Reuse Roundup: Thrifted Bathroom Storage

Many a time while thrifting I’ll come upon a beautiful cup or glass that has no partner, no mates, no set for it to belong. Sad really, but I can never pass them up, instead I use them as storage. In the case of today’s Reuse Roundup, I use them as bathroom storage.

There’s my medicine cabinet wherein I store my ladythings. I know you’re just dying to get all up in that business. Isobel sure is.

Starting at the bottom, I hold our toothbrushes in a glass that I desperately wish I had a full set of. It has a charming woodland scene on the side complete with a pair of deer. It holds our toothbrushes quite well. Next to that is the stoneware Japanese teacup, perfect for keeping bobby pins at the ready which is handy because I use them all the time.

It has quite a chip in the side of it, you’ll notice, and that is due to my slinged, one-armed husband. Before I managed to get this post up he managed to chip this cup and break not one but two other vintage cups that were holding accessories, including the most adorable orange mod teacup from the sixties. It’s fortunate he makes up for this tendency with other good qualities, such as his ability to apologize.

 Next to my bobby pins I store my makeup brushes (plus a brush for Isobel’s ‘make ups’) in this Japanese vase or teacup handpainted with a meadow landscape. It makes me happy every day that I wear makeup. Which is almost every day.

On the second level we have my most favorite Japanese teacup in a pale baby boy blue accented with silver. The photo just does not do it justice, I’m sorry to say, but it has silvery mums all over and oh, I just love mums. In that cup I keep Isobel’s fancy hair clips. The plain white teacup next to it holds my hair bands, and next to that is a Wedgewoodish tumbler featuring a Greek chariots, horses, and people. I keep hair clips in there.

In the photo below you can see how much time I obviously spend in the bathroom each day. I’m sure the painstaking seconds I spend on my hair are worth it.

Anthony is a lucky man.

I also keep a few of Isobel’s clips in with my clips, too.

Just to recap, the other cups.

The top two shelves hold my make up and contacts and my other favoritest cup ever (I seem to have a lot of those) in this teal and white melamac cup that was probably used for camping or picnics or something equally awesome. It holds Isobel’s teeny tiny hair bands.

Top floor uses a little thrifted green bowl to hold Isobel’s “make up.”

There you have it! Have you been  reusing any good vintage finds lately?

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  1. says

    My daughter and I are always on the lookout for thrift-store silver/silverplate cups, bowls, and the like. Yesterday we found three crystal-and-silver ashtrays (or maybe they are coasters?) for 50 cents each, and a dear little silver-rimmed crystal dish. We use our scores in every room to corral all kinds of things: bobby pins, change, paper clips, earrings–you name it. She also has a number of old milk glass finds; her favorite is Grandma’s footed cake plate [with a cup in the center] for all her make-up and brushes. Remarkably, even a solid silver item is as cheap as an old plastic dish the same size! A quick polish with a bit of Bon Ami and they all look like the wedding gifts they probably were originally. She has begun to buy thrifted things to re-sell, like you do, which is fun and finances the gems she decides to keep. recently posted..Moral CompassMy Profile

    • says

      Oh dear–some new feature below called “Comment Luv” has linked me to some abandoned blog called Moral Compass. That’s not me or my blog! I’m trying to get rid of it. I hope you can find me–if you want to– at (so far, nothing, but I’m working on it. Sorry!) recently posted..Moral CompassMy Profile

      • Carrie Anne says

        Thanks for stopping by, Jenny! I’m glad you enjoy the thrifting lifestyle, too. It’s the most fun you have have with a five spot. :)

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