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Follow Friday – Ladybugs

18 Apr

Today’s post features photos from our ladybug garden experience last year. Have a great weekend!

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

badbanana  Girl, are you powerful antipsychotic drugs because even my doctor thinks I should get on you.

theleanover  People who say you can’t eat money have never sautéed it for a frittata. Mmm. George Washingtonlicious.

fart  dear jon, we know you hate getting emails from us so we decided to email you and ask you if you want more emails again. please say yes

MBSecretTweet  It’s legal to kill people if they are using leaf blowers. I assume.

morninggloria  A true Easter Egg would hatch 3 days after it’s hard boiled.

BuckyIsotope  WORST RAPPERS – Lil Bruce Wayne -LL Cool Trump -Flavor E.Coli -Vanilla Lice -Dr. Phil -Wu Tang Clan (World of Warcraft guild)

JoelGHodgson  Shrimp with Lobster sauce? That’s a tough way to go: stir fried together with someone you hate and served to a giant.

rstevens  30+ years of using computers and I still keep discovering exciting new ways to break them!

BuckyIsotope  There’s only going to be two hits in this fight. Me playing Europe’s The Final Countdown repeatedly and dancing around until you hit me.

morninggloria  I’m such an idiot! Why didn’t I consider “BE RICH” as a solution to my problems before this? Gonna try that ASAP.

badbanana Idea: Taco Train. Just like a Taco Truck but it never stops. You have to hop on and off but, man, the tacos are worth it.

weinerdog4life fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, display toilet at home depot

kibblesmith  I don’t know if you can be genetically predisposed to Twitter but my dad used to call radio stations to read political song lyrics he wrote.

MassageByTed  Having a dog is a lot of work. Like I have to pee everywhere she does, because fuck if I’m letting her mark the yard as *her* territory.

lasertron  that thing where you make a grilled cheese except instead of cheese it’s just peanut butter cups

MassageByTed  Just stick commas in any old fucking place they have no specific function

izrigrod  I wish someone would ask me out on a nap.

rstevens it apparently takes a village to install all these software updates

ryankresse  “She gave love a bad name, so I wrote a song about it. I mean, Darryl is a terrible name for love.” – Jon Bon Jovi

twelveyearsold Sombredora (noun) 1. A sombrero-fedora hybrid worn chiefly by Hispanic atheists. 2. A sad child explorer.

JoeMande  When is the Crip Moon tho

maggieserota  Venn diagram of dudes who post on Men’s Rights subreddits and dudes who have accidentally sustained a self-inflicted nunchuck injury.

mitdasein  I should be able to deal with this headache as long as I stay perfectly still and get my heart rate below 20 BPM.

meganamram  “hey psst” *opens trench coat* “wanna buy a trench coat??” *takes off trench coat*

CNNyourmom  Your Mom A Growing Threat Across USA, Police Say

DrWrought  whisper-yelling FUCK YOU, SUN at school pick-up will not win you any mom friends, fyi

sarcasmically  How to go jeans shopping: 1.) go to store 2.) see selection of 80?s jeans that have come back 3.) weep 4.) buy more yoga pants

eenereener  Had a Jude Law sex dream! Just kidding. He asked me to edit a short story he wrote.

Cheeseboy22  Sometimes, when I am matching socks, I think, “What if these two socks don’t even like each other?”

BuckyIsotope  You ain’t nothin but a hound doge / So cryin all the time /Much not caught a rabbit /Very no friend of mine

MightyHunter  How Likely Are You To Take All of the BuzzFeed Quizzes? Take This BuzzFeed Quiz to Find Out!

RexHuppke I got the Tea Party edition of TurboTax and it just keeps playing a Toby Keith song and encouraging me to secede.

usedwigs Coffee Shops with Free WiFi – Welcome Back Squatter – See Ya Loiter – American Idle Cafe – Tablesloths – Slow Sips Abyss – Café Au Layabout

nickhudkins  Addressing IRS Payment envelopes extra slow helps me feel like I’m really sticking it to the man.

