Follow Friday – Big Basin Forest

Several years ago Anthony took me on a day trip to Big Basin Redwood Park in the middle of the Santa Cruz mountains. I was newly pregnant with Isobel at the time although Anthony and I weren’t aware of it yet.

Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

Zaius13 Tell you what, body. We go workout for an hour and then we can just sit at this desk and eat literally more M&M’s than you can handle. Deal?

slackmistress Right now, a 4-year-old separates the raisin boxes from the Snickers and vows revenge. #originstories

MrWordsWorth Taylor Swift says she knows when to leave relationships. It’s usually around the time she’s putting out a new album.

annetdonahue  Movember, mo problems.

awrightbrian Day three with no power or heat. The girls are wearing two sweaters each and I’m wearing the girls.

rikpayne I’m all for month long hair growing charity events, but I’ve got to admit I’m pretty relieved Giantbushtober is finally over.

robdelaney If police are investigating a murder suspect’s home & there are a few empty Monster Energy Drinks around, is a trial REALLY necessary?

kellyasterisk Had a kind elderly woman take my blood-splattered cricket bat and show us how to hold it properly, so that’s my day made

owlparliament REAL LIFE: the barista asked if I was dressed up as a sexy librarian and then I gave him a $5 tip.

JRehling Girl, are you tired? Because you’ve been running away from me in terror all night.


shegotagronk In honor of Halloween let’s all please exchange the word Muffintop for Pumpkintop today.


FakeAPStylebook Do not describe something as “spooktacular” unless it is sufficiently boo-pendous, wolfman-tastic, or draculamazing.

80sMomKara Scary stuff: zombie babies; sharks in jars; clowns; Honey Boo Boo; reliquaries; a man’s dirty drawers; generic mac and cheese; Nick Nolte.

introvertedwife “Hubitiual Liar!!!!” is my misspell of the day. I assume it’s someone who lies about the Hubble telescope.

sarcasmically Getting pretty excited about the midnight raid of the kids’ candy buckets, you guys.

shariv67 If you rate women by how many filters they need to use on Instagram to make themselves attractive, I am a 10.

JDDrake With the Disney/Lucasfilm merger maybe now we can finally get an ‘American Graffiti’ remake with pantsless bears.

batsly As part of my new ‘value added’ initiative, from now on every tweet will include an Arby’s coupon.

jennyvsjenny ugh im so jealous of those sock mitten things babies get to wear

kellyasterisk I downloaded a resume template and it auto-filled in the name as Boromir because that’s the name of my computer.

paleofuture I use the term “questionable trolls” to differentiate from the fun-loving, harmless (and handsome) trolls like myself

That_Biz According to my skin I’m going as a 16 year old pizza delivery boy for Halloween.

rstevens I hope Lucas at least donates SOME of that money to Midichlorian Research.

mypetshadow Couldn’t find my phone so called it from my land line. Turns out my dog was sleeping on it. I now have a dog-shaped dent in my ceiling.

ZachWeiner Worrying that Disney will ruin Star Wars is like worrying that a second iceberg will dive down to hit the Titanic.

LucyIsTyping I’m appalled at the lack of consistency in these candy corns. I’m writing a letter to Quality Control just as soon as I finish this bag.

rubyspikes Twitter, aka: alcoholics not remotely anonymous.

TrainedHedonist What religious people say: “I have you in my prayers.” What non-religious people hear: “I’m trying to raise Aquaman on this cat radio.”

JulieFroolie Just yelled “you motherpunkin”! I regret nothing.

badbanana People who live in glass houses must really hate birds.

shariv67 Los Angeles is like if peer pressure became a city.

annetdonahue At some point soon, we’ll be tempted to quote “You Shook Me All Night Long.” But remember: power, we get back. Dignity, we lose forever.

finslippy Number one rule of blanket fort is DON’T FART IN BLANKET FORT.

jenstatsky TV and Internet just went out in apartment. Turns out I have a boyfriend and he also lives here?? #sandy

michaelianblack Power out. It’s basically Lord of the Flies here, but with Nutella and shortbread cookies. #sandy

fierceflawless Would not change my vote. RT @iasshole: I voted super early and now am worried that Obama is going to like eat a baby’s face or something.

thelindywest CNN reporter in middle of storm taking a sec to explain the plot of Misty of Chincoteague. ANCHOR NOW DOING A FOLLOW-UP ABOUT PONY SCIENCE. #sandy

Mike_FTW We have to bail out Wall Street a second time?!?

sbellelauren fill your pockets with mashed potatoes now you are the most interesting person at the party hooray

pourmecoffee BuzzFeed and Gawker are down. You may experience an unfamiliar emotional reaction to events. This is known as earnestness and should pass.

