Follow Friday – Columbia Kate’s

These photos were taken while visiting Kate’s Tea House in Columbia for my dear friend Valerie’s birthday.

Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

shariv67  I always cry at weddings because my shoes hurt.

AniKnits Every time time I get nervous about parenting I think of the kid from Running With Scissors. It’s alright.

mattytalks I run an escort service of female deer called “More bang for your buck”

LouisPeitzman I wish I could say, “I’m so cold” without IMMEDIATELY becoming Kate Bush and launching into “Wuthering Heights.”

palinode I like that the new Blackberry comes when called, but those fleshy pseudopods it uses to move around kind of creep me out.

introvertedwife That cake’s a total slut, it tempted me to sin and I ate the entire thing.

JenO_Eh 4 y/o, right in my face at 4am: “I vomited on my bed,” said with puke all over her face. In case you thought you were having a bad day.

timeblimp I just guessed the square root of 12,845 to the nearest integer. #bragging In response, my kids laughed at my underwear. #downapeg

slackmistress So You Think You Can Perform Open Heart Surgery

TheCiscoKidder My 3 year old is sitting without pants, watching tv, eating a cheese stick and playing with his junk. The student has become the teacher.

mat Wish list for Vine: permalinks to videos, ability to edit titles, a user blocking feature, AND OH DEAR GOD UNSEE UNSEE UNSEE

annetdonahue I’m not normally a praying man, but this was the only costume they had left, and the party’s tonight.

marlespo The only person I ever really Subtweet is my ex husband who doesn’t even know what a twitter is. Keepin’ it nice and passive aggressive.

MrWordsWorth Some mornings, you have nothing to do, and you wonder how early is too early to eat lunch and that’s how Taco Bell gets you.

introvertedwife I like when salesmen ignore me to talk to my husband. It answers the question if we should look elsewhere, quickly.

UncleDynamite But this business card merely says “Jamie Lee Curtis, Activiast”!

DadBeard If you wink hard enough the eye behind the closed lid will move to the other socket and you will have two eyes in one hole. It’s fucked up.

inversejaik Needy Cat now meowing at my hand while I pet him: NOT PETTING FAST ENOUGH

TheBlackStar This bathroom has a Dyson hand dryer, they have gone from suck to blow.

AngelaEhh I have an extra seat on my mood swing if you care to join me.

Disalmanac Today in 1860, Thomas Edison patented the light bulb, plus every other damn thing Nikola Tesla ever thought of.

LaurelKS Also, Miscellaneous Nerds is the name of my Weezer cover band.

MassageByTed Listen up, kids. Life is 70% bullshit, 30% dishes. Unless you’re a dishwasher. Then it’s 60% dishes, 40% various types of clinics.

thebookpolice When I learn how to play my ukulele, I’m going to teach myself nothing but early Nine Inch Nails songs.

LetMeStart Trust me, kid, discovering there’s no ice cream left makes ME want to cry, too.

introvertedwife I’ve been watching my language for years but it hasn’t done a fucking thing.

Stephmickus having to write a living will yesterday was pretty fucking shitty but it did make trimming my bangs this morning decidedly less traumatic.

owlparliament let me tell you about my new yeast-free lifestyle wait where are you going come back

littlehipsqks having a toddler is like a magical scavenger hunt for stuff you didn’t know was missing.

lifeserial How come nobody says “You go, girl!” anymore? I still want that girl to go.

rileyroxme Surprisingly, “tell me why you don’t like me so I can hate you forever” is not as good of a dating approach as one might think.

mathowie In San Francisco almost every woman was wearing tights instead of pants, tucked into knee-high boots. Comic book superhero chic!

lemoneyes Facebook is the gigolo of the Internet. It’s always nearby saying you’re interesting and promising you fun. But inside it sees you as $$.

Toaster_Pastry God works in mysterious ways, like humiliating me in front of the neighbors.

harpyqueen “Do all Canadians poop all over the ground, or just the geese?” – question pondered by my spawn.

sgnp My kid has been surprisingly receptive to my attempts to beatbox dub step. I’ll report back in a few hours.

NoSpankYou “I’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a felony…I’ll decide in the car.”

weinerdog4life When one door closes another door opens and now you’re trapped in a door store, just great.

J__Swift I’m going to sleep now, I need to rest up for all the things I’ll end up avoiding doing tomorrow. Good night!

