Snapshot 01.16.13

– I’ve begun listing my photography in my etsy shop, so if you or someone you love has bare walls in need of adornment look no further. I’ve uploaded all of the photos above and then some, and I have a ton more photography to list over the coming weeks. If you’ve seen something you’d like to purchase here on the blog or on my flickr stream, let me know and I’ll set up a listing. I can print in practically any size you like, so if 8×12 isn’t your cup of tea, just let me know. It’s my goal this year to contribute meaningfully to my family in a financial way.

– Oh, and hello, readers! Nice to see you again after the year-end break. I’ve missed you and I’ve missed writing Snapshot posts. They are my favorite.

– Isobel and I both caught the flu right before New Year’s (though Isobel is convinced she had “the floop”) and man, it was a bad one. It’s reached epidemic levels at this point so if you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet I urge you to try and do so. Isobel’s went into bronchitis so we spent the early days of 2013 at the doctor’s office.

– My favorite thrift store in the world, Treasures to Find, has lost their lease and is closing their doors forever come early February. I am distraught. They will continue to run estate sales and occasionally appear at the local flea market, so if you are local and want to stay in touch be sure to sign up for their email newsletter at the store.

– Someone came across my blog the other day by searching “soothing pee sounds” so if you are here now because of that search, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I have no pee sounds to offer. Surprisingly, that’s not the strangest search item to have brought people here, my favorite being “annoying labia.” Julie Strange suggested I get it embroidered onto a pillow so I will remember it always. “Little Big: Home of the Annoying Labia.”

– Next month I will be hosting a giveaway courtesy of Let’s Die Friends. Kelly will  be sending me one of her adorable heart pins to give away, so be sure to look for it.

– Isobel’s favorite game right now is for one of us to get her Care Bear stuck on a fan blade. We then have to turn on the fan and watch the Care Bear fly off in a random direction while Isobel shrieks with delight. It’s the little things, people.

– Speaking of the little things, her absolute favorite present from Christmas was a cardboard box. For about a week she played with that box every day for hours on end. Really. She watched Doctor Who in it. She sneaked around in it Solid Snake-style. She wrapped herself up and pretended to be a baby in a box.

Scrapbook: New Year’s Eve 2013 – Best New Year’s on record. Kingston couldn’t help but break dance.

Home Movie: Falling Down Laughing – Isobel laughs so hard she can’t remain upright.

Thrifty, Healthy Habits for a New Year – I nag because I love.

Wishing You Joy – Our Christmas card. I only made it half way through our list this year.

Woman accidentally posts recipe in the middle of her Obama rant on Facebook. I laughed until I cried, and then I made Stefanie laugh until she cried. This really is the best thing ever. Via Mattbelly.

Nic Piper will make a drawing for you. “Oh, by the way, there’s no age limit so if you want to get your small kids to submit some words or a story then go ahead.  Brilliant.” Love this! Via @nicpiper

Women are good for economic stability. Via @Pamela_Drouin

On depression and getting help. Depression is the scariest thing I have ever experienced, through my self and through others. Via Rob Delaney.

I answer a reader question once a month. Do you have a question for me? I’d love to answer it! If it’s a short one I’ll answer it here. If it’s more complicated, I’ll give it its own post. You can leave your question in the comments, @-reply me on twitter, email it to me at or send me a messenger pigeon. Don’t actually do the last one, though. My cat will eat it.

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