Snapshot 12.11.13

11 Dec

- Today’s the day! Anthony’s having his second shoulder surgery in as many years, and since he only has two arms and thus two shoulders, this should be the last of the hospital he sees for a good long time. Other than his shoulder injuries, which are a result of a small structural defect of his shoulder joints, he is one healthy human specimen. Which is good because I have enough problems for the two of us. (Just kidding! Ish!) He is scheduled for first thing in the morning so I’m really hoping I don’t wake up at 3 am like I have been. That’s a little too early and the surgery will take awhile. I’m nervous about the whole thing, but not nearly as much as I could be, or was before. It won’t be as painful this time, and the recovery time will be much shorter. We’re certainly not happy that we have yet another challenge to deal with, but we can handle it.

- As is our yearly tradition, our family met up with our friends the Waltons at our familiar corner for the Christmas parade downtown. In addition to a record turnout we had near-record temperatures and snow was a viable prediction later on that night. It does get quite cold enough to snow here – we’re no strangers to freezing temperatures – we just usually don’t get enough moisture to make it happen. We bundled the kids up as much as we could and brought chairs and blankets and settled in to watch the marching bands and endless stream of light-bedazzled tractors go by. No matter how large we get (we’re still not that large by most standards) we’re still an agricultural-based community and it’s not a parade unless it’s 80% tractor by volume. This year did not disappoint. Isobel lived to dance as bands or floats with music drove by, as usual, but Kingston, daunted by the cold, preferred to stay completely wrapped up in a blanket on Anthony’s lap. “I’m cold,” he declared, “I’m just going to wave with my head.” The highlight of the parade for the kids, however, came after they became upset watching car after car ignore the road blocks and drive where they were verboten. At the start of the parade a police officer on a motorcycle confronted a car, right in front of us, that did just that, and was perfectly aligned for a head-on collision with a marching band. The kids watched in glee as he pulled the car over and we heard him shout WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! to the driver. They clapped, they cheered, they shouted, “arrest them! arrest them!” Something you should know about young kids if you don’t already: they are busting their little buns to follow the rules, and nothing riles them into a frenzy as much as watching an adult flagrantly disobey the rules they are forced to endure. Watching adults getting called on their bad behavior was practically cathartic.

- As sad as it makes me, we won’t be sending out Christmas cards this year. I have them already made and partially printed (I always do it myself on the cheap) but we just can’t afford the postage. Other than sending a card to my sister, we are just going to hand-deliver our cards to friends and family when we see them. This makes me sad as I’m already getting lovely cards from many of you, and I’ve made so many wonderful friends online. I love to send them out, so hopefully next year we’ll be in a better place financially and I can return to a favorite tradition. I will still be posting a copy here on Christmas Day to wish you all a happy holiday.

- Our lives have been so crazy that I almost forgot: we have another kitten! The first thing you may be thinking is: ARE YOU CRAZY? Answer: yes, of course, and if you’ve only just realized that then I haven’t been trying hard enough. This kitten is a little black-and-white mustachioed boy that has been called everything from Meowstache (by Ivy) to Kitler (by Angela). I wanted to name him Lemon after Isobel jokingly said I should name him “Lemon Kitty,” and I thought this was a great idea because not only was it gender-neutral (we weren’t sure at first what we were dealing with – he has a broken tail that made checking difficult), it would also be handy in case I needed to shout GOOD GOD, LEMON. So, to sum up: this kitten is Skippy’s litter mate. We only just got him because both were trapped and B&W Kitty is much more cautious than Skippy. We’re not keeping either, we’re just a foster home getting them socialized and healthy enough for either adoption or a place in our local no-kill shelter. My Mom, certified cat whisperer and cat colony caretaker, is spearheading this effort, but we’re keeping them here because my mom has very large inside dogs. And also because the vast majority of socializing is being done by a four year old with a voracious appetite for loving on baby animals.

- My Mom took me to a Christmas Tea at her church last weekend, and in addition to having a great time and scoring some vintage jewelry, it was an excuse to see if I could dress up while remaining comfortable and un-pantsed. I wore the muumuu again, which I’ve been wearing to any event that requires more effort than usual in the looking decent department. I could do a whole blog series on the different ways I’ve styled that muumuu. While I was getting ready I thought I might want to wear one of my fascinators so I got the box down and tried on a few for effect. In the end I went with statement necklace as opposed to fascinator but not before Isobel requested to wear the red and yellow one. She was carrying B&W Kitty around the whole time was getting ready, and after I added the clip to her ensamble I overheard her talking to the kitten while looking in the mirror at her new look. “Don’t worry, little kitty,” she said, “Fancy lady will take care of you.”

- While I was gone she raided the entirety of my fascinator box and I came home to find them all clipped on to our Christmas tree.

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  1. TheBlackStar (@TheBlackStar) December 11, 2013 at 9:34 am #

    Well Wishes and Godspeed on the surgery and recovery!

    The parade was good this year, extra chilly, but a lot of fun!

    As always, if you dudes need anything while Anthony is recovering, let us know! We are more than happy to come and help with anything!
    TheBlackStar (@TheBlackStar) recently posted..344 of 365 – Crossing the StreamsMy Profile

    • Carrie Anne December 18, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

      Thank you so much, Jwa! Next time we should bring a fire pit to the parade.

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