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Follow Friday: Spring Thrifting

27 Feb

Today’s post features scenes from a thrifting trip from a few years back. Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

goldengateblond  Ten seconds of drug commercials are spent telling you what the drug is for and the rest is spent basically daring you to take it.

farwent  Be nice to be telekinetic because I wouldn’t have to wash my hands after going pee. Real time-saver.

JermHimselfish  I almost drowned in a pool of Mountain Dew when I was 13. They said I’d never have children, but I do give birth to a dirt bike every 3 years

ProBirdRights  Why make yogurt pants illegal? Is it a crime to be deliciously fashion???

wordlust I’m “nothing is non-drowsy” years old.

MrsTomServo  “I get you off or you don’t pay.” – sleazy attorney or generous prostitute

sSeatraffic  I knew I loved you the first time we shared a whole pizza.

NicestHippo  *backs that ass up* *ass is now on a flash drive*

sad_tree  *me petting my cat* CAT: This is the happiest I will ever be *a door opens* CAT: Now is my chance to flee this prison and never return

hello_saylor  I can’t believe how much joy my cats have brought into my life! (One of them fell into the tub after I turned on the shower this morning.)

drewtoothpaste  I can’t stop washing Mash Ups on You Tube! My favorite drink is Coke! My favorite brand is AT&T! My favorite color is beige!!!

usedwigs  Getting a lot of negative feedback from family members regarding my “All 141 Family Members Ranked” list.

audipenny  My problem isn’t that I’m eating too much at night, it’s that I’m not jogging in the shower

TheBosha Look up from your phone at the real life that surrounds you and begin your interactive two-screen experience!

kerihw  hey girl are you windows xp with a corrupted registry because you are not responding

Cheeseboy22  They say that kids are like sponges and it’s true! They soak up my spilled orange juice quite nicely when rub them on the floor.

tinatbh  Taking a nap is a constant risk… when will I wake up? 30 minutes? 6 hours? 10 years?

Kristen_Painter As the owner of six cats, I’ve come to accept that cat hair is both a condiment and an accessory.

usedwigs  I slipped and fell on the ice in front of people but played it cool by yelling “Wheeeee!” and “I meant to do this and I am enjoying it!!”

BillCorbett  Next year: John Travolta does ‘funny’ take on his previous Oscar weirdnesses, then spontaneously pees on the podium, giggling wildly.

kerihw  Been followed by Mila Kunis, and as if that wasn’t exciting enough, she’s got an opportunity for me to earn up to $5000/month from home.

wordlust  Celebrities are just like us: sulfurous monsters who crawled out of hell.

BeTheBoy  Forgot if I took my medication this morning so I just took another. This could be fun.

RobGagnons  Music Teacher: Let’s sing a song! Who can name something we have two of?

5yr Old: Butt cheeks.

slackmistress  The only “in memoriam” I ever want to be included in is the one at my local taco joint.

theleanover  “Red Carpet” was my stripper name

joshgondelman  Every big boat seems like it was named by a really patriotic snake.

NicestHippo  If evolution is real why aren’t monkeys turning into humans? Why aren’t cows turning into hamburgers? Why am I not a bicycle

jennyvsjenny  imo zeus got his head chopped open not to give birth to athena, but to get rid of a particularly bad mashup

StanCarey  Every sufficiently advanced little thing she does is indistinguishable from magic.

KizerBillhelm  The year is 2023. The Weather Channel now names individual clouds. Cumulus Cloud Karen was forgettable. Nimbus Dave looked like a dog.

ProBirdRights  Ok Mr. Oscars how about I make movie call Manbird. Shoe is on the other feets now I can’t even wear shoes

robfee  I have never seen Jennifer Hudson outside of an awards show. Is she allowed to leave? Blink twice if you need help J. Hud

ApocalypseHow  Death, vision quest, Smurf house, Stroganoff – pretty wide range of mushroom possibilities.

fart  vegas baby!!!!! spring break!!!!! gonna show software to 40 year old men!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooo

luckyshirt  Facebook is really just a video game where you dodge waves of crazy people on a mission to find out when someone’s birthday is.

vornietom  Me? I guess I’d describe my ethnic group as Indoors European

dubouchet  My Oscar picks: Birdman, Doglady, Squirrelcactus, Mongoosegoose.

papasuncle  A mock turtleneck is the only clothing item that accurately represents my reaction to it.

owlparliament  the next time someone introduces me to their crappy boyfriend I’m gonna say “awww! is he a rescue?”

usedwigs  Movie Review: Nothing ate Gilbert Grape. Not a monster or a werewolf or anything cool. Zero stars, do not recommend.

