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Follow Friday: Hello, Fellow Youths

17 Oct

Today’s post features photos from my 30th birthday. I bought a new dress, had a ridiculously large dinner with just about every friend I had, and then came home to games and dining room that we had transformed into a photo booth. I should post photos of that because it was really cheap and easy and one of the best parts of the night. Anthony posed for lots of photos with his D&D buddies and then us D&D wives posed for our own photos and called ourselves the D&D widows. I borrowed a tripod, used some bright makeup lamps that belonged to my mother, and used a bolt of pink satin I bought at Valerie’s yard sale for a backdrop. So easy! I look at these photos and so much has changed. Back then Isobel was the same age Elias is now, and Angela was still pregnant with Kingston. It was a great day.

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

OtherDanOBrien  “A horse with a long face walks into a bar. No, wait. Let me start over.” -My mom trying to tell a joke

DougEpisodes  Episode 285 “The Episode of Doug That is a Her Parody” – Doug falls in love with a computer that is running MS_DOS

TheAlexNevil  Truthful Tuesday: I love my wife very much.* *I saw Gone Girl and am taking no chances.

johnmoe  You think you know about computer. But does your web “site” have a 1-900 number? Hi. I’m Matt Damon, spokesman for towels.

corrinrenee  Mildly offended that the woman at Wendy’s said “see you tomorrow.”

libsnyds  When Michael Bublé is sad, does he call himself Michael Blueblé?

muffpunch  So I looked at the guy next to me and said “I play sports! All of them!” He moved to another chair.

povertyluxe  If i were to pick one object that was the exact opposite of me it would probably be a sports bra

UncleDynamite  I have the same expression as Jay-Z whenever I open an envelope from the IRS.

sbellelauren  i’d be more in favor of amazon wish lists if you could add your parking tickets to them

FunRossGeller  Let’s all celebrate Columbus Day by walking into someone’s house and telling them we live there now.

J__Swift  Canadians don’t want to publicize this, but the full name of Canadian Thanksgiving is Canadian Thanksgiving for Not Being American.

TheBloggess  If I can’t tell if you’re yelling at me or being sarcastic I just assume “sarcastic”, so if you’re insulting me please make it more obvious.

TheThomason  Cool Hand Luke, I’d like to introduce you to my good friend Hot Shart Hank.

wordlust  Seize the day. Kidnap the week. Throw the month in your basement pit.

PrettyAllTrue  Either we leave Home Depot in the next two minutes or I start singing Rammstein’s “Du Hast” at top volume. Fair warning.

beanmoriarty  When you’re v nerdy and everyone’s glasses fog up because of sex

Molly_Kats  I’m a need seven napkins kinda gal.

trumpetcake  WORLD’S BEST NIGHTLIFE CITIES: Nightlife City /Glo-Stickville /Fuddruckers® /Avery’s shed Texas, TX /Shrimp Cocktail Town /Bees Everywhere, MO

DrMaldoror  Photosynthesis is witchcraft by plants, basically. #ExplainScienceBadly

DamianVanore23  The North and South Poles Were Originally Named Poles Because We Were Looking For Poland Which We Found At A Later Date #ExplainScienceBadly

garwboy If you took every blood vessel in the human body and laid them end-to-end, that would be awful for all involved. #ExplainScienceBadly

garwboy  Dinosaurs evolved into birds because birds have greater access to free bread. #explainsciencebadly

paulcoxon  Richard of York deliberately lost the Battle of Wakefield to help schoolchildren remember the colours of a rainbow #ExplainScienceBadly

CherryMakes  The image on our retina is upside down. People in Australia have the opposite problem, so are able to walk on ceilings #ExplainScienceBadly

ekwetzel Shh. It’s a secret. The tank top I’m wearing under this cardigan is, like, 90% bleach stains.

TheThomason  Time to change the breakup phrase from “We need to talk” to “We need to go to IKEA.”

kerihw  Honey I Shrunk The Kids Oh They’re Meant To Be This Small OK No No You Go Out I’ll Be Fine With Them Really You Go Have Fun.

bigcitybelly  When Tristan is mad in the car he screams at the top of his lungs. But first he plugs his ears so he’s not bothered by the piercing sound.

introvertedwife  Cold and sweaty is a confusing fall occurrence.

