Productivity Creepin’: Life List Update

Each year in January I like to take time to go through and update and revise my life list. There are always a few things I forget to cross off as well as things that no longer appeal to me that I need to delete. I like rereading it because it puts things in perspective and helps me remember what’s important. I remember the person I am and I remember who I want to become. Knowing who I am and what I want helps me set goals and create steps to achieve them. I like this system better than making resolutions which is why I leave it as a chore for January. I’m posting a list of my accomplished items below because I love the feeling of satisfaction I get from seeing a lot of items crossed off an even larger list.

  • Fondue party!
  • See Rifftrax live
  • Contribute financially to our family
  • Help Anthony get his game published
  • Carve our initials into a tree
  • Display my photography in a gallery show
  • Visit a giant planetarium
  • Look through Lick Observatory’s telescope
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