Thrifty Crafting: Thrift Store Gore Bingo

Each year when my birthday inevitably rolls around I try to accomplish something off of my life list. This year I’m focusing pretty hard on bringing order to my life as a whole, so instead of doing anything extravagant I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a sedate manner like a mature adult befitting of my newly advanced age. So I decided to create a game based off of the weird stuff I find while thrifting.


This idea has been in the works for while. It’s a cross between bingo and a scavenger hunt and I call it Thrift Store Gore Bingo. I brainstormed all the regular types of thrift store gore you can easily find on any thrifting trip and created a game board that’s meant to be printed out and taken with you while thrifting. You can play this with anywhere from 2 to however many people they will allow you to bring into the thrift store. The nature of the game is very subjective, so the thing to keep in mind is that this is less about winning and losing and more about having a great time finding weird things while thrifting.

This game doesn’t require you take a photo, but I took photos to record the day for posterity. Though to be fair you might want to snap a photo with your phone if you need to prove your gore to the rest of your friends later. We had a blast looking for items to mark off our score card, and within minutes it was obvious that we would play blackout to find all of the items to make the game and our entertainment last longer.


Since this was the first time we had tried the game it was good to see it in action and I was worried the whole thing might crash and burn but it was really fun and everyone liked it. The only suggestion I got was to make a few different game sheets with the items randomized so it would be less likely for us to all make a bingo at once. It seems obvious now but I didn’t think of that, so rest assured more bingo sheets are coming.

The only difficult square was “thrift store employee who questions your purchase choices” which has happened to me many times in my thrifting career but with nowhere near the regularity of finding the other items. I’ll probably change that square for something else I always find while thrifting, like a dopey hat or a ridiculous apron. Other than that I found everything on my list. And then some.


Here’s a link to the game sheet for you to print out and use. I’d be honored if you took it thrifting and played along. Soon I’ll be updating that sheet and offering randomized versions. I have licensed this game on Flickr as an Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works Copyright as I’m still in the developmental stages. If  you try this game I’d love to see how you liked it! I share my birthday party with my dear friend Stefanie and it was an awesome, cheap way to celebrate.


And now some photos of the ridiculousness we found.

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  1. says

    That’s awesome! I am so going to play that. I have never seen the family photo still in the frame. That’s kind of sad. And the scary rabbit/seashell animal-thing is way more creepy than the doll! Just sayin’.

  2. says

    EEK! Some of those are soo scary! I have contributed many a work shirt to the thrift stores, and I am always waiting to see one around town… my last job was very big on tshirts (and poloshirts. and sweatshirts. and hats.) and eventually I had enough and got rid of multiple bags of them. I’m still curious about where they all ended up… and who would buy them!!
    kara recently posted..GreenMy Profile

    • Carrie Anne says

      This perplexes me. Why would a place of employment go to all the trouble and expense of making those shirts? They are OBVIOUSLY headed for Thrift Store Gores-ville. They must be a weird tax write-off or something.

  3. Lurker says

    AHHHAHAHHH! This is AWESOME! Don’t forget Yugoslavia, Senegambia and The United Arab Republic when it comes to “disbanded countries”.

  4. says

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