NicestHippo  “Honestly, good call” – me, when someone decides not to hire or date me

Journalgirl  Ever lock yourself in a public restroom & need to wait for ppl to come in so u can ask for help getting the door open? Yeah, no, me either.

BeerforBukowski  The commentary tracks for all those cute cat videos are usually just the cats talking about wanting to eventually transition to directing.


mrshiggison  So Frozen is still a Thing in my house. At this point I’m either impressed at the dedication, or terrified of the future. #both #itsboth

OkieGirl405  Never once has Calgon taken me away when I’ve asked it to

Fred_Delicious My favorite song about prostate stimulation is “Massage in a butthole” by The Police

blankslate  “Why are you such a fucking douchebag?” These password reset questions are getting really tricky.

joeljeffrey  Im a vegetarian, but sometimes I eat fish, beef, pork, car tires, recycled computer parts, and styrofoam, but I’m still totally a vegetarian

shinyinfo  “Did a bug land on me or is my leg hair just blowing around?” -the Kristin LaLonde Story

biorhythmist  Had to apologize for calling someone a “duckfucker” (the evidence for my claim was largely circumstantial)

michaeljnelson  We only pass this way but once: best buy up all the mistakenly marked down ham before some other jackass gets it. And I don’t even like ham.

SomeChrisTweets  The McRib is back. The McRib is different. The McRib saw things of which it will not speak. The McRib does not recognize you as it once did.

J__Swift  In addition to a sympathetic ear I can offer a delightful kneecap, a caring belly button and an adoring spleen.

PinterestFake  Rustic and Beautiful gender announcement where you spell out the baby’s sex with burning tires on your friends’ front lawns

amydillon  I track my menstrual cycle by counting how many chocolate chip cookies I’ve eaten before noon on any given day.

asterios  ROMANCE TIP: Give “the gunfinger” to everyone! Eventually, someone will settle.

NickyDico  Guy you’re hooking up with has a tiny penis? He’s just not that into you.

MariaMelee  Last night in the car I gushed to both boys about how much they mean to me, and how much I love them. “Mama, can you turn the radio up now?”

andygreenwald  I thought I’d seen it all at Comic-Con and then I saw a guy in a Bane mask try and eat a chicken parm sandwich.

bumlaser  Simply enjoy a nutritious shake for breakfast, one for lunch and a healthy* dinner! *all of the food that ever was, or that ever will be.

thenomodellady  Thank God your #TBT was a picture from last week. I almost missed it. When you posted it. Last week.

errdayhustlah  “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” I whisper as I prepare for hour 27 of Monopoly.

usedwigs Let me know if any of your dogs have learned how to talk because I’ve written 6 pretty good rap songs from the perspective of a rapping dog.

MrsTomServo  *takes photo of beautiful sunset* The Sun: “Let me see it.”

aparnapkin  I still don’t understand why “what’s wrong with you?” isn’t acceptable small talk

allisonthemeep Just found some Reese’s Pieces under the couch and treated them like the surprise gifts they were and ate them.

Jarhead44  Sometimes my dog just humps whatever’s in front of him. He gets that from me.

rstevens  I wouldn’t say I’m a Power User, but my computer crashes a *lot*

jordan_stratton  “So I heard you have unlimited breadsticks here?” said the nervous Olive Garden patron who kinda looks like 6 ducks in a trench coat.

ebrawley  Oh my god everyone, terrible news: Jay Leno has Ebola…material

timeblimp  Chemically identical to brake fluid #BadEnergyDrinkSlogans

amber_yel  It’s what plants crave #BadEnergyDrinkSlogans

rikpayne  If anyone in 1996 needs some computer cables, I just found a ball of them in my garage.

