Snapshot 07.02.14

– I miss being pregnant in the sense that it gave me the appetite of a normal person. I would get hungry regularly, predictably, and then eat a normal amount of food. I enjoyed it. I might get terribly sick after, but I enjoyed it. I’m now back to my normal state of occasionally enjoying the food I occasionally eat. Hunger arrives irregularly and with shocking ferociousness. Pregnancy allowed me a more normal relationship with food.

– I have naturally fine, pin-straight hair. Any photo you’ve seen that suggests otherwise is a lie. I have deceived the general public before using such methods as no-heat curls, rollers, a perm, and putting my hair in various odd sculptures while I sleep. I have a lot of hair with not a lot of personality. Isobel will often say, “You have flat hair, Mama. I like your flat hair.” That pretty much sums up my situation. I’m not very good at hair or makeup or other girlie-type things so I went to a beauty store in search of a product that might help. The array was dazzling. But they are not cheap. Sticker shock hit me hard as I realized that my price points were skewed from all the time I spend in thrift stores. This was real life, and real life means nice hair products cost twenty dollars a can. I nearly bought a same size, more reasonably priced at about five bucks, before realizing it required a blow drier to work. I don’t even own a blow drier anymore. I put it back on the shelf. It’s obvious I’m going to need to find beauty products for the cheap and lazy.

– Sometimes Isobel will run over to Elias and shower him with kisses. “I just can’t help it!” she’ll squeal, “I have to kiss my baby brother!”

– Thrifting with my friend Stefanie has always been an adventure, but now they have another layer of complexity. We’ll meet up and my car, an American giant we call the Sunday Buick, is full before we’ve begun: we’re in the front seat, the kids in their giant car seats are in the back, and thanks to dysautonomia, her walker is in the trunk. We call ourselves Team Calamity and we move through the aisles of the thrift store with deliberate and careful motions. I have the baby in a sling, a bag over my arm, and Isobel by the hand. She balances purchases and her purse on the seat of her walker.  Life can slow us down, but nothing’s gonna stop Team Calamity from half off day at the Catholic thrift store.

– That slow sizzle you hear in the background is California receiving its comeuppance for the mild winter we enjoyed while the rest of the country endured the Arctic winter. Summer will be long and painful and this week’s forecast is nothing but triple-digit pain. Isobel still wants to go outside but as soon as she does she shouts WHY AM I SO SWEATY? The plants are yellow and brown and crunch underfoot. Everything dies and dries out. Summer here is like winter other places. Summer is death.

– Internet pal Bethany of Reware Vintage blog and shop, sent us all some vintage goodies, including these clothes for Elias and this adorable Care Bears bag for Isobel. I am particularly interested in that red hoodie, because I had the exact same one when I was a kid! I vividly remember a photo of me in it with yellow plastic sunglasses with the lenses popped out. I’m still looking for this photo, which I swear exists. If you love vintage you really need to check out Bethany’s shop. It is a thing of beauty and full of vintage goodness.

– The first hummingbird chick has left the nest, and by the time you read this, the second might already be gone. That happened fast!

Follow Friday: Garden Sunflowers. That year that I had a magnificent crop.

Snapshot 06.25.14. Glitter Snow, Glitter Feather, and I gave birth to a human longcat.

Scrapbook: Meet Hummy’s Babies. Up close and personal with two hummingbird chicks.

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The Titanic theme played on the recorder. As funny as the comments suggest. Isobel thought something was wrong with me. Very worth it to listen to the little solo thing that happens at the end. Via Sigafoos

Barbie MST3K. Sabrina put created the cast of MST3K with Barbies because she’s an under appreciated genius.

List of Allusions on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Did you know that Canterlot is based off Minas Tirith? The fourth season is so great you guys.

Star Trek Season 8 is getting a book deal! This is, hands-down, one of the best accounts on twitter of all time. I was recently at a birthday party where I introduced it to some friends and we all started cry-laughing just talking about it. Via

Fiiiire! Wiener dog fire patrol. This Vine starts off loud, so lower your volume. Via Corrinrenee

Two hot bitches at a pool party. Via

Anna rocking a Lego bowtie at ALA. I told her to stop being cooler than everyone else, and thank goodness she didn’t listen.

The most radical goat-related gif you’ll see all week. Via

Postpartum Depression, Two Years Later. I’m dealing with a lot of highs and lows right now and I know postpartum aftermath is part of it.

My Unruly Garden: Welcome to the Jungle. A lawn tragedy for all seasons. Plus, we used to have a pond.

Thrifted Home Tour: Isobel’s Nursery. Vintage modern goodness. This was so much fun to put together.

Scrapbook: Sticker Time. Isobel’s love affair with stickers runs deep.

Follow Friday: The D Cup. Not that D-cup.

Recipe: Asparagus Shiitake Risotto. My duckface game is strong.

Thrift Store Score: The Tambourine. We made my guitar virtuosos uncle play Row Row Row Your Boat for an hour.

Things I Will Miss About The Library. I miss being a librarian sometimes.


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  1. says

    Re: Hair – try a “sea salt” spray. I have much less hair than you do, but it’s fine. The best product I’ve tried is a texturizing salt spray – apparently called “Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Spray”.,,20720151_20714845_21356717,00.html And I got it for the fabulous price of “free” from a friend who has too much volume and waves!

    Google tells me it may be possible to do a DIY version…
    Casey F recently posted..Total Identity TheftMy Profile

    • Jordan says

      Yup, I made my own sea salt spray using items that I already had around the house. Not exactly the Holy Grail of styling products, but definitely worth a short!

    • Carrie Anne says

      Awesome, thank you so much for these links! I went and got some sea salt spray. I love waves, but I’d settle for volume.

  2. Suzanne says

    You know, I am a voracious thrift-er myself. I recently moved from my boiling-lava-hot home of nine years, Richmond Virginia, to return to the frigid North (it was 70 degrees the other day, oh my STARS). Anyway.

    There are not as many thrift stores up here *sob* but still, I often find Care Bears stuff. If I find something in good condition, is it totally creepers if I buy it and ask for your address to send it to Isobel?

    • Carrie Anne says

      Suzanne, we would be honored if you did that for us! There are few things Isobel loves as much as mail presents.

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