Follow Friday – Guest Photographer Nicole Funk

Today I am pleased to welcome blogging friend Nicole as guest photographer. Her photos are always full of charm and personality. I love her keen sense of style, her sweet personality, and her son’s giant red afro. Thanks for sharing, Nicole! Hop on over to Rose Runs Wild for stories and photos of her life.

Hi! I’m Nicole from the blog Rose Runs Wild! I blog about our little family living in small town Indiana. You’ll find a little bit of everything over there from every day life, lots of photos of our dogs, and even a few outfit posts. I do not consider myself a photographer in any way, shape or form, but I am trying to get better with my camera. I have absolutely loved learning how to use my camera, play with lighting and angels. Obviously my son and our dogs are my main focus, but they’re so cute! Thanks for taking a peek at my photos and feel free to pop by and say hello. Thank you so much to Carrie Ann for asking me to be apart of this wonderful series on her beautiful blog!

Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

mypetshadow  A penny saved is a penny who has accepted Jesus as his savior.

lifeserial My gay agenda: Buy groceries, Maybe see that new Ryan Gosling movie, Make dinner, Destroy traditional marriage, Watch the Golden Globes…

mypetshadow I was chewing on a pen and just bit my lip. Then I realized the pen had leaked ink, and I think I have a lip tattoo now.

meanniegirard If you don’t have anything nice to say, mumble it.

TheJennaBee Hell to me is an empty room with a television that plays a never-ending loop of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

eareeve Looking up 22 years of Bjork concerts on a Friday night is definitely not a waste of time.

theleanover Being Twitter famous is only step 1 of my 4 part plan to get free doughnuts for life from Krispy Kreme.

eliza_evans I thought I heard that beepy intro to Karma Police but it was the dishwasher.

Luindriel I am the typo queen. Bow befote me.

mrpilkington I guess a lesson we can all learn is that the most important decision we can make in the future is choosing a proper spandex unitard.

wordlust You know, I think my therapist is right. I am drunk.

chickenscottpie Someone in my neighborhood definitely has a rooster, but it doesn’t crow until about 8:30, so it’s kind of a lazy rooster.

WilliamAder Sometimes, in the evening, when there’s nothing good on TV, I get on Twitter just to watch English people sleep.

alaindebotton Beyond pessimism lies that far more fruitful mood: cheerful despair.

ProfessorSnack I have avoided seeing Argo because I thought it was about an element in the periodic table. I avoided much of chemistry class as well.

DrMaldoror @marlespo Life would be so improved if wearing ill-fitting shoes all the time gave you Funyuns.

MassageByTed I’m not big on goals, but I will have accomplished nothing in this life if I die without having sexual intercourse in a Subway restaurant.

IamEnidColeslaw Bettie Page + Hello Kitty = Katy Perry

allisonthemeep @exlibris I always said that if I was on a dam building crew and we finished, I’d say, “Frankly, my dear, I just built a dam.”

UnicornFlavored Today I marinated eggplant in olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and thyme. But Kyle requested tacos. So we are about to have the weirdest dinner.

HonestToddler The things I do for dessert.

AwkwardSexiness Water Polo: one shark away from being the most awesome sport on the planet.

wordlust I shot a man in Reno, but he had a Bluetooth, so it’s fine.

iboudreau Hovaround chairs now come with free travel mugs, which seems unnecessarily cruel.

robdelaney If I had a cooking show, I’d open every episode by saying “I cordially invite you to join me on a beef journey.”

tylerschmall “No thanks, I’m vegetarian” is a fun thing to say when someone tries to hand you their baby.

hipstermermaid Raisins are just grapes who’ve done too much meth.

MsStabby Hot tip: don’t drink even a small amount of San Pellegrino fruity fizzy water before yoga. Trust me.

thejohnblog Victoria’s Secret is that she used to be Victor.

craddo Check the bag at the drive through. Seriously, it just takes a second. – Rumi

ieatanddrink  Lotta people been asking me what boats are. Picture a car. Now picture another car. Now picture just 1 car again. Now 2 cars. Boats.

kellyasterisk How many black olives until this counts as a meal

usedwigs Thinking about my teen glory days, hitting the open road, feeling free, driving 100 miles from Jersey to Philly with the emergency brake on.

ieatanddrink Whoever locates the source of the cat poop smell in my office can keep any CD-ROMs they find in the process

meowrey Patterned leggings: What you’re aiming for: Rihanna. What you’ll settle for: Robyn. How u really look: Someone’s bingo grandma.

biorhythmist “Pornosaurus” comes from the Greek words for “thunder jizzard”

ProfessorSnack Just think, the air in this air mattress could be the same air that a dinosaur slept on with their air mattress.

