Follow Friday – Oto’s Market

Today’s post features photos from the fascinating Oto’s Market in Sacramento which we visited during our trip to see our friends Jacob and Ben. We left with shopping bags full of adorable porcelain bowls, packets of ramen and dashi, and some bento goodies that I hope to find a home for soon. Oh, and octopus-flavored chips. Can’t forget those.

Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

ohrebecca Good news! I woke up and wasn’t in a binder!

awrightbrian On a side note, I am in my house right now wearing mittens, but I’m preferring to think of them as obamas.

jenunexpected I have a hangover consisting of box wine, fun-size Snickers, and hope.

alexanderchee Somewhere Romney is in a car racing to escape the Koch ninjas.

davepell For most Americans, the electoral map makes a pretty good travel advisory guide.

SamGrittner Don’t let the poor hit you on the way out.

boring_as_heck *mitt leaves stage* *attempts to rip flag pin off lapel, can’t* *has to unpin it properly* *throws it at garbage can, misses*

Zaius13 This is the first time I’ve ever watched Mitt Romney talk without vomit shooting out of my eyes.

davepell Transcript from the Romney concession call to Obama: “Congratulations. And sorry about Trump.”

DamienFahey Don’t feel bad for Mitt Romney. He can always go back to being the guy kayaking in any Lipitor commercial.

mallelis “Ann would have made a wonderful First Lady. Sitting in some of the many White House rooms. Sleeping at night; often waking during the day”

Rosenthaltweets It would be kinda badass if Romney ended his concession speech by riding out on Ann’s dancing horse.

PhilipMichaels Mitt Romney: “And now I know why it is you humans cry.”

davepell It’s not a time to gloat. It’s a time to heal and come together as a nation. And I’ll get to that after about 78 more tweets.

JRehling “And, in summary, I paid no income tax from 2003 to 2009.” -Mitt Romney’s concession speech

Smethanie Susan B. Anthony just rolled over in her grave. To get in a more comfortable position to pleasure herself in celebration.

opinionbastard ROMNEY WINS! Because he is also an American citizen under president Obama.

mamaspohr Calories don’t count on election night.

LOLGOP Would you buy a spatula endorsed by Kid Rock and Meat Loaf?

Pephredo01 “I can be slain by no man,” Romney bellows, breath of rot and sulfur. Hillary Clinton raises her sword. “I am no man!”

tomgara Haters will quit their smug talk of American decline when they see holographic Tupac commenting on election results tonight.

pulmyears At an upscale marina today, you just know one of Mitt’s yachting pals is handing out “I Boated” stickers, and choking on laughter & olives.

JoshMalina Will someone just go ahead and ask Flo Rida how he voted?

Justine_emma I love Roseanne, but I can’t vote for her! I saw what happened to the last few seasons under her watch.

norcross my home state of Florida is like a drunken uncle: you know he’ll embarrass you, but damned if you don’t still invite him to important events

Oatmeal I feel like Twitter is a liberal eco-bubble. I want to go join a dialup AOL chat room to see what Romney supporters are saying.

SarcasticRover BREAKING: Internet-Browser Refresh Buttons.

danforthfrance Look at it this way, Romney. Tomorrow you get to fire A LOT of people!

Caissie I wonder if Mitt will allow himself to at least silently mouth one swear to himself. I let my kids do that when they’re hurt.

embeedub See how he’s digging in his heels & petulantly not acknowledging reality? That’d be what a Romney administration would have looked like.

hosea24hours To Donald Trump’s credit, his one night of Twitter ranting has been more entertaining than all 12 seasons of The Apprentice combined.

andrewmorrisey I haven’t seen this much public celebration since that giant nerd killed Voldemort or whatever.

ecareyo “Look! I’m a ghost!”-Ann Romney, wrapping herself in a window curtain

BlitznBeans Can we please take a minute to sincerely thank @robdelaney?

JessFink Romney and Ryan both lost their own states…oh…oh it’s so delicious, feed it to me slowly like grapes.

Jaredewy In Colorado Romney loses with 47%. #irony

maggieserota Nothing warms my heart like old rich white dudes being denied something they want.


whet fox news has cut to commercial. i’m afraid they’re going to cut back to the studio and it’s just going to be blood and limbs

DadBeard The cheers of those celebrating is quickly drowned out by the horrifying sound of a nation of uteruses high-fiving.

brodielancaster hay remember when Romney announced he only wrote a victory speech? GET READY FOR SOME SAD IMPROV!

skottieyoung Fox News said Obama only won because of his campaign. That’s like me saying that I only know what happened in this book because I read it.

