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Best Of 2013: Thrifted Living

2 Jan










Thrifty Giving: Stef’s Birthday Present

14 Nov

One of the fun things about being born in October is that I get to share my birthday month and yearly party with one of my best friends, Stefanie. We love to thrift and often we buy thrifted presents for each other. We share many of the same loves and interests and love being crazy old ladies together. This year’s party was tons of fun and featured a spectacular nerd cake decorated by Stef’s husband Dave.

I had been saving things I’ve found for her while thrifting since right after Christmas last year, and if I didn’t have a section of closet dedicated specifically to storing presents I’ve found for others I’d have given her these gifts long ago. First off, Stefanie is an extremely talented piano player and singer, so when  I found these music-related mugs I snapped them up. She is an English professor and I thought her office could probably do with a few extra mugs. Since she is a lover of Shakespeare I picked up this vintage Shakespearean tourist souvenirs at a dingy shop that didn’t offer much else besides these two gems.  They’d look good on her desk, maybe holding some business cards, or hung on the wall.

My friend Stef adores Harry Potter and Anthony spotted this tin while at a yard sale. It used to hold cookies and was in mint condition. She is also passionate about jazz and has a small collection of jazz books in her library, but fortunately she didn’t have this one. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s a large, coffee table-type book and I found it at an antique store.

The last item included in the gift was specifically from Anthony. Often times if we’re hanging out in the evening he’ll make a food and drink run with some of the guys and she has often requested Hostess Cupcakes from Anthony so he bought her a box of those. In the true spirit of collaboration, Squirrelly saw those cupcakes sitting out and decided to try and open the box and help herself. She didn’t succeed but the box bared the scars of Squirrelly’s contribution. Isobel offered one of her paintings and so I put it on top to help hide the bag’s contents.

What is Thrifty Giving? I’m recording all of the secondhand and thrifted presents I give to friends and family in an attempt to inspire others and myself to look to thrift stores and other ways to reuse and repurpose gifts in a way that is both thoughtful and generous. I’m doing this for reasons both financial and ecological and hope to shift the focus of giving away from blind consumerism. These are my attempts, anyway.

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