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Snapshot 04.16.14

16 Apr

- This past weekend Anthony woke up at four in the morning, met up with some friends, and drove about an hour away to Patterson to compete in his second Tough Mudder competition. Last time they competed in Tahoe while there was still snow on the ground and the cold plus the altitude made it a very difficult (but, for those masochists, still very fun) race. This time they faced the heat of the Valley plus the steep rocky terrain of the foothills. Anthony had been preparing for this event for months, as soon as his recovery from surgery allowed, and he was well prepared. His team’s theme this time was Super Heroes so they all came decked out in shirts representing a hero. Anthony thought the Flash was particularly appropriate for this event, and since he’s one of Isobel’s favorites, she approved.

- While Anthony ran his obstacle-laden race, I ran mine at home: it was my first major attempt at solo-parenting and on top of it all Elias had picked up a first first cold (probably at the germy pediatrician’s office) and we spent a long night together. When Isobel woke up the next day I told her that we were going to spend some quality time watching movies because I was up by myself with the baby all night since Anthony needed sleep for the race. “You could have woken me, up, Mimi. I would have helped,” she said. This was all very sweet and heart-melting, but her version of “helping” when Elias cries is to scream-sing lullabies over and over so he can hear them over the sound of his cries.

- I’m trying to figure out something special to do for my mom for Mother’s Day that I can put together on our extremely tight budget. She has always been there for us but since the end of my pregnancy and after Elias’ birth she has just gone above and beyond, taking care of what she can and helping out in countless ways. She is one of the reasons I don’t want to ever move. I’m not sure what I’d do without her. I have an idea for something small I could make her but any gift I could make or buy would really fall short of what she’s given us. Both sets of our parents have supported us entirely and gone out of their way for us during this past awful year. Many of our friends can’t or don’t have great relationships with their parents, which makes me extra grateful for ours.

- I am so behind on everything. I probably owe you an email.

- Anthony is such a fantastic father he makes seahorses look bad. Even though I’m a 24-hour milk machine for the baby he does the majority of late night rocking and tending to our wakeful baby. I feel like our parenting is split evenly down the middle which I absolutely did not expect would be the case while I breastfed. In addition to this he’s been taking classes, going on interviews, researching companies, and oh yeah, training for that race. I’m still recovering my energy from the surgery and can hardly manage to cook dinner most nights. Although Elias only wakes up once or twice during the night, he’s usually up for a couple hours each time he does wake up. The more exhausted he is the more likely he is to talk in his sleep, and one night I heard Anthony say, “Does she have a ‘stache painted on her? She was wearing a small bat.” I really hope he was dreaming about Isobel, because I keep picturing her with a handlebar mustache and a Louisville slugger and laughing.

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Thrifted Maternity Closet: Postpartum

15 Apr

I had thought that when I had posted my 38 Week Thrifted Maternity Closet update that it would be my last in that series but after I had returned from the hospital I went through my maternity set from when I was pregnant with Isobel, titled “The Peanut Gallery” because we referred to her as “Peanut” while she was in the womb, I realized I had taken a post postpartum photo with her in the sling. It was taken around Mother’s Day so Isobel was a month old and bigger than Elias at this point, but I didn’t want to wait.

This isn’t a very impressive outfit from a fashion standpoint or a thrifted one but it was comfortable and easy and that’s all I really cared about. Isobel was off having an adventure with Ama and Anthony and I went out for our first post-baby trip to our favorite breakfast place. I remember making the same trip with Isobel  and being so nervous she’d wake up and fuss that I was distracted the whole time. I am so relieved to be able to parent without the crushing anxiety of having a newborn for the first time.

While at the restaurant I wore a cute thrifted sweater that I would have kept on for the photos had it not already became too hot for me to wear it. I also wore one of my favorite thrifted necklaces (also visible in the photo) but it got in the way of the sling so I took it off. All that remains of my thrifted style is this simple black tank and vinyl bus bag I was using for baby supplies while out. Speaking of black tank tops, I’m of the opinion–and it could have something to do with the fact that it’s over 80 degrees for about eight to nine months of the year here–that you can never have too many. I currently own at least three and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one should I find one in my size while thrifting.

I am so thrilled to be free of the traveling maternity box and happily look forward to passing the remains of the maternity clothes in my closet onto my cousin. She has a friend at work who’s pregnant and currently housing the collection. I have a few pairs of very forgiving jeans and otherwise stretchy pants so I can kiss maternity pants goodbye forever.

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