NicestHippo  Top 3 ways to win an internet argument:

  1. Don’t be in one
  2. Seriously don’t
  3. Do literally anything else

jake_lach If you’re unhappy it’s because you haven’t heard about the packs of stray Chihuahuas that are terrorizing kids in Arizona

behindyourback  “I want to know what love is, I want you to show me” sounds like a song written by a newly sentient robot

HanaMichels  I’m a writer which means I spend my time thinking about how I’m not a writer

BillCorbett  “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Mine’s against giant radioactive otters. Yours?

tastefactory  DOCTOR: We were all out of blood for your transfusion so we used Mountain Dew ME: [I don’t hear bc I already snowboarded out the window]

NicestHippo  ME: I’m sorry I always get attached too fast

BURRITO: [silence]

ME: You’re so mysterious when can I meet your parents

alexanderchee  I just chopped a leftover cheeseburger into my scrambled eggs to make breakfast tacos. Is there a breakfast taco Boy Scout badge?

Ristolable  If I ever met John Lennon I’d just be like “Well well well. Oh well. Well well well. Oh well. Well well well” until he punched me

shhrugg  I want to distill the same fear in strangers that you get when someone tells the waiter it’s your birthday

HelloCullen  Are gun fights in movies boring or have i become a 60yo Vermont lit professor?

TheRedQueen  Someone just sent me an email titled FRI-YAY! BRB burning everything to the ground.

cloudypianos  no money mo problems tbh

JElvisWeinstein  I love America, but America thinks of me “more like a brother.”

slackmistress  My dog farted so loudly last night that she woke herself up and then went looking for food. She really is living her best life.

XplodingUnicorn  [years in the future]

Grandkid: What was air travel like back in the day?

Me: There were motherfucking snakes on the motherfucking plane.

kevinseccia  I would watch the shit out of a movie just called Training Montage.

wordlust  I’m a content creator, especially after Mexican food.

InternetEh  Sometimes I feel like not a real person, but just the fucking BEST at defeating the Turing test ever. Like I stomp it into the ground.

drewtoothpaste  The pokemon coming out in 2015 are the worst. I got 1 that’s a potted plant and another that’s just the smell of inside of a bookbag

rstevens Aquaman Fact: That not a beard. That’s the baleen he uses to feed on krill.

papasuncle  I don’t know the meaning of life, but I’m assuming cheese is involved.

WorldofWid  Whoever called it a “dust bunny” was in a super good mood.

vornietom Can’t believe I’ve made it this far in life without never having pet a hedgehog, this is terrible

cloudypianos  I’m not saying I have anger issues but I just told my door knob “I’m going to fucking kill you”.

weinerdog4life  I wanna stand with you on a mountain,

I wanna bathe with you in the sea,

I wanna wrestle you in a fucking volcano

danforthfrance  Singing “Smooth Criminal” but in chicken boks. God, I’m fun.

Caissie  How do you introduce yourself in person to someone you “know” from Twitter? I just smell their hair & run away.

EmVeeGreen  In last night’s dream I was drinking wine coolers & watching a dolphin show w my high school physics teacher. That’ll do, brain, that’ll do.

donni  Most people don’t know that DVD is short for David

oodja  Accidentally made some beast-sized drop cinnamon sugar cookies- they’re like giant pillows of late-afternoon validation.

JennyPentland  *uploads my birthing video to Am I Hot Or Not website*

michaeljhudson  [gets text from Lassie] timmy fell in a we’ll

JasonLastname  [keeps glancing at piano] “do u play?” ohh no its been YEARS… [slides onto bench and pounds keys like a caveman]

rstevens  Mr. Edgarton is sick today, so I’ll be covering your third period history class. #subtweets

TellingTellers  I’d say the best thing about living in an apartment is when I can actually hear my neighbor fart.

BeTheBoy  That moment of panic when you can’t find your phone because it’s in your other hand.

biorhythmist  Maybe we’re alone in the universe, maybe it’s Maybelline.

thenomodellady  That magical moment when you lock eyes with a handsome stranger at the exact moment you take a bite of pizza that’s WAY too hot.

NicCageMatch  Does the 5 second rule apply if you drop a beat?

SomeChrisTweets  Keep your cool. Hide your cool in a secret place. Anyone could be after your cool. Spend your waning days stressing over your precious cool.

an_AhmedSalah  Moses: I just spoke with God

Aaron: No way!

Moses: Yahweh

NickFlora  Here’s a fun tip on how to avoid embarrassment: Unbuckle your seat belt BEFORE you try to get out of a car. Much more effective.

usedwigs  My favorite Irish/Italian fusion food is probably potato sauce.

thenatewolf  Call me when Serious Rowling writes a book.

heyitsIsobel  Ow! Elias touched me!

ElenaEpaneshnik You’re an adult when you truly believe that a good and peaceful night’s sleep belongs in self-actualization in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

simoncholland  Let’s get married and have kids so instead of doing fun stuff on the weekend we can go to a kid’s birthday party where everyone coughs.

T_N_Crumpets  “This is a robbery everyone get down”

*B-boy starts breaking*

“I mean, don’t move”

*b-boy freezes mid windmill*

*entire bank goes wild*

SamGrittner  ME: “I installed a new engine myself. Changed the oil. She still won’t start.” MECHANIC: “This is a horse.”

ME: “How long for the estimate?”

