Follow Friday – Angela’s Mad Hatter Tea Party Birthday

Last weekend my friend Angela decided to celebrate her birthday by throwing an Alice in Wonderland-style Mad Hatter Tea Party. My friends love any excuse to dress up, myself and Anthony included. Hats and fascinators were encouraged, and Valerie ended up making her and her daughter’s, and since I am on a budget, I made my hair accessory, too. Here’s my tutorial in two parts. I also worked some thrifting magic on my outfit. Here are some the photos from the party. It was an excellent time.

Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

RideOrDiePudgeYes, you pushed it. But to say you pushed it real good is just a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

meganamram Calling Taco Bell “food” is like calling The Olive Garden “food”

robdelaney Teach kids about irony by visiting a landfill exploding with promotional wrappers, circulars & bags decorated with “The Lorax.”

InfiniteChicken Next time you see something really bad happen, just start singing ‘Uptown Girl.’ Not so bad now, is it?

badbanana Today’s my cheat day. Just ate a double cheeseburger with fries and now I’m going to do my taxes.

senderblock23 If you’re a cat DJ and your name isn’t DJ Meowmix then what the fuck

TheDweck Rick Santorum will celebrate Women’s History Month by making us repeat it.

petersagal “I am the Lorax! I speak for whomever pays Universal and the Seuss estate a licencing fee!”

adamisacson Idea for a screenplay: terrorists infiltrate America’s suppository supply. Spoiler alert: everyone dies in the end.

kellyoxford When someone who wasn’t nice to me in High School friends me on Facebook: I accept, like all of the photos of them pregnant, then unfriend.

michaeljnelson “I’m as mad as hell AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!”: Histrionic 4-year old to mother offering him a spoon of Children’s Tylenol.

theleanover It’s amazing that people eat at Arby’s and they don’t even serve hard liquor.

karencreets I just thought the shadow from a nail in my wall was a spider and now everything is broken and the cops have been called

sgnp Going to bed at 10pm is staying up late these days. I feel okay about it.

vhsTapes2 Let me know if you ever do find Carmen Sandiego. That bitch owes me money.

wordlust I fuck like a bunny in the sense that I always wear a bunny suit.

bengarvey I think every autobiography should end with, “and then I started writing this book.”

mrlasertron NOTHING’S IMPOSSIBLE ON LEAP DAY!! *stays home from work and watches Naruto all day*

HungoverAIan What do you get when you kiss a diseased bird? Cherpies. Dont worry though … its tweetable

badbanana Okay, Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Seems like it might be time for you to Google “normal human mouth” photos.

rstevens If I were a rapper who did yoga, I’d call myself Chi Diddy

TristinaWright Jotting down story ideas. Ended one with “hilarity ensues” – that, my friends, is how bestsellers are born.

LouisPeitzman The popularity of my Nick Jr. tweets makes me feel like I’d be a great mommy blogger.

MmeSurly Nothing renews my faith in my own parenting abilities quite like other people’s children.

winelibrarian I think there should be a Twitter rule that if you’re only schtick is constant rage, you should have to at least be clever

daveshumka Happy Leif Year, you stupid Viking.

MrWordsWorth If nothing else, the moment that Snooki’s child bursts forth from her chest cavity will be one we will remember all our lives.

robdelaney Why does “February” have that extra R? It should just be “Februay.”

brattylibrarian Does anyone else agree that today is not really a real day? It’s like ‘free space’ in Bingo.

michaeljnelson Facebook tells me it will be getting a redesign, part of which includes sending full HD 7.1 DTS scans of my endoscopy to Mark Zuckerberg.

MassageByTed In the tradition of such hybrid products as lotion-soap and copier-fax machines, I am proud to announce my masterpiece: TOOTHPASTE COFFEE.

badbanana I would like to exchange my extra Wednesday in February for an extra Saturday in June. To whom shall I speak?

EveryTweet_Ever Tweeting while drivi

sarcasmically My rice cake brings all the tears to the yard :(

theyearofelan My grandfather always said if you don’t have anything nice to say get a twitter account and look like an egg

MagpieLibrarian I’ve transitioned seamlessly from #downtonabbey to #RuPaulsDragRace

rwrkb My 3yr old just said “Oh, now I remember why you said ‘no,’ it’s because you’re being a penis”

rationalists A friend asked what I believed being dead to be like. I said, “Do you recall living in the 1800s?” He said no. I said, “Like that!”

GSouder I just procrastinated my morning procrastination routine and now I think I’m traveling backwards in time.

robdelaney Congrats to Rick Santorum on his Oscar for pretending to be a Christian!

