My Unruly Garden, Early Summer 2015

I haven’t posted photos of the garden in quite awhile and I have a backlog of them. Most of these were from early summer when my garden was in full swing. Things were growing and the weather was nice enough to leave the doors open much of the day. We were outside constantly. I’m working on a post about what the garden is like now, deep in its summer hibernation, just trying to withstand the heat and the drought. During the spring and early summer the garden is such a huge part of our lives.

My Unruly Garden: Do not use much water

We were visiting my parents a few weeks ago when Isobel got into Ama’s crayon and paper stash. My mom has a whole drawer in the kitchen for art supplies. Grandma had one in her kitchen growing up, so my mom made one for us in her kitchen. It languished in the years between us leaving the house and Isobel being born, but it is heavily used again now. Anthony helped her spell only two words, “drought” and “water,” and she did the rest on her own. You’ll notice a drawing of a sun and a flower with only a few drops of water next to it at the top. We didn’t do anything to prompt this drawing (except for nag incessantly about the water shortage every time she turned on the tap), she just wanted to help get the word out. Our friend Jake is a “water scientist” and she asked me to send photos of these to him, too. In case he wanted to make water posters with her for his work some time.

After I snapped a few photos, she insisted on taking the rest with an empty flower pot on her head. I don’t know why. But she vehemently insisted.

Do not use much water, California. She demands it.

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