HelloCullen  I’ll bet the best part of not adhering to gender norms is that when you start a new relationship you get to excitedly yell “I made partner!”

joshjs  Potential Rapper Name: OG/GYN. First album: “What To Expect When You’re Disrespecting”

paulapoundstone  The bugs in my pantry were so big, they had been secretly adding stuff to my grocery list.

BeTheBoy  “Delete my search history.” – famous last words.

allisonthemeep  I bet stink bugs pack a poot-case before they go on business trips.

usedwigs I’m guessing the thing my coworkers hate the most about my lunch preparation in the office kitchen is my fish deep fryer.

nayele18 If I tell you I’m thinking about you, don’t get too excited, because I’m also thinking about nachos.

weinerdog4life  When I was growing up we didn’t have edible underwear, we just ate normal underwear.

rachelokokok  Available to do a Ted Talk on the best shark attack videos out on YouTube.

owlparliament  My boyfriend just said “That documentary sounds uplifting!” in his sleep.

thenatewolf  Based on what they are willing to eat I think we can safely assume that dogs get high.

BuckyIsotope  Obamacare forced me to pick Guy Fieri as my primary care physician but all he does is pour hotsauce on my open wounds and shout THAT’S MONEY

TheBosha The most common headline on Craigslist w4m appears to be “Where are the normal guys?!” and the answer is, ahem, not on Craigslist.

bumlaser  In a slightly surreal twist to parental “Frozen” soundtrack fatigue, my kids are now singing an endless loop of the “Let It Goat” version.

usedwigs  When it’s sunny out now my face sunscreen level is SPF Kabuki.

kristenschaaled  Do I just buy bananas to watch them die?

mrpilkington  Maybe the plan is to just scream enough during the day so that when you are finally able to put your head down you immediately go to sleep.

LindaInDisguise  Dear Autocorrect, I did, in fact, mean ‘on porpoise’. Sorry you’ve had such a boring life; some of us have had adventures.

Drangula She removes her Google Glass. He gasps and says, “Why, you’re beautiful!”

thenomodellady The Japanese family in the car next to mine really enjoyed watching me eat that Whopper. JKJKJK They looked horrified.

badbanana   A Pop-Tart in the streets but a Toaster Strudel in the sheets.

rachelaxler  for an even happier saturday, spend a few hours singing “laura prepon” to “get ur freak on.”

nayele18 If you give me directions using terms like east and west, don’t expect me to show up on time. Or ever.

trumpetcake “Well, well, well, look who doesn’t seem to care about pants.” – what I say to most babies upon meeting them

marlespo  Best afternoon moment: Wrestling the boys in a public green, near the bandstand. My 7yo boy shouts, near a crowd, MUM YOU HURT MY VAGINA!!

joshjs Potential Pun Contest Name: Game of Groans

MarcusOreally Number one rule to success is learning when to shut the fuck up.

bazecraze  Morpheus: “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and–” Me: “Blue pill.”

fierceflawless  On a scale of one to hellfire, how bad would it be if I took my kid to an Easter egg hunt with a jack o lantern bucket instead of a basket?

LisaMcIntire  The internet is pretty gross tonight, and I haven’t been helping.

badbanana  Nobody needs seven layers of dip. Simplify your lifestyle.

sbellelauren a man just cat called me and i screamed at him I CAN COOK A BABY IN MY BODY i’m doing great

DinkMagic Star Trek: life in a bad ass car Star Trek next generation: life with a bad ass dad Deep space 9: you live at the airport now

introvertedwife Why aren’t my eyes smoke proof yet? Come on evolution, you lazy bastard.

ShittingtonUK  As many as 30% of all Chihuahuas aren’t deliberately thrown into the sea.