RideOrDiePudge Authorities prepare for the tragedy of nearly 60 million people being unable to tweet about Sandy.

tcarmody Just relax, people, Captain Kirk will be here with the humpback whales to shut this thing down any minute now.

khamsin This presentation is great, but the speaker’s stick thin legs + cropped pants + heels make her look like the Fawn Tumnus.

RachelMFleming Clarification on the hurricane storm name devices: It’s not “Frankenstorm,” it’s “Frankenstein’s Monstorm.” Honestly, people. Open a book.

levie Call me old fashioned, but I’ve never understood the connection between winning a baseball game and burning down your neighborhood.

WendyLiebman For Halloween my husband asked me to dress up as a nurse, cause that’s one of his fantasies: That we have health care.

pete_schultz If you’re the character in a Hallmark movie who doesn’t believe in magic, prepare to be so wrong.

Stella1070 I eat cookie dough because the calories don’t fully form unless you bake them.

PinterestFake “A Halloween costume is just whatever you decide to surround your cleavage with!”

WilliamAder I don’t think I have to remind my East coast followers how important their survival during this storm is to my follower count. #sandy

KeepinItSnazzy Is there a name for the thin strip of pubic hair some girls leave intact, bc I’m going w/ “lohawk”

klickitatstreet If this is anything like The Perfect Storm, keep an eye out for the floating face of Diane Lane superimposed over the sky just as you die.

shortydwop Yes, Buddhists whore about, too. Guilt-free! Well, some of us. Well. Me.

Disalmanac UPDATE: If you’re on the east coast, Mitt Romney recommends evacuating to your vacation home in the Caymans.

Fake_Rockstar “Leak now or forever hold your pee.” – me to my dog just now #sandy

ASouthernYankee I just saved a TON of money on Christmas presents by discussing politics on Facebook

abbytron My mom raging against her smartphone has got to be one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen.

theleanover Small balls? Scrotozoa.

MissCedar Michelle Obama sent me a private message, I wonder if she wants to grab some coffee.

bumlaser Is there a worse crime a man can perpetrate against himself than sleepily emptying most of a dishwasher before realising that it hasn’t run?

Shanehasabeard Back to my boring 9 to 5 (I work in a factory that makes foam numbers for kids and my job is to take the 9s and stack them on top of the 5s)

ScrewyDecimal Everyone! Don’t forget to keep your children and pets safe during the storm. (I’ll be making sure that my wine bottles are well-protected.)

vladchoc Memorised White and Nerdy. I am picturing those girls that were “too good for me” in high school biting their fists and moaning with regret.

meanniegirard Halloween in Hollywood is extra fun cause u get to play “Costume or Crazy?”

J__Swift I keep practicing but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make a convincing fist.

JRehling On Halloween, I’m going as Life, by handing out lemons to kids.

Toaster_Pastry The cat is doing that lip-licking thing that precedes the hack that precedes the vomit. Our house is under a domestic terror alert.

SamGrittner Broke on through to the other side… there’s a lot more cornbread than expected.

NicLewis You know how you’re talking to someone about the 1980s, and their reply is, “I’m 19,” and you just can’t stop the tears?

theleanover All the “favorites” are a great substitute for human contact. Thanks!

mommywantsvodka Just saw an old lady wearing the most majestic wolf sweatshirt. In hindsight, should’ve mugged her.

girlwmostcakey Child just made up a new character with her Lego guys. She calls him Doctor What.

mermaidpants Does that “Go to F*** to Sleep” book work on cats?

HonestToddler Toddler Tip: 55% of your job is to make sure your parents miss all their favorite shows. #LOL

donni Waiter, my life is a disaster!