DanKCharnley i wish i got my money the old fashioned way: inheriting it from my father

tweetloose  Singing George Michael’s I Want Your Sex, but replacing “sex” with “snacks”




christinefriar  may your enemies always discover the typos in their tweets a moment too late

KimKierkegaard  No carbs! Crazy workout! Not gonna complain anymore! Martyrdom is a glory beyond all comparison.

williamrandolph  In a sense we’re all constantly and desperately LARPing.

hope4ava  Spoiler alert: that butterfly tattoo will turn into Mothra after 3 pregnancies.

biorhythmist  The sommelier here is terrible and they’ve already stopped serving breakfast ???? (one out of four stars)

daniel_barker  47 Things You Never Knew About The Fairy People And Would Not Have Known To Ask And Will Not Be Permitted To Recall After Reading Them

daniel_barker  15 Things That Only People With Bubbling Pools Of Lava Where Their Eyes Should Be Will Understand

daniel_barker  22 Lemurs Who Actually Could Even, But Won’t

Rschooley  “It’s not even pumpkin that you are responding to! It’s cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger!” – Butternut squash, who has had enough.

annetdonahue  And by divorcing Robin Thicke, Paula has destroyed the second horcrux. (Remember: Dov from American Apparel getting fired was the first.)

introvertedwife  Columbus Day: one of those holidays you want to forget unless you’re selling mattresses or a car.

ModernSauce  “Don’t panic,” French Montana told me. And then I felt a peace wash over me unlike anything I’ve ever known.

kerihw  longing for there to be a hipster fashion trend for wearing bibs

Mr_Kapowski  Sorry I was following you in your Chevy for an hour but my daughter was connected to your car’s built in WiFi and watching Netflix.

libsnyds  My body is NSFW and that’s why I’m unemployed.

tinynietzsche This year’s most popular horseman of the apocalypse costumes: sexy pestilence /sexy war /sexy famine /sexy death

VaguelyFunnyDan  If I’m being honest, you playin’ is only one of the many reasons that the humorous picture can’t be us. I’m willing to own my part in it.

wonderella  I am not going to do a Halloween twitter name, because a lack of consistent branding is the real monster

Cheeseboy22  Red Ribbon Week is always a great opportunity for my first grade students to start telling me stories about why their uncles are in prison.

sarcasmically  Got some workout pants covered in ice cream cone print. So I have a reminder of why I’m doing this.

Jake_Vig  What does less: Pressing “close door” button on elevator, or clicking “unsubscribe” link?

adamrensch  Please Don’t Do That, Sir: A Gentleman’s Guide To Being Murdered

jordan_stratton  Me: “Crazy how those three little words can turn my whole day around.” Waitress: “Guac is free?” Me: *swoon*

lawblob  all this Ebola panic is crazy. you’re actually 1000% more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the Ebola store

janedavis: “Paleo is for the weak. I only eat single-celled organisms I find in ponds. I’m calling Protero and I’m going to get RICH.”

shayf_  My dad and his wife printed their vows in Comic Sans so I’m pretty sure it’s not a valid marriage.

little big's tweet of the week 7840512222_52c55dd164_o

shinyinfo  Do you know who else was in the murder bidness? Jessica Fletcher.

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

Follow Friday: Most Awesome Halloween Party

10 Oct

Today’s post features photos from last year’s most awesome Halloween party ever. I was a pregnant counselor Troi. How could I have known I’d give birth to a little Hobbity baby, just like she did in the episode?  Have a great weekend!

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

MagpieLibrarian  On a clear day you can see whatever.

MrWordsWorth  A ship carrying radioactive waste lost power in the waters off of Scotland so it won’t be long before the Loch Ness Monster has a playmate.

trumpetcake  Dumped frozen peas into a paintball gun and fed all the neighborhood children in ten minutes flat.

Patheticist  Resurrections are some kind of morning wood metaphor.

louisvirtel Every season of “American Horror Story” is a long Pink video.

jerryRenek  Flip flops and socks season is here early this year. I’m so happy.

robfee  How to date a fireman: 1. Buy a cat costume 2. Climb a tree 3. Wait for a fireman to show up & rescue you 4. Lick his face 5. Omg 1st date!!

SkullfuckT   Tweets don’t have to make sense banana tuesday they just have to be relatable dog cat woof meow

IamEnidColeslaw   wine is like a laxative for feelings

linedrag   turns out doing squats & doing squat are different things & the last 18 months of my increasingly exuberant exercise blog was a sham

shariv67   Got my flu shot at Wal-Mart and my mammogram at Hooters.

islandofapples Starbucks is a breeding ground for: Nerdy Gamers, Pyramid Schemers, Bible Thumpers, Stinky Hobos, Judgey White Girls* /*me, apparently

sbellelauren   if you file for unemployment in California do you automatically get a surfboard or do they ask if you already have one first

biorhythmist   Stop asking me if I have kids just because I’m buying cartoon mac & cheese, Safeway checker. The complex shapes hold more sauce.

