Snapshot 12.24.13

24 Dec

- Tomorrow is Christmas, a day I like to save for posting our family Christmas card, so that’s why you’re seeing this today. MERRY CHRISTMAS! If you are into that sort thing. HAPPY WEDNESDAY! If you are not.

- Today we are headed to Modesto eeeeeaaaarly in the morning for the lovely purpose of getting Anthony’s stitches removed before the office closes at noon for Christmas. I predict I will send out some very nonsensical tweets.

- One of the things Anthony was looking forward to doing while recuperating from surgery was watching all the extended versions of Lord of the Rings. Isobel really enjoys The Hobbit but the LOTR trilogy doesn’t hold her attention. She knows the basic plot, however: there is a ring which puts a bad spell on whomever puts it on and therefore it must be thrown into a certain volcano to keep Middle Earth safe.  We had it on for Anthony while she and I made crafts and before the first movie was even finished with the first disc she began asking, “Are they at the lava yet? How about now?  How about now? Are they at the volcano?” It was really difficult to explain to her that we were at least three movies away from that happening so finally she sighed heavily and said, “Fine, just tell me when they are at the volcano, okay?”

- Last weekend we somehow managed (with cleaning assistance from my sainted mother) to have one of the largest and most boisterous Christmas parties at our house, complete with live music and some very loud, very enthusiastic, caroling. We had an amazing time and I hope our friends did, too. It was all the best things about the holidays (coming together, eating delicious food, having a great time, showing affection) without all of the bad (guilt, stress, discomfort, obligation). I know the best people.

- My neighbors may or may not be thinking some scandalous things are happening over at Casa Castillo. Anthony pretty much doesn’t leave the house unless we are going to the doctor, so no one’s really seen him around lately. Our dear friend Jose, whom we’ve known for over a decade and is practically family, however, has had a change of work schedule that has lead to him spending anywhere from one to three nights a week at our place. He lives in the Bay Area but has work commitments here, and rather than running up an expensive hotel tab he stays here. We have plenty of room and have really enjoyed having dinners together and just hanging out in what I call “boring family time.” We personally love BFT, which basically consists to just hanging out together in the evenings, talking, coloring with Isobel or working on crafts or a puzzle, maybe playing video games and watching a movie. Anyway, he often comes late and leaves early, and with the absence of Anthony and the increased presence of Jose, they probably think some scandalous activities are afoot. Maybe I should invite them to BFT. They can help us work on a scandalous puzzle.

- Every time the Hulk says HULK ANGRY on the Lego Marvel video game, Isobel insists he’s actually saying HULK HENRY and that’s because his full name is Bruce Banner Hulk Henry .

- My friends Ellen and Ivan are graciously sharing with us the fruits of her two young son’s closets which is why I haven’t freaked out that we are having a boy. Any extra expense I was worried we’d occur will be offset by the generous donations of secondhand goodies from the Burchett family. We went to their house recently for a holiday party and Ellen had thoughfully wrapped the first round of baby gifts so Isobel could have the fun of unwrapping the presents for her baby brother. I made the mistake of asking if she wanted to open one while we were there, and of course Kingston and Noah wanted to help unwrap it, too. Before I knew it, we had a present-opening free-for-all on our hands, with Isobel laying on the largest package so she could open it without help from the boys. I’ve seen less violent mosh pits. It was absolutely hilarious and through my laughter I was able to prevent them from unwrapping everything.

- Speaking of presents, my dear friend Jenn sent me a lot of adorable baby boy clothes that she purchased from eBay because she loves me and also because she can’t stop herself. Isobel and I went through the box piece by piece and Isobel was squeeeing from the cuteness of the onesies. I tried to get a video of her commentary because it was so great, but I must have hit the button twice because none of it recorded. “Mama,” she said, holding up one striped onesie, “this is the cutest thing ever! Elias has to wear this when we go to the museum!” Or, holding up another onesie, “This will be perfect when he goes to business school!” (?!), finally she found the onesie that said, “I’d rather be naked” and when I read the words to her she found it so funny she collapsed on the floor laughing until she was unable to breathe.

- This next week’s schedule will be a little different because of the holidays, but will be back to business-as-usual for Friday. Next week sometime I’m going to run the Best of 2013 series, and the week after that will feature the Best of Follow Friday posts, so there’s lots of good things to look forward to.

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  1. Jose Gonzalez December 28, 2013 at 12:21 pm #

    Still can’t help but chuckle! Scandalous!!!

    • Carrie Anne January 2, 2014 at 11:22 am #

      We are so scandalous, falling asleep in the living room while watching Attenborough nature documentaries and all.

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