Follow Friday – Guest Photographer Megan Hunt

Today’s guest photographer is someone I’ve admired for a long time and for a myriad of reasons. She’s a creator, an organizer, an entrepreneur, and a mother. She amazes me with all she’s done and what she’s still working to accomplish. And I’m sure you can tell, I have a bit of a lady-crush on her.

Megan Hunt is the co-founder of Hello Holiday, a new e-commerce startup offering funding to emerging designers, and founder of Princess Lasertron, a boutique bridal design company. Consistently recognized for her marketing intuition and ability to make emotional connections with customers, Megan lives in Omaha where she devotes much of her time to supporting local entrepreneurs and creatives. What she loves most about her job is meeting and collaborating with passionate people, speaking in front of great big crowds, and being able to take her daughter, Alice, to work every day. She is currently penning her first book, Fabric Booms, set for release in May 2014.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

J__Swift  Okay, okay, I changed my mind, I do want a scrub.

mitdasein  Life Hack: have no shame.

introvertedwife  Look into your hard drive and open up your mercy file. “File not found.”

missmandy_q  When will I ever learn? My pants have to be zipped BEFORE I leave the house

telephase  The promoted tweet badge is the new scarlet letter.

catagator  Do I put “50 Cent” or “Cent, 50?” You might think I have to give this indexing question serious thought but I do not.

sbellelauren  apparently my psychiatrist doesn’t appreciate that i call her my new drug dealer

vforrestal  So this girl’s like 19, and she’s been in the Olympics and the Miss America pageant?! WELL I’M DRINKING A BEER & HAVE TWO CATS LAYING ON ME.

annetdonahue  My Miss America talent would be reciting Breaking Bad theories until I am removed from the building.

twelveyearsold  It’s like my nana always said: if you can’t say anything relevant, manually RT it and add some emojis

TheBosha  Most underwear sold is white. That’s a lot of unjustifiably confident people.

wordlust  “Do I look like Google?” is a valid response to any question. Even that one.

wordlust  I’ve got the heart of a lion. My cardiologist is the worst.

Homestar_ebooks  One, zero zero, one one, zero, one, one zero, one one zero, zero one. You may not have understood me, but I was speaking technology.

ScrewyDecimal  Actual phone call from my mom: “We’re cleaning out the garage. Can I throw out this ‘Deluxe Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure’?” BLASPHEMY

thebooksluts  Swype hitched while I was typing drawer; autocorrect put in Dr RAWR. Imma call that a win.

MsHunnyBunnie  You’re gonna be doing stuff anyway so you may as well do what you want.

biorhythmist  Accidentally got chocolate all over the inside of my stomach

000___000  no law says you have to actually own a dog to keep your dog related documents organized in a folder called “dog stuff”. read a book, hippies

TinyNietzsche  I’m eating out of my own hand which is a sad turn of events.

VaguelyFunnyDan  Just got thrown out of Macy’s for excessive celebration of an undershirt purchase. #DoubleThroatSlash

BuckyIsotope  Hello OnStar? Yes I have an emergency. My wife thinks Pikachu is better than Squirtle. I left her at a gas station. Can you go get her?

aheatherdonahue  Exhiliaration comes not from danger but from noticing.

rstevens  I’ma complex individual. Mostly complex carbohydrates.

mitdasein  What’s your favorite deadly sin that’s also a cuddly animal? Mine is sloth.

burritojustice  Just got a message from Voyager: SEND MOAR PLUTONIUM NEED TO DO A SCIENCE

VaguelyFunnyDan  A fascinating few hours here on Fridays, when “Drunk East Coast Twitter” interacts with “Not Quite Drunk Yet West Coast Twitter”.

suburbanitis  It just took me a full second to realize I couldn’t pin something from this paper Martha Stewart Living to Pinterest.

dammitbabies  when life hands you lemons, throw them in the ocean. throwing things is fun

Jedimasterbator  “TGIF!” – Jason Voorhees

000___000  every food was invented by the earl of what the food is called. you got your earl of dorito, earl of bananas, earl of frogurt. earl of meat.

shinyinfo  I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but at least I can say that I NEVER forgot about Dre.

alwysabridesmd   The main ingredients in pie are CRUMBS and SHAME.

