The Strange World Of Isobel’s Camera

Years ago, I think back in 2012, my friend Noel gave Isobel her daughter’s old kids’ digital camera that she had outgrown. For the first time since we had gotten the camera I downloaded the photos to make room for a new round of pictures by Isobel, and what I saw enchanted me. The photos have a misty, almost mystical quality to them, as if peering through the lens takes us through a looking glasses. Some of them look like pixelated digital art, while the others look like an impressionist painting. Some of them resemble filmy underwater scenes while still others appear as if we are underwater, looking at a dreamy surface world. I also love seeing the bits and pieces that reflect a child’s perspective. We take for granted that they see a whole person at a glace when maybe, because of their shorter stature, they see just a fraction.

Most of these pictures were taken by Isobel but a few were taken by her cousin Sam, her friend Kingston, and her other cousin, Jewel. I have had a lot of fun trying to figure out what some of these images are, and what she must have been thinking when she took them.

The Special (Lego) Father’s Day Gift

The past two Mondays in a row I’ve been getting together with my cousin Liz and her two kids, Sam and Victoria, and have had what I’ve been calling Cousin Craftapalooza. Mostly the kids just play together, but when we visited my cousin’s house she had all the supplies ready to make sandpaper transfer t-shirts and though we weren’t sure if they would turn out to be Pinterest fails or success stories, we knew we’d have fun. They turned out super cute. We got together the next Monday at my house and I promised we’d make something Father’s Day-themed.

I had some more elaborate ideas in mind, but since I’m running on limited health and energy, I decided to shift gears and do something simple. I looked through my links and found this blank Lego minifig template, courtesy of Dutch’s Minifigures, and immediately thought of the Lego Movie and their fixation on “the Special.” Anyone can be “the Special” if you love them, so I decided the kids could decorate their minifig to look like their Dad and add “You are the Special to me” at the top. This idea works best if the father in question has seen the Lego Movie, but it’s still great if not–just change the wording at the top to avoid confusion.

Happily, I already had crayons and the ability to print out as many pages as they wanted to make, so it essentially cost me nothing. It was also really easy for me to put together, necessary since I didn’t have a lot of energy to spare.

Elias decorated quite a bit of his paper himself. He is always trying to copy the bigger kids and frequently tries his hand at coloring whenever he sees big sister coloring, which is a lot. Isobel and Victoria volunteered to help him, anyway. I like the hair Isobel added. It does look like Anthony’s hair when it gets longer and he just wakes up from a nap.

Isobel’s came out very cute and even resembles him a bit.

Sam and Victoria also really like Lego, so I was glad to see their enthusiasm.

Sam made an alternate version of his Dad, who appeared to be a robot named THE CRASHER. I love it.

It was simple, cheap, kids liked it. What more could I ask for?

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