• Carrie Anne says

      She did that all by herself, too! Which means naturally there was much squeeeeing of the variety only dogs could hear emanating from my lips.

  1. says

    love these pics!
    question: did you ever have to block off the bookcases so Isobel wouldn’t pull everything down? if so, when were you able to unblock them?
    we have a hideous plastic gate blocking the lower shelves (and still had to empty one) and i’m so over it

    • Carrie Anne says

      Lady, I have been where you are now and it sucks. Ugh. If you’ll notice this room (which we pretentiously refer to as “the library” is separate from our living room, and when Isobel was in that phase we shut and locked the library doors. She satisfied her appetite for destruction by destroying the living room and kitchen instead.

      Honestly, she causes more destruction in there now than she did then because she’s allowed in there now and I never want her to feel that books are off-limits. This means I’m constantly reordering things in here, though.

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