Thrift Store Score: Stuff I Put On My Shelves

While Isobel was sick with the sniffles and incapable of doing anything except watching episode after episode of My Little Pony and demanding constant “nose wipies” I took some time to tidy up some of the vintage clutter that has accumulated on our shelves. I know that some people (ahem, Marie) think my house is a pristine clutter-free environment. That is a big fat lie, but one I would like to help circulate. Also, my legs are hair-free, my vegetables never go bad in the refrigerator, and my farts smell as fresh and clean as the ocean breeze.

Although there are ample areas of my house that could use some organization attention, I worked on my shelves in the library because I could still be within sight of Snuffles McSnotface in case she needed anything. And also because the tops of my shelves have become a monument to vintage clutter. I tended to shove stuff up there after many a thrifting trip because that way I was sure not to walk in to find Isobel using say, a vintage globe as dry erase-board. I could barely reach up there myself, so I knew that crap stashed up there would be safe from furry kitties’, or sticky toddler, hands.

I was relieved to find that with the exception of one or two things all my shelves needed were some rearranging, instead of decluttering, and things looked a whole lot better up there.

I worked on my fire place and the shelves in the living room a bit, too, after Sneezle McMouthbreather took a nap. I know it’s way too early for Christmas decorations, but I found those julbocken at an estate sale and I love them so much I’m just going to keep them out till the holidays are over. Their presence gives me the impetus to regale Isobel with tales of the wondrous Christmas goat.

I also found a few crocheted lap blankets recently, and at first I thought they’d make great tea party blankets for Isobel, but I keep using them myself in the evenings. It’s nice to have a blanket over your legs that doesn’t take up a bunch of space.

Pay no attention to the completely dead plant in the terrarium up there. If anyone comes over I’ll just tell them it’s a Halloween decoration.

My friend Angela found this while we were playing Thrift Store Gore Bingo. I can’t believe she didn’t want it! Well, maybe I can. But her loss is my gain. My magical, magical gain. Of course, as soon as I got home it was Isobel’s gain.

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