Follow Friday – Guest Photographer Accidental Olympian

Today’s guest photographer, Ashley of Accidental Olympian, comes all the way from the frozen wilds of Alaska to bring us stunning photos of nature and winter landscapes. Her Instagram photos have left me weak in the knees for a place I’d never thought twice about visiting. All these photos were taken with her phone’s camera, which speaks volumes about how beautiful images can be captured without the aid of fancy equipment. These photos seem straight out of a fairytale about a winter kingdom in a faraway land.

Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

TheNextMartha If I made one of those Love coupon books for my husband, one would say “You get to win an argument”

crispinbest every day is valentine’s day when you’re my girl because i literally never do anything romantic, not even on valentine’s day

josephesque When I say “Have a good one,” people don’t realize by “one” I mean “hair day.” I only care about hair.

Angel__Bee Opened my husband’s side table drawer, found a massive roll of duct tape. Don’t know what he has planned but I’m scared & a little turned on

pushinghoops it’s messed up how babies smell great but taste terrible

beanmoriarty giving up your mom for lent. just kidding. i’m not catholic.

kelihoskins my love language is PUT YOUR OWN DAMN STUFF AWAY.

wordlust Everyone thinks they’re a nerd. Everyone thinks everyone else is a hipster. Everyone is actually an asshole.

slackmistress Just discovered Macklemore isn’t Dumbedore’s son. :(

aparnapkin “Aparna, congratulations! You have one of the top 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012!” NEVER FELT SO INSULTED IN MY LIFE

runawaycupcake If I was a realtor I’d just say, “This house makes you look skinny!”

introvertedwife What number do you have to text to the Vatican to vote for the new pope?

TheBosha The Vatican can take a little teasing. Heck when you think about it, they basically *invented* butthurt.

jennyvsjenny whoever is trying to reset my password and take over this account – it’s yours for $20 and bottle of grey goose

sixthformpoet The Pope is hardly the first person to lose interest in their real job so soon after joining Twitter.

BeTheBoy Would The Walking Dead be hurt or helped if Carl were replaced by a stick with a hat on it?

Black__Elvis If that was a bottle of virgin olive oil it’s not anymore.

WordKitchenDC When I’m feeling really crazy, I turn up my stand mixer to 11

pourmecoffee Grammy categories should be “Best Song That’ll Probably Be in Apple Commercial” and “Best Song That’ll Probably Be In Truck Commercial.”

Athenabee I accidentally hip-checked Z. She bounced off the wall and hit the ground. She didn’t cry but stood up & punched me in the buttcheek.

davepell I’m trying to choose between having a career or taking the time needed to organize my digital photos.

J__Swift Playgrounds should be LESS safe, not MORE. YOU’RE WEAKENING HUMANITY!

trumpetcake FYI – If you’ve ever seen a tumbleweed tumble by it’s on its way to book club.

catagator MOM: when Kelly was little I put books in her bed at night. HUSBAND: IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW OH GOD.

eugenephoto Idea: name storms after climate change deniers. Shit would get done after Hurricane Rubio hit Florida.

UnFitz Don’t listen if someone tells you to keep your eyes peeled, because OH MY GOD, MY FUCKING EYES

shinyinfo Buying a box of chocolates on VDay doesn’t say “I love you.” it tells your SO that you know the location of a CVS.

theleanover I dress for the job I want which is why I wear this t-shirt that says “Blow.”

EveryTweet_Ever Watching TV, eating snacks and drinking alcohol like I normally do, but this time it’s allegedly due to severe weather conditions.

FlyoverJoel Sext: I just bought two boxes of Thin Mints.

DS9S8 After some drunken antics at Morn’s housewarming party, the Ops crew struggles to maintain composure during a visiting admiral’s inspection.

allisonthemeep I think it’s a tremendous waste of a fantastic pun name for Bobby Flay not to have named his daughter Sue.

Handflapper YOU GUYS, Guy Fieri just tried to cut me off. I rolled down my window and screamed FUCK YOU at him, but, you know, more on general purposes.

PinterestFake Birth your baby into a warm, nourishing Quinoa Pile

bengreenman This time, Nemo finds you

isplotchy Avenge me! For no particular reason!

aparnapkin We are all seven Huffington Post slideshows away from finishing a minor task

Cre8BeautyDaily I just met another mom who made me feel incredibly blessed*. *That I don’t have to hang out with her on a regular basis.

Buzzy_Gran A person talking on speakerphone in public is the human equivalent to a cat licking its asshole next to you on the couch.

pourmecoffee Have a storm plan. Which family members will be eaten first? Lead an honest, loving discussion based on merit and caloric value.