BiIIMurray   I solve all my problems by creating three new ones as distractions.

marcmaron  Its National Mildly Subversive Day! Quietly fuck something up a little.

benerdist No, but there is meat in team.

Patheticist  If you expect every human interaction to end with you being tortured and murdered you’ll be pleasantly surprised by people most of the time.

sammyj_04  My letter of resignation was just a text with the poop and sad face emoji.

sammyj_04  When updating my resume, do my top tweets go under experience or certifications and accomplishments?

owlparliament  desperately seeking umami

jazmasta  I want a girl with a short skirt and looooong nose. A nose so long she can hunt for small insects in the undergrowth. I want an anteater.

lasertron  RT if you packed a healthy lunch and are now starving

pourmecoffee  Please remember: Today’s SCOTUS ruling is not immediate. Everyone must choose a same sex spouse by the end of 2015 and be married by 2016.

GrantTanaka  Worst thing about Little League is hearing my dad screaming “YOU SUCK” over & over again & it’s like c’mon Dad, I left the team 25 years ago

josephesque I used to play hash tag in college. Totally different meaning now.

mdob11  *looks around cat shelter* Ok, I’ll take them.

CakeThrottle  So evidently a global pandemic has nothing to do with pandas. It’s not going to be cute at all.

donni  On my way to eat your ham

DarlingNikki_12  I was just driving down the highway when Creep by TLC came on the radio. So long story short, I’m now in Walmart buying satin pajamas.

KateQFunny  I’m not just an open book. I’m more like an AUDIO BOOK that won’t stop playing.

congletonjohn  everything in life happens for a reason. and that reason is usually physics.

ApocalypseHow  “Stand Back” is easily my favorite Stevie Nicks song about microwave safety.

Nicole_Cliffe  First thing they teach at contractor school is to say “man, the guy who worked on this before was CLUELESS” while shaking your head sadly.

E_lok44  baby got back pain

IGotsSmarts  “You’re going to like being mauled; I guarantee it.” – Men’s Bearhouse.

RandomRamblr  Why call it thrift shopping and not Goodwill hunting?

bucketcullen  Uh, I think you mean “Frankenberry’s monster.” Frankenberry was the breakfast scientist who created him.

ieatanddrink  Pick up line: Your father must be an anteater, because your body is nearly ant free

eshep  So, scientists can grow penises in a lab, but I can only buy Concord grapes 1 month out of the year? #thanksobama

NicestHippo  Feels good to come home and change from my outside sweatpants into my inside sweatpants

tinynietzsche  a group of people teetering on the edge of existential dread is called a Sunday

biorhythmist  Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the mailman. I envy your powers, shape-shifter.

LaurelKS  I just read a story that someone presented as original that is, in actuality, a retelling of the plot of Drop Dead Fred.

SomeChrisTweets  Want to see my baby pictures? This one here’s a baby. This one here is another baby. Whoa, haha, that’s someone’s baby for sure.

andrewmorrisey  It is true what they say. Vegetarian snakes speak Parsleytongue probably.

JustCallMeMike_  I can’t decide if people who wear pajamas in public have given up on life or are living it to the fullest.

continuants  starting a blog for my cat is turning out to be a really great exercise in writing in my cat’s voice

RunwayDan  I’ll bet these cats that track down their owners after the owners move hundreds of miles away are just looking for money they’re owed.

BillCorbett  Haha my Halloween costume will be YOUR MOTHER haha ha ha!! but it’s been challenging to recreate her outer and inner beauty

rstevens  Here’s the pitch: It’s like Ducktales, but they’re all mixologist roosters and we call it Cocktales

TheDairylandDon  Just saw a smart phone so big, two smaller phones were trapped in orbit around it.

carlyken  If Liam Neeson keeps starring in the same film pretty soon he’s going to be Taken 4: Granted

AndyRichter  On her death bed, my nana pulled me close, and with her last breath said, “Every picture of you is a dick pic.”

man_spach  I put my pants on just like everybody else, one leg at a time and in between mouthfuls of SpaghettiOs straight out of the can.