Rachel0ves  age ain’t nothing but a pizza.

kellyasterisk That was a real tweet. They are all real tweets. These are………….. the tweets of our lives

theleanover  I don’t see what’s so super about a bowl.

theleanover “Adam, shh.” “What?” “They’re playing our song.” “Our song is the theme from ‘The Littlest Hobo?'” “Yes.”

bradenalexander I want to personally slap every web designer who puts a floating social media panel that follows your position on the page. HARD.

llvvzz I’m no longer interested in self-discovery; I’m more interested in self-medication.

willgoldstein 3yo, out of the blue: “Tom Waits HATES me.” #weirdo

illTortuga If Kevin Bacon doesn’t call his testicles Bacon Bits then WHAT THE FUCK KEVIN

BridgetCarey JJ Abrams doing Star Trek AND Star Wars?? It’s not logical, and I have a very bad feeling about this.

luckyshirt The guy who directed the new Star Treks will now direct the new Star Wars, ensuring that your mom will never get them straightened out ever.

Morros I bought a baphomet for the shower. It looks really good when it isn’t spouting blood or cursing my ancestry in Babylonian.

briangaar ? I like the way you work it / no diggity / well that’s your yearly evalulation / mmmmmhmmmmm/ do you have any questions ?

KimmyCupcakes1 If you didn’t want to see my cheerleading routine from 7th grade then why did you play Brass Monkey?

TheBloggess Sometimes I just want to spend the day wrecking ad-based twitter parties. Then I realize that would be stupid. Then I want to do it more.

tomhenrich “What’s your biggest strength?” “Severely inconveniencing myself to accommodate the poor planning of others.”

InfiniteChicken Without me, it would just be Tallica.

Brotherwags Please check me out on tritter, fazebook, crumblr, and infrablam.

HonestToddler Running errands. If you need me I’ll be crying into my shirt sleeve.

cryanathus Just helped an Amazon customer with the last name Blob. I’m sure she enjoyed middle school.

Angel__Bee I’m so crafty, I mod-podged one child to the other. Take that, Pinterest!

GDRPempress Some day, when the distance of time helps us laugh, I’ll tell you of the dangers of making funeral wakes*open mic* nights.

vladchoc Hey, girl. A summer’s day called. They are comparable to you (lovely/temperate).

iboudreau Okay, I’m becoming more and more certain that my neighbors upstairs own a rhinoceros.

svelteassassin @telephase Me:”hedgehog dress, hmmm.” wife: “Are you just saying random words?”

trekandthecity “More like Rear Admiral Archer”, Samantha said, sipping her Cardassian Cosmo with a knowing smirk.

StephenAtHome I believe Ayn Rand’s first love poem went: Roses are red/ violets are blue/ finish this poem yourself / you dependent parasite

AristotlesNZ Started a new diet 2 weeks ago & so far I’ve lost 14 days.

SergioValenCo Always choose love. Unless you can choose burritos, then choose burritos.

apelad With the Super Bowl soon upon us, what’s the best app for muting tweets about the Super, Puppy, Bud, and Lingerie Bowl?

thedailymarker My husband and I play this game where we buy potato chips the other one doesn’t like so we don’t have to share.

Juliaroberts1 Got an email from school. In religious class Gage was distracting other kids with a laser pointer. That I got him for Christmas. Oy.

satiricalsmile Who wants to tell me everything that annoys them? I just got new ear plugs and want to test them out.

tommycm farts = internal error messages.

lifeserial I can honestly say I’ve never felt this way before, except for that time we had cake right after eating cake.

mat I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with muni.

LisaMcIntire Pretty much the worst thing someone can do is have a long email signature.

DBagChopra Look into the Mirror of the Soul, and you will see only yourself, you vain son of a bitch. You probably think this Tweet is about you too.

matthewbaldwin If you need television to find “inspirational stories” you are not paying enough attention to the people around you.

sunshinedreary If you RT yourself you fall into the same void of nothingness as the cast of Mad About You.

michael_J_m00n “Man I wish I was on the wall” — a fly.

introvertedwife If it involves food my dog is Mensa level smart. Anything else, dumber than a bag of hammers.

jennyvsjenny *sashays across all the treadmills shouting joey by concrete blonde into a three pound, purple vinyl coated handweight*

madamezooble Maybe I’m the good kind of fat like an avocado.

joshjs I can’t get past these fucking goombas. #firstworldproblems

tweet of the week

jillgengler Twitter, let it be known I don’t know where this conversation is going. I want to go back to pegacorns.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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