Snapshot 03.25.15

25 Mar

–Today is Elias’ one year birthday. Please join me in weep-clapping for my last baby ever. Hooray-sob! We are having a Double Birthday party for the kids this year since Isobel’s birthday is next week. Had Elias gone to term he would have been born on April 2nd, two days before Isobel’s fifth birthday on April 4th. As it is I’m glad there’s a bit of breathing room, and I’m even more glad that when we asked Isobel if we could celebrate Elias’ birthday at her party too she said, “Of course we can! He can have a Rainbow Dash party, too!”

–Elias is so close to walking. When he wants to be picked up he reaches up toward me and starts air-drumming imaginary bongos. Or he points. He just points as if to say, “You. You will pick me up and carry me around and do my bidding.” He’s learning to lean forward and kiss me and sometimes even remembers to close his mouth first. He puckers, clicks, whistles, and makes raspberries. He’s musical. He’s happy. He climbs on everything and gives me one thousand heart attacks a day. He is a delight.

–Again, things have been moving slowly on the everything-front. My energy and health is such that I eventually get all the important things done, but the key word is “eventually.” I might owe you an email, or a phone call, or a reply. Things that normally take only a day or so are taking me much, much longer. That’s just the way it is right now, with this body. I’d apologize but I am so tired of apologizing and explaining. I’m moving at glacial speeds, but I’ll get there. It’s not just the pain of the illness, or taking care of myself, it’s that I carry a deep fatigue, I’m soaked in exhaustion, and sometimes I can’t even will myself to move. It took me a really long time to realize I wasn’t lazy, I was very ill.

–Anthony and I have been together seventeen years as of March 24th. It’s amazing, but I think the more amazing thing is that we still like each other. A lot.

–It was no small feat but I managed to survive the wedding. The logistics of trying to plan a trip with all my medicines and health problems and a baby under one and a rambunctious kindergartner really tested my limits but I made it. Sadly the price to pay for attending an out of town wedding and dancing (!!!) to nearly three (!!!) songs was that I was completely out of commission for the next two days. No aquarium life list trip, no fancy restaurants, not even one trip to the beach. Disappointment welled up within me as we drove away from Monterey but I could barely get through breakfast. Sitting in the car was all I could muster, and I spent Monday on the couch as much as possible while my mom stopped by because she knew I would be, in her words, “crumpled.”

–We were gone only one night but the cats behaved as if they haven’t seen us in years. And it’s not as if they were alone–my mom stopped by to feed them. Ridiculous.

–There was some argument over which cheese was the best at the wedding. I’d like to definitively say it was the goat cheese.

–My favorite part of our trip was in between the wedding and the reception when it was just Anthony and I walking to our car. It was a beautiful walk, the path straddling the ocean and some undulating hills covered with plants. I took the more photos on that short walk than I did during the whole wedding put together.

–On the way home, we shared this exchange: Anthony: I think someone needs a diaper change! Me: We are driving by a dairy.

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Hi i’m ted cruz, definitely not three toddlers stacked no sir. #breaktheinternet

Book Giveaway: Dwarves in Space.

A true friend threatens to squirt you with lemon when you have the illness blues. Thanks, Stefanie. I needed that.

Uni-Christ. This photo was taken at the wedding and it’s one of the most beautiful photos in existence.

Important meeting.

What’s an IT librarian? Via  

Apparently someone keeps bringing their cat to the library to photocopy it.

Is Halloween getting too sexy for kids? Probably the other most beautiful photo in existence.

The planets aligned.

Latest smartwatch design.

International Space Station just won for best eclipse photo.

This tree has seen things. So many things. The void stretches before it, and still it watches.

What could possibly go wrong?

Panda bears don’t make very good goalies. This was about how my stint as a goalie turned out, too.

A tornado sucks in a bright rainbow. Isn’t this basically the plot of the Rainbow Brite movie…?

The best headline you’ll read today.

“People are basically skiing on dirt.

I think I’m onto something.

Jurassic Park script leaked.

University Catalog Cover Accidentally Becomes Perfect Metaphor for America.

Apparently I have never experienced Spring?

Garter and bacon as bookmarks. Unsurprising.

This goat gif is my favorite thing right nowaside from this gif, of course. (Thanks for finding that for me, )

Press button. Receive cuttlefish. We were all getting tired of bacon grease all over our hands, anyway.

As a goat I want a web framework that scales like I do.

The greatest newspaper headline ever created. Anthony and I will always love the one about the secret Soviet plot of teaching cats to read, parachute out of planes, and assassinate the president. “A” is for “Attack,” Fluffy!

The Fall of Paint Pig.

Major solar storm with big geomagnetic jolt triggers brilliant displays of northern lights.

An artist paints over the US/Mexico border to make it appear as if it isn’t there.

It’s been a long week.

They spelled your name wrong at the Home Depot again.

A Princess Valentine I actually like.

Anyone who has made this should go to jail.

Going too fast!!

Presented without comment.