TheNardvark My wife thinks shorts that show the bottom roundy part of your butt cheek are slutty but I think they’re sexy so fuck her I’m wearing ‘em.

shariv67 It’s like Quentin Tarantino’s face anticipated he’d someday be drawn as a Simpson’s character.

lenadunham Today I am giving a new meaning to the phrase sleeping around by just sort of falling asleep a bunch of different places

RobinMcCauley It’s such a double standard that men don’t have to wear a shirt in public but women have to look at them.

JerryThomas Today has two Strength, one Endurance, and zero Charisma.

EvenMoreSarah DIET COKE O’CLOCK MOTHERFUCKERS!! LOL caffeine rage.

Bagyants When I enter a bar I scream “I’M ABOUT TO MAKE IT RAIN UP IN HERE” and then I start crying because that’s what that means.

drewtoothpasteWas making fun of the guy pushing around a cart full of Cheez-Its and Fresca at the grocery when I realized I was walking by a big mirror

markleggett When I get my photo taken in front of a waterfall, I’ll point to it like “Nah bro, the beauty of nature is the real focus in this shot bro”.

BridgetCallahan Theory: Cats never actually die. They just reincarnate immediately on somebody elses back porch. Like Cylons.

muffpunch I would murder my own grandmother if it meant Old Navy could not make any more television commercials.

Zaius13 “I wanted her to dress like Princess Leia.” “Who’s Princess Leia?” “…” “Are you okay?” “I’m going to have to see a different therapist.”

HonestToddler Grandpa said if I finish my Ovaltine he’s going to teach me how to save thousands of dollars a year by drying my own fish.

farwent If you want to stay alive, I suggest keeping your hands in your pockets, because you rarely see anyone die with their hands in their pockets

introvertedwife Now that fate’s lulled me into a false state of joy, it’s probably gonna drop a toilet on my head.

DBagChopra The whole Universe surrenders to a mind that is Still, Focused, Open, and wearing a ski mask.

Disalmanac UPDATE: The latest NRA ad is just some dude yelling incoherently while shooting an M-16 randomly in all directions.

PrettyAllTrue Saw an elderly man on a unicycle flirting it up in the park the other day. Just thought you should know.

sbellelauren 97% of my day is spent figuring out a funny way to say “fuck you”

JenBanksYEG My 75 year-old Great Aunt just posted this as her FB status: >3 Think she was trying to make a heart?

PolyesterPony Seriously, who wants to write my dating ad? I’ve just written penis one hundred times.

Mortimusgerbil The best thing to make you feel like you are simultaneously winning and losing is life.

lukedoughaines Bit worried about how much Tesco stuff was contaminated. I’m certainly regretting drinking that bottle of “Eq-Wine” I bought.

DadBeard I’m way better at Twitter than I ever was at guitar and, as a hobby, Twitter is way cheaper.

MassageByTed I’d like to be a mattress salesman, but only so I could say things like “What’s it gonna take to get you and your wife into bed today?”

slackmistress Why do they call it Hamburger Helper when it ruins everything?

LaOrganista I just drove by a guy walking a raccoon on a leash in Merced.

sapient_ape I spend a huge amount of my life stuck between a rock, a hard place, shoes, a deep-seated sense of underachievement, another rock & pizza

aparnapkin never say “ya feel me” on the subway

shariv67 Bad to the Bone is my favorite song about osteoporosis.

BugginWord Odd. Paul’s baby book seems to be missing the “Baby’s First Barf into Mommy’s Open Mouth” page.

VaguelyFunnyDan Really the last hope for polar bears is to rapidly evolve to purse-size, and ride around with asshole socialites.

RadioVicky A kitten farted in my face today. That’s good luck, right?

kelkulus If you believe that no great story ever started with someone eating a salad, then you’re using the wrong kind of mushrooms.

shinyinfo Haircut in 30 minutes. Expect pics if it turns out okay. Expect to never see me again if it doesn’t.

LouisPeitzman I’m pretty positive I’m out of stamps, but I’m willing to keep looking all over my apartment if it delays me from going to the post office.

kevinthepang FLU is most benign-sounding extraction from the word influenza…scare crap out of people by calling it the NZA (it’s all marketing)

mguniverse How depressing must it be to have Oldman as your last name?

markleggett A large insect is in my bathroom, but I’m not sure exactly what type because I’m in my car now, driving far away from my house and my life.

J__Swift My farts are adorable. They’re like a fairy hiccuping.

WilliamAder I got your golden globes right here.

isplotchy I am not kidding when I tell you I play air drums and lip synch and occasionally hit the air crash cymbals when I run. In public.

sbellelauren you guys i’m mailing an actual letter with a stamp! just like our ancestors the dinosaurs!

tweet of the week

BtotheD If I was MC Hammer, I’d make my mantra, “Live Long and Proper.”

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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