Snapshot 12.26.12

– I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Festivities at our house included hosting Christmas day and after all that partying we are happy but exhausted. I think I woke up with tinsel in my hair, glitter in my bra, and a slight holiday hangover. Nothing that can’t be cured by spending 24 hours lying prone in my pajamas while my kid climbs all over me, I’m sure.

– I wildly miscalculated when ordering my Christmas cards this year. I ran out in mid-December and had to order more, so if you are expecting a Christmas card from me, it’s on its way! My goal is to get them all out by New Year’s.

– Next week sees the start of the year-end wrap up here on Little Big, beginning with the Best Of Follow Friday. I’ve collected the best tweets of the previous year’s Follow Friday posts and paired them with my 100 favorite photos of 2012 to bring you five days’ worth of hilarious posts. The week after that I’m featuring the Best Of Scrapbook, Crafts, Thrifty Living, and Kitchen posts. I love reflecting on all things we’ve experienced and accomplished in the previous year and I hope you do, too. Starting the second week of January I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule.

– My friend Melynda played a Christmas show at a local coffee shop right before the holidays. She even took requests at the end and played “Kiss the Girl” in honor of Isobel. Here’s a ridiculous video of Isobel getting her grove thang on to Melynda’s piano stylings.

– My friend Stefanie gave me “How To Be A Woman” with the most wonderful inscription on the inside:  “From one girlie feminist to another. Merry Christmas.” I’m halfway through already, and loving it.

Reuse Roundup: Christmas Treats on Thrifted Plates. So much better than paper plates.

Thrift Store Gore: Disturbing Santas. Merry XXXMas.

Thrifty Giving: More Last-Minute Creative and Thrifty Gift Wrap Ideas. The calendar idea is my favorite.

Man drags beached Great White back into ocean. So glad he saved that shark! So glad it wasn’t me! Via @Geekosystem

Missouri Pastor’s Fiery Speech Against Gay Rights Has Stunning Twist Ending. From a while ago, but still powerful. TESTIFY!  via @laura_hudson

Sweaters to Mittens. Librarian friend Holly participated in the Reuse Roundup and turned a thrift store sweater into some cozy mittens. Thanks for playing, Holly!

Hubble’s Hidden Treasures. The most breathtaking space pictures you’ve never seen. Via @io9

Prehistoric Human Brain Found Pickled in Bog. You had me at “pickled brain.” Via  @cinnamon_carter

All about the Animaniacs. An interesting article about one of my favorite childhood shows.

Man, don’t you hate those posts that begin with the writer saying, “I’ve been a bad blogger!” ME TOO! That said, I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve neglected this space for several weeks. Mostly because I’ve been busy but also because I got a few bigger questions that I’m working on answering, including stuff about Crohn’s disease and the story of how Anthony and I met. In the meantime, a reader messaged me to ask me about my favorite dinosaur, which is obviously Truckasauras Wrex.

 Do you have a question for me? I’d love to answer it! If it’s a short one I’ll answer it here. If it’s more complicated, I’ll give it its own post. You can leave your question in the comments, @-reply me on twitter, email it to me at or send me a messenger pigeon. Don’t actually do the last one, though. My cat will eat it.


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