BillCorbett Joe Biden is already waving his pants in the air like a fuckin flag

Robdobi Good luck on dancing with the stars Paul Ryan.

thebryanpaulk It’s still too early to call the election but not too early to text a picture of my dog’s vagina to Ke$ha.

LouisPeitzman Todd Akin and his wife look far too much alike. They’re Milhouse’s parents.

ChaseMit Todd Akin looks in mirror, combs hair over bald spot, continues combing it until it covers his entire face.

thriftynerd Getting the feeling that Diane Sawyer knows how to party.

lizzwinstead Todd Akin doesn’t even have a legitimate hair piece.

Caissie Diane Sawyer just did that thing where you take off your bra while still wearing your top.

nickseemore Dear Republicans moving to Australia if Obama wins. We have a woman atheist PM, free health, no guns, & gay rights. Proceed with caution.

julieklausner Just saw Karl Rove in HD and might be a lesbian now?

vladchoc Every day, Crispin Glover wakes up and spends his morning wishing his name didn’t make him sound like a baseball-themed cereal.

AliSwoop OH: ‘Teddy Roosevelt is like the honey badger of presidents.’

KingCockfight Todd Akin will retreat to his old job, yelling at women who visit the hygiene aisle at CVS.

torgospizza Don’t tell Todd’s heart, Todd Akin’s breakin’ heart. I just don’t think he legitimately understands….

pourmecoffee It turns out that “Rape Philosopher” is not a qualification people want in their Senator.

hipstermermaid This is the weirdest American Idol finale I’ve ever seen.

jenstatsky Romney not watching any network projections. Will know it’s time to pack it up & go home when his dog instinctively climbs on top of his car

AlecMapa Mourdock loses. It’s God’s will.

Nocturne_City Boy am I glad to be Canadian tonight. (As I sit in a socialized healthcare emergency room after attempting gay sex with a bong)

fleshcake Not sure whether to use your toilet or eat it? You’re an undecided voter.

ErinCerulean Words of wisdom from my director today: “The weirder a patron is acting, the more money they probably owe us.”

markleggett Someone in my office is playing forest sounds. Makes me want to go to a forest and play office sounds (staplers stapling, souls imploding).

HonestToddler Love daylight savings. So much more dark morning to enjoy as a family.

PolyesterPony I’m at my whitest when I’m standing in line for a soy cappuccino wearing an I Voted sticker and a pity smile.

Squirreljustice I am prepared to pay in the neighborhood of $6 to watch Steve Buscemi eat corn on the cob old school typewriter-style.

pulmyears All graveyards should have a sign over the gate that reads: “Spoiler Alert”

Disalmanac Today in 1935, the board game Monopoly went on sale. Before this, families loved each other and never argued about anything, ever.

nathan210 Who’s ready for Mannheimsteamrollember?

biorhythmist Take me, seriously.

sbellelauren my fitness goal is just to get down to the weight that i lied about on my drivers license

murderofbananas I didn’t change my clock for daylight savings time, in case you’re into bad boys.

TheBlackStar @exlibris When are you going to realize that Zorro IS Isobel’s pony? She needs a lance, and she needs it yesterday.

dubouchet So hungry. I wish I could just lean out my front door, shout “BREAKFAST BURRITO” and instantly, all of the people I hate would die.

jackmackenroth The best part about daylight savings is the added hour of seasonal depression.

jenstatsky Just met a cat whisperer. Suspicions confirmed: they’re all saying “fuck you,” all the time.

WhyIsDaddyCryin I’m 99.9%.sure the dog hid the discipline spray bottle

TheEricGosselin My Internet history is a list of horrors

Drangula I want to shout it from the rooftops! “HOW DO I GET OFF THIS ROOF?”

robdelaney Daylight savings is like gay marriage. How am I supposed to explain it to my children?

GirrlGenius Daylight is the only savings I have.

mikeleffingwell Parents who let their kids climb up the slide when your kid is trying to slide down are worse than terrorists.

