Snapshot 02.27.13

– To those of you who donated to the Serio Family Fund, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– The month is waning, which means we will know sooner rather later if Anthony will be laid off. I would gladly accept any positive vibes anyone has to offer. Whatever happens, I know we will get through it, and right now I’m controlling my intense anxiety by working out and trying to think about it as little as possible. Obsessing over things won’t change them, or else I’d be a unicorn by now.

– Do you enjoy card games? Do you enjoy fun? My friends Sunday, yarn warrior and hellhound sweater-purchaser, and her partner in crime Mike, anonymous viking and slayer-of-cakes, have created a wonderful new way fritter away your time called BAD NEIGHBORS.  It’s a simple card game that they made from scratch like some sort of wizards. Each card is hand-drawn and hand-painted, which means, in addition to owning a brand new game you will also own over fifty works or art. But wait, there’s more! You can get your own personalized family card for your game by sending them an email. I used my ad money to buy a copy because I just can’t wait until I’m rich to unleash zombies, vampires, aliens and demons on my closest friends. I’m also in the running to become a special collectible card or a famous baseball player. I forget which. It’s really not as important as buying this game.

– One time Isobel noticed that Anthony was particularly sweaty after a workout. “Daddy!” she said, “You are all covered in slobber!”

– Last weekend I attended a mini-shower, just a “sprinkle” for my dear friend Ellen whose baby boy is due in early spring. This is her second boy and since she already has everything they’ll need her sister and best friend organized and afternoon of girl talk and fondue instead of the more traditional baby shower. The shower was held on their family farm deep in the furrows of an almond orchard. My favorite part (that didn’t involve shoving massive amounts of cheese in my face) was going around the table and offering our personal good wishes and hopes for Ellen, her husband, her two year old son and her new baby boy. I felt like a fairy godmother, bestowing my wishes of a restful infant and fast recovery. I also shared with Ellen something my mom told me. “You never think you will love anyone like you love your first child. But then you have your second one and you completely do.”

– Springtime in the Valley means cold mornings, warm afternoons, and cold evenings again. We’ve been making the most of early spring by picking wild flowers. Really, they are weeds, and we’ve been having lots of fun looking up their names and tidbits of folklore. I’ve already had to point out stinging nettle to Isobel and we’ve been investigating which plants are edible. Henbit is her favorite flower her favorite so far.

– Isobel is still thriving in preschool. When I ask what she is up to her teachers reply that she is consistently most interested in the play food and kitchen area, or the dress up area, or the painting and crafts area. She asks to paint every day and this is always what she is most excited to do. This makes me so happy because these are the exact things I’ve been doing with her at home. It makes me feel as though what I’ve been giving her on my own as a parent is exactly enough and exactly what she needs. Doing these things at school gives her the benefit of independence and social interaction.

– Whenever I ask her what she did in school that day, Isobel always excitedly responds by telling me, in detail, about snack time. That’s my girl!

Links for Spring. It’s not even the Vernal Equinox yet but I have a bad case of Spring Fever.

Scrapbook: Home Life. Photos of daily life.

Thrifty Giving: Silver & White Presents for Angela. The little black dress of vintage housewares.

Fuck Cancer. A reader said it best: “This is what the internet is all about. Helping people.”

Sir Terry Pratchett on Libraries. “I read everything in the damn library there was.” Excuse me, but it think it’s raining. On my face. Via @pnkrcklibrarian

Favorite TV Reruns May Have Restorative Powers. There’s a reason I watch all those Star Trek episodes when I’m in the throes of anxiety.

Home with Dada. “A dad’s delightful homage to the chaotic, giggly joy of spending the day with his 21-month-old son.”

The Art of Yo Gabba Gabba. Awesome. Via @deborahurewicz

Goodwill Sweaters Could Have Demons In Them. I wish I could claim I was the Carrie who wrote in to ask this. Via @1000Cranes4Scot

You had ONE job. Thank you, @MommyMG

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