Thrifty Giving: Metal Card Catalogs & Vintage Tablecloths

23 Feb

Thrifty Giving is a reoccurring column dedicated to thrift store and second-hand shopping for gift-giving, proving that fantastic gifts don’t have to come with a high price tag or from a strip mall. 

This year I had a very specific idea of what I wanted to give Angela for her birthday. I don’t normally go about thrifted presents this way, because the beauty of thrifting is you never know what you are going to find. Usually I wait until I find something that cries out from the metal shelves WOULDN’T THIS LOOK GREAT ON THEIR BOOKSHELF? Or THEY COULD USE ME TO HOLD BOOZE! Or even SCOTT NEEDS A BEAR RIDING A BICYCLE! But this time I knew what I needed to find before I started the hunt.

Once or sometimes twice a year Angela participates in craft fairs and sells her stationery. I often come along to be booth babe/booth bitch both for moral support (i.e. conversation) and to man the stall when she has to go to the bathroom. I also provided things like vintage tablecloths or jewelry boxes for display purposes from my embarrassingly large vintage hoard. After our last event, I washed the tablecloth as usual and noticed it had ripped and would have to be thrown out. My mission was clear: Angela needed tablecloths.

I didn’t have much luck finding anything while thrifting. So it goes, it’s the nature of the beast.

Thank goodness for my secret weapon, Etsy. After a bit of searching I found the perfect thing: a vintage card tablecloth for bridge with the suits of cards embroidered in the corners. The other is a gauzy white organdy trimmed with a thick cloth in a red-and-white checkered pattern. These fit in perfectly with her wildly popular Alice in Wonderland invitation and card series, as well as the grungy-surrealistic vision of her store. They could be used separately or layered for effect.

I came up short thrifting for linens but hit the jackpot in the vintage metal card catalog department. These were the unintentionally perfect finds I usually happen upon for birthday presents. These were the perfect size and shape for card displays and definitely fit in with her aesthetic.

Angela’s birthday is actually on Valentine’s Day, so Isobel included some specially decorated valentines just for her. I also bought her a Bitch necklace from Hello Holiday because she’s one of my favorite bitches. Bitches get stuff done, and few people get as much done as Angela. I have one, too, so now it’s sort of a warped BFF necklace.

Scrapbook: Jam Session

22 Feb

Isobel came down with a terrible fever and body aches right as our annual Christmas party started. We gave her alternate doses of aspirin and ibuprofen, but she didn’t start feeling better until Stefani started playing piano. Then she insisted on jumping up with and joining in with her recorder.


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