wordlust  Live in the moment. Squat in the moment. Take a steaming dump in the moment.

usedwigs  Just ended phone order to pizza shop with “I love you.”

shinyinfo  Which Taco Bell item has the least amount of Ebola? I hope it’s the Grilled Stuffed Burrito. Need an answer… 10 minutes ago.

libsnyds if you guys never hear from me again assume I got a concussion from this and not that I suddenly found life offline interesting & rewarding

LurkAtHomeMom  Before I had kids, I didn’t even know it was possible to destroy an entire house with a granola bar.

carlyken  Sorry I was late but my Toyota Highlander saw another on the road and they had to battle. There can be only one, ancient prophecy, etc.

JustTashie  [Opens door to bedroom] “And this is where the magic happens.” “What?” [Whispers] “Sleep is magic.”

badbanana Tuber. An Uber-like service, but with potatoes and yams. We’ll figure out the details after the first round of funding.

libsnyds  I want to throw a Halloween party just so I can tell everyone to bring their own boos.

tastefactory  I don’t wish I was blind, but I do wish I could wear sunglasses all the time and smack things with a stick no questions asked.

dxblarssonENG  Putting one hand on my hip and snapping my fingers on the other above my head is apparently not a gang sign. I felt cool though.

sarcasmically  I never love my kids more than when they’re excited about me feeding them cheese, and only cheese, for dinner.

ohheygreat  a group of guys on the internet is an Actually

povertyluxe  My favorite classmate is the girl in drawing that starts class by eating multiple sandwiches

HelloCullen  but I shared a coke with EBOLAMAN

sarcasticvoice  Give me your tired, your bored, your huddled cats yearning to be told they’re “the Tsar of tummies” send them to my lap

RealLucasNeff  Billionaire: I’d like to do something about crime. Butler: Being poor, I’ve got some great ideas– Billionaire: I want to dress as a bat.

ClevelandPoet  Thanks coworker for announcing you were gonna go floss we were all worried.

povertyluxe  Aint no party like a gluten free party cause a gluten free party has wild fantasies revolving around bread

panikido  Autocorrect suggested resident Putin instead of resident possum. Same fears apply.

JoshThomas87  Do you know what’s scarier than the risk that someone will dress like a muslim and rob a bank? ATM fees. They’re out of control.

rstevens  Fun Fact: The only reason Prince has never been president is because you’re required to have two names.

SpaghettiJesus  I hope that some clandestine operative somewhere releases a drone into the night sky & says softly, under his breath, “fly my pretty, fly!”

MassageByTed  How is Hunter Pence a professional baseball player and not a hobo in 1930s Albany?

TheBosha  It’s not rocket science, it’s aerospace engineering.

morninggloria  You are my sunshine /My only sunshine /You give me cancer /Because I stupidly thought I didn’t have to protect myself from you

DrMaldoror  Halloween movie lists are why I don’t have more friends. That, plus my Giant Bee Head. But mostly it’s Halloween movie lists.

rzarosco  I went to hot topic today and they were having a funeral right inside the store

heythisisbrian  “This Taco Bell will give me the quick energy I need to lay in bed for the majority of the day!”

iwearaonesie  *watching TV* *catches moon peering around the corner* me: “I said GOODNIGHT, MOON!” *moon runs to room* *gets back in bed* moon: goodnight

Sickayduh “I am soooo waisted” – mom jeans

BeTheBoy  Just got your wedding invitation but it doesn’t say if there will be a place to plug in my phone. Can’t risk it. Have to decline.

kerihw  Shake what ya momma gave ya! *shakes crushing self doubt*

MizzPopTart  Oh…I thought Muay Thai was a restaurant. -Stands awkwardly at gym in bib and stretchy pants

bruce_arthur  Michael Phelps seems like a guy who has trouble with land.

ScrewyDecimal  The fun thing about a stapler you buy from the dollar store is that the first time you use it is also the last time you use it.

rstevens  I didn’t even have to use my AK. I got to say it was a missed opportunity.

WetzelGeek  If ever release a heavy metal album it will be called “Snuggling with a Porcupine.”

little big's tweet of the week 7840512222_52c55dd164_o


MassageByTed  Through the magic of autocorrect, my attempt to call someone a fatass resulted in me issuing not one, but two, fatwas.

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

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