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Follow Friday – Hearts!

14 Feb

Since it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d put together a post that features different photos of hearts. Some of them are intentional and some of them are not. Click on the photo for more information. Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

adampknave  Ain’t no party like a freelancer party ’cause a freelancer party don’t stop. Even when it needs to. To sleep. Or Eat. Oh god, send help.

slackmistress  Mom didn’t force me to continue ice skating or violin so instead of being a prodigy I’m sitting on my couch. #ThankYouMom #DidIDoThatRight

VaguelyFunnyDan  Unknowingly tweeted something similar to an Insane Clown Posse lyric. Threw up twice then deleted it. I appreciate privacy during this time.

shellipants  So if I cut my head off then my neck and back won’t hurt anymore. I’m not a physician but I think this will work.

danforthfrance  If you got a big booty, I’ll never make you shake it. I’ll just wait for it to shake normally during the course of your daily activities.

Jedimasterbator  One bee’s barf is another bee’s honey. #InspirationalBeeTweets

Zapsta  It’s weird how few animals have wheels.

theleanover  I am so fat. I’m basically a bean bag chair with strong opinions on Star Trek and an erection.

JulieFroolie  Those pistachio ads are like that well-meaning aunt who’s trying to be fun

MandiHarris  The math I’m best at is turning any recipe into a recipe for one.

ghostmeow  Saying “you had a good life” and trying to close someone’s eyes like a corpse when you’re tired of listening to them

VioletThunk  Comfort yourself about your nighttime activities by saying, “This is normal in France.”

bombsfall  My favorite winter Olympics event is skeletons.

Athenabee  It just ain’t winter until I fall out of my car and into a snow drift.

Molly_Kats  Can’t come out tonight because I’m stuck in a hoodie.

DrMaldoror  CAT BREATH #RejectedCandyHearts

RowanKaiser  XBOX ONE #rejectedcandyhearts

bombsfall  HORSE  #RejectedCandyHearts

bluthquotes  I BLUE MYSELF #rejectedcandyhearts

mocoddle  404 FILE NOT FOUND #rejectedcandyhearts

mitdasein  POMPEII? I still haven’t seen the first POMPE!

MissPotkin  Kid singing “It’s the final jam scone” to the tune of Final Countdown. I have NEVER been prouder.

MmeLaCrooz  Watching porn. I mean Thor. When does the pizza guy get there?

theleanover  Everyone Was Naked And Nobody Cared: The Dream Journal of Adam J. Wilson

donni  Sure, I spent the night in jail, but breaking into that jail was worth it.

sarahafrantz  Guys, I think Bob Costas is winking at me. #Sochi2014

donni  Can you get a DUI if you’re legally a cat.

ShipInTheKnight  I’m “being upside down at any point while I’m skiing is a huge mistake” years old.

MassageByTed  Now that I think about it, I guess painting baseboards is probably my favorite method of gluing pubes to the wall.

ProBirdRights  When I have invested in eating a pail of corn, I am not to be disturbed for an fortnight.

andylassner “How do those internet videos get popular and go spiral?” -My mother

shariv67  “I think you’ll find I’m a fast lemur.” “Did you say lemur?” “LEARNER!  Haha. I meant learner.” *pushes tail back under trench coat*

marlespo  For Valentine’s Day I’m hiring a huge, strong black man to hug me. Mainly during my visit to his osteopathy practice, but YOU NEVER KNOW.

wearyourshaydes  Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret’s Friend. You Don’t Know Me But She Gave Me Your Number, Hope That’s Cool.

ShesAllWrite  “I just subtweeted” is the new “I just farted.”

TinyNietzsche  *looks out window* sword weather

donni  I’m kind of like a surgeon, but for pie.

theleanover  Why do dumb people tweet sayings they didn’t write and why do dumber people retweet them? Also you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

michaeljnelson  Bagels are the best breakfast food because they absorb the most “shame and regret” tears, one of the most common morning tears.

MrsFridayNext  Mentions of carpentry skills will make me pause over even the most tragic OKCupid profile, as visions of custom shelves dance in my head.

seethingwithjoy  People who describe a boring event as a snoozefest have probably never even been to SnoozeFest.

drezdn  I drive like I live: Slowly and avoiding conflict at all costs.

JulieFroolie  Last night I actually fell out of bed, banged my head on a table, blood, stars. Will I get dumb soon from hed injuree oh no dum

JasonMcNamara  I can only hope Shia LaBeouf switches from paper to plastic next time he wears a bag on his head.

catagator  Counting the watching of today’s athletes competing at the Olympics for my work out.

redsesame  Asking my niece what does the fox say, and my mom is filling in the rest of the lyrics. WHO TAUGHT THIS WOMAN MEMES I DEMAND TO KNOW

annetdonahue  Yulia Lipnitskaya is 15 and the frontrunner for a gold medal in figure skating. When I was 15, I drunkenly asked everyone to call me A-Dawg.

glo_stevens  Lonely kid w/boombox challenging random ppl to dance battles at this 5k: this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

gneicco  I am lucky to live in America. There is so much here to make fun of.

biorhythmist  Sorry I retweeted your mom.

