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Follow Friday: Fall Is Coming

29 Aug

Here are some thrifted Halloween decorations from a few years ago. Too early to start thinking about Halloween, you say? Never!

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

InternetEh  @exlibris @MishaRN The premise of Christian Mingle is god has someone for you, but he needed a website

rstevens  Who wants to get wealthy? I’m thinking we invent ringtones for toilet flushes and call it a day.

Kyle_Lippert  What idiot called it Cloud City instead of Land O’ Calrissian?

Toaster_Pastry  A doctor’s job is to tell people they may be young & sexy on the outside, but not necessarily on the inside.

timothypmurphy  It’s actually Tims Horton

drewtoothpaste  Age 8: Computers are awesome! I’m going to do amazing things! Age 28: Hmmm what are the best 9 words to trick someone into watching a video

kerihw  Going to stand on a wobbly chair. In case I die, I just want to take this opportunity to tell all of you that your grammar is appalling.

000___000  magnetic north is some bullshit imo. it’s for people who don’t care if they’re going real north. “close enough,” they say, like total idiots

heymermaid  The internet is down at work so we’re basically apocalypse LARPing.

jewfacekilla  I have lots of marketable skills if you’re in the market for someone who loves aged cheeses and is easily startled.

DavidPoland  I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that a high percentage of people still paying for AOL dial-up are also TV Academy voters

InfiniteChicken  BBC broadcast affirms existence of mythical island of ‘Bermuder.’

ReasonsMySonCry 4yo: “DAD! I just saw a deer! Or maybe a cantaloupe? Which do cheetahs eat?” Me: “Do you mean an antelope?” 4yo: “YES! A CANTALOUPE!”

CalmTomb  Least loved kids songs: * Your Teeth Are Bones You Eat With * Dinosaurs Weren’t That Great * Batman Would Be In Jail In Real Life

biorhythmist  My people use every part of the cultural appropriation

shinyinfo  Are you there, Beyonce? It’s me, Kristin.

Toaster_Pastry  “It’s a great time to be alive.” — Daughter talking about the pizza breadsticks at Wings N Things.

wordlust  When I’m gone, don’t mourn. Protect my brand.

badbanana  Between the earthquakes and the volcanoes, it’s like the planet is trying to tell us something. My guess: “no Expendables 4, please.”

letwinka  Not so cute when it’s a race car sleeping in a person bed, is it?

daisy  Oh god. What if we all die in an earthquake and the only people left to rebuild are the ones who went to Burning Man?

rstevens  I can’t believe The Doctor’s true name is Gary

SomeChrisTweets  This man is hunched over his Ikea cart and crying. One by one we wrap our arms around him. We weep with him because we know. We know.

cloudypianos  Your 30s are about finding true love and slathering lotion on your face.

Smug_Lemur  So, how many cats equal a husband? I’m thinking of switching.

WillWiles  Writing is a way of converting childhood trauma into very small quantities of money.

Pinboard  My idea for a sustainable, practical funding model for an ad-free web: $500 fine for misuse of an apostrophe.

fart  i wish food trucks drove around the neighborhood like ice cream trucks so we could see foodie nerds lumbering down the street after them

rstevens  For a healthy summer treat, take off your glasses and pretend your ice cream is cauliflower

biorhythmist  Tinder should have a “screenshot and tweet this” button

amydillon  She died doing what she loved best, asking her husband to put just a little more effort into this neck rub.

torgospizza  I have butterflies in my stomach! R.I.P. butterflies

markleggett  RICH PERSON TIP FOR RICH PEOPLE ONLY: Leave a little Red Bull in the bottom of the discarded can, so your 1998 Toyota Cynos smells amazing.

annetdonahue  but when will he release a line of candles called 50 scent

ecareyo  3 out of 4 Golden Girls agree: We’re dead



timeblimp  R-Nyst Borg-9 #MyRapperName

MJLegan  BevMo #MyRapperName

timeblimp  Tavist-D #MyRapperName

timeblimp  Busta Couch #MyRapperName

lowdudgeon  Beeves #MyRapperName

VioletThunk  Lil’ Shame #MyRapperName

MXTracy66  PBS Kids #MyRapperName

CrunchyMoose  Iffy Scent #MyRapperName

lowdudgeon  Ol’ Insufferable Cad #MyRapperName

stephandstuff  Mos Steph …. I’ll see myself out. #MyRapperName


robfee  Big shoutout to whoever decided the ? and ! should be next to each other on an iPhone. That typo hasn’t made me look insane 10,000 times.

kerihw  if this van’s rockin’ please come knockin’ something is obviously wrong

Smug_Lemur   Try spicing things up a little. Wear some sexy panties. Do a little role playing. Maybe just get your shit together.

farwent  I give off an effortful sense of cool.

