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Thrifty Giving: Soup For You

27 Jan

This year, for Christmas, I took a different route for presents than I normally do. As always, short on time and money before the holidays, I decided to give everyone the gift of soup. I make a lot of soup, and I’m pretty good at it. That’s the great thing about soup: if you keep making it long enough, you are bound to improve. Soup seemed like the perfect solution for gifts: I could spend an hour or so whipping up these menu gift cards and wouldn’t have to cash in on time or money until after the holidays, when we have slightly more of both.

I included six options on paper, but the sixth option was a wild card, in case they wanted something particular that wasn’t on the list. I wanted to let them know I could make something special just for them while still keeping the gift one regular letter-sized page. (If you find it difficult to read you can click on the image and enlarge it in my flickr stream.)

Angela created the border for me, but since this was her Christmas present, too, I kindly asked her to forget she saw it.

I ended up giving this present to six or seven people on my friends list, all who appreciate good food and won’t say no to a home cooked meal.

Little Big Collection: Vintage Canisters

24 Jan

This edition of Little Big Bazaar is devoted to collections. I’ve been compiling list of my favorite items within a category to share with you here. Today’s collection is brought to you by The Red Star Designs on Etsy, creator of modern invitations and stationery with a vintage twist.


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