ModernSauce  How spooky is it gonna be when the date is 13/13/13?!?!?!??!

lizzwinstead  Let’s call these anti Obamacare zealots Defundamentalist

emilysteers  narrator- “the sun is growing hotter and brighter.” yours truly- “kind of like me! ohhhhh, yeah.” david- ::actual, literal facepalm::

BeTheBoy  If strip clubs served lunch I bet a popular order would be the salad with no dressing.

BangPowPing  Put yourself in my position… prone, eating Cheetos.

BeTheBoy  Family reunions are the comment section of life.

TheRedQueen  the only time I ever want to hear about the Paleo diet is if you are going recount spearing a Sabar Tooth Tiger for dinner.

WhirledRecord  “VOLCANO” Science Experiment for Kids! You will need: 1) Vinegar 2) Baking Soda 3) An exploding volcano

TheNextMartha  People keep asking if I’ve lost weight and the only thing I did was cut my hair. I should patent this diet.

scottywrotem  If we had both arms on one side of our body they probably would have called them F-shirts instead.

IanKarmel  Seriously. Gwyneth. It stops sounding like a name after the second time you say it.

rolldiggity  Okay, I’ll admit my plan to make 20 sandwiches at once by throwing a loaf of bread and turkey through a fan was SLIGHTLY shortsighted.

donni  A scrub is a guy who thinks he’s The Fly / He is also known as Jeff Goldblum

usedwigs  Jeff Lyons just posted 34 new photos to the album “Heated Family Arguments”

stevelibrarian  If you’ve written a biography of Superman, yeah, you do “do” children’s books.

ModernSauce  Geez can’t a girl get off work and go to Costco to buy 4 pounds of bacon already?! #friday #amirite

biorhythmist  Come to my “home style” restaurant where all meals are eaten while standing over the sink.

annetdonahue  The Santa Clause 4: Rebel Without a Clause

JPHaddadio  Lazy people are underrated. We’re too lazy to kill or steal like other people do. A simple “thanks for being so lazy” would be nice to hear.

neildg  “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to scold ’em,” Kenny Rogers’ mom.

 usedwigs  Top 10 Ways New Parents are Spelling Ava: – Avah – Ayvah – Abreva® – Flava – Faygo – Lava – ÄvÄ – AavvaA – ÆVÆ – Abevigoda

ToeKneeSam  Palm Tree? More like, Talk to the Hand Tree.

ModernSauce  *looks down at wedges* *looks at gravel parking lot* This time it’ll be different, she says with a false confidence.

Jedimasterbator  Corey O’Graphed : Ireland’s most predictable dancer.

AndyAsAdjective  My three biggest fears are mouses, wolfs & proper pluralization.

BDGarp  “Get a load of that guy.” – porn director

lateandsoon  Why do I become Oskar Schindler every time I load a dishwasher? “One more! I could have fit…one…more!”

apatheticist  Wife and I used to do triathlons and Crossfit but we’ve recently stepped up our workout game into some hard-core Prancercizing.

dixie_lee_peas  Things I’ve learned at the gym: Don’t fart with your ear buds in.

usedwigs  Hello 911, I just finished dessert, do you know how many calories are in a tiramisu the size of a Smart Car?

CatFoodBreath  Admit it, you think it’s really cute when I sleep in the middle of the bed like this.

CatFoodBreath  Not only do I need most of the bed tonight, I need all the pillows. Cat stuff. You understand.

RideOrDiePudge  “You’re the one that should have died, Turner. Not Hooch! You! You should be dead!” – me meeting Tom Hanks.

runawaycupcake  Whenever my boss is talking to me I look him in the eye and Kegel furiously.

theleanover  still very upset grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t an official currency

usedwigs  Top 10 Ways New Parents are Spelling Ava: – Avah – Ayvah – Abreva® – Flava – Faygo – Lava – ÄvÄ – AavvaA – ÆVÆ – Abevigoda

ajlobster  The cigar-smoking man who frequents the stoop next to my house and I have a pretty great “what’s up” head-nod arrangement

DoctorPug  remember 2 exercis hav some vegetable shares the giggle bacons pancake dont sniff that thing

turnageb  OH: “Do you know how magnets work? If so, then chances are you are NOT in Insane Clown Posse.”

theleanover  If one of R2D2’s ports doesn’t open to reveal a Fleshlight then what’s the point in building him crotch-high?

