Snapshot 02.11.15

–Remember how last week I was riding high with the knowledge that even though we were all sick at the same time we were recovering and definitely over the hard part and in the home stretch of healing? I was an idiot! Elias was not improving and I took him to the doctor on Wednesday as I suspected. He didn’t need antibiotics yet (thank goodness) but he was prescribed a baby steroid in the hopes that it would speed his healing so he wouldn’t need another gut-destroying round of penicillin. Then Isobel, who had been the least sick of us all, became severely ill in the space of four or five hours. What started out as a normal night ended with her voice sounding as if she’d gotten into her father’s whisky and cigar stash, and each time she coughed she would say with the most pitiful sigh, “Mommy, my chest hurts.” The next day we went back to the doctor with Isobel who confirmed she had bronchitis (poor thing) and even though we’d taken time off from school just last week to be cautious, she’d need to take the rest of the week off as well. Meanwhile Elias had a touch of the ‘roid rage and spent his evenings uncharacteristically screaming and trying to wrestle each member of the family but especially our 30lb cat, Zorro. When he’s not actively trying to bite our faces he is stumbling around the house, pulling as many items off the shelves as he can. While screaming. His behavior is so the opposite of his sweet demeanor.

–Last Monday I recorded my episode of the Random Trek podcast with Scott and spent over an hour discussing it and Star Trek in general. The podcast rules say the episodes can’t be longer than the Star Trek episode we’re discussing, so he’s going to have to cut it down quite a bit. Such is my love for Star Trek. It will air sometime in March and I am having a hard time waiting that long. I’m also hoping I didn’t embarrass myself. You know, more than usual.

–Elias is starting a chapter for the Little Brothers For The Total Destruction of Sisters’ Rooms club if anyone wants to join.

–While we were visiting the doctor I was asked to describe her symptoms and I mentioned she had a “nasty cough.” Without missing a beat, Isobel added that her voice was also nasty, too. For all the unpleasantness of bronchitis she was ready to party, which an extended weekend of staying home with Mama and watching cartoons is a party to her, so she practically hugged the doctor when he said she needed a few days off from school. Her enthusiasm hadn’t dampened by the second day, as she was allowed to watch TV from almost the moment she woke up. It wasn’t even 9 am and already she had changed the lyrics of This Is Halloween! to I Want Ice Cream!

–If you were ever in an episode of ST:TNG I will recognize you in everything else forever This is my sacred power.

–We did finally have a rainstorm last weekend, and although it’s not enough, it was glorious.

–Isobel and I went in for haircuts and again I discussed getting bangs. This time, though, the hairstylist talked me out of them by saying something along the lines of “You have to style them,” she said. “It looks like you wouldn’t do that.” It’s true! I wouldn’t. At least not right now. Maybe when Elias is older and I have enough free time for bangs-styling.

–On Elias’ baby prescription of steroids it helpfully suggests he should not take this medicine and drive.When we went back to the doctor we left with a steriod perscription for Isobel, too. In this case the warning was warranted. Isobel drives like a bat out of Hell. So, anyway, I’ll be needing new Designated Drivers.

Speaking of my kids driving. (Thank you, )

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Snapshot 02.04.15.

Friends of the Library Book Sale Scores.

Snapshot 01.28.15.

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Follow your dreams. Me IRL. Also, Just another unrealistic body expectation for women.

Netflix is developing a live-action Legend of Zelda series. !!!!!!!!! Via my dang ol’ friend 

New Study Finds Majority Of God’s Blessings Burn Up On Entry Into Atmosphere. Dammit, God!

Someone had a party. Taco party!

How To Cover Your Dark Eye Circles. Important.

Kitten gloves with retractable finger-claws. This is in Japanese, but you get the idea.

The FAA is encouraging US businesses to set up shop on the moon. The Mooninites will not be pleased!

1955 ad for the American Meat Institute. Relevant to today’s audience.

The mystery of why cats like boxes, revealed!

That awkward marmot.

Golden Retriever gif is a straight day-maker. I can practically hear him saying “Ta-da!”

I think this means it’s a boy.

Look at this lounging goddess cat.

Trying to explain twitter to the average person feels like.

Walk up to the club like

R.I.P. Katy Perry.

Study: Doc McStuffins More Evidence-Based Than Dr. Oz. My passionate hate for quacks in the medical field runs deep.

One image, four childhood crushes.

Finally, a restaurant chain for those of us who live in constant anxiety.

BBC’s video player volume goes to 11. As if I didn’t already love you, BBC.

Chicken Crimpy.

1978 GMC Star Trek van for sale on Craigslist. My friend Sunday brought this to my attention and I’m trying to think of how I can justify its purchase.

Man, this essay is taking forever.

button bar banner time machine

Snapshot 02.26.14. Hahaha, the energy never kicked in.

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Little Big Collections: Cheese Plates

This edition of Little Big Bazaar is devoted to collections. I’ve been compiling list of my favorite items within a category to share with you here. Today’s collection is brought to you by The Red Star Designs on Etsy, creator of modern invitations and stationery with a vintage twist.


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