Snapshot 7.11.12

What I’m up to:

– My Sweet Seaweed Popcorn recipe is featured on the Huffington Post! What an honor.

– My family and I had a great visit during our Fourth of July barbecue, and my Uncle told a hilarious story about a relative of ours who lived in San Francisco during the turn of the century. Right after the Great Earthquake of 1906, our prudent relatives filled the bathtub with water. Fires were starting and services were being cut off and so they did what they thought was the wise thing by saving as much water for drinking as they could. Another relative, who had been out in the chaos, arrived home and found the bath tub full and decided the perfect thing for his poor nerves was a nice long… bath.

– My husband and some of our friends have been playing Artemis nearly nonstop since downloading it last week. Once everyone has it downloaded on their laptops we all gather at a table and can assume different bridge positions and complete missions. Sound familiar? Basically it’s a game that lets you and your friends man the bridge of a starship, something we’ve been dreaming of since Star Trek: TNG first came on the air. The fun of the game is less in the individual station actions and more in the teamwork aspect. Anthony has found a way to manipulate the code to create his own missions for us and eventually we’d like to go head to head with another group of friends in Stockton.

– Tomorrow we are going sailing with my adventurous in-laws. They have a sail boat docked in a nearby reservoir. We haven’t been with them in ages. Here’s a photo of Anthony on the sail boat snuggling his Mountain Dew. It will be Isobel’s first time on the sailboat and I’m anticipating she will love it because 1. she loves to go fast and 2. she is obsessed with pirate ships and the ocean and mermaids right now.

– My mother suffers from hearing loss, and that coupled with her ahem, maturity, enabled her to qualify for one of those closed-caption telephones. It took a few months to realize that every time we talk on the phone our conversation is heard by a third party and translated into closed caption. I feel sort of embarrassed looking back at all those phone calls we had in which I detailed how to wipe infant Squirrelly’s defecating bum. That person knows way too much about our family medical history and the progress of Isobel’s potty training. Now when my mom answers the phone I fight back the urge to say, “Hi, Mom! ‘Sup caption dude!” before I launch into the sordid details of my life.

– Mollie Katzen retweeted me twice. And then I died.

Little Big Links:

Neil Gaiman on Ray Bradbury. Two of my favorites.

Texts from dog tumblr. “Sometimes I forget that this is my favorite thing but then I remember again. And everything is right with the world.” Via midwestspitfire

Babies eating lemons. I’m a horrible person for loving this. Via Ellen.

Weekly Snaps:

Reader Question:

How did you become a librarian? Advice to those who want to?

I got this question a lot when I was first hired as librarian, and I’ll tell you the same thing I told people back then: I applied. When I was hired as school librarian, I was, let’s see, twenty three? I have always looked young for my age and back then was no exception. People coming into the library expecting to see the 78 year old woman who had manned the desk for thirty years. They assumed I was an 8th grade assistant. I was taken for a student countless times over my career, practically until my last day. I got used to it.

I started my education at a local JC. I was to complete my AA degree in order to save money before transferring to Stanislaus, our local University. I wanted to pursue a degree in Literature. After a year or so I became ill, really really ill. As my health failed I began attending JC not to transfer but in order to qualify under my parent’s health insurance. I needed surgery but continued as a full time student in order to afford the three surgeries I would eventually need. Eventually I was well enough to make the switch to a traditional university.

I was at the same time scouring the classifieds for a job, since I had quit working at the newspaper and as a secretary for a tutoring center. I found the job opening for a librarian and jumped at the chance. I knew that I might not ever have another opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming librarian for years, if ever. I applied, took the librarian’s entrance exam with 90 other people, and passed. I was offered the job the same day I was accepted into the university. Knowing I couldn’t do both, I accepted the job as librarian and didn’t look back.

My advice to someone who wants to become a librarian is to read librarian blogs and follow librarians on twitter. Most importantly, however, read this series. It can provide more information, tips, and advice than I ever could.

Do you have a question for me? I’d love to answer it! You can leave your question in the comments, @-reply me on twitter, email it to me at or send me a messenger pigeon. Don’t actually do the last one, though. My cat will eat it.

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    • Carrie Anne says

      It is kind of mortifying, but I’m trying to let go of it. I just really hope I haven’t mentioned MY pooping habits.

      I’m sure we are well known in the closed-caption circuit because my mom and I usually talk on the phone a minimum of once day.Sometimes much more than that if we’re planning something.

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