Snapshot 06.25.14

– Hummy’s chicks, ceremoniously dubbed Glitter Snow and Glitter Feather by Isobel, are growing at a breathtaking rate. We are watching them grow, literally, before our eyes, as day by day they grow appreciatively larger. We chart this progress through our exclusive Hummingbird Viewing Window in our dining room or by sneaking peeks on our patio while Hummy is away gathering sweet nectar. She visits a few times an hour for just long enough to feed her chicks before speeding off again. I have hesitantly taken a few shots of the babies, all downy and snuggled into their silky spiderweb nest, but I’m always careful not to disturb them and to tune my ears to listen for Hummy’s motor-like wings should she catch me. Isobel really does not like me taking their photos and tends to shout, “Hummy! My Mom is doing something you wouldn’t like! Get back here!” I feel so honored we get to witness this.

– The three of us have been spending time in the garden every morning, while the air is still somewhat cool and insects buzz industriously around our pumpkin patch. The cats lounge near us lazily, stretching out on the cold cement, or they chase each other through the grassy flowerbeds. Isobel makes fairy houses, I nurse Elias, and we wait for Hummy and the resident bumblebees to make their rounds. Isobel and I usually spend some time in the garden during sunset, when the heat again has let up, to dig and wander around the yard, but mornings are my favorite. I never really considered myself a morning person, but they have quickly become my favorite part of the day.

– We signed Isobel up for two sessions of swimming lessons this year, and we’ve been trying to have her practice putting her face in the water, something she has loathed since she was a baby. Yesterday I told her I’d buy her a cake pop if she put her face in the water and she told me that she really can’t, sorry mom, because putting her face in the water would immediately cause her face to bleed. Sorry.

– Elias’s hair is so thick and dark that he even gets bedhead in the morning. I love it! I love his cowlicks and his wannabe curls and even the silly part my mother in law enforces when she watches him. Isobel was born with almost as much hair as Elias, but funnily enough, it quit growing. Her head got larger but her hair stayed the same so in no time at all she had bald patches that looked like this and this.

– Elias is three months today! His two month vaccinations and checkup appointment went really well. The doctor actually said he was perfect, and I heartily agree. He’s in the 75th percentile for length and the 35th for weight, so he’s on the long and lean side, which is typical for my family. He also hardly ever stops moving and has rolled over on his own already. I think the constant motion is one of the reasons why he’s lean–he’s burning calories all the time. Anthony and I were still surprised to hear this because to us Elias looks like a total chunko. But given his measurements, my baby is the human version of longcat.

– I spent the last week and a half plus feeling like I was getting Isobel’s cold while never actually getting Isobel’s cold. I feel like a came pretty close a few times, though. Anthony was not so lucky. He got sicker than I’d seen him in years, and we were particularly worried since he’s had pneumonia before and it was centered in his chest. He’s back at work now though after nearly a week of suffering. I’m just glad the baby didn’t get it and Isobel only spent one day or so in misery.

– This shot was from my maternity series, and while my memory of that time is still too vivid to miss being pregnant, I do miss doing outfit shots, so I think I’ll try doing more Thrifted Closets.

– Isobel calls the sling a “baby bag,” and refers to Elias as “Cuters” or “my little owl” given his coos sound more like tiny hoots than anything else. I sometimes call him my Squishy but more often refer to him as Easy E or Mr Wonderful. I love that she dotes on him enough to give him special nicknames. When she had the cold she was most upset about not being allowed to hug or kiss him. The other morning he was fussing in the bouncy seat while Isobel napped next to him on the couch. I heard her gently telling him it was okay, and that she was right there. She used a soothing voice and massaged his little head to calm him. I thought it was about the sweetest thing ever until she said, “Quiet down now, brother. I want to nap.”

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    • Carrie Anne says

      You are welcome! I wish people would just stop being shitty to each other in general, but sometimes we need an article to call it out specifically.

  1. Kathi says

    This post made me laugh out loud! Isobel calling for hummy to come home and her fearing a water induced bleed… (What wonder to see the hummer nest and the babies.). Mornings in the garden with your own babies…bliss!

    I, now officially a crazy cat lady, was brought a kitten a day, for 3 days in a row, by feral cats in the neighborhood. They were probably 10 days old then- toothless and sweet. That was 4 weeks ago. As i post this, my toes are being gnawed on while my stomach is being pounced on and another boxes with himself in the mirror. Crazy.

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