Reuse Roundup: Christmas Treats on Thrifted Plates

If you like to give handmade cookies or other treats away this year then I have the Reuse Roundup for you. Instead of handing out treats on paper plates or platters you’ll need back, hit up a thrift store and you can leave with a stack of vintage goodness, holiday-themed or not, and you can feel good about giving two gifts. Once the dessert is gone your friend has a lovely plate to add to their collection.

I’m really not even certain that the pate above is supposed to be for the holidays per se, I just really loved the leaf and berry motif. Of course, don’t limit yourself to vintage if you find something lovely and new while thrifting. At one of my favorite local thrift stores, plates are 19 cents, and I can afford to pick up five or six if I need to. I haven’t given away many treats on plates since I’m not working in the library anymore, but I still keep a small stack of plates on hand should the need arise.

Find any new uses for secondhand goods lately?

Reuse Roundup is a segment which features a new and inventive use for thrifted or secondhand goods aside from the ordinary one you’re used to thinking of. If you would like to participate in Reuse Roundup on your blog, please link back to this or any other Reuse Roundup post. I’ve posted the code to use on my blog’s sidebar if you’re into that sort of thing. You can post whenever you like, not just on the days that I do.

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