Scrapbook: Blossom Hunt 2015

This year I was too ill to drive far out into the country for my annual Valley blossom photograph expedition, my version of the Japanese tradition of hanami, but just down the street from my home were a few ornamental cherry trees in full-on riotous pink bloom. More can be found in this album, if you are into that sort of thing.

Clues: My Episode of the Random Trek Podcast

My episode of the Random Trek podcast is up! I lucked out and got a TNG episode — “Clues.” Scott was so great to┬átalk with and I’m honored to have been asked to participate. As with most┬árecordings, my voice sounds extremely weird to me, so let me assure you that I don’t normally sound like that. I swear. We talked about pink moss, Warf’s head, and Data’s blue carpet-chairs. It was awesome.

The Random Trek podcast is great and I suggest you listen to all of them.


(The above photo is the Christmas card I talk about in the episode, and this link will take you to the Marina Sirtis costume post.)


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