SpaghettiJesus  Can’t wait to not feel ostracized for not yet being groot!

mrpilkington  Modcloth but for owls.

johnmoe  Hospices and nursing homes are loaded with people screaming, with their dying breath, “I DIDN’T DO ENOUGH TO ESTABLISH MY PERSONAL BRAND!”

SpaghettiJesus  I accidentally read a Tennessee Volunteer’s forum and now crime is going to happen.

RailbirdJ  The sun shines lazily through the floor to ceiling windows. Colors dance through the cat hair with the gentle swaying of a hanging crystal.

donni  What’s the best song about a spoon man

totalvibration  I wonder if you started singing “Santa Fe” to Christian Bale if he would punch you in the face.

MrsFridayNext  All I wanna dooooo is take a nap. I’ve got a feelin’ I’m not the only one.

OneFunnyMummy This keeping kids alive thing is more work than I thought it would be.

IGotsSmarts  Way to ruin the surprise, Spanish exclamation points.

man_spach  Missed Connection: You were exploding in the stall next to me with nary a courtesy flush. I managed to tweet this before I died.

biorhythmist  Dude. This Piña Colada song is some straight up O. Henry shit

nevesytrof  Once I rose above the noise and confusion, but then I went back in because Twitter’s fun.

catagator  Wondering how to get my car reclassified as a bookmobile.

iboudreau  Anime avatars are like the opposite of verified check marks.

avzzz_  “when women wear makeup they’re basically lying to us” i don’t see why i’m being blamed for a man stupid enough to think i have gold eyelids

UncleDynamite  Growing up, we didn’t have anything like Diagon Alley, but we DID have Payless Shoes.

Lilacmess  Husband suggested we be Anna and Mr. Bates for Halloween. Not sure if he’s up for wearing a blonde wig though.

man_spach  I just used the self checkout in Walmart without needing assistance and they made me district manager.

SeanBlazed  tell your mom I’m flattered

trumpetcake  Wearing a patch over my eye isn’t so bad, but ironing it on was pretty terrible.

CornOnTheGoblin  [commercial for toilets] ::a man is walking around his house picking up turds::  There’s got to be a better way!

louisvirtel  If Mariah Carey didn’t have a prenup, Nick Cannon stands to make 2.5 octaves.

johnmoe  “No one believed in us!” – unicorn football team coach

_LauraJo  note to self: make sure cat is not sleeping in the bass drum before you start playing it.


amydillon I hope to go down in a blaze of glory, but it will more likely be in hailstorm of Tupperware lids.

sarcasticvoice  The Best Sandwich just moved into my stomach and it’s gentrifying the neighborhood with happiness

iboudreau  As someone who has read several Michael Crichton novels, I’d be happy to explain the latest Ebola developments on television

DickScurvy Breaking News: Children are going back to school and nobody on Facebook can believe it!

cat_beltane  dude you cant put ANY tori amos songs in your wedding playlist theyre all about sad orphan girls eating snacks with skeletons

glands  Anything can be an insult if you just take the time to really obsess about it.

ameliamango  TIL there is such a thing as a “vegan marathon” diet plan, which I feel like should just be called “the hunger games”

markleggett   My anaconda don’t want none because of work stress, hun *whip crack*

FlyoverJoel  Virginia is for lovers (Some restrictions apply, Please see Supreme Court for details).

Bernalwood  That moment on Mission near 30th when it looks like a drug deal in progress, but it turns out to be someone buying a tamale.

Thndrdomesticty  My husband suggested taking the car seat to the car wash to power wash it. He’s a damn genius.

JerryThomas The Internet is 8 billion websites all showing the same twelve pictures over and over again.

PinterestFake  You know, just Grow some Oysters in the Trunk of Your Car

skullmandible  Ever worried that strangers might be staring at you, silently judging your appearance? Well, they are. That’s like the #1 thing strangers do

InternetEh “What about ‘heroes on a half shell?’” “YES! Children love oyster references.”

pourmecoffee  Um, Twitter, you can’t put stuff from people not followed in timelines, it specifically says so in a little thing called the Constitution.

UncleDynamite  We replaced this Starbucks bathroom’s toilet paper with bags of Lays Cappuccino-Flavored Potato Chips. Let’s see if anyone notices.

pontiuslabar  “And in this section of circle eight, we keep restaurant website designers.”

caseytduncan  Nobody knows how to perfectly part hair more than a fifty-something U.S. Senator.

wordlust  Wine before beer, never fear. Read the news before anything, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

MommyMG  Toddler just found a Cheerio under the couch, ate it and announced “floor snack, yum” so…at least that speech therapy is working.

weinerdog4life Scientists discover pandas have bad dicks, “no they don’t” says one giant black and white scientist

kerihw  I’ve eaten some food that doesn’t agree with me, specifically a potato that thinks Ben Affleck will make a good Batman.

