The Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs

The lovely and talented Nicole of Rose Runs Wild nominated me for a Liebster award, so as per the rules I’m going to nominate eleven blogs, ask them eleven questions, and answer the eleven questions posed to me by Nicole. The spirit of the Liebster award is to bring attention to the smaller yet extremely awesome blogs out there that don’t get the recognition of their uber-famous counterparts. All of these blogs are deserving of your love and attention.

What is your middle name?
What is your dream job?
Where are my keys?
Where are your keys?
Why are you so awesome?
What advice would you give other bloggers?
How often do you go grocery shopping?
What do you like to eat on a picnic?
Five favorite bands or artists?
What advice would you give your high school self?
What makes you happy?

Favorite romantic comedy? You know you have one, everyone has one!

I tried to think of one. I really did. But I hate romantic comedies. If you want to watch a slow-moving period piece about ladymanners in Regency-era Britain, however, I’m your gal.

Most embarrassing moment?

I embarrass myself all the time, so it should be much easier for me to think of one. Let’s see. There was the time I called the mailman “honey” because I thought he was Anthony. Recently I had an hour-long conversation with a police officer without realizing I was wearing my broken glasses. I’ve woken up my baby by farting too loud. Do three small embarrassing moments count as a larger one?

Biggest inspiration in your life?

I always get tons of new ideas from the books in my home library. I’ve always found so much inspiration in books.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to and would go back again to every year if you could?

There’s a place on the Consumnes river that my family has gone to for generations. If I was rich I’d buy a cabin there in a heartbeat.

Best quality about yourself?

I’m a viking at organizing.

Worst quality about yourself?

I’m going to cite my occasionally whacked-out brain chemistry and count my anxiety.

Favorite thing to shop for?

I love thrifting presents for people.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?

It would be really great if everyone, no matter their gender, belief system, or sexual orientation, was granted basic human rights  under the law. Or if, as a nation, we poured our resources into education, research and development in the science and technology sector. Or if everyone had access to affordable health care. All these things are possible. Let’s go change the world.

Couldn’t live without?

My camera, and sadly, my phone.

Best childhood memory?

I’m lucky in that I had a great childhood. A shitty adolescence, but a wonderful childhood. I loved gardening with my dad in the backyard, helping my mom rescue kittens, watching movies with my sister, and generally being allowed the freedom to explore a lot of things on my own.

Coffee or tea? What kind?

Both, but I think it’s obvious I’m utterly dependent on coffee. For tea I’m having lemon, chamomile, lotus, jasmine or oolong. I like the rich brown coffee my husband’s grandma brings home from Guatemala, but my favorite is a crappy French vanilla instant coffee from the grocery store. It’s breakfast dessert in a cup.

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  1. says

    Oh, wheeee! Thank you for the nomination. I accept your challenge! And I would be most honored if you would vote for me on November 6th. No, wait. Forget that last part.

    Okay. I’m going to do this tonight because it is a fantastic way to get me to write more.

    I love your world views. Maybe you should be the one we all vote for next Tuesday? And I wheeze-laughed at the waking up Isobel by farting too loud admission.
    allisonthemeep recently posted..HalloweeniesMy Profile

    • Carrie Anne says

      You can totally vote for me, though I think I’d make a pretty horrible president. My solution for foreign relations would be for each country to make mix CDs for the other.

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