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Thrifty Giving: Vintage Glam

8 Dec

Thrifty Giving is a reoccurring column dedicated to thrift store shopping for gift-giving, proving that fantastic gifts don’t have to come with a high price tag, or from a strip mall. 

My friend Stef and I share a lot of things, a love of thrifing,making music, and even a birth month. Each year October is even better because we celebrate our birthdays together. Finding gifts for her while thrifting is easy because when our tastes collide it’s a Venn diagram of awesome, with a large shared section in the middle. Then again, finding gifts for her is also hard because I’m always tempted to keep them.

I got lucky while thrifting for her birthday. I scoured our favorite spot for almost an hour but it was pretty picked over, except for a small handful of goods, including a vintage silk jewelry roll, an older, but like new clutch the color of starlight, and a large mod daisy pin.

I have a weekend for mod enamel pins. They are the perfect accessory for a winter coat or a thick crochet scarf. Often pins like this are in super bright colors or even black and white, so I loved finding one that was a bit unusual.

The jewelry roll was such an exciting find. I hardly ever see them, even in estate sales. I think I’ve seen only one other in my extensive thrifting career. This one was in a beautiful cobalt-blue silk floral print, and the inside was a pale blue cotton and satin. (If you aren’t familiar with jewelry rolls, they are a way of storing necklaces, earrings, bracelets–all manner of jewelry–while traveling. It keeps them safe, organized and tangle-free, and is also a great way to store fancier jewelry even when not traveling. This one was missing part of the button cover, and so I glued a button on top to cover it. My glue job sadly didn’t last, but fortunately Stef is married to Dave of Dave’s Workshop, and I knew he could come up with a better solution than I ever could.


The clutch itself was flawless silver in fantastic, probably unused, condition. Perfect vintage glam.





Thrifty Giving: Black & White

13 Oct

What is Thrifty Giving? I’m recording all of the secondhand and thrifted presents I give to friends and family in an attempt to inspire others and myself to look to thrift stores and other ways to reuse and repurpose gifts in a way that is both thoughtful and generous. I’m doing this for reasons both financial and ecological and hope to shift the focus of giving away from blind consumerism. These are my attempts.

My friend Melynda is passionate and unique, and loves music, fashion, the color black, and birds. I managed to find her a gift that incorporated three of the four in one thrifting trip.

First, let’s talk about that fabulous vintage Japanese-crane mug. I love the elegant, repeating motif and think the single bird on the inside of the mug is a special touch. It’s elegant but still holds a decent amount of liquid. Mugs are among my favorite gifts to give away. Everyone I know (including myself) seems to have plenty of mugs but will gladly make room for one more provided it is exceptionally wonderful.

I felt like I struck gold when I found the large silk black-and-white eagle (or crow?) scarf. The simplicity of the color scheme makes it easy to match with lots of pieces, and the large graphic print creates interest or a bold statement, depending on how it’s styled.

Lastly I found this fantastic silk vintage fold clutch purse with amber-brown Bakelite handles. The details on this purse are great from the intricate black, white and gray pattern to the textured black interior lining. I have a purse in the exact same style as this one and it is so fun to use.

Instead of using wrapping paper I carefully wrapped the mug in the scarf and tucked them both in the purse. Melynda seemed to really love them.

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