GrantTanaka  And the 54th rule of fight club is- LOOK PHIL, WE GOTTA DO THIS EVERY TIME BECAUSE OF THE LAWSUIT OK- anyway, the 54th rule

SirEviscerate  “What’s your bid?” $6,435,765, Drew. “You think this dinette set costs $6.4 million?” *lips right on mic* Yes.

man_spach  *unhooks bra with one hand on 1st try* SCORE!!! *removes own bra*

weinerdog4life  Coming up next on FOX News, Is the moon a liberal and should we blow it up? The answer may surprise you

kentgrossarth  *Turtle: I’m the slowest thing on earth. *Snail: No, I am *Internet Explorer: Bitch, please

daggerbyte  The irony of the Truck Nuts phenomenon is that the dick is the guy driving the truck.

Tw1tter_K1tten  Saw a homeless white girl begging for money. I didn’t give her any, because I know how they are, always blowing it on Starbucks.

BigFatNothing  (in a rowboat with 6 starving people) “I think you mean “WHOM should we eat first”

tweet of the week


rstevens  You know who *was* an Angel? Satan.

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!


Follow Friday: Kite Party

22 Aug

The photographs for today’s post are from Isobel’s Kite Party. Have a great weekend!

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!


torgospizza  The Ferguson police need to rebrand. “Curfew” sounds too negative. Try “freedom limit” or “bye bye hour”

billmon1  We did it America! We made Amnesty International’s “Catch a Rising Star” domestic human rights violation list. Kudos all around!

markleggett  HANDY TIP: If the cops tear gas you, just quip “The joke’s on you, pal; I love gas. These are tears of joy.”

iboudreau  Apparently MSNBC is showing “Lockup” instead of live footage from Missouri. In their defense, it’s probably tough to tell the difference.


ApocalypseHow  Still trying to think of a video stunt challenge to raise money for Hypothermia.

joshjs  Take the tear gas canister challenge.

Elizasoul80  “Do you know why I pulled you over?”, I said to my hoodie.

MariaMelee  Moose asked me why god made private parts different. Before I could answer asked, “and why didn’t god make it so people could fly??”

jerryRenek  I listen to Led Zeppelin for the engaging discourse on gender roles and Hobbits.

MisanthroPony  English period dramas with American accents are why God has abandoned us.

HMittelmark Take it from me, you don’t get to the top of the quitting racket by not giving up just because things are going well.

ScottLinnen  Learned the mighty silverback gorillas are 100% vegan. Makes em even more monstrous. Those beasts can probably talk an ear right off.

trumpetcake  Sleeping in the nude is a very effective way for me to beat the heat. Also, prowlers. I heard two burglars retch and run last night.

TheRedQueen  All the people coming off the return flight from Vegas look hungover.

CNNyourmom How’s Your Sunday Going, On A Scale Of 1 To Your Mom?

jenihead  no one has accepted my Boiling Water Challenge yet.

Patheticist  This football season, I’m going full yeast mode, just sitting there getting big and stinky.

biorhythmist  Hot singles in your Area 51 are really eager to get back to their home planet which has a much lower surface temperature

slackmistress Just a friendly reminder: you don’t have to be the absolute worst today!

rey_z  Share a Coke with the indescribable, omnipresent feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach.

MommyMG  They only had one French cruller at the store so…should we just let the kids fight it out Hunger Games style? – Matt

johnmoe  Now that it’s over, I really regret accepting the lice bucket challenge.


ParentEsq We’re all made of stardust. This might explain our enduring fascination with glitter.

knot_eye  I think we should start seething other people.

fart  free speech is good but only when its within designated areas and times that the police tell you it’s ok

apelad  I can’t be the only person who makes a little “shheewwwpfff” sound whenever I put on my wedding ring.

BeTheBoy If I say something smart I follow it up with something dumb to keep expectations down. The last half of my TED talk is me saying “Butts.”

asterios  I can’t wait to be one of those “cool” uncles who gets super drunk, yells a bunch of conservative shit, and falls asleep in the bathroom.

asterios  “Hey, about those sex coupons you gave me…” “…yes?” “Could I use them at any of your sister locations? For example, your sister?”

zachwise523  Hobbies include painting, drawing, and actively hating most people.

Lilacmess  I studied French for many years and I use it when I read washing instructions on clothes. I’m glad the education was worth something.

tierack  An accessory that appears a lot in punk fashion is the safety pin, the least punk of all the pins.


badbanana  We did it, everyone! ALS has a great Klout score now.

jenni_the_cat  Sometimes I think I’m pretty cool but then I remember plants can eat sun and poop out air.

Cheeseboy22  Something I like to do during 3D movies is punch the stranger next to me in the shoulder and say, “4D!”

karentozzi  FYI: The Golden Corral doesn’t like it when you violently peck at the chocolate fountain in your Big Bird costume.

