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Little Big Collection: Vintage Dinner Plates

13 Sep

This edition of Little Big Bazaar is devoted to collections. I’ve been compiling list of my favorite items within a category to share with you here. Today’s collection is brought to you by The Red Star Designs on Etsy, creator of modern invitations and stationery with a vintage twist.

Follow Friday: Stefalynda Reunion

12 Sep

Today’s post features photos from when Stefalyna, a piano duo featuring my two talented and lovely friends, Stefanie and Melynda, at a local coffee house named Christina’s. I’m calling it a reunion because it has been years and years since Stefalynda has played there. Have a great weekend!

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!

99golems  powerpoint? *scoff* No my friend. I do all my presentations in Minecraft.

HelloCullen  I have Resting Bastard-Ass

redsesame  The woman cleaning this restroom literally just said, “Hello, welcome to the ladies room.”

BtotheD  My dream tourism campaign involves Alanis singing “You, you, you autumn know” about everything Canada has to offer during the fall season.

xpatriciah one weird trick to free the skeleton trapped inside your body

J__Swift  Spider fan /Spider fan/ I really love those spiders, man /Eat a bug /Crawl around /Look at that spider /go to town /Its great I’m just a spider fan

tiffany  I hate everything about the word “tablescape.” If you have room for that, it means you didn’t make enough food and you better order a pizza.

RealAvocadoFact  Make any avocado dish, even the gross ones, not war.

CountGripsnatch  I better fucking live long enough to see the first dog president

usedwigs  I was about to explain a joke to a commenter on Facebook but then I had a sudden attack of dignity.

MegVaMe  Instead of doing laundry, buy 6 extra laundry hampers.

SomeChrisTweets  The waiter asked, “how may I serve you?” and wow, am I a king? Am I God? I am bestowed absolute power over all but I ask for cheese sticks.

man_spach  Sorry your dog ate your homework, my cat did mine for me.

usedwigs  My kids really hate my ice cream truck ring tone.

KalvinMacleod  How to be hella cool: 1) Dress in your finest denim 2) Calculator watch? 3) Less ear hair, probs 4) Rhythmic pelvis thrusts 5) I am 40, btw

ModernSauce  Uber, but for popping my back.

HyenaEars  The worst thing about everything is all the things you must wherever.

usedwigs When I moved into college frosh year, my mom yelled out to the crowd upon driving away, “MAKE ONE NEW FRIEND EVERY DAY, JEFFREY!” I did not.

Bownuggets  If u cut off a Dad’s head, it will continue to talk about golf for another 45 minutes until another head wearing a visor grows in its place.

VaguelyFunnyDan  BREAKING: Soul Asylum releases surprise album on MacPaint.

rstevens  Pro Tip: Start all emails with “Oh, great one, I beseech thee” in order to make business quicker and easier.

oodja  Me: “Have a good day at school- don’t worry about Picture Day, you look beautiful!”

Daughter: “I know.”

tl;dr I’m raising a tween Han Solo

MrWordsWorth  Canada Declares Places Where Justin Bieber Was Arrested ‘National Historic Sites.’

LetMeStart I don’t mean to brag, but today I had a bra AND a shirt AND pants on when walking by the windows as the lawn guys looked in.

Mad_Humor I’d like to have a kid but I’m not sure I’m ready to spend ten years of my life constantly asking someone where their shoes are.

jennyvsjenny  IG IS MY MEDIUM AND MY ART, said the 40 something man who mostly posts bar selfies.

sfreeze6  Don’t forget to wish your amazing, social media-reading dog a happy birthday on Facebook.

wordlust  Maybe there was a Groupon for misogyny.

theyearofelan  I’d like to nominate you to stop posting things on Facebook

Pandamoanimum  The inventor of the anagram has died. May he erect a penis.

kerihw  I am mime, see me roar.

MommyMG  Toddler thinks that anyone with a hat on is having a birthday party. Today she saw a man with a bandaged head and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

SpaghettiJesus  I just remembered not-the-Internet existed!

michaeljnelson  Honestly I like packaged macaroni and cheese better than my grandma’s. And she was no slouch at making mylar bags filled with cheese dust.

farwent  An animated smiley face! Truly, we live in an age of wonders.

robisonwells  Domo Arigato, Demi Lovato.

morninggloria  Hey I’m just like you. I shit my pants one leg at a time.

donni  We never considered the possibility that Carmen Sandiego’s in space

shariv67  Faced with world crises including war, hunger and disease, our hero, Opinionman takes to the comments section of a Taylor Swift video.

david8hughes  To avoid conversing with an elderly man on the train, I take off my shoe and talk into it like a telephone.

pontiuslabar  Been wearing this hoodie so long it has a nutritional label.

J__Swift  I made a scrap book but all the food trimmings in it started to smell.

YesVoteScots  Scotland : “I’m leaving you…” /Britain : “You can’t!” /Scotland : “I’m leaving. It’s over.” /Britain : “… I’m pregnant!!” #RoyalBaby

InternetEh My idea I came up with this weekend is to have more real human contact.

birbigs  A shake for breakfast. A shake for lunch. A sensible dinner. SEVENTY FIVE COOKIES AT 12:34AM

SomeChrisTweets  As New Age parents, we’re letting our baby name itself. It will name us, too. It will name all it sees. Our baby will rule with an iron fist.

TheThomason  Fish sticks were named in a simpler, more honest time.

shariv67  Seventy-eight percent of American teens think the capital of Walmart is Gunsylvania. Idiots. Everyone knows it’s Brohio.

