Thrifty Kitchen Tips: DIY Greek Yogurt

I’m calling this a DIY instead of a recipe for homemade yogurt because you aren’t actually making yogurt. You are making yogurt better.

What makes a Greek yogurt a Greek yogurt is that much of the liquid, or whey, is drained off, leaving you to enjoy the thick, silky mixture that is richer and more protein-dense than regular yogurt. This is why you’ll sometimes see it advertised as “Greek-style” yogurt. Buying regular yogurt and draining the whey yourself is a great way to get your creamy Greek yogurt fix at a fraction of the price.

I am posting steps originally found here at the Splendid Table’s website, which if you aren’t already familiar with you should take steps to become intimately acquainted. Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s podcast has gotten me through many a sink full of dishes and pile of laundry.


  • Grocery store yogurt of your choice, non-fat to whole milk
  • a sieve
  • cheese cloth or clean thin cotton dishtowel
  • bowl to catch drained liquid


– Line your sieve with the towel or cheese cloth and set it over a bowl.

– Add yogurt to the sieve, as much as you like or will fit comfortably. At this point, Lynne folds the extra fabric over the yogurt to protect it from any odors that might be lingering around in the fridge. It’s also a good idea if you have cats who like to stick their faces where they ought not. Technically this shouldn’t be a needed step because you’re draining the yogurt in the fridge but things happen. I’m just saying.

– Place your bowl and sieve in the fridge where the whey will happily drain off while you do other things. A couple of hours is enough to give you beautifully textured Greek-style yogurt, an if you forget until the next day you will have yourself some delicious yogurt cheese.

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