VioletThunk “I can’t even.” – odd numbers

TwoAdults Former high school classmate listed one of his favorite shows as Hee-Haw. Sir, I would like to get to know you again.

BuckyIsotope  I put my dick in a box but unfortunately it was Schrödinger’s Box and now I’m scared to open it.

XplodingUnicorn  I met a mom who didn’t give her kids any sugar. I just fed mine gummy worms for breakfast. We’ll see who ends up in a nicer nursing home.

LizHackett *draws blinds* *dims lights* *locks door* *turns on laptop* *Googles “dogs sitting upright in cars like people”*

VaguelyFunnyDan  I’m my favorite bands sell onesies at their merch tables years old.

vladchoc My mouth is saying no, but my eyes are just kind of sitting up there in cubbies. Pivoting around, being slimy.

trumpetcake  Disguise a mini-recorder as a walkie-talkie and play this at high volume: “DO YOU COPY? IT’S A BEAR WITH HUMAN HANDS! A BEAR WITH–[static]”

badbanana Wearing a Baby Björk so I can carry all my stuffed ravens and twig fairies while I take a walk.

apelad I’m working on an Old Testament comic book about the sister of Moses getting bit by a radioactive spider. It’s called Miriam Webster.

Mortimusgerbil  Sometimes feelings just happen and you’re all like “who let these gdamn feelings in here? Quick, somebody hit them with a stick.”

farwent  Is it considered poor form to wake up your sleeping toddler so you can take him to the store so you can get Twizzlers

Sassafrantz  Text him again, he probably died from excitement and that’s why he isn’t responding.

WhirledRecord  Everything happens for a reason except people signing up for a service that tweets how many people unfollowed them every day.

introvertedwife  #ruleforgirls Kill the mage first. Always kill the mage first.

JoelGHodgson  In this, my thousandth tweet. I just wanted to remind you all to watch out for snakes.

BuckyIsotope  It’s pretty obvious the Hamburger Helper glove has to have an evil right-handed twin somewhere who goes around hurting hamburger.

BillMc7  A group of cats is called a boyfriend.

tweet of the week

Piecomic  Say what you will about money, but there’s no better mechanism for getting a total stranger to make you a burrito.

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

Follow Friday – The Flower & The Bee

11 Apr

Today’s post features photos from last year’s sunflower garden. Have a great weekend!

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!


introvertedwife  #ruleforgirls Kill the mage first. Always kill the mage first.

rstevens  When I take over for Letterman, my interview policy will be simple: Unimpressed with any “celebrity” who was not on Star Trek. #standards

MommyMG  The biggest problem I see with making your own nut milk is all the time you’ll inevitably waste laughing at the phrase ‘nut milk’

VioletThunk  Pineapple makes cheese stick taste weird, news at 11

lemoneyes  That one’s practical. Feeling lonely? Review recent actions to see if you’ve been murdering people. If yes, that’s probably the cause.

owlparliament  The higher the hair, the closer to ghosts.

TheNextMartha  Gluten free cereal boxes come empty. It’s the boxes you eat.

andrewmorrisey  Damn girl are you this weird guy who just sat down right next to me on this otherwise empty bus cause you make me want to get off.

theleanover  Stopping at Starbucks to dick around on the internet before I go home to dick around on the internet.

PinterestFake  Single serving carrot cake recipe you can make inside your mouth

Bagyants  Concerned about how many times in my life I’ve had to say the words “Why is this sticky”

suebob  I gave the dog a $5 bully stick and she’s out there chewing on a root she dug up.

ScrewyDecimal  Meeting icebreaker. Had to give my “DJ” name. I went with DJ Rita Book, because that’s what the kids call me sometimes. I will never be hip.

rstevens  I bet I could do some really terrible stand-up

LaOrganista  Gawd I love Mexican food. Or as I like to call it, food.

