Follow Friday – Terrarium Ornaments

Today’s post features photos from the Christmas gift I made for my friends a few years ago – terrarium ornaments.  Have a great weekend!

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MariyaAlexander  I am a cheap date but an expensive raisin.

Bagyants  If you hate gay people you probably don’t have enough work to do.

MommyMG  3 year old is holding me by the head whispering “don’t be scared” I’m scared, you guys. I’m really, really scared.

morninggloria  Basically Elf on a Shelf is the Pennywise the Clown of the future. Mark my words.

99golems  spiders dying off really puts the ‘win’ in ‘winter’

SomeChrisTweets  Ideal First Date: January 1. Ideal Final Date: Cthulhu’s sudden return.

DrWrought  I call my daughter “bug” and my son “buddy” so sometimes I accidentally start to call my boyfriend “buh-” and have to pretend I didn’t.

mikeBithell  ladies and gents, we need a new twitter specific word. Verb: To intentionally include someone you know will be offended into ongoing convo.

lasertron  Shoutout to kids who only sleep in their parents’ beds. Horizontally.

ProfessorSnack  Sure people love Cyber Monday, but mention Terminator Tuesday and suddenly everyone starts freaking out and pointing at your naked body.

weinerdog4life  I always jog with a hammer, just incase I have to hit another jogger with a hammer.

kv8  Nice try, “black diamonds.” Or should I say “coal.”

laura_hudson  Pretty sure the majority if the Internet is just the sound of angry bees

sarahmsmart  As a child, I was taught that pizza contains all of the food groups. Now that I’m older and wiser, I know that pizza is the only food group.

kerihw  Listened to some Beyonce a bit late and now I’m too excited to go to bed.

markleggett  Can art be video games? No. The only character in “The Mona Lisa” is non-playable, the backgrounds have zero parallax, and there’s no music.

alexanderchee  “Amazon Prime” now sounds vaguely sinister after the drone program announcement, like it’s been the master drone’s name all along.

catrhinehart  What’s the point of all this technology if we’re still having Mondays?

pnkrcklibrarian  One day I will own a B&B called, The Merk Inn.

TwoAdults  Told myself, “Billy, don’t be a hero.” and ordered a pizza for dinner.

briangaar  What superpower would you pick?? I’d pick X-ray vision and give people X-rays for free. But I guess I’m just a better person than you.

nerdamage  I just want my cat to have all the advantages that I never had.

SnoozeInBrief  Girl are you an actual human being who works at my bank cuz I have no idea how to get through to you

loather  What if your bosom doesn’t heave. What if it is just there. Quietly existing. As a bosom.

SomeChrisTweets  “Who’s a good boy?” Detective Paws points at all of the suspects but one. We cuff him. Paws goes out for a cigarette. Paws misses his wife.

SamDiss  Weird that my arse instinctively noted that someone with the same sized arse had just sat in this chair before me. I am a buttock savant.

annetdonahue  What’s important is that yesterday my dad said in all seriousness, “You know, if the cat was our size, he could leap onto roofs no problem.”

Toaster_Pastry  Feel compelled to favorite everyone’s Amazon Drone delivery jokes because I know what its like to be lonely.

marlespo  I never did get to “hobo with goals” as my look today. Got stuck somewhere around “lethargic murderer”

MassageByTed  Why buy the cow when you can milk me any time you want wink wink wink OUCH WAIT NO STOP

biorhythmist  RT if you made an advent calendar from unsolicited dick pics

nathanjurgenson  at noon on Cyber Monday friends gather around the glowing screen and send emojis to grandma

cloudcm  Does everyone on the train just pee on themselves and never take a shower for the rest of their lives?

kellyasterisk  Caffeine is my favourite emotion.

BDGarp  My therapist said I’m a “fun patient.” So at least I’ve got that going for me.

Lilacmess  There’s a room at Merced College with a piece of paper on the wall with names of obscure death eaters. The randomness of that warms my heart.

twelveyearsold  sure anyone can make a fart noise with their mouth but it takes a true visionary to make it smell like one at the same time

WhirledRecord  Everyone who thinks I’m a loser will change their minds when they see the new walk I’ve been working on.

itsDorry  a shooting star is actually someone driving off rainbow road

redsesame   Look I don’t have a treetopper so I’m just going to wrap ornament hooks around this winestopper until it stay vertical

SpaghettiJesus  Has anyone figured out how to make twitter a destination yet?

DrMaldoror  So glad people are still posting pictures of their Thanksgiving turkeys. I have never seen one before, and am curious about them!

TechnicallyRon TEACH your children the magic of childbirth by covering your cat in jam and forcing it through a toilet roll tube.

hopiecan  ideal first date? supermarket sweep

pbump  Our great-grandkids will see us as we see people from 1913: goofily backward, ignorant of the world, and wearing stupid clothes.

luckyshirt  I get all my best ideas in the shower. For instance: “You should just never leave this shower.” And: “You should tweet this.”

shariv67  Don’t take off your shirt before fighting. Put 20 more on. Every time he grabs you, a shirt comes off. Soon he’s fighting a pile of laundry.

josephesque  Do you have wine stains on your iPhone? No? Oh, well, then I guess you CAN judge me.

iboudreau  “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” would be a great soundtrack for an axe-murdering.

AndyRichter  ERRBODY IN THE CLUB GET UP! and plz look around your area, we are looking for a lost hermit crab, his name is Donnie Brasscrab & he’s scared

cluedont  I hate it when you go to shake someone’s hand but they go for a fist bump, so you just grab their fist, panic, and say ‘Paper beats stone!’.

LisaMcIntire  So my music reference right now is Shaggy from 2000 so please ignore me for your own sake.

donni  No one wants to talk about the elephant in this Roomba. Though very small, he’s definitely in there.