AndrewWK PARTY TIP: Gently fold a dog’s ear in half and enjoy it’s velvety softness.

Cheeseboy22  When a stranger next to me sings along with the National Anthem at a sporting event, I whisper “That was beautiful” to them afterwards.

shariv67  A horse is just a meat bicycle.

WittySassBasket  ‘I could have died.’ A childhood memoir.

RexHuppke My Fantasy Football Lineup:

– Peyton Mannosaurus

– Putin (w/ robot arms)


– Tom Brady Bunch (6 kids attached to body)

– Tantric Sting


rstevens  Coffee will never betray you unless you go somewhere without a bathroom

bucketofbrains   Honorary Hashtag Wizard #ThreeWordsSheWantsToHear

shariv67  “Points at Starbucks* That’s where the book store was. That other Starbucks was a record store. This one? A smaller Starbucks.

loather  I guess “should I order a pizza” is the main question of my existence

tinatbh  my biggest fear is Im married & my husband says,“lets cut sugar out of our diet” so I have to leave with the kids in the middle of the night

InternetEh  Hm. Babby’s diaper rash medicine contains myrrh. Gift for the baby Jeebus, or put it on your son’s red butthole.

Smug_Lemur  “That’s a clever place to hide a baby,” I say as I pat your belly.

cloudypianos  if you’re the sort of person who rambles, be sure to end with a recap

drnelk  Tinder, but for class project partners

HonestToddler  Every time I pull a kleenex out of the box another one pops up. What a time to be alive.

sashahecht  Shouts out to corporate Twitter accounts whose entire feed is them just apologizing to people. Maybe consider getting your shit together.

Lilacmess  When I type in my name for a login, my phone wants to change it to “shenanigans.” Exactly.

badbanana  Do you eat a lot of dinners really fast during these speed dating events? Because I think I can win that.

PrettyAllTrue  Complete stranger just muttered, “Fuck Pamplona. I spend my life running with bullshit.” I love him now.

SCbchbum  I assume the #1 reason people change their identity is b/c they answered “You too” when the barista said “Enjoy your bagel.”

TheNextMartha  I just freaked out bc I thought someone was on my bed in the dark. Turns out someone is the laundry I never put away today.

morninggloria  If you’re a vegetarian your poop emoji should not have eyes.

TP_313  The Thorax #ConfusingChildrensBooks

InfiniteChicken  Curious George: Timewars #ConfusingChildrensBooks

InfiniteChicken  Why is Waldo? #ConfusingChildrensBooks

loather  Why is anyone letting a pigeon do anything?#ConfusingChildrensBooks

InfiniteChicken  Which the Wild Things. Why? #ConfusingChildrensBooks

yislash James Joyce and the Giant Peach #ConfusingChildrensBooks

InfiniteChicken  Hey Vern, It’s Me, Margaret #ConfusingChildrensBooks

InfiniteChicken  Yeezus and Ramona #ConfusingChildrensBooks

ApocalypseHow  “You tell everybody. Listen to me, Hatcher. You’ve gotta tell them! Soylent Green is KALE! It’s made from KALE!”

MrsTomServo  Phases of sleep deprivation:

Everything is funny

Was that a bug?

Maybe nothing was EVER funny & life is a meaningless travesty


loather  Go geographically close sportsball team!

andrewmorrisey  Damn girl are you a doomsday device button cause I want to hit that.

kmitchellauthor  Sorry I can’t do the thing my cat is sitting on my lap and I can’t move

BuckyIsotope  *lines up to kick game-winning field goal* *calls time out* *runs over to coach* Just so I’m clear, do I still get the ice cream if I miss?

breatheandlove  I said I’m a fighter, I didn’t say I’m a winner.

markleggett  Even after all this time, scientists are still unsure if the cutest weight possible is a fat baby, or a pug that’s just eaten a large meal.

guruzim  I’m inventing a new sign-off for business emails. I feel like this is the winner. Kindstar friendleboops, Aaron

CatherineLMK  My tentacles bring all the boys to the mothership.

TheMichaelRock  I can’t stop talking like Hulk Hogan during sex, but whatcha gonna do, brother?

ApocalypseHow  Every Willy Wonka product should contain the label “WARNING: May Contain Bits of Child Given an Ironic Comeuppance”

waferbaby  The man carefully navigates his stroller into the bus. On the stroller is a cat.

FlyoverJoel  Hold all my calls Lydia, I just updated the Twitter iPhone app and now have to spend the day turning off all the push notifications again.

cthulhuchick  Bears say “Grr,” Owls say “Hoot.” Stands to reason Owlbears say “Groot.”

markleggett  Hey kids, guess who I got to show up to this birthday party? Spider-Man! “YAY!” Let me finish: Spider-Man from “Spider-Man 3″. The emo one.

NoToFeminism  I don’t need femisn i wish femists would chill out it is a COMPLIMENT to get a death threat they are saying ‘i recognise that you are alive’

princessnykea  Instead of leaking celebrity nudes we should leak pdf versions of college textbooks am I right?

danforthfrance  I mentioned Walt Whitman today and got followed by two Walt Whitman accounts. To that I say bourbon cheese fancy clothes iPads bondage gear.

tweet of the weekMrWordsWorth  You know it’s going to be a harsh winter because Alex Trebek has grown out his mustache.

What is a Follow Friday post? It’s a blog series I created a few years ago based on a Twitter meme.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Would you like to be a guest photographer for Follow Friday? Email me!


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