HeathRobots Cats are the official mascot of the Internet, but that dramatic chipmunk/prairie dog is the mayor.

omg_youguys Just dumped ground coffee straight into my mug instead of my k-cup adapter. Screw you, middle man. Also, oops.

johnmoe When you have a baby, you’re not required to give if either parent’s last name. So go ahead and name your baby Sweatpants Sweatpants.

mermaidpants Embarrassing myself during English classes is one of my moves. Okay, it’s my only move.

marlespo This tweet wanted to be about the bastard marriage of religion and politics in low income school districts but instead it is about YOUR BUTT

MrWordsWorth Crystal Harris refuses to discuss sex life with Hugh Hefner. On behalf of all of humanity, thank you, Crystal.

ToastyQuixote I’m no Catholic, but even so, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count if you confess to your dashboard.

HeyitsLori I just zipped up my hair in my coat zipper. Please RT.

robdelaney Which Mumford is the dad?

JermHimselfish Now that I am in my 30’s, a sausage party just sounds like a delicious way to spend the evening.

klooky love thine enemy. tickle thine enemy. imagine thine enemy wiggling madly, thine enemy begs you to stop. you do not stop. you are enemies.

TashaRobinson It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets dry skin again because it’s winter and that tends to be a pretty common problem.

biorhythmist How many kids should I have? I’m pretty hungry.

annetdonahue My GOD if your job is to build kitchens, please call your business Counter-Intelligence.

FakeLibStats When the public printers run out of paper it is considered an emergency at 1 in 3 libraries

OhNoSheTwitnt I hate when shows say they contain “adult situations” but no one is shown cleaning the house, going to work or paying their bills online.

caitlinmoran No-one would ever believe the amount of heavy, self-pitying sighing that writing involves.

vforrestal dilemma of the day: do i repin the cute kitten in a bowtie on my doctor who board, my cats board, or my adorbs board?! #metadataproblemz

fleshcake It’s important to follow your heart. Maybe it’s telling you to make me a spaghetti donut. Listen.

titoperez based on VH1’s advertising, I think I could hit a real payday with a combo Swiffer/Pregnancy Test device.

prodigalsam Monopoly added a cat as its newest token. It’s not actually in the box but randomly shows up once you open it.

suebob Tonight was hip openers at yoga. If my hips get any more open, they’re going to start admitting strangers.

TheBlackStar Am I supposed to chase the NyQuil with beer, or the beer with the NyQuil?

BeTheBoy Sometimes I say “I love you” and sometimes I say “I want to see your enemies destroyed” but it means the same thing.

MamaNaut My son just asked me, “Why EVERYTHING?” and I’m out of ideas.

petersagal I’m worried Dick Morris will come to NPR to complete the Juan Williams trade.

jerryrenek Not one of you could spot Lisa Loeb in a lineup if she wasn’t wearing her glasses, so shut up about Clark Kent and Superman.

prodigalsam Our baby’s a genius. She’s eaten like ten books already.

kelkulus My workout goal is to get strong enough that ALL my pants are tear-aways.

mclayfield Until sportspeople stop doping, the government should divert all sports funding to the arts. Our only performance-enhancing drug is booze.

rstevens I ate a ton of beans and now parts of me are having Feelings.

asterios Guys, I’m having a baby! (sized p’zone)

pizzajaynow Liquor before beer, never fear. Ambien before liquor, disco balls, strobe lights, bananas.

MightyQuinn72 Sixth Cent #LesserFilms

VaguelyFunnyDan Linkin #LesserFilms

iboudreau The Rassler #LesserFilms

BuckyHermit Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce. #LesserFilms

iboudreau Love in the Time of Dropsy #LesserFilms

Jedimasterbator Lawrence of Arby’s #LesserFilms

VaguelyFunnyDan Planet of the Drapes #LesserFilms

Jedimasterbator Snow White and the Seven Eleven #LesserFilms

MightyQuinn72 Dial M For Maybe #LesserFilms

apatheticist Okay in Pink #LesserFilms

MightyQuinn72 Good Will Planning #LesserFilms

asterios Hansel & Gretel: Witch Botherers #LesserFilms

iboudreau Les Uncomfortablés #LesserFilms

MightyQuinn72 Die Easy #LesserFilms

asterios Dude, Where’s My– Oh, There It Is #LesserFilms

Leemanish Strangelove, D.D.S. #LesserFilms

SarahThyre Saul Fart: Ball Plop #LesserFilms

7im Hexapussy #LesserFilms

Katecake It’s a Life #LesserFilms

trumpetcake Do The Thing #LesserFilms

7im Star Wars Episode I #LesserFilms

edheenan There Will Be Blood Oranges #LesserFilms

tweet of the week

SamuelMoen Impress your date. Be wild. Flip the table. Flip it 360 so its upright again & nothing has moved except a roll that has flown into her mouth.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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