Thrifty Crafting: DIY Nail Polish Hair Clips

Isobel was blessed with hair so fine it’s like corn silk, it ripples under a brush like water, it’s as soft as the spindles of a dandelion. It’s also nigh-impossible to control and gets in her eyes and hangs in front of her face so often Anthony calls her his little ragamuffin. Hair clips are an integral part of our life, but it seems that we are fated to plain clips as a clip with any decoration or weight on it at all falls out of her chestnut tresses moments after we put it in.

Packets of hair clips we buy at the store are immediately striped of their pink clips while the rest are shunned and remain at the bottom of a drawer. When the pink clips are inventively lost our morning routine becomes that much more complicated. It was time for me to take matters into my own hands.

I bought a cheap set of plain hair clips and two bottles of three dollar nail polish. Target did have nail polish for a few dollars less, but we sprung for the mid-priced polish because it came in the perfect shade of pink (Tip Toe, if you must know).

Isobel wanted to help me paint them but this was a mommy-only project. While I coated each clip with layers of polish she painted our pumpkins pink. The clips took a long time to dry and I let them sit overnight before adding a second coat. I painted the clips plain pink, pink sparkles, and a pink with pink sparkles. Guess which style is her favorite?

The nail polish has held up really well so far. It’s been a week of constant use with no chipping, peeling or loss of sparkle. I credit the flexibility of the nail polish to withstand all that bending and still look great. If you have a little girl with specific tastes in hair clips, this could be a lifesaver. These would also make a lovely and cheap project for DIY stocking stuffer presents.

Be right back, going to pick out some polish to make some for myself.

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  1. han_nahj says

    Heyyyoooo LB,

    I love this idea! I did a similar activity with the girls I babysit, but we added ribbons (big success). I happen to be blessed with superfine hair as well, and in one of my first shows an older, wiser, fine-haired friend recommended that I spray static guard on my hair. It makes a hugemungo difference when trying to get my shit together.

    Now I’m not even sure if people outside of OH winters have problems with static cling, but…hey. Tip is a tip.


  2. says

    This is brilliant! I have the opposite problem that Isobel has: thick hair, so a lot of this type of clippy won’t stay clipped around it. I have found I have to get the super strong kind with the little rubber bits inside. But they only seem to come in boring brown and plain silver (which is nice, but not super interesting. Now I can doll some up for myself!
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