Sponsor Spotlight – January

12 Jan

Carolyn of Paper Squared is the genius behind this all-natural shop. She is infamous for keeping scores of librarians sweet-smelling, moisturized,  and naturally exfoliated.  Her brews  and potions make her a modern-day Nanny Ogg, except with better oral hygiene.

Announcing the Oh My God It’s Still Winter total clearance sale!!

1. Free, yes, FREE shipping on all orders when you use the coupon code STILLCOLD.
2. Buy three items, any three, and receive a FOURTH item free*. Really. *blah blah on an item of equal or lesser value blah blah

 Sunglassesshop.com, holds a place very near and dear to my heart. You see, I love sunglasses. When I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease I was pretty bummed that the inflammation-related arthritis was permanently limiting my footwear options. After about a month of moping about it I decided that if I couldn’t wear cute shoes I was going to have the most fabulous collection of sunglasses ever. They are my guilty pleasure. Sunglasses shop offers everything from fancy-schmancy sunnies to the affordable SXUC brand. Here are some of my affordable favorites:

First off, you should be following @JettSuperior on twitter because she is kickass, hilarious, and posts great links. Secondly, you need to get yourself to Twang Vintage because this girl’s got the goods. Her shop is full and bursting with vintage glory of the type that I dream of finding while thrifting. If the photos above don’t make your heart palpitate just a little, you are probably dead and most definitely on the wrong website entirely.

Anne and Susan are two crafty nerds knighting and creating their way through life. Part of the illustrious Team Librarian, only good can come from a shop that offers DIY gnome kits.

One of my best friends in the whole world, Angela is the creator of The Red Star Designs on Etsy.  She has taken her passion for messing around on Photoshop and turned it into a booming business.

My friend Sunday is a guest artist for Monster By Mail. Get your own custom work of art here.

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