Scrapbook: Easter 2014

22 Apr

Easter started off as kind of a mom fail this year. Since we’ve had our hands full with a newborn we didn’t bother getting any decorations down, and so Isobel had no idea why we were dressing her in a fancy dress until we pulled her Easter basket and bunny ears down from our crawlspace/attic storage. Once she realized what day it was, she shouted WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME IT WAS THE EGG-FINDING DAY?! became ecstatic. She was in the best mood all day after that. At this point it’s obvious we didn’t give her an elaborate Easter basket. We’re still recovering from an overload of birthday presents and we don’t have any extra money right now anyway. I did buy her some Peeps and jellybeans, but she caught me eating jellybeans in the pantry the day before Easter so I just shared them with her then. She had received a bunch of candy from family and then again at the church egg hunt so we really didn’t need to go crazy on that, either. She had a great time and it was obvious she didn’t feel deprived, so I’m trying not to feel too badly about it. We didn’t even color eggs this year because I’m too sleep deprived to trust myself around permanent dye, but I did buy a kit and save it so we can have spontaneous egg-coloring fun at a random time later on in the year.

We had a great day despite my total lack of preparation and I was even able to squeeze in a much-needed nap in between events. Elias got to meet and spend time with a bunch of relatives and he dealt with all of the attention by sleeping soundly through almost all of it.

Much like last year, she stuck to collecting pink or purple eggs almost exclusively, leaving the other eggs behind for less discerning children.

I was so thrilled she was willing to wear the bunny ears again. She wore them last year and they were too big, resulting in many hilarious instances of wardrobe malfunction.  They were still a bit big on her this year but she doggedly kept them on for most of the morning.

Sam was feeling camera shy, so I didn’t get many photos of him until later.

She’s making weird faces in a lot of the photos I’d taken. When I would ask her to smile, she’d say, “I can’t. I’m chewing!” She wasted no time tearing into that Easter candy.

Although I wore my sling just in case, Anthony held the sleeping Elias while I chased after the kids.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, he is such a fantastic father.

Ama and Papa had ringside seats at the egg hunt.

Happy Easter and happy Spring!

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  1. The Funster May 1, 2014 at 6:58 pm #

    Carrie Anne,
    Not only was it a beautiful spring day,but it looks like you had so much fun! What a memorable time I’m sure you had. Great post!
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