MassageByTed  Please, Lipps, Inc. was my *father’s* disastrous misadventure into corporate America. You can call me Kids Exchange Co.

ClevelandPoet  if my pocket watch worked it would really aid in my calling everyone old sport.

jen_cyr  Tonight at the library, I rescued a mama spider & a few dozen of her babies of the terrible fate of living in a season of Frasier.

Bagyants  Probably the best response to “You’re so arrogant” is “I know”


timeblimp  Without using the word ‘pantsuit’, convey the concept of pantsuitness. #TerribleWritingPrompts

timeblimp  How many pull-ups do you think I can do? #TerribleWritingPrompts

earlfando  You have just been born. Describe your wetness. #TerribleWritingPrompts

NicLewis  If you were a venomous pony, how venomous would you be? #TerribleWritingPrompts

AtHomePundit  What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it’s all about: argue in favor. #terriblewritingprompts

DrMaldoror  You are a lumpy insane person who has just murdered eight people with a bottle opener. Describe a blooming tulip. #TerribleWritingPrompts

AtHomePundit  Write a dialogue between Lincoln and a sentient turd. #terriblewritingprompts

Quadrupus  Describe R2-D2’s thoughts and feelings throughout The Empire Strikes Back. You may use beeps, clicks, and adverbs. #TerribleWritingPrompts

GlancesNods  Be funny using less than 140 characters. #TerribleWritingPrompts

GreenEyedLilo  Explain how your writing professor’s new beard makes him look both younger and more distinguished. #TerribleWritingPrompts

DrMaldoror  You are woken from a sound sleep in the dead of night by a terrible smell. Describe your movements. #TerribleWritingPrompts

tweet of the week

jezebeldodai  shout out to the little boy on the block with a sword, fedora and towel cape pushing a baby doll in a stroller.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

Follow Friday – Guest Photoagrapher Schmutzie

me, trying NOT to have a crazy face

Today I am beyond honored to feature the great Schmutzie of blog and iphoneography fame as our guest photographer for June. Schmutzie was one of the first people I met on Twitter and I remember being bowled over by how smart, funny, and kind she was. I remember being so flattered that she would engage with a total n00b like me. Enjoy her photography!

Elan Morgan lives, writes, and photographs in Regina, Saskatchewan. She blogs, designs, and consults through, spreads gratitude through Grace in Small Things, celebrates Canadian blogging with the Canadian Weblog Awards, and speaks all over. She believes in and works to grow both personal and professional quality, genuine community, and meaningful content online.

Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.


heyitsIsobel  I like to eat while I exercise.

FilthyRichmond  As a parent I must refer to Vine & Instagram video as “Youtubes”.

99golems  “i have to eat these donuts but i have no mouth” – a horror movie

DeanOkay  Depression is an invisible ankle bracelet

donni  Fined for having an illegal butt

ModernSauce  I permanently look like the Neville Longbottom before shot.

theleanover  Sometimes I wonder if bands like the Black Eyed Peas are part of a cultural IQ test being run by sociologists at the CIA.

smonkyou  With autocorrect I think you’d need a lot less than 1000 monkeys to write Hamlet.

MommyMG  In terms of TV doctors: Who > Phil, who is ? Oz

WilliamAder  GANDALF DIED?

Smethanie  You know how you put a cover over a bird’s cage to make it calm down? I wish you could do that with kids.

kelkulus  “Your ass is mine, bitch!” I said to the dog as I stole her donkey.

iscoff  If I thought that it was a better name than Snoop Dogg, I’d be Snoop Lion

tejucole  Ain’t saying she a gold digger, but it’s 1849 and she’s in a riverbed in the Sierra Nevada with a shovel and a pan.

RideOrDiePudge  Trying to get in touch with my feelings so I can eat them.

StevenBrust  How to score with women: 1.Pick a sportsball game 2.Get a woman on your team. 3. Score some points. See what I did there?

rachelokokok  Sometimes I lay around and think “that lucky girl!!!” of whoever will end up with me. And she’s probably thinking “oh dear.”

ProfessorSnack  He left this world like he came in, screaming about a weird experience involving a vagina.

