Snapshot 3.6.13

– The news this week is mixed. Since my last Snapshot post Anthony did indeed get a raise, which is encouraging, but he also attended a meeting wherein they discussed the layoff situation and the news is not good. Layoffs will proceed as planned and no one knows who will get the cut until the end of next month. Needless to say, this is a stressful situation for us all.

– Somewhere along the line Isobel got it into her head that I’m abnormally short. She thinks I’m so tiny that she, at nearly four, towers over me. She calls me her “Little Mommy” and will often remind me that I am short, much shorter than she is, Mama, and that she is big like Daddy.

– I’m on Day 9 of a migraine.

– I am currently taking an e-course called Blog Boss put on by the lovely Holly Becker of Decor8. I took her Blogging Your Way class a couple years ago and I learned so much. It really inspired me to blog about my passions and to not be afraid to be different than what’s already out there. I’ve already been inspired to freshen up my FAQ page and will most likely be making a few other changes around here as well. This course as  only just started but I am so excited to dive in.

– My friends Melynda and Justin can now add “chicken keepers” to their list of skills on their resumes as they inherited a friend’s flock of backyard chickens. I couldn’t wait to take Isobel over to meet them. She is terrified of “bokken chickens,” or roosters, because she can’t stand their squawking. However, a bunch of mildly irritated hen noises don’t bother her a bit, so she was ecstatic to meet Melynda’s new babies. Only the alpha hen has a name (Peanut Butter) so Isobel came up with a few suggestions for names for the remaining three, including Popcorn, Chicken Salad, and Melynda.

– Isobel and I have been watching the Secret of Kells lately. Such a beautiful movie.

– Melynda gave me three freshly-laid eggs from her hens and they had the most divinely saffron-colored yolks. The taste was amazing.

– Last year Isobel and I raided the dollar store for bulbs, seeds and other gardening supplies. What a fantastic resource for frugal gardeners. They had trowels, kneeling pads, caddies, terracotta pots, and all kinds of seeds and bulbs. The daffodils we planted last year are already blooming. If I get a chance I’m going to go back and get some more.

– I can’t remember if I’ve shared this with you yet or not, so forgive me if I’m repeating myself, but Isobel has created a whole family tree for Squirrelly. She knows Squirrelly was born in the tow yard and her parents are missing, but that’s okay because she decided that Zorro can be her Daddy, Poppy can be her Mommy, and Jupey, well, he gets stuck being Squirrelly’s Grandma.

– Last weekend my pal Sunday became one of the luckiest humans ever and met Patrick Stewart. I’m not sure how she made it through without crying all over him and professing her love a dozen times, but apparently she played it cool and made it through the encounter without so much as a snot bubble. Cool and mildly incoherent, but still. When I showed Isobel the photo of Sunday next to P Stew she shouted THAT IS CAPTAIN CARD AND HE LIVES IN SPACE!

– Speaking of Sunday! I am also one of the luckiest humans ever because I became a collectible, limited-edition card in the epic card game BAD NEIGHBORS. This means if you buy this game now there is a good chance it will come with a picture of my face in it. Which is probably only an incentive for my mom BUT you should buy it immediately on grounds of awesomeness anyway.

– Make sure you stop by Modern Kiddo tomorrow because Dottie will be featuring Isobel and her eclectic thrifted outfits.

Scrapbook: Home Life. Scenes from my unruly garden.

Little Big Shop. I added some new, smaller-sized photos in the shop. Ten bucks a pop!

Reader Question: How Did You & Anthony Meet? Featuring photos of me laying on couches in the window of Salvation Army.

Thrifty Kitchen Tips: DIY Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is expensive, unless you make it yourself, that is.

Thrifty Giving: Ellen’s Terrarium. What to do with a vintage, apple-shaped terrarium? Give it to your favorite teacher, of course.

Somebody That I Used To Know (Goat Remix). You might want to turn your volume down a bit for this one. Via @chickenscottpie

Cats are stone cold killers. I love that these researchers seem surprised. If they nearly stepped on as many carcasses as I do they wouldn’t even need the cameras. Via @purple_quark

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Get a Record Deal. “I will offer you a pair of shoes and a can of beans.” (NSFW – One or two F-bombs)

Project Gutenberg now supports Dropbox. “Sync tons of free ebooks to your devices in one click.” Nice!

Good Day, Regular People’s Marital Compatibility Quiz. My results are in! I’m compatible with lizards. @GDRPempress

Sleep, Breaks & Vacations the Key to Productivity. Pretty excited about this.

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  1. says

    Love the photos and updates as always. As for your migraine, did you recently remove lots of caffeine or sugar? Are you drinking tons of water? I used to get them and they stopped when I realized they were from dehydration. I’ll still get them if if I get too busy to eat or drink regularly. For it going on so long I’m sure you’ve tried everything but thought I’d offer some suggestions anyway. Feel better soon, good luck with the family and all the business!
    Van recently posted..Longing for Spring? Let’s Plot over Urban Garden InspirationMy Profile

    • Carrie Anne says

      My migraines are caused by three things: hormones, barometric pressure, and allergies. It’s spring in the Valley which means all the orchards and farms are blooming. That happened to co-incide with a small bout of rain and my monthly cycle. It was the perfect storm of pain.

      You are so right, though, that keeping hydrated and that blood sugar level can help prevent them from getting worse!

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