Thing_Finder  Frankly, I’m tired of hipsters. The one in my basement is not even moving anymore.

rstevens  I can’t believe they’re rebooting the Spice Girls and swapping out Ginger for Pumpkin.

sarcasmically  Look, I’m trying to assume the best of everyone but everyone is making it really hard.

wordlust  I never self-promote! If you come to my shows and read my articles, you’ll see that.

ScrewyDecimal  Car mechanic calls me back. “Well, you have big problems,” he says. YOU DON’T KNOW THE HALF OF IT, SIR.

mothra04  I’m hungry like a wolf. So I’m probably gonna have a rabbit or elk for lunch.

morninggloria  No ad for contraception will ever be more persuasive than a crying baby in public.

shariv67  If Björn Borg and Björk had a kid, I bet they’d name him something really weird. Like Steve.

gregg_mc  Why don’t people tell me to check myself anymore? It’s like they WANT me to wreck myself

TheNextMartha  Doctor told me not to exercise today like it might have been a possibility.

morninggloria  Stock photo search for “peeping tom” produces picture of cat hiding. Almost as good as the time “dry humping” led to pictures of camels.

biorhythmist  Hey girl I don’t know if you’re into bad boys but I just watched this three year-old pour a gallon of milk into a litter box

FashFlood  Saw a white male backing way up to photograph a hummer with his iPad on my way home, so there’s that.

SpaghettiJesus  I’m the type of idiot to click on an Internet video and immediately, once I remember Internet video ads, close the window.

drewtoothpaste  The exact moment you get old is when you hear some fusion jazz and you’re like “yeah… yeah, this kinda owns” and start nodding your head

annetdonahue  Well I for one thought Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce had British accents until last month.

marlespo  superconglomerates is an anagram of superconglomereats

HelloCullen  I was only ever on the JV Yard Work Team at Dad High

slackmistress  Fake it ’til you make it is great advice. I’m about to perform my first open heart surgery!

perlapell  Swimsuit diet = get bigger swimsuit and make a quesadilla to celebrate.

briangaar  Not into board games. Those nerds are just showing off the fact that they know three people.

josephesque  I am in charge of 6 children right now, and I only know where 3 are.

Ed_Cunard  It amazes me to think there are people who actually *pride* themselves on trolling. “This,” he exclaims, “this is the thing I am good at!”

ericschroeck  Turns out proof pudding is gross.

jeffsaporito  Entertaining babies is fun. It justifies the fact I just ran around my house on my tiptoes yelling “boogers! boogers! boogers!”

MassageByTed  Can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Not to mention getting them, which as I understand requires you to have sex with a rooster.

biorhythmist  RT if you got petfaced at 7:30am

rstevens  Confused why 4/20 is Easter and not World Pizza Day like normally

weinerdog4life  If swag means a sweater with two cats on it, then yes I have that.

nayele18  People will let you in line in front of them if you tell them your therapist said you’re all better and won’t hurt anyone pass it on.

michaeljnelson  Students: when asked to write a paper on Geo-politics, babble for a 1000 words, end w/ “or are we just pawns in the ultimate game of chess?”

michaelwaskom  I would like to see a study where researchers from different disciplines estimate the percentage of studies in their field that are crap

morninggloria  The system has got to be rigged if even after all this he hasn’t been promoted at least to Lieutenant Colonel America.

SomeChrisTweets  You scream, I scream, we all scream forever.

TheNextMartha  Did facebook get rid of the “hide this person” feature? That was my favorite.

SenileDonDraper  .@AnnCoulter Do you wanna build a snowman?

Brentweets  I think the biggest thing I learned at the University of Phoenix was how to deal with tough challenges while in my underwear.