ProfessorSnack  He died like he lived, just with less breathing involved.

Aidan before his trip 2

ruthakers  College should ideally be more like chain restaurants. Where courses are 2 for $11.99.

donni  Basketham is like basketball, except you just get a basket of delicious ham. It’s way better, actually

Psquatch  please officer, it was sports made me flay this bison

markleggett  Just reported someone for spam. Raw power courses through my veins. I flip over several cars. SWAT arrives, but I report them for spam too…

DannyZuker  “My name is James Bond.” #WrongFilmQuotes

jammyink  “show me the monkey!” #WrongFilmQuotes

abbytron  “All work and no play makes Jack a real asset to the company.” #WrongFilmQuotes

MeganBoley  Does twitter email my Canadian friends that someone has “favourited” their tweet.

LaetPO  To err is human; to forgive, divine; to ignore, healthier; to defenestrate, more fun.

caroramsey  i before e except onLY SOMETIMES AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ENGLISH

trevso_electric  Relationships take hard work and just kidding you’re still young and there are 7,158,893,537 people in the world, run away and start over.

Handflapper  Maroon 5 song came on and I didn’t switch the station and now we know I’ve really and truly given up on life.

MassageByTed  It took me a while to lick every pair of sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut, but by god I did it.

awrightbrian  If I’d wanted my child bitten, I’d have homeschooled her.

NikkiGlaser  I hope Kim and Kanye stick to the K names and call her Potassium.

JasonLastname  The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest

apelad  Surely by now there have been a thousand movies based on the Hero with a Thousand Faces. Time to move on to other things with lots of faces.

EricDaDadourian  My diaper is so full of itself.

waiting to get in to the Marilyn Dennis show 2

helgagrace  If I were a character I would be Hotness Everdean.

InfiniteChicken  I wonder if Clint Eastwood is still talking to that chair.

MassageByTed  When I give PowerPoint presentations I hold an upward-pointing flashlight below my boobs to make upsetting shadows.

CloydRivers  The colors red, white and blue represent freedom. Until they’re flashin’ behind you. Merica.

VPace  To be fair, Sarah Palin understood EXACTLY what Miss Utah was trying to say.

abhorrent_wife  Sometimes you set a good example, sometimes you wear a snap pea as a mustache at the table.

JRehling  “I’m not a person morning.” –Monday

LouisPeitzman  If you opened your eyes and Benedict Cumberbatch was staring into them, you’d scream. Don’t lie to me.

elliemce  ugh i lost my phone feels like losing a limb (also lost my phone when i was holding it in hand that got severed off in a terrible accident)

jennyvsjenny  it just seems to me that a “bounce” house should play bounce music. so congratulations amelia, your 5th birthday party sucked.

trumpetcake  “May I pay in moonbeams?” is the first question I ask at any establishment.

rstevens  I’m such a good meditator that when a mosquito lands on my arm, I can use my blood pressure to make it explode #BESTMONK

TheBloggess  Hard to get ahold of my dad today bc he’s traveling on a “squirrel-hunting expedition.” My dad is living my cat’s dreams.

cloudcm  success is made out of failures stitched together with time, so when someone tells you you’re a failure, tell them good, now fuck off mister

ItsMattRVA  A cool thing about being a dad is that, despite your current appearance, everyone knows you were once attractive enough to have sex.

snazzmania  I’ve got the best hired goons, they really do a beat-em-up job

DadBoner  Gotta raise a cold one for all the other Dads out there from coast to coast. Our carnal passions built the future of the USA, you guys.

robayre  If you drive by & see grown adult women pelting a 3 yo boy with pinecones, just know this game was his idea & he’s saying “hit me, hit me!”

my giant baby kitty

hopiecan  He loves white linen pants. It’s his biggest Miami vice.

FlyoverJoel  I forgot to wear my wedding ring to the grocery store and I totally picked up this hot deal on fresh corn.

alwysabridesmd  Just saw a guy wearing a tshirt that said “I make adorable babies.” I must respectfully disagree with you sir!!

HonestToddler  Happy Father’s Day! Of all the things your toddler has broken, your spirit was probably the most rewarding. Love u.

flipflops  I feel like we live in an age so advanced that we don’t have to give up softness for strength in toilet paper. Is that too radical?