WhirledRecord  If somebody walked up and started fighting me, I’d think, “Thank God they didn’t want to have a conversation.”

Toaster_Pastry  Watching an old movie done in Instagram.

ProfessorSnack  Deboning a turkey is pretending the two of you never had sex, right?

npcdel  I went to the wrong website and signed up for CtHulu Plus and let’s just say things are not going great

emilysteers  i should do Elf on the Shelf for my 29 year old boyfriend, bc the idea of an elf staring at him for days before he realizes is HILARIOUS.

UnFitz  *gets knocked down* *gets up again* *gets knocked down again* *plays dead this time*

inversejaik  Dad: what’s a meme? Mom: A meme is… hold on, let me check the definition… (Gets 25 year old dictionary) Hmm, it’s not in here.

Rockenden  The presentation giver just signed off with ‘This is widely available on the Internet’ & I reflexively blurted ‘So are pics of your mum’ :(

FrankConniff  Is it just me, or is Black Friday starting to become really commercialized?

rachelokokok  I wonder if fish are annoyed they are only one small step up from plants on the guilt for killing something scale.

FlyoverJoel  Happy Birthday Consumer Jesus!

th3jm4n  I would approve of truck nuts if kicking them disabled the vehicle they were attached to.

smirkykev  Ladies, we like to be romanced a little too. Try using performance-enhancing words like “brandishing” when we walk naked into the room

TheBosha  Number of asparagus spears it takes to make your pee smell: 2 (and I fully expect this to be published in a respected scientific journal).

johnmoe  Don’t miss our Black Flagday sale! Save big on a head smashed through a wall at a shitty punk club in Kansas City in 1982

VioletThunk  Niece: “Do you know about the Civil Wars?” Me: “You mean the Civil WAR? There was only the one.” Niece: “It’s a band.” Just got hipstered.

andrewmorrisey  Damn girl are you command-Z because I have to keep hitting that.

kerihw  A few notes: 1. We know the fox is quick & brown, lose that 2. Lazy doesn’t test well with audiences. 3. Can the fox be naked.

kerihw  I’ve got What To Expect: The First Year & What To Expect: The Toddler years. Could do with What To Expect: The Relentless Questioning Years.

kerihw  I think my favourite Christmas poem is the one where Robin lays an egg.

nedroid  Fun fact: most “Thanksgiving turkeys” sold in America are actually just huge spiders

kerihw  To all Americans celebrating Thanksgiving, on behalf of Britain I would like to say – you are welcome.

iboudreau  Trying to explain to the aliens why people watch the Macy’s Day parade now would be really difficult.

HarperPerennial  You’re either reading because you have a really awesome book or because your parents’ wifi is really slow.

oodja  Google Voice’s attempt to transcribe my mom’s Thanksgiving greetings: “Skin entity and Happy Thanksgiving to move you happy.” INDEED.

rstevens  Peach in the streets, Toad in the sheets.

Journalgirl  Because of Instagram, I have no idea what color anything really is anymore.

thejohnblog  SPOILER ALERT: Not ONE single person catches fire in that movie. 1/2 star

mitdasein  “Turkey” keeps popping up in my timeline. Was there some kind of disaster in Istanbul?

BiIIMurray  Someone should make a shoe made out of Legos, so when you step on a Lego it doesn’t hurt. You just get taller.

TheRustedChain  Me screaming “STOP FIGHTING! Is it REALLY that hard to get along?!” while the radio plays “It’s The Most Wonderful time of the Year”.

ClevelandPoet  let the chickens out into the snow and they were like hey asshole this is cold I’m going back inside.

ApocalypseHow  HAPPINESS IS… getting a check from a class-action lawsuit you didn’t even know you were part of.

himissjulie  Thanksgiving is okay, but my favorite holiday this month is “3rd paycheck of the month” day.

johnmoe  Just to be clear, is Keith Moon in a lab coat and nothing else technically considered a Doctor Who?

tweet of the week

TheBlackStar  I may have gone to the park dressed as Robin with Kingston dressed as batman.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

Thrifty Crafting: Moss Terrarium

Making a terrarium with a thick layer of carpet-like moss was always a dream of mine, but it was dream that was out of reach. Our climate doesn’t lend itself to moss, being too hot and, even in winter, too dry. If you head to the foothills or the mountains you are more likely to find lichen and tangles of hairy, dry moss on the forest floor. I contemplated buying moss from a wetter, darker climate and seeing if I could keep it alive within glass walls. I thought about this for years but never got around to buying some.

Sometimes you find the things you need in the least likely of places. A few weeks ago I went to a baby shower for my dear friend Ellen, at a place affectionately known as the ranch, and when the party was over we were all ushered outside for picture time. While family and friends took their turn I wandered about the yard taking photos, as I’m wont to do, and I found it. Moss! All over the ground! I picked up great emerald chunks and turned them over in my hand. They were shingles from the roof of an old barn that enjoyed copious amounts of shade during the day. The moss and the wood of the shingle had fused together to become one single organism. The moss was dry and hard but I felt that it could be revived if I took it home and gave it water and shade.

And here’s why my friend Ellen is so great: Here I am picking up dead moss attached to rotten shingles on her family’s property, gleefully asking her if I can keep them, keep all the precious bits of moss that looked like an infected dried-out sponge and she not only said yes but she offered to get me a bag. That girl’s a keeper.

Operation Gleefully Shove Your Friend’s Moss in Bag was a success and a few sips of water later and these babies have a new lease on life. I found the large terrarium container at an estate sale recently. The smaller one is actually a brandy snifter that I found while thrifting. The deer was part of a vintage lot of Christmas goodies I indulged in before Treasures to Find closed.

I’ll be selling both containers as a set in my shop once I have time to do some uploading.

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