FrankConniff  Haven’t seen The Lego Movie but I read the toy.

apelad  Behold the true Dalek form! *hatch opens to reveal sweating British child pulling levers and pedaling to make Dalek puppet move*

mzeld  the best things in life are Brie

jazmasta  If your erection lasts more than 4 hours please seek medical attention immediately so you can chest bump your doctor so fuckin’ hard.

apelad  Tonight at the movies I sat next to a guy who provided descriptive video service for absolutely no charge!

ladybirdj  I just got a bronze medal for being doped up on cold medicine and singing Old Man River.

josephesque  Just took my first duckface selfie. I think the picture came out great but the duck wasn’t stoked.

kwmurphy  Good night Internet. Enjoy your alleged eight to twenty nightly mouth spiders.

michaeljnelson  When a financial adviser asks me my goals I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s to ride a snowmobile on the moon.

BDGarp  Victoria’s Secret is just a cache of hidden snacks.

UncleDynamite  TLC Re-Forms With Bob “Left Eye” Costas

josephesque  I always ask friends if they want to come over for a nightcap; the one time one says yes, they come over but refuse to wear my nightcap.

markleggett  As soon as I finish this set, I shall explain to the other bros in the gym that the urine-scented fluid on my tights is just penis sweat.

slackmistress  Marriage is NOT about making babies. It’s about being able to double dip.

TheBosha  The Winter Olympics is a fascinating compilation of people doing things well that most of us have only done poorly and by accident.

runawaycupcake  There’s a huge snowstorm in Portland and we are all just hoping it’s gluten free.

jenstatsky  This 875-question BuzzFeed quiz about which character on “The Middle” I am requires a blood sample…?

LouisPeitzman  Watching cop shows has given me an unrealistic idea of how easy it is to break down a door.

heyjenray  I just said “I love you,” out loud, to a bowl of mashed potatoes.

wordlust  I have cabin fever. I think I’m a cabin.

markleggett  Spent ten minutes watching some British Olympic athlete killin’ everyone on the Downhill Ski before realising that I’m watching a Bond film.

FlyteAphrodite  What is appropriate clothing to wear for riding a dinosaur? Asking for a friend.

rstevens  why can’t everything glow in the dark? it would be so safe!

shariv67  I’m making Hamburger Helper for dinner because I pretty much do anything a disembodied hand tells me to.

annetdonahue  Picture this: Tom Hanks telling you everything’s going to be okay. See? Now everything’s okay.

biorhythmist  Please send your grandma a nice happy emoticon. She wants the :D

weinerdog4life  Roses are red Violets are blue I’m not allowed At Pottery Barn

WhirledRecord  Alcohol can help you forget your problems, by creating much bigger problems that make the original problems seem insignificant.

sarcasmically  I went out in public today, which was regrettable for all parties involved.

Cavspc  Dolls give us an unrealistic body image of women. E.g. Russian women do not contain a series of smaller Russian women inside of them.

michaeljnelson  Clamshell packaging inventor: Come and show me how to open a clamshell package without injury. If you fail, I kill you with clamshell.

Framston  Just saw the new Batman movie. Way better than the last one.

IamEnidColeslaw What’s YOUR Body Type? A. hourglass B. pear C. apple D. minotaur E. obelisk F. pile of tires G. husk

theleanover  A Venn diagram of People Who Zip Beards In Hoodie Zippers and People Who Zip Chest Hair In Hoodie Zippers. I occupy this intersection.

tweet of the week

mattytalks  You wanna take it outside pal? You wanna take a walk in the woods asshole? You wanna hike the Appalachian trail and find ourselves bitch?

What is Follow Friday? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness hereWould you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

Holiday Special: Little Big’s Anti-Valentine Playlist

13 Feb

Last year, after enduring one too many jewelry commercials, I channeled my frustration toward the greater good and put together an Anti-Valentine playlist. I think it’s a lovely all-inclusive way to celebrate the holiday because even if you are in a relationship you can probably relate to the sentiment.

Valentine’s day is rather an exclusive holiday. Thanksgiving and Christmas are flexible enough to be celebrated in a multitude of different ways and with a group of friends or a traditional family. Halloween takes all-comers, just as they are. But Valentine’s day has that conceit of being specifically for those paired up, as if there’s something wrong with being single during that day of the year (which, of course, there isn’t). This year I wanted to scoff at that notion and celebrate Valentine’s day in an all-inclusive way by offering this playlist. Not everyone is in a relationship, but everyone has had the experience of being frustrated by one at some time or another, and even more broadly, each of us has had their days of just being done with humanity as a whole. This playlist is part angsty, part tongue-in-cheek, and all awesome.  So this one’s for you, everybody. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The first song has a few swears, as well as a couple others here and there, so you might want to give it a listen before you bump it in the car during school drop-off or before blasting it at work from your cubicle.

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