Humanity never changes.

Quote of the Day. I’m going to stitch this into a sampler for Angela.

When your grandmom secretly slips you money.

get money / eat cones. I am going to miss him so much.

FUN FACT: My daughter spells “computer” the way extremely drunk people say it. It makes sense.

My cat fell asleep in my salad.

I typed “dog spaghetti vine” into the internet and it knew what I wanted.

Impressed by Apple Watch’s elegant design!

If Hobbes was a snarky unicorn and Calvin was an awesome little girl.

There’s a book called “Pounded in the Butt By My Own Butt”, and if I have to know about it, so do you. There is a line from the synopsis that says this book contains sentient butt love. Sentient. Butt. Love. I can’t remember how I first found out about this, but reflexively I’d like to blame Angela.

An archive of snowflakes.

“Let her see your secrets, and your shames. Arm your daughter with information and experience. Give her power.” Via  

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Follow Friday: Man at Work

23 Mar

Today’s post features photos of us visiting Anthony while at work, and Anthony’s boss hiring her on the spot after Isobel said, “Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?”

(Sorry for the lateness of the this post! Low energy and preparing for the out-of-town wedding caught up with me. Hope everyone had a great weekend.)

What is Follow Friday? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

TheThomason  If we’re gonna let a Canadian run for President it should be Martin Short.

AlexBPArt  Are you a Hadoken or a Hadoken’t

vornietom  I’m voting for Ted Cruz because it’s my right as an AMERICAN to eat garbage right off the street and I don’t need the state telling me not t

skullmandible  9 Solar Eclipses That Left Our Pre-Verbal Ancestors Weeping and Terrified In The Brutish Blooming of the World

joshgondelman  If you drink some coffee on your way to meet someone for a morning coffee, you will be one coffee ahead and can convince them of anything.

slackmistress  It’s weird that people are still having kids when the Internet provides us with baby otters that won’t grow up to hate you.

MaraWritesStuff  Some sisters go to college and really get wild. My sister went to college and joined a Facebook group called “I love staying up late!”

audipenny  My first act as mayor is to make ALL of the city’s lizard population wear small bonnets

BillDixonish  For those of you who don’t know Ted Cruz, imagine a really really smart hamster or a regular Yorkshire terrier.

TorrensJonathan  Save your most boring friends in your phone as interesting celebrities so instead of getting a text from Scott you’ll get one from Ginuwine.

biorhythmist  A motion sensor on my tombstone that plays the ICQ “uh-oh” sound.

jordan_stratton  Just once, I’d like to sleep as deeply as a cartoon sheriff whose keys are dangling seductively from his belt.

deIuge  hot existentially troubled singles near you

Underchilde  I’m like if a motivational speaker gave up.

keplyq  time to stuff some rice pudding legs into my best jorts and terrorize the town

TheRedQueen  Last night my husband asked me if I packed a sweater. Bitch, you know I come correct. I packed two.

Cheeseboy22  I love to take my kids to the petting zoo to feed the animals, but unfortunately the goats never eat them.

mylittlebecky  My vibrator isn’t charged, so please stop whining about your stupid problems everyone.

MassageByTed  The name of every city in Florida upsets me

rstevens  Elves – Bullshit = Vulcans

loather  I did the most NorCal thing. When we landed I asked my seat mate if he was from up here or “down there.” He is from up here. Now we are bros

shariv67  Jesus died for your sins, you guys, so wear white after labor day. Flip off a bunch or birds. Shoplift a dildo. Get out there and go nuts.

slackmistress  Listen, I’m not judging that you’re not cosplaying as my dog, but why WOULDN’T you be cosplaying my dog?

briangaar  Life is like a game of Monopoly: if you’re good at it, the rest of your family will hate you

ProBirdRights  today I went to the doctors’s for i have came down with a case of the handsomes. they chase me out with a broom.

EmilyHenryWrite  Has anyone coined the term “momsplaining” or am I a genius

LaurelKS  Skinny will never feel as good as cheese tastes.

himissjulie  oh, hello, oil can light on my car’s dash, would you like some attention? WHO’S A CUTE LITTLE LIGHT YOU ARE oh smoke wth

SoVeryBritish “I might join you later” – Translation: I’m going home to lie down and eat biscuits until I fall asleep.

boominonion  OMGFact: Pinterest was invented by Ball Mason Jar™ when they were on the brink of bankruptcy.

LaurelKS  Stay creepy, Google.

ericsshadow  A group of dads is called “hurry up.”

biorhythmist  I just want to find someone who shares my love for making me orgasm

motrboatr  Happy Friday you disgusting excuses for human beings and Ashley Judd.

indefensible  “We don’t have a small pizza. We sell medium.”

“Is that the smallest?”


— And that’s why I’m in prison.


  • how did harry potter get down the hill?
  • walking
  • jk rowling

InEyeAleE  Racists are amazing. Smart enough to have all the answers to the race problem but don’t know how to upload a Twitter avi.

danforthfrance  Must…find…something on the Internet…to be…furious about

SufficientCharm  I prefer to call it “pumping gas” instead of “farting”.

