out “RESTART YOUR MODEM – WIFI IS DOWN” in morse code to my upstairs neighbors?

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!


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