Sponsor Spotlight – November

Gabe pedals offer the musician a high-quality, American made, hand-built effects pedals and amplifiers. Gabe crafts every pedal and amp himself, one at a time. It’s his goal to give you a fantastic product at an amazing price. In the spirit of creating handmade, Gabe offers the option of a custom-built pedal or amp. He also donates 10% of each sale to Compassion International’s Water of Life, which provides clean drinking water for those in need all over the world. Not everyone is a musician, but everyone needs music. Non-musicians, be sure to check out his handmade stereos for your iPod or MP3 player! I could use a few of those around the house.

Kelly, of Let’s Die Friends Etsy shop and blog, is an uber-talented graphic designer and artist living in Southern California. You might remember her from her awesome guest post back in January. When she’s not designing fabric or making pins or sketching ideas for prints you’ll find her chasing after her adorable daughter Zoey or possibly dressed as a centaur. All I can say for sure is that this girl is talented and hilarious to boot, and you need her art in your life.

Olie Sylvester of Oompaul.com is supporting Little Big not once but twice with ads for two of his artistic endeavors. He carves one of a kind handmade pipes as well as hosts a podcast about all things pipe related. His pipes aren’t just functional, they are gorgeous and unique works of art. And then we have the Monstrosity series, “the pipes that ugly could not contain.” (I giggled all the way through the testimonials).

The brainchild of Oompaul’s Olie Sylvester, Fine Art for the Frugal aims to put owning works of fine art within everyone’s reach. A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, he is the founder of Red Coral Creative. A list of Olie’s shows and awards can be found here. He practices a style of art known asĀ Automatism , which was used by many of the early Surrealists. Automatistst produce art by allowing raw form to manifest itself without restraint or preconception. To me they look like bursts of color and emotion reflective of an inner state.

My librarian friend Lisa began creating these literary-inspired novel accessories a few years ago, and since then they have taken off. I’m proud to say I own two of her pins and they are my favorite thing to wear pinned to my winter coat or a librarian-esque cardigan. I once interviewed her and was able to work in both “tell me about your balls!” and “I fucking love Pride & Prejudice! This isn’t a question.” You don’t have to be a librarian to love these, though 9 out of 10 librarians do (the tenth librarian questioned was actually a MARC database).

Interested in sponsoring Little Big? We’d love to have you! And by “we” I mean Squirrelly and I. Oh, and my tech support guru. And my thrifting habit.

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