Squirreljustice  Go towards the light, Carol Ann. No, the other one. That’s just me in a bathing suit.

mitdasein  The future’s so bright, I gotta throw shade.

HaleyMancini  Here’s to my dad, who once butt-dialed me 24 times in a row.

calluptome  Pinched a hipster in Brooklyn just to watch him sigh.

JRehling  The thing I can never understand when I see a hockey game is how they found twelve Canadians who are so impolite.

Molly_Kats  Watches ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – talks like Bane for the next 29 hours.

apatheticist  Pro Tip: Always buy the same color Gatorade as your shirt is.

willgoldstein  I own 3 blazers and they all have spit up stains on them. By having children I have forfeited my right to be fancy for any occasion.

steveroggenbuck  there shoud be a t-shirt that says “I’M A MOTHERFUCKING DAD”

aclevergirl  “But let’s arrange it all so that our hotel guests end up watching themselves on the toilet in a mirror.” — contemporary hotel architects

theleanover  There’s a lot of sexual tension between me and this Pringles can I’ve basically been fisting all night.

Lilacmess   Found an old sheet in my scribblish game: “There’s a stripper in my pool” eventually became “inflatable boobs won’t save you from drowning”

Shanan at Saturday brunch 1

MassageByTed  For a Father’s Day present to my dad, I kept my opinion about cruises to myself through most of dinner.

morninggloria  Does ‘friends with benefits’ mean a pal you have sex with or a pal you marry because they’ve got great insurance?

badbanana  “I cried because I had no feet, but then I saw a guy wearing those weird rubber toe shoes and now I can’t stop laughing.”

introvertedwife  It’s so humid outside I saw Aquaman going for a jog.

milonguera  Today two dogs that are not my own ran into my house and terrorized my cats. Joaquín was yelling WE CAN KEEP THEM! WE HAVE DOGS NOW!

morninggloria  If you’ve always wanted a companion who sits in a box and watches the door hoping someone cooler comes and takes them away, get a cat.

wilw  Pride of lions, flock of geese, spinster of cats.

wordlust  My favorite voicemails from my mom are the ones that ask me to disregard her other voicemails.

nathan210  All my years on this planet have taught me basically one thing: humans like shiny things.

ToeKneeSam  My cat kneads me.

shariv67 The five stages of waking up: 1. Denial 2. Bargaining 3. Anger 4. Depression 5. Coffee

sarcasmically  We made it five fully-clothed days into summer break before the kids became half-naked swamp beasts.

emilysteers  there has to be an ironic law name for the fact that, without fail, there will always be a chubby old guy in your apartment complex pool.

trumpetcake  Now you can have the sound of wind chimes with you wherever you go with CHIMEHAT™!

theneener  It’s like there’s a party in my large intestines and the partygoers aren’t sure if they should leave or not.

iscoff  I can fit my whole fist in my mouth but I had to blend it first

DrMaldoror  Over on Facebook I’m planning a peanut-butter-based series of cozy mysteries. So, I’ve had worse Fridays.

Disalmanac  Today in 1928, Che Guevara was born. He’s popular on hipster T-shirts because they think he’s the Frito Bandito.

JohnFugelsang  Man of Steel tells the story of a space alien who believes he can have a paid career in print media.

biorhythmist  If the eggplant is your most-used emoji we can probably be friends

rev_rev_rev_rev  i made a graph of the reasons i’ve been dumped in the past. this is the ex-axis and this is the why-axis

frenchielaboozi  ah i seeeee i thought when you said you wanted to start a family it was understood i would be the baby

VaguelyFunnyDan  You can tell me how worthless Facebook is, but how the fuck else would I know the left tackle on my 4th grade football team likes Costco?

knottyyarn  Old boss used to play “Crazy in Love” to get us jazzed about mundane shit; been 10 years, but I can finally hear it w/out thinking “murder”

quantumpotpie  I don’t miss smoking but I do miss all the time outside.

rstevens  If only there were some of that brown water what makes me want to live.

wordlust  I’m scared of ghosts, intimacy, and intimacy with ghosts.

frozen bird 4tweet of the week

rstevens  As your life coach, I am sad to say we are cutting you from the team. Sorry.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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