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Scrapbook: Christmas Parade 2013

From last week’s Snapshot: As is our yearly tradition, our family met up with our friends the Waltons at our familiar corner for the Christmas parade downtown. In addition to a record turnout we had near-record temperatures and snow was a viable prediction later on that night. It does get quite cold enough to snow here – we’re no strangers to freezing temperatures – we just usually don’t get enough moisture to make it happen. We bundled the kids up as much as we could and brought chairs and blankets and settled in to watch the marching bands and endless stream of light-bedazzled tractors go by.

No matter how large our town gets (we’re still not that large by most standards) we’re still an agricultural-based community and it’s not a parade unless it’s 80% tractor by volume. This year did not disappoint. Isobel lived to dance as bands or floats with music drove by, as usual, but Kingston, daunted by the cold, preferred to stay completely wrapped up in a blanket on Anthony’s lap. “I’m cold,” he declared, “I’m just going to wave with my head.”

The highlight of the parade for the kids, however, came after they became upset watching car after car ignore the road blocks and drive where they were verboten. At the start of the parade a police officer on a motorcycle confronted a car, right in front of us, that did just that, and was perfectly aligned for a head-on collision with a marching band. The kids watched in glee as he pulled the car over and we heard him shout WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! to the driver. They clapped, they cheered, they shouted, “arrest them! arrest them!” Something you should know about young kids if you don’t already: they are busting their little buns to follow the rules, and nothing riles them into a frenzy as much as watching an adult flagrantly disobey the rules they are forced to endure. Watching adults getting called on their bad behavior was practically cathartic.

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