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Productivity Creepin’: Life List Update

17 Jan

Each year in January I like to take time to go through and update and revise my life list. There are always a few things I forget to cross off as well as things that no longer appeal to me that I need to delete. I like rereading it because it puts things in perspective and helps me remember what’s important. I remember the person I am and I remember who I want to become. Knowing who I am and what I want helps me set goals and create steps to achieve them. I like this system better than making resolutions which is why I leave it as a chore for January. I’m posting a list of my accomplished items below because I love the feeling of satisfaction I get from seeing a lot of items crossed off an even larger list.

  • Fondue party!
  • See Rifftrax live
  • Contribute financially to our family
  • Help Anthony get his game published
  • Carve our initials into a tree
  • Display my photography in a gallery show
  • Visit a giant planetarium
  • Look through Lick Observatory’s telescope

Scrapbook: Family Photos by Chris + Jenn Photography

2 Dec

Dear friends and extremely talented professional photographers Chris and Jenn were kind enough to take some photos of our family last spring. This was an item that had long been on my life list. Now that the main crush of the wedding season is over I have the glorious results of that photo shoot. (I posted a sneak peek, which included lots of Squirrelly bottle feeding, here.) What they captured filled my heart and spilled out through my eyes. Thank you so much, you guys.

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