My name is Carrie Anne Castillo. Little Big is my daily journal about living a creative, thrifty life. I share my ideas for living well on a budget and focus on the possibilities of living simply and well with less. I love homemade, handmade, second hand, and DIY. I aim to showcase and promote practical applications of thrifted and goods. I love sharing simple tips and projects that make life better. Read more about Little Big here.

I have a punk pixie of a six year old named Isobel and a delightful year-old son, Elias. I inherited a strong love of the absurd and ridiculous from my father. My husband describes my swearing as “nautical.” I am deeply irreverent.

I used to be a librarian, but now I have adventures with my kids, sell vintage wares, write, and take photos. My evenings are spent in nerdy pursuits with my husband.  There is nothing I love more than a questionable thrift store or an estate sale with a sign that says “selling entire contents of home.”

I live in a smallish town in the middle of California where a large part of the world’s food is grown. It’s far too hot for nine months out of the year and nothing about it is glamorous. But we love living within an hour of most of our family and friends, and a day trip away from Yosemite and San Francisco. Plus the thrifting is excellent.

Thrifting, photography, homemaking and art are my passions. I relish being out in nature, working in my garden, and going on day trips. I love reading, especially nonfiction, fantasy, and science fiction. Making fun of bad movies is a hobby of mine, as is decorating my home with vintage finds and watching Star Trek: TNG.  I fell in love with goats after one tried to eat the pants right off my body at a county fair.

I keep a small unruly garden and cook a family meal most nights. I love creating thrifted terrariums filled with succulents. The California Poppy is a favorite of mine. I used to make a bento for lunch every day. I love to organize, make lists, and cross things off said lists. But I especially love going through piles of stuff in thrift stores.

I have four cats. One I bottle-fed from her first day of life, and another is a giant 30lb lumpus. One steals our neighbor’s Barbies and is really good at murder. The last one is a total spaz. We occasionally have a rotating cast of foster kittens.

I had a babyIt was hard. I had another baby! Still hard. I’m a fan of attachment parenting but I’m even more a fan of doing what works for your family. I fiercely believe there are a multitude of ways to be an excellent parent. I could not be less interested in judging the minutiae of choices other parents make. I’m also really uninterested in  drama in general. I don’t have the stamina for drama.

I’ve been depicted  in a web comic as a “plucky, indispensable librarian with floaty hair.”

I was once interviewed by NPR where I got to say “butt wiggle” on the radio.

I was a non-random guest on the Random Trek podcast.

I have a recipe featured on the Huffington Post.

Isobel and her eclectic thrifted wardrobe was featured on Modern Kiddo.

The relationship between my daughter and our rescue kitten, Squirrelly, was featured on Love Meow.

I was a Crafty Superstar Featured Blogger on Cut Out + Keep.

The nursery I created for my daughter Isobel was featured on etsy, ohdeedoh, Modern Kiddo, and spearmint baby.

I have a recipe featured on apartment therapy’s the kitchn.

My thrifted home tour was featured on Offbeat Home.

I was featured on Parent Hacks for my series on menu planning.

My windows were featured on not martha.

Isobel’s Halloween costume was featured on Modern Kiddo.

I have a photo featured on Mental Floss.

I have written for Make and Takes and guest posted on Mommy Wants Vodka, Knit in PublicGen with a G, and Five Flavours.

My husband and I suffered from secondary infertility and tried to get pregnant for a few years with no luck. In 2013 I finally got pregnant again. It was completely unexpected and wonderful. I was due in April 2014, two days before my daughter’s fifth birthday.

I have Crohn’s disease and associated arthritis.

I live with depression, an anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

I suffer from debilitating migraines that last for days.

I had PPD.

This blog isn’t a pity party and regularly I kick life’s ass up and down the block. If you are going through something similar know that you aren’t alone. I am an email away if you have questions.

I was a librarian for eight years but I left that  line of work to stay home with my daughter and work on my small business, and because my illness has grown too difficult to manage work and home life.

I help support my family through portrait photography, selling photographs to Getty, and by offering photography and a selection of thrifted finds at the Little Big Shop on Etsy. I also just started an affiliate shop on Amazon to help pay the bills. I began selling ad space on Little Big in 2012. Contact me for more information. I’d love to have you.

I also go by Little Big or exlibris elsewhere on the internet.

For more info, check out my new reader page, or my FAQ.