WhatUpWithMike  meeting with my boss was truncated. i put him in the trunk of my car and ated him

theroneman  [sings “Sexual Healing” w/kazoo accompaniment at 3rd-grade talent show]

radtoria  Love means never having to say “Hi Maury.”

JerryThomas  Hey Science! It’s 2015. Lyme disease should come in other flavors by now.

vladchoc  Damn, girl. Are you SMB3 World 7-7, because I’m feeling a difficulty spike coming on in Pipe Land.

TheThomason  My other car is God’s fiery judgment.

rstevens  Career Tip: Do what scares you most. Especially if it involves carnivorous animals. I don’t need the competition.

shariv67  Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? I’m a lawyer, and I’ll get you the compensation you deserve.

kgardnr  Just for fun: Get hired as “Code Ninja”. Don’t show up the first day. When they say “We didn’t see you at the office today.” Say “Exactly.”

mitdasein  Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger but she’s been working an extensive claim in Alaska.

LIFECOACHERS  Setting the copier on fire and screaming “LATER, BITCHES!” while flipping middle fingers is a fun but inadvisable way to begin lunch break.

EmilyHenryWrite  Cosmo #flirtip: discreetly braid your hair into the hair of the man sitting next to you. when he tries to stand up, instant meet-cute!!!

dubouchet  Starting a new band called The Murderburps. I play lead burps.

palinode  That movie was 50 Shades of Great! AHHHAHAHAH yeahhh no didn’t actually see it.

trumpetcake  Mother’s wig doesn’t look quite as good on me, but someone has to carry on the legacy.

HelloCullen  i’ll bet coolio’s duaghter calls him cruelio

sbellelauren  i guess internet explorer finished exploring all of the internet

Fun_Beard  Kids say the darnedest things. My 4 year old just said she was going to “kill me with fire”!

InfiniteChicken  Human females have cloacas right? Working on a pitch to Hallmark.

Lilacmess  Someone called Ted Cruz a “shambling golem made up of bumper stickers.” Pretty much made my day

SpaghettiJesus  I like popcorn shrimp bc they’re shrimp which everyone loves but you also get to support the American farmer and corn subsidies.

HelloTheFuture  I have a little free time, so I think I’ll go to Starbucks and see if I can get a Shamrock Latte and an authentic discussion about racism

danforthfrance  Do you like suddenly going “FUCK!” in an empty room? Ask your doctor if Anxiety is right for you.

cloudypianos i like writing tweets bc i get depressing after 140 characters

JElvisWeinstein  A lot of elderly people make the mistake of not saying hip-hop phrases and being adorable.

saladinahmed  Welcome to Burger King — may I play Devil’s Advocate for a moment?

HutchingsJulie  Hear me out. Pop Rocks in coffee.

joniboloney I think pretty much all wildflowers are just weeds that made themselves look pretty so they wouldn’t die

WBKnoblock  Fraternities are just gangs for rich people.

Nate_T_Lopez  “Woman are too hormonal to work in this industry” – coworker who nearly cried when we wanted to change his Power Point. #SelfAwareness

ModernSauce  *sees meme on tumblr two days before it appears on Buzzfeed* Yep, still got it, Lacy! *pointy gun fingers at reflection in mirror*

himissjulie  Forget jetpacks, shouldn’t we have invented better bacon packaging by now?

HumanPog  what genius called them JNCOs instead of gene wilder


  • Me: I’m going to sleep
  • Brain: No
  • Me: Fine, I’ll stay up
  • Body: No

GingerAtLaw  Time to cover my naked body in shamrocks and get weird

MagpieLibrarian Child who typically recalls my name as Ignite today called me Ignore.


  • Txt from wife: where r u
  • Me:kitchen Wife:can u feed cat
  • M: I mean garage
  • W:bring in laundry
  • M:bathroom
  • W:clean toilet
  • M: Idaho
  • W:get potatoes

marlespo  I’d like to talk to you about seasonal allergies, so please sit down. Ok now roll over & cry. Hard. Ok thanks, good talk guys. Good talk.

joshgondelman I’ve got a writing assignment, and I’ll be in an apartment with no internet or TV. This is really going to test my procrastination skills.

joshgondelman  If I were Dorian Gray, I’d have kept that creepy, changing portrait up in my living room and freaked out all my friends.

cloudypianos  the secret to a quality nature documentary is thrash metal

msdanifernandez  Justin Bieber bragged about getting into Selena’s pants. Honestly they look much better on him anyways.

vornietom  90% of my anxiety about moving is knowing that I’ll have to learn how to work a new shower

fart this baby is named Capen what the fuck. you guys ruined this baby

introvertedwife  I’m about 86% sure my dog could become an assassin if she got a treat at the end.

tweet of the week

shariv67  Don’t hate the player. Hate the pan flute.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!


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