Scrapbook: Birthday, Seven Years Ago

16 Oct

On my birthday, seven years ago today, I received the best present of my life. Anthony bought me a Canon Rebel, my first DSLR. It changed my life and it changed me. This is the first photo I took. Photography has become a life’s passion and I’ve taken photos every day since.

Snapshot 10.15.14

15 Oct

— Good news, everyone! I officially do not have tuberculosis, so I’m greatly looking forward to my turn to help out in Isobel’s classroom.

— I am still desperate for sleep. Our deprivation woes have been worsening and this past week was one of our worst yet. I can’t pinpoint the cause for sure, and it could always be a combination, but I think Elias is probably teething, hitting a new milestone, and recovering from his vaccinations all at once. It’s my own personal nightmare. I worried my baby would be a horrible sleeper constantly while I was pregnant. I don’t function well on little sleep, and it’s awful but I’m surviving. I’m a total bitch but I’m doing it. It helps that we spend the weekends taking turns napping.

–Though! Elias has started waving. Waving! Mr Wonderful just gets better and better. (Except for the no sleeping part. That’s balls.)

— Isobel still can’t make up her mind when it comes to Halloween costumes, and two or three new suggestions pop up each time we ask her. Last week she spent a day claiming she would be a squirrel scientist, but we couldn’t figure out if that meant she wanted to be a scientist who studied squirrels or a squirrel who happened to also be a scientist. Then she put on my socks and cardigan and said she was going to be me for Halloween, which is pretty fantastic, though part of me wonders if it’s just because she wants to go through and wear as much of my vintage jewelry as possible. Then she spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, who gave her a blond wig in hopes of tipping the scale toward Tinkerbell.

— My birthday is tomorrow. Isobel has been singing “Happy Birthday” to me all week. Best part, easy.

— Isobel’s school photos haven’t arrived yet but she did receive her school ID card, which kills me a little more every time I see it. I texted a photo of it to my friend Jenn who could not believe they gave ID cards to kids in elementary school these days. “Face it, Jenn, ” I said. “We’re old.” Some of Isobel’s classmates already have their own cell phones.

–I haven’t been able to walk Isobel to school since I got really sick. I feel badly about it, but the whole concept may have been a pipe dream anyway. I was still riding high off steroids and my crohn’s was really kept at bay. Now, though, I’m just not sure I’m up to even the short walk to school on any sort of regular basis.

— My birthday is coming up, and I’m not sure that I’m going to be crossing any large item off my life list in a grand gesture. But I did decide I would spent every gift card I have in my honor. I’m very weird about gift cards. I compulsively hoard them under the twisted logic of knowing that if I spent them I won’t have them any more, and dammit, I might need them when the End Times finally come. I don’t think I’ll ever feel justified spending them until I see the four horsemen of the apocalypse galloping out of the sky. Then, finally, I can redeem that ten dollar iTunes gift card so Death and I will have something to get down to.

— My birthday happens to coincide with Isobel’s first dress up day at school — Nerd Day. I present this without further comment.

— I lied! I’m totally commenting. They are honoring me in the best way possible by embracing and celebrating nerds everywhere. Love you, nerds. I mean, me. I mean, us.

— I’m going to send this to Anthony whenever I think he should come home from D&D.

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