Snapshot 06.04.14

– In that amazing way that only it can do, the internet connected me with a local woman named Bonnie a few years ago. I got to know her, her amazing family, and her amazing bread, and the more I knew the more special they became to me. Bonnie has one of my favorite IG accounts, and I always took it for granted that I’d meet her, her kids, and her chubby delight of a baby, Dahlia, before too long. Something always got in the way. She’s only about 30 miles from my house –which is nothing in internet miles!–but being sick or pregnant or not having gas money always got in the way. Last weekend I received some devastating news about their family. Sweet baby Dahlia, only six months old, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. In the blink of an eye she went from perfect, happy baby, to a beloved memory. I know the vast majority of you don’t know Bonnie and Dahlia, but if you can spare a donation friends of the family set up a gofundme to cover medical bills and funeral arrangements. The last thing they need at this time is stress about money.

– It has been brought to my attention that pipbowtique will be hosting an IG auction to benefit the Ohara family. Vendors are needed, however, so if you’d like to participate, please email with a picture of the item you would like to donate as well as details including your Instagram shop name.

– I have been sick. Really sick. Sicker from crohn’s than I have been in years. I suspect the switch in meds I have to make is behind it. The new med just doesn’t control my symptoms that well. I’m having flashbacks and a taste of what life was like in the days before I received treatment. During the day I’m worn and lethargic and at night I’m dragging myself out of bed two or three times a night to be sick. We’re in a weird limbo of insurance right now, and so I don’t have a GI doctor and it’s illegal for me to pay out of pocket to see one. I just need to hang on a bit longer.

– We have been really busy this last week. In addition to my sister visiting from Virginia, Anthony’s aunt from Guatemala and his cousin and her husband from Holland are also in town. My family from the ocean and the mountains has driven in to see my sister so we’ve had something going on with family more days than not.

– I am in love with Mario Kart 8. I have more than one friend who bought a Wii U specifically for Mario Kart. I am one of my only friends who doesn’t have it or a Wii U but they don’t seem to mind me dropping by their houses to get in a few games so it’s all good. I really love it. I really suck at it, but I really love it.

Follow Friday – Japantown. Photos of my favorite city and the most hilarious tweets of the past week.

Snapshot 05.28.14. Everyone needs something simultaneously and it’s making me crazy.

My Unruly Garden: Lots of Pots. Container gardening at its laziest.

Scrapbook: Eleven Years. Photos of us going waaaay back in honor of our eleventh wedding anniversary.

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Edited Neighborhood Watch Signs. Love this!

10 Things You Did Not Know About Maya Angelou’s Incredible Life.

Thirteen things Google’s new driverless car looks like. Totoro. Mostly Totoro.

Which Tori Amos song are you? It’s come to this: I’m linking to a Buzzfeed quiz. But it’s about Tori Amos, so… (Can you guess which song I am?)

On The Pulse of Morning. Goosebumps. Via @inversejaik

Burglar Invades Old Lady’s House Only to Find Out She’s a Competitive Axe Thrower. Via¬†@olinj

How to Talk to Your Kids About Gay People, By a Gay Person.

Scrapbook: Home Life. Ten photos of home.

Follow Friday: Bear Ears. Like mother, like daughter.

Thrift Store Gore: Sad Cats & Scary Bunnies. Call the ASPCA immediately.

Snapshot 06.23.13. One year later and I’m still wrestling with bangs? Or no bangs?

Recipe: Watermelon Blackberry Swirl Smoothie. Oooh, my favorite.

My Unruly Garden: Sunflowers. We aren’t anywhere near having sunflowers yet. I must have started early last year.

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  1. Asia says

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick. And Dahlia’s story is so, so sad. I can only imagine.

    For what it’s worth, I’m always astounded and inspired by the joy, beauty, and humor you get out of life even after having been through so much. Thank you for your thoughtful posts and beautiful photos and for sharing them with all of us.


    • Carrie Anne says

      Thanks, lady. I was going to say, “Oh, it’s okay,” but you know what? It’s not okay. It’s frustrating and painful. And exhausting.

      I’m so glad you left this comment, though. It really made my day. Hugs to you and your beautiful family.

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