BDGarp  Life is like a box of annoying little people.

donni  Sadder but wiser. Poorer but friendlier. Pantless but wearing 3 hats.

shesananteater  There aren’t too many late night shenanigans in my life unless you count the time I fell off the bed trying to escape my pillow fort.

RachaelvsWorld  I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a baller Wish I’d become best friends with your mum I would call her I have a baking question

asterios  DIDGERI-DO’S: Practice the Didgeridoo! DIDGERI-DONT’S: Do things with boys to make them like you. You deserve better. **BWWWoooWWWooommm**

cloudypianos  I think the best way to learn another language other than going to the country is downloading all of the trashy magazines in that language

biorhythmist  Tell me your story, guy wearing white jeans *rests chin on fists*

InfiniteChicken  Just Googled ‘Am I Generation X?’ in a half-assed attempt to know myself better.

onenjen  Does MyFitnessPal consider “wrestling a comforter into a duvet cover” as cardio? Because if so, I just burned like 400 calories.

wordlust Pinball is like sex. It costs fifty cents.

ScottLinnen  Miss the good ol days when children weren’t gunned down in the streets, they just wandered into wheat thrashers or tumbled into cotton gins

cloudypianos  if you want to be my lover you gotta get with my dog

luckyshirt  I see you posting on the internet while you’re not texting me back, Chipotle.

shiraselko It puts the lotion in the basket and then proceeds to the checkout

larrymadill  So ends the reign of Rick Perry, Steward of Gondor

tbhjustunicorn  If Watermelon Exists Why Doesn’t Earthmelon, Firemelon And Airmelon? The Elemelons.

usedwigs  The overt jealousy displayed during my solos is tearing our handbell ensemble apart.

bacon_gillepic  Tonight on masterpiece twitter lady pizza catches me in the carriage house with bacon

protolalia  Sure, call the cat lady “crazy.” We’re not the ones who take our pets with us when we leave the leave the house. Ok “if” we leave the house

danforthfrance  If you don’t sing “Shrimp Boats” to your cat at feeding time I feel bad for you, son.

johnmoe  Tired of Foreigners coming to our country, asking us to check if their fever is 103, wanting to know if our babies do more than dance.

jennyvsjenny  I have 100 tomatoes growing now so I know how god feels

RyanAndrewMitch  Cop: sir, u know why i pulled u over? Me: yes *starts to twerk out car window *cop gets out lawn chair Cop: that’s wut im talkin about

Go2Slp If one of your life goals is to fight with someone about how to load a dishwasher, may I suggest marriage.

paraicodonnell  Are You There God? It’s Me, Maigret: a hard-bitten Parisian detective develops breasts and decides to investigate.

rstevens  “Fremesis” needs to be a word

johnmoe Things I still need to do this summer: – swimmin’ at the watering hole – waterin’ at the swimming hole – holin’ at the swimmery water

nevesytrof  LB: “Wasn’t Darren Wilson that guy in the background on Next Generation all the time?” RB: “That’s Darien Wallace. God, you’re an nerd.”

giromide  “Hello, voter. I’m running for public office. I have great business experience. My first act in public office will be to shut off revenue.”

xofreckles  Recognizing the shoes in the next stall and screaming ‘bathroom friends forever!’ freaks people out. Apparently.

apelad  “Professor! We thought you were dead!” “That’s why I sleep that way! It scares the hell out of everyone.”

SomeChrisTweets  MISSED CONNECTION: You were everyone I crave to meet with perfect poetry breaching the unapologetic arcs of your teeth. I’m a bird with wifi.

msdanifernandez  What do you mean she’s a butterface? Well give her my number, that sounds delicious

BeTheBoy  I will not get dressed. It says bottomless basket of wings right on the menu…Get the manager over here.

SleazySli  The best way to admire me is from afar. Very, very far.

1BigMick Today I licked a Swedish person but to me he tasted kinda salty.

tinynietzsche  Freud is wasted on the Jung

AGreaterMonster  Nice brain, girl. Bring dat brain ovah heah and shake it, baybee! Yeah, shake it! Just not too hard or you might gets a subdural hematoma.

ClaraBiznass  Haven’t been on the internet today, is everything still horrible

UncleDynamite  A chef’s 1st responsibility is to uphold the dignity of his ingredients but his 2nd is to sneak disguised beef into Gwyneth Paltrow’s order.

shariv67  You can’t sit around and worry that one day everything will fall apart. Most likely, it will happen over a period of years.

FlyoverJoel  Bad News: My pants fell down during the TSA security screening. Good News: I’ve lost weight.

SunshineJarboly  one time, i ate a chimichanga so hard a bystander thought it was an ‘altercation’

DavePolak  “Was his death untimely?” “Yes, around lunchtime.”


tweet of the week

man_spach  I don’t mean to be catty but… *puts butthole in your face*

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!


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