Snapshot 2.6.13

– I’m trying to think of a way to start this post that isn’t completely and utterly depressing and awful. I have a dear friend whose husband is losing his life to cancer, a couple of friends struggling with divorce, the threat of an uncertain future and other deep worries all swirling around in my head. Hug your kids. Pet your cats. Take care of yourself. Spend time with your loved ones. These things can’t shield us from life’s troubles, but they make life worth living.

– My friend Sunday, demon in the kitchen, yarn wizard, and butt-disease sister, just wrote a book and it is awesome.  Her writing echoes of the best parts of Terry Pratchett, in that it’s not just great writing, it’s insight into the goddamn human soul. This story has it all: memorable characters, insight into the human condition, an intriguing plot, and flying goddman sharks. Plus, it has unicorns. UNICORNS. I loved it. I loved it so hard it broke.

– Be sure to enter Little Big’s V-Day Giveaway because I am not only giving away vintage goodness plus a handmade valentine from Isobel, but I am giving away goodies from Red Star Designs, Gisela Francisco, and Let’s Die Friends. You can enter up to eleven times because I am Santa Claus. Just when it couldn’t get any better, Nicole from Rose Runs Wild is having a Valentine’s Day Giveaway with some of her pals, too!

– Someone found my blog a few days ago by searching “hedgehog underwear.” Judging from the enthusiastic response on twitter, I’m going to feature hedgehog underwear in my next giveaway. I just have to do a bit of research. I’m really not sure how to put a thong on a hedgehog.

– Have you heard of timehop? It’s an app that links up with social media such as flickr, facebook, IG, and twitter and it mines your data for updates you posted at this time last year. I haven’t been approached by timehop to pimp their app or anything (though I love it so I would–call me, bitch!) I’ve just really enjoy it. Anyway, the app was free (and if you don’t have a smartphone you can sign up via email) and Isobel and I have made a daily ritual of scrolling through the app to see what Baby Isobel was up to last year and the year before. It has a social component to it that I don’t really use. Isobel and I just enjoy the daily trip through time.

–  We toured Isobel’s preschool last week. She’ll probably start next Wednesday. Even though she has emphatically told me she does not want to go to school, she still insisted on wearing her bee backpack when we visited. She was so excited by all the toys and kids and playground equipment that she didn’t want to leave.

Little Big’s V-Day Giveaway! Everything you want, everything you need.

Scrapbook: Home Life. It kills me when she tucks all her Care Bears in.

Reuse Roundup: Toy Storage (The Saga That Never Ends) The many uses of Tupperware.

Little Big Shop. You need new art, I need a new heater.

Follow Friday: Columbia Kate’s Tea House. Mama needs some Oolong.

Reading can boost a child’s IQ by more than 6 points. Not just reading, but interactive reading, is good for your child’s developing brain. Via @randomhouse

How to Save a Public Library: Make it a Seed Bank. I love this idea so hard. Now I want to grow rainbow carrots! Via @JoseBilingue

Japan’s School Lunch Menu: A Healthy Meal, Made From Scratch. A++ Would totally eat there. This is completely inspiring.

One woman’s quest to get the most of her Penis Cake Pan. AMAZEBALLS. LITERALLY.  Via @mintaburst

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    I love timehop! I’ve been timehopping since before it was an app. Early adopter, FTW. I always kick myself when I learn from timehop of spelling errors/typos from a year ago.

    I’m so very fascinated by the thought of hedgehog underwear. I have a friend who is obsessed with hedgehogs; maybe she knows how to put a thong on one.

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