Alena29 My least favorite part of the day was realizing my tot woke up early and was SCREAMING Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. At 6:30.

robdelaney Today’s the 3rd anniversary of my joining Twitter. Also the 3rd anniversary of the last time I spoke to my family or read a book.

introvertedwife I like to write fantasy because people have troubles grasping the depths and peaks of humanity set in contemporary time, also swords.


HeathRobots I deserve an award for most restraint while watching an awards show. I’ve only had one sleeve of girl scout cookies!

mommywantsvodka I feel my week should be best spent creating photo montages of my crying kids set to the Facts of Life theme song.

rstevens Stardates are the Metric System of time

pourmecoffee Rule of Thumb: If Ryan Seacrest is hosting it, it is deeply unimportant.

jenstatsky Just walked into CVS wearing my junior prom dress & screamed “WHO ARE YOU WEARING?!” at people in line with a summer sausage as my hand mic.

BorowitzReport  #Oscars It would be so much for informative if they skipped who they’re wearing and told us who operated on them.

sgnp Though I realized it was about business, I originally thought the title, “Who Moved My Cheese?” referenced blaming someone else for farts.

robdelaney Just sewed together 3 bras to put on my neighbor’s dog to cover its horrifying tits.

owlparliament If on laundry day you don’t make a giant bindle out of a towel, go ahead and unfollow now.

allisonthemeep Talking on the phone with parents is directly proportionate to the amount of time I want to spend with my head in an oven.

sgnp Vegan cheese is cool if you want an illustration of what it’s like when you barely make your saving throw verses an illusion.

pnkrcklibrarian It’s thrift store law that you MUST have at least 1 copy of the album, Kenny Rogers’s The Grambler. Also, partial collections of Nancy Drew

michaelianblack I am literally about to type the word “literally.”

slackmistress I feel bad for the people troll me on Twitter. YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN ME. AIM HIGHER!

NeatoVito BREAKING NEWS: My boss is still out of the office and giraffe clean their ears with their tongues! #giraffefacts

kellyasterisk Last night I played Save Ginny Weasley from the Basilisk on ukulele so I mean I don’t really know how to top that today.

JRehling The scariest part of the Bible is the close-up of Jesus’s eye suddenly opening just when the Romans think he’s dead.

owlparliament Thinking about taking a page out of the dog’s playbook and smearing my face all over the rug after every meal. Fewer paper napkins = ECO.

Smethanie Sorry, Shania, but the best thing about being a woman isn’t the prerogative to have a little fun. It’s boobs.

theleanover “Hatters gonna hat.” – the Mad Hatter

lasertron Reminder that it’s been over 10 years since Art Bell stopped hosting Coast full-time yet I’ve done nothing to move on with my life.

Mike_FTW The New York Times is like Pinterest for stuff that happens.

luckyshirt The more you enjoy crowded bars, the less likely it is that you and I have anything in common.

RepJackKimble I’m excited to be working with a Programmer to create an app to let you know if any of your dead relatives are becoming Mormon

MCSnugz One of my books became a bestseller this week, and then a hot dog vendor shook meat water out onto my shoe. #keepinitreal

LIFECOACHERS Never do something halfway if a quarter-way will suffice.

Lilacmess Unproductive like a boss

usedwigs Dammit, it fell out again! Could someone please make a decent running armband for this dumb iPad!

Caissie JK Rowling just sold her first adult novel. You know what that means? WIZARD BONING!!!

luckyshirt The Constant Gardener is filmed in front of a live my bedroom window.

shutupcaf phone just autocorrected “i’m down with that” to “i’m down with Thatcher”

johnmoe Guy on the bus is freestyle rapping on the bus at 8:40 am in St Paul, Minnesota. It’s going about as well as you’d think.

slackmistress When people recommend stuff to me that they imagine I’d like, all I think is YOU DON’T KNOW ME! I AM MYSTERIOUS AND UNKNOWABLE!

StephenAtHome If Target sends you coupons for rope, garbage bags, and bleach, abort the mission. They know too much.

HouseGhostBoo Speaking of cholera, that “Chocolate Wonderfall” at Golden Coral is clearly a terrible idea.

SaraSantiago Some guy tweeted about his new “My Social Media Resume” Pinterest board today.This is why we can’t have nice things.

TheRedQueen I found the bible you assholes.

MassageByTed Just saw two idiots high-five. Best birthday ever.

brettryland Other than wearing tank tops, what are some hobbies guys with mustaches have?

Handflapper Every time I think about getting out of bed, I notice how flat my stomach looks in this position.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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