Thrifty Giving: More Last-Minute Creative & Thrifty Gift Wrap Ideas

I finished my gift wrapping yesterday and in doing so I came up with a few more creative, thrifty ways to wrap gifts. There’s still a few gift-wrapping days until Christmas, so I thought I’d share.


The dollar store is always brimming with calendars this time of year, and their pages are usually thin and flexible and perfect for wrapping. I love how presents looked when covered with a rainbow of hot air balloons.

I wanted to wrap Anthony’s present with this but it was a bit too large, so I used two sheets instead of one. It worked out perfectly. The nice thing about using calendars is that they store flat and are ready to go. They are ideal for stocking-sized gifts, and they are beautiful.

Foreign Gift Bags.

Whenever we go to the Japanese dollar store (also called 100 Yen Shops) we stock up on unusual gift bags. This one features a number five and on the side and back it says “The color of happiness.” I like brown, but I never really considered it the color of happiness. To each her own! The Engrish written on these bags is the very best part. Case in point? True love is like Bigfoot.

Reuseable Fabric Gift Bags.

My aunt found these at a craft fair two years ago and I’ve been reusing these for our family’s stocking stuffers ever since. Industrial persons could always sew their own. These were simply constructed out of muslin. Less waste and less spent on wrapping.

Happy holidays!

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