Scrapbook: Gloomy Park Playdate

Last November we spent our Tuesday off for Veteran’s Day in the park with our best friends, Kingston and Justin (sadly, Angela still had to work). It was a gloomy day which was actually quite lovely because we still had some pretty hot days in late October and early November and I was happy to have a day at the park that didn’t involve sweating. Leaves had started falling off the trees so we packed two rakes so Kingston and Isobel could have at it. Isobel had been begging to rake leaves at home but we didn’t have any. Elias spent the day celebrating many firsts: first time wearing jeans, first time in a swing, first time he put leaves in his mouth. He did that last one many times so he must have enjoyed it. After raking the kids ran around all crazy, collected nature for examination by magnifying glass, made some fairy houses, and helped push Elias on the swing. I took dozens of photos and then we all had barbecue for lunch. It was a great day.


Scrapbook: Animatronic Rex

A few months ago Isobel and I planned a girls’ day on a Saturday morning. We were going to have breakfast and then hit up a dinosaur exhibition that came to town. Thanks to my newborn’s schedule, we were up and at ’em an hour before the exhibit even opened. Normally we’d use this time to get in some girls’ only thrifting, but the Annual Community Sale was also that weekend, so we made a stop there first. As you can see, Isobel dressed herself to the nines, wearing Wishing Elephant’s gifted Operation Strong Girl dress, a pin from Let’s Die Friends, an orange tutu, thrifted purse, and one of Mama’s vintage scarves.

The community sale was boom but the animatronic dinosaur exhibit was bust. It was exorbitantly expensive an consisted of nothing even remotely related to educating the public. The animatronic dinosaur room may have housed actual dinosaur replicas, but the other room, with all the games and such, was filled with dino-like stuffed animals, dinosaurs that played guitars, and slightly thematically appropriate bounce houses. It was pretty pathetic, but despite this we had such a fantastic time. It wasn’t too crowded and since we paid so much money I felt justified in letting her dig for dinosaur bones as long as she wanted (45 minutes) and play in the bounce houses until she was exhausted and breathless. We had a blast in the photo op areas and although I tried to get her to see the animatronic exhibit, it was “too scary” and more than a little loud. The event was held at our county fairgrounds and the large concrete-floored room caused the roars of the animals to echo in a deafening way. It was dark and filled with uncannily moving monsters. Isobel took one look and said, hell to the no.

This seems to be a lesson I learn over and over again: it’s not so much what you do, but who you do it with. Between breakfast and thrifting and dino-ish exploring we were gone late into the afternoon, and had ourselves a fabulous time.

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