TheBosha  Google Glass reviews gloss over the repair costs from all those punches in the face.

owlparliament  You’re up late! What would you like to worry about? • work • sex • children • money

mariannecanada  We call the baby Go and it occurs to me that Go Canada sounds like a travel campaign.

twelveyearsold  and grandmother, what big teeth you have! i honestly don’t recall you being this grotesquely deformed

josephesque  I went nearly 9 years as a parent without a good ol’ vomit-inducing knee to the groin, which was a pretty good streak of you ask me.

waferbaby  A Kickstarter to buy headphones for all those people who play their music out loud on the bus. The headphones are made of fire.

thecorbettkid  6yo wanted a step by step instruction on how i put a lightsaber from one pic into another. so tomorrow will include a photoshop lesson.

VaguelyFunnyDan  Sorry, Officer. I forgot that in this “free country” you can’t “take money” from someone’s “purse” & spend it over “the” course of “8 days”.

palinode  There’s no link to Extreme Pinterest, just a bunch of explosion sounds.

mocoddle  “Love Shack” by the B-52s is better when you sing it as “Lovecraft, HP Lovecraft.” “I’ve got me an old god, he’s as big as a whale…”

robfee  1. Find an old cooler 2. Draw a barbed wire tattoo on it 3. Put a backwards Yankees hat on it 4. You just turned a cooler into a coolest

JRehling  If courts keep striking down gay marriage laws, how can we protect people from things other people are doing that don’t affect them at all?

ProfessorSnack  You’ll have to pry this cold dead salami from my hands.

DrWrought  wish me luck tomorrow, I plan on existing

aprilage  I decided to just let go and let God and you think he’d be able to help but he couldn’t fix the internet either. So

Mortimusgerbil  Fact: Wet toddlers are 73% urine and the rest is boogers. They use complex physics to just hold themselves together.

TheMissyBaker  Put on a sports bra. So far the left one’s winning!

ProBirdRights  When I sit in middle of a pizza, I am the sun and pepperoni my moons.

ecsuperhero  I just bought five different flavors of jams and preserves. My spring break is out of control.

infinite_ammo  Final Fantasy VI is 20 years old. In other news: I fear death.

weinerdog4life  Well now that I think about it, releasing those doves at the grand opening of our ceiling fan store was a bad idea.

ibid78  Breadsticks so unlimited they’re not constrained by your morality, your physics, the limitations of simpler minds. Nietzsche’s breadstick.

waferbaby  This is not something I ever expected to tweet, but I just found some overpowered Legendary Fart Pants in Diablo III.

MommyMG  my personal battery is low. I’m going to beep an alarm for the next four hours to alert everyone to this.

loather  My cat pretty obviously has no idea what hissing means. I think he thinks it’s just a fun sound to make for guests.

BeTheBoy  I trust the all of the dogs I know more than some of the people I know.

corrinrenee  My tax return is $22. Party at my place.

slackmistress  Today is Reconciliation Day! Settle your old grudges to make way for new ones.

johnmoe  My kids never agree but their rallying to the cause of “go out for ice cream because it hit 70 today” was like an old political convention.

morninggloria  One of my favorite things about training for a marathon is declining plans because I have to run the next day. I call it “the race card.”

earthfalcon33  please send thoughts and prayers as my goldfish died today while i was walking him

wordlust  I have cabin fever! I should not have shared needles with that cabin.

mitdasein  We lost a lot of good men in the cola wars.

WhirledRecord  Everything happens for a reason except people signing up for a service that tweets how many people unfollowed them every day.

Mortimusgerbil  Being Canadian sometimes means you accidentally apologize to people for having apologized to them. Then you apologize again because ACCIDENT

waferbaby  It’s better to have written the email and never sent it, then it is to have never written the email at all.

nayele18  Appearing like I have my shit together is a full-time job.

luckyshirt  Hey girl are you a function key? Because I can see myself never really understanding what to do with you and getting it wrong mostly.

IamEnidColeslaw  fuck you, shooting star! I make my OWN wishes come true. for example, I just ate an entire jar of peanut butter

mitdasein  “That’s not a bug. It’s a feature.” – God, after inventing the mosquito

tweet of the week

biorhythmist  As typos go, “I miss your, asshole” is a pretty good one.

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

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