Thrifty Crafting: DIY Magnet Chalkboard

This isn’t the sort of DIY that you need instructions for, but it is a fun idea that I wanted to share with you. When I was still slinging books in the stacks and making sure prepubescent boys weren’t using the library computers to search for “bobs dot com”, I decided I needed a chalkboard with my name on it. The kids all knew my name (and if they didn’t they could always improvise with a “teacher,” or “liberrian”, or my personal favorite, “Mrs Library”), but occasionally a teacher would just butcher my name. So, as part of my desk pimping, I ordered this cute little vintage chalkboard on etsy and the teachers still butchered my name but at least it took a special effort for them to do so.

When I quit my job to stay home with Isobel I just didn’t know what do with this little guy, but nor could I bring myself to donate him. I already had a larger, better chalk board for Isobel’s room. While I was gluing the fascinators together it hit me, magnet chalkboard! I had just enough magnets left over from this project.

I love the way it came out. Isobel was thrilled when she went into the kitchen and was greeted by a pink heart. Just thrilled. Technically, this cost nothing because I had all the supplies on hand, but I’ve seen these chalkboards while thrifting before and the magnets were cheap. Easiest DIY ever.

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  1. says

    I love chalkboards for all sorts of reasons – little reminders, little love notes, lists, etc. etc. etc. I like how you added magnets to the back of yours.

    I made a large chalkboard for our kitchen and it is THE command central for our lives – schedules, lists, notes, drawings, you name it! I wouldn’t be able to keep track of things without that handy board.

    Everyone home needs a chalkboard, I say!
    Wendy recently posted..School time, decisions, scowly faceMy Profile

    • Carrie Anne says

      That’s awesome! Do you have a photo? I’d love to check it out, if you don’t mind my Prodcutivity Creepin’. :)

      I love the idea of using chalkboards or whiteboards like that. As a lefty I always end up smearing the hell out of them, though.

  2. says

    I love chalkboards. You used to be able to get the little ones like that at Wal Mart. I don’t know if they still carry them. However, school supply stores are a good place to find them as well. (if you can’t find them thrifted!!) OR if you haven’t tried it, chalkboard contact paper is pretty darn neat. You can get it on amazon. or at which might be where I got mine.
    Ginamonster recently posted..I’m beginning to think perhaps it’s just a habit, part 3, my childhoodMy Profile

  3. says

    Cool project! I have a thing for chalkboards.

    And sadly, in the South, it’s not just the small kids who say “liberrian.” I have heard many, many adults refer to it as the “li-beary.” Ouch. It pains me.
    allisonthemeep recently posted..meh and a listMy Profile

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