Kendragarden Tumblr is down and I’m left wondering what all of your cats are doing.

DadBeard Today the kids woke up late so, not knowing what to do, I sat and watched Curious George by myself.

loganfountain the McDonalds drive-thru lady told me I look like I’ve lost weight. So there’s that.

josephesque I’m not quite sure how candy corn is still a thing people buy and then eat.

rstevens The Sex and the City prequel was DARK. I liked Jar-Jar, though.

SarcasticRover Sometimes I’m exploring & on this amazing adventure, and other times I just eat dirt and stare at nothing for three weeks.

wawoodworth Tonight, I have once again donned the rubber gloves in service of my profession.

rstevens You’d think that getting your panties in a bunch would be a good thing, because of bulk discounts.

NicLewis Trying my darndest to care even less about the iPad Mini, but I don’t have time to be in a coma right now.

PolyesterPony Oh Katy Perry, as a gay man I am genetically programmed to want to dance to your muzac but I’m okay with fighting nature on this one.

DamienFahey It’s Damien Yells at His Cats featuring the hits “DON’T EAT THAT!” and “GET DOWN!” Plus, order now and receive “IS THAT THROW UP OR SHIT?!”

st_vincent Sometimes think I’m an adult, then remember I still use my pant leg as a napkin.

scalzi If the (possible) merger of Penguin and Random House isn’t called Random Penguin, they’ll have failed.

badbanana Here’s how to make a jack-o-lantern that looks exactly like Newt Gingrich. Step one, buy a pumpkin. Done.

DrSalsaPants I’m wearing my Reebok® underwear today, just in case I have to poop really fast.

sarahblackstock Two midterms today. Right in a row. Everyone become religious temporarily and pray for me.

DadBeard I am no longer that influential in ‘Moms’. I’m taking this harder than I expected.

batsly Bus got a flat tire ten minutes ago & I’ve already started a new family, foraged for berries, contracted dysentery, played Scrabble & died.

ProfessorSnack “Mr. Wright, what’s the worst thing to have on a field trip.” – student I’m chaperoning. “A weak bladder”.

lateandsoon Sometimes when I see one of those giant pavement-cutting blades I think “that police tape is the ONLY thing keeping me from diving into it?”

MassageByTed “Safety first” seems a little aggressive. Top ten, maybe.

JulianDarius Every time I see the end of WRATH OF KHAN, I think of how much Spock would hate his eulogy. “The most human?” Kirk, you dick!

prodigalsam Somewhere two dudes just ordered OJ at Waffle House but are calling it “BROJ” and high fiving.

hipstermermaid My most noticeable feature are my eyes (staring at my phone.)

rstevens Some claim Counselor Troi was useless, but there were ZERO undetected Sith Lords aboard the Enterprise D. Suck on that, Yoda.

llvvzz Pretty sure these couple hundred self-help books will help cure my hoarding.

UncleDynamite I lost a prized advertising account after the slogan “Lemon Meringue Pie in a Can!” for Mountain Dew.

bumlaser Where I come from, a “trump” is a puff of hot air that comes out of your bumhole. Offered without further comment.

lastgoodnerve Hey Idiot Neighbor Who Thinks Teachers Are Overpaid: You put the arms of the skeleton in your yard on backwards. Way to go.

andrewmorrisey I am so good at bragging.

TheBlackStar Kingston’s desire to watch me play borderlands 2 really isn’t very good for my productivity. Unless you count the progress in game. #ido

markleggett One day I hope to be as funny as the woman I saw fall down on a treadmill this morning.

AbbyHasIssues Not to brag, but I think I’ve settled comfortably into my role as a cautionary tale.

CloydRivers Ain’t no shame in sayin’ “Merica” at the end of random sentences. Shows folks that you’re a badass patriot who means business. Merica.

thereverendcink I learned I sucked at multi-tasking during my first threesome.

jenniferixon i am going to start saying “mortals” instead of “guys” as a gender neutral collective pronoun

marlespo on a scale from one to exhausted I’m a fish

hurlarious Peeps who use abreves should be totes murds

mattdpearce Realized tonight that anxiety is basically just a ponzi scheme by your body to make your body feel more anxiety.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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