MeatPants Gonna find a way to Zoomba my way into your hearts, America.

Bagyants I bet when rappers get together they’re like “Talking rhythmically has been highly lucrative for us!” and they clink glasses

andylassner Pretty sure my cause of death will be listed as “children’s whining”.

robdelaney GET THIS: My 1 year old wasn’t as excited about the extra hour of sleep as I was.

AmberTozer What if Cher was singing “If I could turn back time” at 2am and we were all like YOU CAN and she was like really

MsStabby The FF hash should mean Followers i’d Fuck.

fart when the CEO of Manwich realizes they’ve never used “sloppy seconds” in their ads the entire marketing team is getting fired

prodigalsam Somewhere there’s a baby goose named Ryan Gosling, and that’s what keeps me going you guys.

kellybranan As my two year old was falling asleep tonight he whispered to me “I am … the amazing … spiderman”.

mitdasein TMZ: TNG #FutureBadTV

Jedimasterbator Everybody Loves Totalitarianism #FutureBadTV

someothercraig  Mad Max Men #FutureBadTV

Allsameboat  Extreme Takeover: Alien Edition #FutureBadTV

lowdudgeon The Uncanny Valley #FutureBadTV

snarkmonger Two & A Half Half-Men-Half-Machines #FutureBadTV

anglescott  Are You Smarter than a Road Grader? #FutureBadTV

WarrenPeas64 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Clone #FutureBadTV

NicLewis Storage Cold Wars. #FutureBadTV

markm1962 Our Alien Overlord’s Got Talent #FutureBadTV

ProofBlog  Honey Boo Boo: The Next Generation #FutureBadTV

someothercraig  The Intelligent Design Theory #FutureBadTV

HonestToddler Dying is how fish say “thanks for the hugs.”

sbellelauren i call my pants my comfort zone so yes i get out of my comfort zone all the time

Lenore_Diane Dear Hormones, If you’re going to hit me up with acne in my 40s, why not bring me up a size or two in my boobs? Signed, Flat-chested w/acne

ProfessorSnack Don’t forget, I’m still an option as write-in candidate for National Coroner. Professor “Quincy” Snack.

owlparliament Time to wake up and get a jump on disappointing all these new followers!

FlyteAphrodite Will trade very effective birth control for a peaceful weekend at a nice hotel far away from my house where you’ll be staying with my kids.

simplebits 89% of parenting is socks and shoes. Where are they. Are they on. Why aren’t they on. Hello.

TaraAriano Consider whether you might ever have to tweet to the mayor of a major city when you decide to call yourself BIG_BOOBS_CARLY.

LittleWhiteLion Tomorrow begins the time of year when my car clock is correct.

iasshole “Sudoku pleases me very much.” Ugh sometimes I want to give my dork child a wedgie but then I remember she is going to be rich when I’m old.

michellehudson “How’s it going? I don’t hear you crying.” – husband, worst (best?) personal trainer ever.

SenileDonDraper First you eat at Arby’s / Then you throw up in your car-bies / Or on your daughter’s Barbies / I’m really high on quarbies

offsidebastard Wish my friend specified that I should stick the banana down the FRONT of my swimming trunks.

mitdasein What do you get when you cross a horror novelist and a rave? Dean Koontz Koontz Koontz Koontz


Pat_Healy James Bond is my favorite drunk, horny murderer.

panikido Nearly sent son a text asking about homoerotic instead of homework. Really, autocorrect?

mothra04 I went to the grocery store pretty much exhausted. I fear my choices will reflect that. Cat food? We don’t even HAVE a cat!

SuperApple8 You’d think that knowing they only have a short time left on Earth would be enough to stop old people from searching for exact change.

mitdasein Eat it like you killed it.

trumpetcake Monkeys show their teeth as a sign of aggression. I keep mine in a jar and shake them.

carriegrl222 Next time a stranger talks to me in line at the grocery store I’m going to say “You can see me?”

donni Cats nag you to feed them so they can puke so they can nag you to feed them.

heyrenees Guy on bus next to me just told a huge black garbage bag on the seat next to me to be quiet. I’m preparing to die.

rachel_is_here Love coming in to work in the morning to see the last thing I googled yesterday was “Nicolas Cage crazy face”

TheBosha See? The election came out fine. The USA just acts crazy sometimes so other countries are afraid of us.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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