Thrifted Closet: Brown Dress, Orange Shirt

It has been so long since I posted an outfit post, particularly one that wasn’t related to maternity! It was a lot of fun dressing up for those shots so I think I’m going to bust out the tripod more often. It can be hard as a parent (or, if I’m being honest, just as a regular adult) to work up the enthusiasm to wear something you really love on a daily basis. Going thrifting and finding simple touches that made me feel good and look forward to getting dressed have resulted in me feeling better about what I wear and how I look now then when I was childless and working at the library. I care more now and while comfort is still the most important thing to me, I take pains to make sure I feel cute while I feel comfortable.

I’ve posted an outfit wearing this dress before but I’ve styled it differently this time. It happened to be pretty windy the day I took these photos and the wind caught the baby sling I used on a daily basis, if you are wondering what that pink thing I’m holding onto is. Elias is so long now he doesn’t fit comfortably in the slings anymore so he’s in the Bjorn until he’s old enough to be worn in the sling in another position. I used this bag as my diaper bag for awhile, too, because it’s roomy and comfortable enough for both Anthony and myself. I’ve since found a fantastic leather bag for a buck fifty while thrifting that has taken over primary diaper bag duties. What happened to the adorable white vinyl one with the gold foil airplane, you ask? Oh, it’s still around. I’ve stopped carrying it for the most part after Grandpa’s dog Chuy lived up to his name and thoroughly chewed on it.

Due to pregnancy’s changes on my ribcage and… other bits… I can’t button the top of this dress and rely on it to stay buttoned anymore, so I pair it with a tank top, of which I have millions, and a thickly braided vintage belt to help give it some shape. As far as the bodytypes-as-fruit analogy goes, I’m an apple, without much waist definition, so I add some where I can.

I don’t remember what I did that day; I probably went grocery shopping or something. But I was comfortable enough out and about or at home and I felt cute, too, which is what matters.

(Cat – also thrifted, in a manner of speaking.)

Thrifted Maternity Closet: Postpartum

I had thought that when I had posted my 38 Week Thrifted Maternity Closet update that it would be my last in that series but after I had returned from the hospital I went through my maternity set from when I was pregnant with Isobel, titled “The Peanut Gallery” because we referred to her as “Peanut” while she was in the womb, I realized I had taken a post postpartum photo with her in the sling. It was taken around Mother’s Day so Isobel was a month old and bigger than Elias at this point, but I didn’t want to wait.

This isn’t a very impressive outfit from a fashion standpoint or a thrifted one but it was comfortable and easy and that’s all I really cared about. Isobel was off having an adventure with Ama and Anthony and I went out for our first post-baby trip to our favorite breakfast place. I remember making the same trip with Isobel ¬†and being so nervous she’d wake up and fuss that I was distracted the whole time. I am so relieved to be able to parent without the crushing anxiety of having a newborn for the first time.

While at the restaurant I wore a cute thrifted sweater that I would have kept on for the photos had it not already became too hot for me to wear it. I also wore one of my favorite thrifted necklaces (also visible in the photo) but it got in the way of the sling so I took it off. All that remains of my thrifted style is this simple black tank and vinyl bus bag I was using for baby supplies while out. Speaking of black tank tops, I’m of the opinion–and it could have something to do with the fact that it’s over 80 degrees for about eight to nine months of the year here–that you can never have too many. I currently own at least three and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one should I find one in my size while thrifting.

I am so thrilled to be free of the traveling maternity box and happily look forward to passing the remains of the maternity clothes in my closet onto my cousin. She has a friend at work who’s pregnant and currently housing the collection. I have a few pairs of very forgiving jeans and otherwise stretchy pants so I can kiss maternity pants goodbye forever.

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