Scrapbook: Gangnam Style by the Pool

11 Sep

I took these on one of her last days of swimming lessons. I just wanted to take photos of her by the pool, but she started posing like a super hero and then dancing to Gangnam style (which is playing on automatic loop in her head, I imagine).

Snapshot 09.10.14

10 Sep

– Everyone is sick again. Today’s post is late because we came home from a dinner party with a sick Isobel. Elias had gotten much worse over the weekend and Anthony had worsened to fully sick again, too. They seem to be doing a bit better but Isobel has lost her voice almost entirely. I’m beginning to think we are cursed.  So far our tally for 2014 is one month of bronchitis, another of gastroenteritis, Elias has been sick three times, I had hives, and Isobel has been sick three times. Anthony and Elias caught whatever Isobel brought home the second week of school, and she seems to have relapsed. We are so fucking done with illness. If I get sick, too, I might go insane.  Today the kids and I are staying in our pajamas and are watching nature shows and reading books and not doing a whole lot else.

– Oh, and it’s frustratingly necessary to announce that all the benefit I received from the steroid injections a few weeks ago is gone, and I’m back to my fragile, unpredictable, crohn’s-y self. It was inevitable this would happen, we all knew it, but it’s depressing all the same. I haven’t been that well in over ten years. I miss that me. She was fun.

– Isobel is learning The Pledge of Allegiance in school. I know this because one day she carried her pot of fake poinsettias out of her room and put it on the coffee table and said, “I’m going to pledge allegiance to these flowers.”

– We’ve had a lot of fun lately despite the health meltdowns. On Friday we went to a showing of the Lego Movie her school put on in the cafeteria and ran into friends and family. My Mom came over and watched Elias while Anthony, Isobel and I went. It was nice to spend some time as a family, cuddling up on chairs in the cafeteria with our blankets and popcorn to watch the movie projected on a screen on the wall. Isobel was enraptured by the movie and spent the whole day singing EVERYTHING IS AWESOME at top volume. Everything Is Awesome at line in the bank. Everything Is Awesome in the middle of Target. Everything Is Awesome while walking to get the mail. I hope next time they show Frozen, because I’d love to hear a hundred kids sing LET IT GO at top volume.

– We had a barbecue with our friends the Waltons and Kingston showed off his newly de-casted leg by riding his new bike. He and Isobel took turns riding the big boy bike while Angela and I toasted marshmallows for S’mores and lazy Krispie treats. Anthony and Justin hung out and talked about D&D 5th Edition. Later more friends came over for games and Mario Kart. It was a great day.

-TODAY IS THE DAY! Call your Senator and protect the internet for everyone.

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