KenBane1  Tweeting is getting less than a penny for your thoughts.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

Snapshot 02.24.15

25 Feb

–We had a bad scare at the beginning of the week: our computer suffered a hard drive failure and all seemed to be lost. Our little red laptop had seemingly given out on us last month (it turns out to be fine, too, though Anthony had taken it completely apart and it’s still in pieces at his work), and so losing the desktop meant we were computer-free for the first time in… almost ever. I started headlong into a panic spiral, as our entire lives are stored on the computer, and there’s only so much we can accomplish or save by phone. I thought we were going to have to send it back to Dell but Anthony came home from work with a mission. He took our computer apart and using an extra hard drive and some tools from work, ran a Level II Diagnostic or whatever and managed to get us up and running. It’s a miracle. He managed to save all the photos of my children and goats I love but have never met and he’ll forever be my hero.

–Also our toilet started leaking everywhere this weekend and he ended up fixing that Sunday evening as well. Double hero.

–I’m coming out of a pretty serious Crohn’s flare–at least, I hope I’m coming out of it–and I’ve been paying closer attention to my diet than I’ve had to in years. I get questions about this a lot so I might write a post sharing a bit about that. I was actually doing some research for more recipes for my stupid disease when I came upon a photo that looked strangely familiar. It was a photo I had sold to Getty! I was so excited I shouted to Anthony I had something very exciting to show him, which made him pretty nervous because I happened to be in the bathroom at the time. Technically I just made money off my own wretchedness, and I couldn’t have been more delighted.

–The other day, while my mom was out running chores with my dad, she noticed a homeless woman smiling at her. The woman pushed a bicycle loaded with possessions and had a dog on a leash. My mom had a bag of dog food in the car, and offered it to the woman, who smiled and said, “Thank you. I was your neighbor and used to babysit your children.” Then my mom could see the teenager she used to be among the hard-lived features of a 40 year old woman. It was shocking and sad, but I’m proud my mother did such a kind thing even before she knew who the woman was.

–At the advice of Angela, I downloaded the White Noise App and it has changed my life. The baby calms down so much easier with it and sometimes upon hearing it will fall asleep outright. Anthony only snores loudly when sick, and during our family bout with bronchitis I thought I would end up sleeping with every pillow over my head until I remembered the app. If your sleeping situation is less than ideal, this might be the best app purchase of your life. It was a dollar, maybe two, and worth every penny.

–I found my most precious possession from 1985 in our attic.

–Our closed captioning never ceases to entertain. It must be unfamiliar with the term “salary man” because it substituted “sorry” for “salary” with hilarious results. When Riker and his dad were talking to each other it translated it as “Unknown language” when it was clearly Japanese. And perhaps my favorite when was Wesley asked if anyone noticed if Worf seemed “out of forts lately” instead of “out of sorts.”

This video of Elias putting a tambourine around his waist and crawling around jingling will make your day.

Follow Friday: Those Darn Cats.

Snapshot 02.18.15.

Isobel’s DIY Pichu Toy.

Scrapbook: Unauthorized Baby.

Scrapbook: Vintage Ice Buckets.

Follow Friday: California Poppies.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Middle Name?? Please tell me it’s Honeydew.

Inappropriate pretzel. Hostile work environment.

Free D&D character name.

This has to be a metaphor for something but I haven’t been able to think of one.

Rolling post-apocalyptic Lego city.

They planet.

Found a new corner of eBay to trawl.

“You actually need housing to achieve sobriety and stability, not the other way around.”

Tiny cooking videos. Via  


What are they laughing at?!

There isn’t a Woman in the World who cannot be made to look More Beautiful.” Thrift store gore!

Made it into the office!

They are looking at trash like it’s a baby.

How to organize your cats.

An actual medical Tricorder.

listen if god hadn’t intended for us to eat lobster he wouldn’t have made them so utterly delicious looking.

What are they?

10 years of YouTube: Why video tutorials may be the website’s most valuable contribution.

50 Shades of Grey, but awesome.

Only the legend Gary could play guitar with a whip & elbow.

Heck of a deal.

I am grateful to live in a world where chicken sweaters are a thing.

Another great Thanks, Obama.

If you’ve been searching for the world’s creepiest monkey, you can probably stop now.

Kroger wins for best fake butter brand name.

Hey Pets, No more free ride, assholes! Thank you, Todd Lawson.

Should probably call Hellboy.

So much for global warming.



Working on my online dating bio.

Someone please just end civilization before this gets worse. A collection of terrible things.

Walmart CEO poses next to a graphic of an asshole just to make things clearer to everyone.

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while. Snow gifs are endlessly amusing. This cat one has been everywhere lately.

School by radio for Ebola-ravaged Sierra Leone. Via  

One-of-a-kind cell phone stand. Cutest cell phone stand.

Driverless cars are the future. They rise from subterranean hives. They thirst for human blood. They are the future.

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever been responsible for.


button bar banner time machine

Reader Question: How Did You And Anthony Meet?

Snapshot 02.27.13.

Little Big Kitchen: DIY Greek Yogurt Tips.

Scrapbook: Home Life.

Thrifty Giving: Silver & White.

Follow Friday: Isobel Holding Squirrelly.

Scrapbook: Home Life.

Recipe: Tofu Mushroom Marsala.

Thrifted Valentine’s Day Decorations.

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