Thrifty Giving: Christmas Presents 2012

We celebrated Christmas in thrifty vintage and secondhand style this year. He’s some of the thrifty gifts I found.

1. I bought my husband a second-hand copy of Redshirts and then I wrapped it with pages from a hot-air balloon calendar. Little Big reader Gina recently told me about how buying secondhand books for the kids in her life meant she could give more presents than if she had bought them new. I always find wonderful books while thrifting.

2. This vintage green lusterware porcelain container is for a cousin who loves green.

1. Swedish Christmas candle holder for my Mom’s Scandinavian collection.

2. Vintage pictures of Jesus for my Dad.

3. & 4. Scandinavian-inspired trivet and candle holder for my Swedish aunt.

1. Thrifted tins for a vintage-loving friend.

2. Owl bottle-opener from Rio for a bird-loving friend.

3. Better Homes & Gardens Sewing Book for a friend who’s interested in learning to sew.

4. Vintage doves wall art.

5. 1930s covered candy dish for Secret Eating.

6. Tiny food from the dollar bin for a friend who loves small desserts.

This delicate salmon-pink serving tray is for a friend who can’t help herself around cute serving ware.

A large milkglass mixing bowl that used to belong to a 1950s stand mixer. The bowl is enormous and solid and capable of mixing up monumental batches of goodness.

I stuck to my guns and was a Christmas Asshole again this year.  Isobel’s gifts are either thrifted or from the 100 Yen Daiso section of Oto’s Market. In addition to some puzzles and more hot potato, we gave her a selection of kawaii cuteness including Happy Party stationery, adorable eraser animals, a pink calculator, tiny cartons of milk to feed her Care Bears, and Hello Kitty “cookies.” One of the first ingredients of the cookies is “potato starch” so, um, yeah.  I’m sure that’s delicious.

The Engrish on the packaging was pretty fantastic. The eraser animals packaging features “funny eraser” text at the top, while the cartons of milk and juice are listed as “parody.” The side of the cartons say LET’S ENJOY THE SUPER FLAVOR! which is going to by my official pre-meal grace from now on.

The most amazing thing I found for Isobel while thrifting turned out to be this 67-piece solid wood castle building block set. She saw me buying it (the curse of being my thrifting buddy) so she begged me to open them as soon as we got home.

Which we did. No regrets! We’ve been playing with them constantly.

Bonus: Husband loves it almost as much as Isobel. I’m thinking about scheduling a playdate with him and some of the dudes for a night of castle-building and My Little Ponies. Anyone else do a thrifted or handmade holiday this year?

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  1. Ellen says

    We stuffed a stocking with his favorite toys, and he was so pleased to see them! We did buy a Noah-sized chair & one puzzle, and then we waited for the onslaught of family gifts.

    • Carrie Anne says

      And I’m so sure he was completely spoiled by family. Am I the only one that feels a twinge of dread when thinking about all the new toys I’ll have to find a home for?

  2. Katie in Cali says

    We did second hand legos. Those things are freaking expensive brand new. We did have to go through ebay, instead of a store, but, same concept, right?

  3. Kirstin says

    I did a little of both

    –thrifted cookbooks for my SIL
    — melted down thrifted candles and poured into thrifted lusterware and pottery vessels to make really nice candles.
    –I sewed placemats and napkins for my FIL
    –made magnet sets from maps for a few people,
    –used fabric paint to decorate a few tank tops for my sister,
    –sewed magnetic fabric bookmarks for some, and
    –made a coffee cup cozy for my BIL

  4. says

    Dude. I bow to your thrifty prowess. You are a true ninja of thrifting. It is my goal for the new year to start making more trips to the thrift stores in my town and finding great things. I ended up giving both of my kids a bunch of used books that I found at a local bookstore. I got to give them each so many more than I would have if I had bought them new.
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